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hello you crazy crypto people welcome
once again to New Kids on the Block chain this is Ash and this is Lisa…
thanks for the introduction it has been a pretty crazy week in the
markets and a benefit savage downturn with we lost 20 billion overnight Friday
going to press hopefully by the time you see this Saturday
it may have recovered fingers crossed what is on the show today well we start
off with a fantastic interview with Craig Cobb also known as trader Cobb and
he's going to be telling us how to smash Bitcoin trading and a little bit of
background on how he became a trader what you have to do to keep your trading
sharp and lots of good hints and tips we have number two of our five episodes of
our crypto education series thanks to crypto for beginners this week it's
creating an exchange account we're also starting with our first crypto humour
section this week we've got a very funny clip about the battle between yose and
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conversation first a bit of a news roundup so starting off with some iOS news this
week lots of excitement as everybody's waiting for the June first block one
event you may actually have even heard the announcement by the time this video
goes out because it's Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

But first up from else writer what
this block one doing with nine point eight million Yas tokens
I'd like my opening yeah who wouldn't block one purchased three point three
million euros worth of RAM after having unstated their first vested
ears for a total of nine point eight million tokens today block one purchased
three point three million euros worth of RAM at the current price of seven
dollars fifty nine this is about twenty five million dollars of RAM which fees
will go directly into the Rex pool could this be the proof that block one is
releasing their first DAP on the EOS main net from crypto briefing Queen base
makes a surprise EOS listing coinbase has today announced
it will be adding EOS to its custodial wallet effective immediately
corn-based customers will now be able to buy and sell EOS as well as exchange it
against supported fiat currencies the coin will be available in most countries
in which the exchange operates with the two exceptions of the United Kingdom and
the state of New York the surprise announcement made in an
official blog post comes as coinbase continues to add new cryptocurrencies to
its offering one of the most common requests we hear from customers is to be
able to buy and sell more cryptocurrencies on coinbase the
exchange said EOS trading has already been available on coinbase Pro an
interface designed specifically for crypto currency traders since mid-april
now onto our litecoin news from CCN sell your house sell your car then your kids
and buy like coin CNBC host goes crypto crazy critter mania has once again
gripped mainstream financial outlets CNBC's fast money panel were beside
themselves yesterday they analyzed bitcoin and litecoin is parabolic rise
in recent months the panel whooped and cheered at the mention of like coins
400% price rise the anchor ended the segment yelling sell the house sell the
car sell the kids buy litecoin litecoins up four hundred and
forty percent well there's a reason why I sell the house the other car sell the
kids by litecoin from BCC News crypto analyst litecoin is a no brainer this
past week litecoin helped lead another crypto rally and help carry Bitcoin and
the rest of the market higher the silver to bitcoins digital gold light coin is
expected to be among the highest performing crypto assets in the coming
months as investors accumulate ahead of the half Inc however one particular
crypto analyst is so confident in like coin he calls his position a no brainer
as Bitcoin continues its parabolic rally towards previous bull market highs the
rest of the crypto market reached new lows relative to Bitcoin but over the
past week renewed bullish sentiment around litecoin and its upcoming having
an event that reduces the reward miners received for validating each block has
caused it to lead the market and set new local highs now for some Khurrana news
from invest in blockchain Cardno or ad a reaches top 2019 heights 10 cents and
beyond is it on the horizon in today's trading session card owner managed to
climb by a total of six percent to reach a height of just over nine and a half
cents slightly below the 2019 high of 10 cents the cryptocurrency has since
fallen slightly towards the nine cent level due to the increase in volatility
after Bitcoin spiked above $9,000 Cardano has now seen a 14% price
increase over the past seven trading days with a further 26 percent price
increase over the past 30 furthermore throughout the past three months Cardno
has exploded by a total of 106 percent lost up with a little bit of Bitcoin
news and I couldn't resist this one from you today Bitcoin will be $100,000 by
the end of 2019 says a time traveler from 2025 total sense makes total sense
a redditor claiming to be a time traveler from 2025 says Bitcoin will hit
$100,000 in 2019 and then the US dollar in central banks will disappear five
years ago reddit user Luka Magnotta who called himself a visitor from 2025
predicted bitcoins for each year from 2010 to 2020 one he
has been pretty much right so far giving the correct forecasts for 2015 2016 2017
he skipped 2018 somehow probably wishing not to upset the Bitcoin holders back in
2013 for 2019 this person confidently names the Bitcoin price to be a hundred
thousand dollars I think that's a lesson for all of us that our total crypto
portfolio should be entirely based on fortune tellers and time travelers what
do we want time travel when do we want it it's irrelevant so in blockchain banter today were
chatting to Craig Cobb you may know him as trader Cobb obviously trading bitcoin
is a very skilled process and in the last sort of month or so I'm sure it's
been a much more interesting process so Craig Lee there yeah thank you so much
for having me on the show I appreciate it absolute pleasure so let's talk about
Bitcoin obviously we've had you know some dark times in the last 18 months
but in the last month or so things have started getting a whole lot more
interesting what's your take on what's going on out there oh look it's made the
margin trading side of things a whole lot better
