Bull Market is NOT over! More Hidden Gems!

what's up everyone hope your week is going 
well i'm coach k and we are going to dive   into the market doing some technical 
analysis some fundamental analysis   and looking into some new projects today so 
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the content and i'll see you guys in a second   all right welcome back everyone i hope your 
weekend was going well we did push higher over the   weekend i did have that my suspicions especially 
once we crossed above the tenkin and we got that   movement now we got a nice retest off the 21 ema 
which you can see in this candlestick right over   here it's hammering off that 21.

I like that 
type of a formation push up push higher higher   highs higher lows everything's looking great um so 
that's all there and even if even you said oh well   it was hit 62 and then like then it came back 
down to 56 who cares normal little it's a baby   correction now you guys got to remember that the 
amount of money we're looking at a 10 15 percent   correction is nothing on bitcoin so we have to 
be very cognizant of these things and yeah i   think that 21 might be the tap that it needs to 
continue going higher so bitcoin looks good all   right looking at alt season of all seasons people 
are like oh my god coach what the hell's happening   and i was like dude we're not above my level like 
right that there it's held very nicely nothing to   worry about here um and then we talk about the all 
season all season and we're gonna be doing well   down here we're in all season all season here 
we're looking at taking some profit and scaling   out a little bit not all of it and then here is 
where we're like all right let's go into bitcoin   let's go into usdt it's probably getting closer 
to the end of the cycle down there okay so that's   what we're looking at on btc dominance looking 
over at cme same same but different so we're good   to go total market cap uh it's been doing very 
very nicely um for alts for alts and btc doing   done really well we're getting close to that two 
trillion dollar mark and i i think that's not the   top of this cycle i think we're gonna go much 
higher potentially to three and a half to four   billion dollars by the top of the cycle which will 
likely be in like the next eight to nine months   from now very similar to our last cycles and you 
know people said like how do you know that i know   but i will tell you this is when i say stuff i say 
it with conviction because i'm looking at data in   my past experience right so it's a judgment call 
right like you have to do what's good for you   i just tell you guys what i'll be doing okay 
you don't have to do it but uh you know i've   got a pretty decent track record from doing this 
stuff and i trust my data and i trust my analysis   i don't let other people telling me the complete 
opposite waiver me and neither should you a lot of   time guarantee it you're sitting there right now 
watching this video and going yeah man i was sure   bitcoin was going to go up i felt like i was and 
not like emotionally sure i was sure because the   chart was telling me the fundamentals told me it 
was going to go up but then your friend's like no   man it's going to go down you don't go in and then 
it goes up and you're like damn don't listen other   people listen to yourself and if you're learning 
listen to those people but try to formulate your   own reason why you go in your emotions will 
always be considerably less than if you're just   blindly following never blindly follow anybody 
understand learn apply right over to bnb bnb looks   you know had a little bit of fun about the pancake 
swap stuff and um you know the whole investigation   all stuff what i'm seeing here is a nice tap off 
this and uh it's holding so far the 21 and the uh   tenkin so we're good we're looking fine again i do 
think that you know that that this will come into   play because it's flat it did tap once it might 
tap again before it goes really to push higher   but every single day we get closer to april every 
single day that i think this will not happen and i   do think we're gonna go higher i'm much much more 
bullish than i am bearish at all all right looking   at ethereum looks very similar to bitcoin right 
kmac retested the tenkin and now the tenkan's   hooking back up like i told you it might if we 
get bullish and we're holding that 21 ema from   yesterday and today making a nice little doji off 
of that today when market opens and that'll be   in about three hours from now uh we'll be able to 
see really what's going to happen with this candle   when it closes the daily today the daily hammers 
off that or it shows a lot of strength today off   of that i'd be feeling much more confident if 
it doesn't show that and shows a little bit of   weakness well we might just have a little bit more 
sideways action but um i'm not seeing any major   signs of like a huge jump happening yet but i do 
expect something like a correction to happen again   in you know the next little bit so watch and see 
hey guys this is a coach k sponsored video and i   want you guys to do me one favor and like and 
subscribe and also one really important factor   if you mess with ripple you'll end up a so i'm 
going back to our fallout call it's been doing   amazingly and look at this stuff like talk about 
that 21 ema look at that it held so nicely for   those one two three four and the rule of five 
is five taps and then we'll either choose one   direction or the other so you can see the five 
the fifth tap push it up and we've got a nice   really really nice move on fala uh htr man i 
told you guys about this i think last week i   said this could literally go to five bucks right 
and you know i've been comparing this to phoenix   flow because they have very similar looking charts 
right now where they've been kind of consolidating   and they can't figure out if when they want 
to break up when these types of charts break   out they break out hard and that's just like one 
we're gonna have two we're gonna have three moves   four moves five moves all the way up to this level 
i'm really confident we're gonna see three to five   dollar htr sooner than later and uh you know it's 
already up since i first called hdr like way back   in the day when it was to be breaking out at 28 
cents already at 1.75 i think it's going to have a   lot more upside so keep your eyes on htr now we're 
from our channel sponsors strax a project which   has its own blockchain from 2016 only raised six 
hundred thousand dollars and is still living to   today very strong community and it's going to be 