I traded as much margin as I can so with leverage so for me the top 10 against
the US dollar is my favorite to be trading we can't use margin against
Bitcoin as well but the thing with trading against with Bitcoin as your I
suppose current rate what it does is that you've got let's say I'm trying to
trade a theorem against Bitcoin now Bitcoin in its own right it's very
volatile as is aetherium if I'm trading against the dollar the dollar is
relatively stable so therefore when I'm trading against the dollar I know that
dollars not going to be quite as volatile as other markets so I prefer to
trade margin against the dollar so because there's been so many good trends
against the US dollar pairs at the moment it's really come into its own for
the way that I like to trade and we're kind of where are we at the moment
there's obviously lots of talk out there of the crypto winters over things are
thawing then you've got some people on the other side of the fence saying this
is some sort of dead cat bounce what's going what's your kind of general
sentiment about where we in the marketplace well look it's it's
recovered it immensely we've seen some very very strong moves my I was watching
it for quite a while for certain few levels to get into a weekly uptrend and
so forth so I trade trends predominantly huntable son exclusively so for me I was
waiting for it to get above 40 300 I think was the first level to put us into
a weekly uptrend the next level of real resistance which was the big one that
everyone was talking about was the six thousand dollar mark now that six
thousand dollar mark because so many people were talking about it and this is
what I've learned a lot about the crypto influence community of what everyone to
call it is a lot of people are saying I think it's gonna fall from 6,000 but
nobody was actually putting their orders in to back that see this they're talking
about it but they're not acting upon it and that's why when I saw us get towards
6,000 normally if I was too short at around 6,000 I would stagger my orders
so I'd have say five thousand nine hundred seventy five eighty five nine
five nine nine but say a fifty or a hundred or stop whatever it may be
so I'm scaling into the position and what we saw on the way up to a couple of
those levels where I would think that there would be a series of orders was a
bit of a dip but the second that dip came is how short and small the buyers
would come back we select twice when we hit six thousand there was literally no
sellers that there was nothing there to stop it of course we hung out there for
a bit and we smashed straight through it on that so for me it was a Saturday
afternoon a couple of weeks back and not only did we break 6,000 we also broke
7,000 on that same day so I think it'll be very difficult for a lot of the
crypto bears still to really have any sort of strength in that argument for
the time being but this is crypto after all anything can happen
yeah that's very true I know we it's it's kind of a lot of people are
thinking are we gonna have a similar thing happen to you know what we
happened in 2017 I remember at the time that was that was a crazy one where it's
like are we gonna blow past 10,000 then it hit 10 and just blew the top off and
just went pretty much all the way to 20 we're obviously in a very different time
now do you think there's a kind of potential for it to have that same kind
of parabolic boost that it had in 2017 we've come on I've already seen a couple
of big moves like that already arrived we've seen a couple of like no 10
in 14% days recent you know in the last couple of months I think the difference
this time round of it the answer is yes I think it still could have that
meteoric parabolic insanity I really do but the difference is I think the next
wave of investors will have more money because they watched the 2007 boom
they've also been part of the 2000 that the boom and bust these are your
investors from 45 to 65 that watch 2017 didn't want to buy at the top they've
watched a boom and bust they didn't want to be involved in it they've seen it
come off they don't want to buy the bottom either then I wanna buy the top
that I want to buy the bottom they want to buy at a point of which they feel
confident that the space is not going to disappear I think we really have that
opportunity now and if you consider we got to 20,000 off the back of most
investment banks calling Bitcoin a scam and a fraud right now we've got
companies like Goldman Sachs involve fact we've got ice we've got fidelity
we've got all these new margin or derivative products coming in and a huge
amount of different massive massive companies where you can pay using
bitcoins for things like tax for things like your phone bill there's a huge
amount more momentum and legitimacy in this market as it stands and we're still
only at 87 hundred so yes I think I've got a long way to go I don't know when
it will happen but I'd just trade trends so when I get the chance I just take a
trade well in terms of trends one trend I've started noticing is I've got lots
of friends on the periphery we've stopped an email we go no is there any
crypto you might be interested in and I I remember well there's been none of
that for a sort of 18 months or so bill remember that started happening in in
sort of late 2017 and I know there's that old adage of the minute the taxi
driver starts telling you to invest in Bitcoin it's probably time to start
getting out so are there any kind of signals we need to be looking out for
there oh yeah maybe the old Wall Street saying is Wendy when your shoes shiner
can tell you more about the markets and most of people that's a good time to get
out because everyone's hyped up I don't think we've got anywhere near that level
of hype at the moment we've certainly seen the mainstream media get more
involved again which I think's fantastic during 2018 we were doing well shorting
the market so we can show up with margin and do very well and we did and also
trading SATs and a builder bitcoin state trading
opts against bitcoin we did well with that as well which is great now that
we're moving what's changed at the moment it's really come down to I
suppose I wouldn't know I'm not sure if it's a new money coming out I'm sure
that there is a new money coming in but it's about understanding where we are at
now in terms of the legitimacy of what is actually going on for traders because