having a dex that's coming out soon which will be   able to pull liquidity from other dexes so that'll 
be a very interesting concept that will be coming   out soon from strack so keep your eyes on our 
channel sponsor for what they have to come tracks   we're seeing another potential incoming uh bullish 
tk cross kind of had a little bit of a sideways   movement or up and down sort of but i do think 
we're gonna soon see something like this where   we break out of that downtrend that we've had 
here we break that and we start to go so what i'm   looking for is something along those lines maybe 
something like this where we break out of that   and start to smash higher so we're waiting for 
that it's going to come we do have a shoulder   head and a shoulder and a nice neckline so this 
could definitely go keep your eyes on its tracks   so looking at sharing here it's definitely going 
on moon mission it's it's near near its all-time   high a few times here i think when it breaks that 
kevin's saying sharing gonna be 50 cents this is a   project long-term hold definitely a project that 
will have huge upside so keep your eyes on it   and do your own due diligence now looking over 
at our sponsors let's just have a quick word from   them defy in your pocket it makes getting yield 
easier than you've ever had it before a few clicks   a button no more stress no more time consumption 
no more impermanent loss no more oh my god what if   rug pulls just let them do the work for you yield 
that making defy simple so yield app it's uh come   back down to this level many times it's 70 76 78 
cent range and it comes to it and then it bounces   from that level let's see how this reacts i think 
that it's been a little bit stagnant and there's   definitely more news coming for yield so we're 
gonna watch that and have a look all right so   our homies at ethernet have been crushing it 
you know had a nice little sell-off with the   unlock that happened there is a big news that's 
going to be coming the people that sell off early   are probably going to be sad but that's okay they 
learn the hard way and then that is what it is   earn ethernet is looking amazing another one 
looking really good is one that many people   are getting really impatient with recently and 
i said give them another two months and then   i'll see what happens that was back in january 
february and ever since they've been moving   is going to be a bigger player and they have done 
things slowly and efficiently be on the lookout   for union they are going to do stuff and probably 
shock some people a lot of people were talking   about uh evolution finance they were like oh i had 
a poor start and all this kind of stuff but what   they missed is the fact that these tokenomics make 
a lot of sense and their platform is not even live   and there's the burning mechanisms and there's the 
the buy back and get the holders making it there's   a lot of really cool stuff that they're doing and 
we all said that it was gonna moon now this hit   eleven hundred dollars today and its little 
brother edn has also started to pick it   up and has been doing extremely extremely 
well remember deflationary token economics   really good for people to hold with a core 
type model where you lock your ethereum forever   there's a price floor that's been pretty much set 
around probably i would say around fifty dollars   and it's doing extremely well the two tokens 
that this has is evn and eev and why now those   two tokens work concurrently one is an lp token 
one is a token for the ecosystem they're both   built into their tokenomics model and it's 
something that's very interesting i just want to   bring light to them because they kind of were the 
forgotten ones everyone's like oh they're upset   how things went but they're doing really well now 
and they are about to launch their platform so be   on the lookout for these guys because they can 
come and slap you in the mouth out of nowhere   and probably do extremely extremely well be very 
careful that you don't miss it because it will go   very very quickly all right so just a big quick 
light to a project that's new that's coming out   as well this week is mobify so mobify is the first 
yield engine design for mobility as a service but   what their major major platform usps is that they 
are an r3 core a bridge to dot and ethereum r3   chorda is has no way to actually interact with 
the token but now with this bridge that will   be able to enable a lot of these large-scale 
institutions using r3 carta to be able to in   be part of the of the ethereum and the dot 
ecosystems giving them that bridge is huge   it's almost as big as the bridge moonbeam will 
provide for ethereum when they want to go on to   dot uh these projects so it could be very big keep 
your eyes on mobify and the last one we're gonna   look at today it's this project cell frame again 
just quickly reminding you guys it is coming out   tomorrow be on the lookout be ready for it i think 
this one could do really big stuff and they have   other projects already building and working and 
using their ecosystem currently remember it's   a quantum safe blockchain it is very fast and it 
lets very simple language coding languages be able   to plug into blockchain so what they've done is 
made it so that blockchains can talk to each other   much easier and that's huge because when 
you can talk to each other much easier   you make it so that a lot of things can be much 
more easily interoperable i'm thinking that cell   frame is going to provide not only just their 
own project but ecosystem for others all right   so just running really quick it's called kell vpn 
kel vpn go check them out um they only have like   100 people in their telegram right now meaning 
it's a very new early stage project and they   are going to be doing vpns that are quantum 
resistance and basically make it so that your   privacy cannot be hacked no one will know which 
websites you're searching based off of their   really really strong military grade encryption on 
cell frame so kel vpn will be built on top of it   check it out you guys have nothing to lose and 
you'll be early if you do right now so to recap   bitcoin looks good alts look good everything's 
holding up we're great nothing to really stress   out about obviously use risk management and 
keep yourselves cool cell frame mobify and make   sure that you get on kelvin early you have that 
chance to do it right now if you guys have any   comments concerns questions anything you know 
you throw them in that comment down below and   don't forget to like and subscribe to the video 
so you can help me help you see you guys tomorrow

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