I'm a directional trend trader I don't mind what way that market goes I much
rather go up let's let's be honest okay it makes it a whole lot easier now we're
getting a whole lot more viewers on our podcast is on the on the trader called
crypto podcast we're getting a lot more people coming out of the woodwork asking
about markets there's definitely that momentum the press has picked it up but
it's not yet to the extent or anywhere near the extent of that hype cycle that
we saw where there was like two full days we were up three thousand dollars
before we hit 20 thousand so it's starting but I don't think the pho most
sort of set in yet maybe after ten thousand and the the institutions where
are they at the moment obviously they've been on the sidelines for a while there
was this whole kind of talk in late 2017 whether 2018 was going to be the year
that the institutions entered there were lots of delays and they didn't but where
do you think they're sat at the moment I think they're sat back watching and
waiting for the derivatives to come in and a bigger volume so for a fund for
example not just a boutique fund that might have had a million or 60 million
or whatever a proper decent-sized fund that might be managing a couple hundred
billion or something let's say they want to put half a percent exposure into that
market that's you're still looking at like you know five hundred million
dollars right a large sum for them to go into that market and do that they're not
willing to just lose that money so they need to have a way to hedge now
derivative products are way to hedge derivatives have been offered well
futures have been offered by the same Egret for a little while now and we've
seen the volume increase in the CMA futures contract for Bitcoin quite
significantly in the most recent push higher now as fidelity come in as backed
comes back into the space and as more genuine financial players come into the
space those derivative products will become more common more volume and
therefore bring in more institutions right now the
way institutions are making their players is by investing in the
technology or investing and getting equity in companies that are already in
this space that they believe they'll see growth in but not as far as dieting is
buying Bitcoin for the sake of buying Bitcoin just yet
so in terms of trail obviously you come from a trading background and you know
you've been a trader that's come in to crypto as opposed to somebody who's in
crypto who's learned to trade do you find that that makes it kind of a
much easier unemotional process because obviously from my perspective I got
quite emotionally involved in some of these things and have made bad decisions
based on the fact that I got carried away are you able to become of clinical
and unemotional about it and kind of trade on like you say on trends yeah I
mean for me it's just in the market they're all the same the strategies I
used three trading strategies in the way that I make sure that I'm discipline is
there a literal checklist so you've got essential factors which you must have
you must have the essential factors met before you move a consider a trade and
then the bonus factors helped to increase the probability if you've got
more option than one so that helps myself and also that's how I teach it so
people understand what they're looking for I think a lot of the things that
people fail with around trading in general not just crypto but in general
is the governor of the market let's say they get home from work at 6:30 in the
evening they have their dinner at 7:30 put the kids down 8:00 from 8:30
they've got say two or three hours working do whatever they want now
instead of watching TV they want to trade
so they'll trade that little window but what they do within the window is they
go looking for a trade you see they'll find what they're looking for
because that's what they're after whereas the way that I trade is I go to
the market gate is the market prepared to allow me to trade because I go to the
market then my rules this is my sport you come and you play my sport or we
won't play I hold the ball so I approach the market in a way of which will it
allow me to participate today or is the market not allowing me based on my rules
to actually you know be a part of it it sounds like a good plan and and
somebody who's kind of new to trading what's the kind of single obviously from
my perspective the single biggest piece of advice is get inside kind of track
and knowledge from people to understand like yourself from the courses and
things you run but if somebody just said to you what's the one sort of golden
rule when you're new to trading what would you say that is risk management
it's the trading like trading is risk management if there's one statement to
wrap up trading from a professional standpoint trading is risk management
now risk comes in many different forms for example it's not just how much money
you risk on a trade it's how that market is trading is a really thin is it going
to give you the Phils is there slippage is there gap egde to increase your risk
outside of your control also your risk is held on the platform that you want to
trade from so how much Bitcoin will you hold on that platform and how much will
you hold in cold storage risk comes from many different variables especially in
this space so understanding that you will always have to have a certain
degree of risk on the table understand how to use that and operate within that
it again it's it's everything that I do when I'm trading it's all about having a
structure and a plan in place and they're all written down because if I
don't look I'm pretty spontaneous where there's just me right just just the guy
you are speaking with right now but when it comes to trading you no offense
twenty accountants that were short tucked in white shirts with a brown tie
that's how I become I can't have any emotion I can't have any sponsor no tea
I just need to make sure that I'm focused on the task at hand and that's
why routine reporting and being in the right headspace is such an integral part
of being a successful trader I bet you're good at poker ani I don't play
very much I have not played very much I've got to be honest then when it comes
to poker usually blackjack if I'm in a casino I'm actually not because that's
the one thing that allows me to get rid of that little bit of gambling me well I
play a lot of poker and I meet a lot of traders actually at the table and they
say some of them say there's a lot of similar skill sets in terms in terms of
kind of you know thinking about hand strength versus other stuff if factors
and risk and golf you every time you play golf you walk
up to that ball and you know you've got to hit that ball and that direction that
you know whatever it would that one whatever club now every single time all
you're doing is hitting a ball the variable that changes is the club and
you now sometimes you have a great round and other times you don't why it's you
you're the ingredient you need to master now you can have the lessons you can
know what to do you can approach the ball look at this head up through that
blah blah blah but until you actually have the ability to pull it together
more times than not and that only comes in practice then it's it can be just as
frustrating it really can be now just to back to sort of Bitcoin it are you kind
of like a die-hard Bitcoin only or do you follow other crypto projects and
trade other things or do you kind of focus on the big boy
I I just look at charts mate I'll take trades in a company or a project that I
have no idea who runs at what the team is what they're doing I have no idea at
all and I've been trading bonds stocks commodities foreign exchange for the
last 13 years with that exact same perspective of I don't need to know what
they're doing or what they are my role is to follow that trend and to trade and
execute once my strategy set up within that trend so I'll I'll trade anything
provided it has what I call optimal chart structure an optimal chart
structure is basically a clean smooth flowing trending chart of it doesn't
have those ingredients first rule done next chart move on so definitely not the
this psychic has said the following coins going to moon so buy in quickly
approach absolutely not know you want you won't get me telling
you what to buy and so you will get me suggesting what I'm looking at what's in
my watch this for the day what I think might happen based on XYZ but now we're
all about empowering others to be able to make their own decisions as opposed
to just telling people what to do yeah well I hope that we can chat more and
maybe we can get you to come onto the show and give us some sort of trading
tips reggae I know tell us a little bit about the course as you run because
obviously it's really important like I said before to try and actually get some
good knowledge to learn this stuff as opposed to trying to learn it on your
own so what's your kind of goal with the courses that you do you looked at the
bottom line is that um we don't have a business that's set up to have a member
for life we have our business that's set up to
give you the skills that you need to get you to a certain point and then you
leave because you've got those skills um the bottom line really is I trades three
different strategies because the market does it moves in three different ways
one it will consolidate and break two it will move nicely in a cycle it will pull
back it's set up and then move and the third is when the market is moving very
very fast and you need that quick entry so I've traded those strategies not
changed for the last nine years literally not changed a single single
thing it's a checklist based system the courses are not just about trading
strategy I want people to understand that you can have the same strategies as
me but it doesn't mean you'll get the best the same results I also have people
in my community they're doing far better than me it's about helping to have you
become the best trader you can be and it's not just a strategy it's routine
it's how to practice good mindset how to be in the moment how to make sure you're
taking screenshots and keeping records how to improve on those records it's how
to run a trading business as opposed to how to click buy and sell with a massive
emphasis around risk management on the website there's this trader Cobb CEO BB
dot-com there's a whole plethora of our free information there free courses
whatnot walkthroughs to show you a bit more about what we do we do more free
content than we do paid and I guess last question in the old crystal ball do you
dare sort of take a stab at where bitcoin finishes 2019 price-wise it's
not really my game I don't make projections on the way up I can
definitely make full boat projections in a trend look got honest truth is I'm not
going to say a number because I just don't know and it really is not how I
operate and I do hope to see the market move a lot higher I'm scaling my
positions at the moment where I'll scale out at one to one to minimize my risk
and then let this thing move because we have a strong market right now and
currently you know the markets sort of taking a breather as I speak to you
right now but I've got four trades on they're all in very good profit and I'm
happy to let those things run now one or two things are going to happen the
market continues to move higher and those margin let those margin positions
come very very very very profitable or it pulls back and I get to stop that and
they just started all again but I'm willing to have more risk on at the
moment because of the way that this market is operating I see it is very
strong and I wouldn't be surprised to see ten thousand by the end of this week
fantastic well it's been an absolute pleasure to chat we'll have all
information on the show notes below you should definitely subscribe to the
podcast and you should definitely go and check out the website to get more
information and like I say hopefully we can get you back on regularly to maybe
give us some of those trading tips like sounds good to me thank you so much for
your time the podcasters that try to cope crypto Chauvet cheese fantastic
take care so a new segment everybody likes a bit of a laugh don't they we all
love a little love so we thought we'd bring you some crypto humour and this
week we found a very funny clip which is about the battle between Cardno
and yose so here it is the system Frank along the front and I got a logical
expression in mizuna Dignitas Munim introduced of France before the find
operatives and nutritionists our Constitution for now on Franco and the
most is defined mystery nirenberg mouth stove cows house calamity my demography
stylist with us as you know how my Fuhrer Steiner Steiner continued in
testifying under Frisian the understand has mr.

Forth that's bribing him around Kaito yogurt
Krebs and Burgdorf that's why I prefer to understand about
the fern velch it says the generators announcer neither is the compilers a
fight later but village punished Tula's in the season if you see for this data
right yeah yeah some high-tech pataga man philip english
nice the structure versus say solar Aaron she takes it come on our MIG
Joffrey tale can be took the Rasta love to learn a bit better double is hotter
on guitar materiality interested in starting hey g'day all sanrak here crypto for
beginners in this video I'm going to show you how to create your exchange
accounts forgetting fear gribbit pounds US dollars into an
exchange to my crypto currency and exchange account where you can transfer
crypto to buy other cryptocurrencies so that further ado let's get into it okay
so here we've got a coin base and you can get onto this website by typing in
coinbase calm and once you sign up pretty straightforward I think you do
have to fill in kyc know your customer anti-money laundering details so you'll
have to provide a passport driving license to get validated and but then
once you're in you've got your account dashboard here the pans euros
Bitcoin wallets and so on about Bitcoin cash theory Imperium classic litecoin
that rx basic retention token US dollar coin z cash ripple and I'll go as well
as stellar down the bottom there and it's a pretty straightforward you know
the payment method to buy or sell at a card at your bank account
good old shit basic shots here and it tells you more about your account I
should scroll down below so it's pretty straightforward and using the paper
wallet I showed you earlier you'll be able to once you've bought
cryptocurrency be able to withdraw the crypto from this exchange which is the
you know there's the recommended thing to do and then deposit it to your public
key where your what is held and other exchanges that's a more the best
beginner fiat so great rich pound in euro and dollar exchanges to clip so to
sign for other exchanges include crypto – Krypto is bit facts calm this is
called some of the one of those days with most pairs on based in the US I
think the this exchange is now ki see she have to you know provide passport
driver license again you didn't after at first but now you do very good
exchange kay you coined calm you sit there based in Korea they've got it's a
fantastic exchange no kyc they just simply sign up there with an email
address a mobile number and you just confirm that off you go
I do recommend activating two-factor authentication as well and once your
accounts active and you've got all these pairs here where you can buy and sellers
requires pretty cool the third and final one we recommend is BitFenix calm yes I
have been hacked years ago in 2014 but now they've attacked and they're
securable are one of the best most liquid
exchanges in the world and again sign up top right there and as you can see
they've got many pairs available and so yep pretty straightforward I think we've
bit for next also you can deposit dollars euros and pounds and they're
don't quote me on it because they don't use often enough but feel free to let me
know in the comments and cool that's pretty much it
they're all much of a muchness and very straightforward and similar these
exchanges so if you have any comments questions and if you like this video
please like and share it and subscribe many thanks for watching thanks everyone it's been a wonderful
week hopefully we are going to recover from that Friday slaughter we saw and
with a bit of luck things will be heading back in the right direction
because it has been exciting it's been getting there and it's nice to wake up
every day not completely and utterly despondent about everything yes
but comment below if you have any thoughts about the market our stories
today though I can subscribe you know the drill there's a little bell it's
super fun yeah please do it helps us we put a lot of effort into bringing this
content and it just makes it worthwhile to see the fact that you guys are
enjoying it let's all be friends and in the meantime until we see you next week
where we're going to sunny Spain and we'll be reporting from there you've
been blood chained you

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