Breaking Down Every Character From The Suicide Squad

a suicide squad will feature a slew of new to their silver screen faces and we've got the scoop on who they are and what they do here's a breakdown of every new character in the suicide squad roll call when aegis elba's name first cropped up in connection with the suicide squad it was as a reported replacement for will smith's deadshot smith who appeared as a smart mouse to assassin and david ayer's suicide squad had to drop out of guns project due to scheduling conflicts warner brothers and dc entertainment executives may have initially wanted to have dead shot in the follow up no matter what but it was confirmed that elba wasn't going to take smith's spot after all instead he'd be playing an entirely different character not yet seen on the silver screen dc fandom confirms that elba is playing blood sport in the suicide squad three different people have taken on the bloodsport moniker in the dc comics but elba is playing the original robert dubois who first appeared in print in superman volume 2 number 4.

Dubois suffers a mental breakdown when he learns that because he was too scared to fight himself his brother took his place in the vietnam war and ended up permanently injured after one of lex luthor's lackeys convinces dubois that superman is a person he needs to exact revenge upon dubois takes on the name bloodsport and starts murdering his way through metropolis with kryptonite bullets before he's ultimately defeated by superman it's probably unlikely that elba's bloodsport will experience his exact arc in the suicide squad but there's a chance that certain elements of it will make their way into the characterization michael rocker who played yondu in the first two films and the guardians of the galaxy franchise has a plum role in the suicide squad as brian derlin a spoiled millionaire who moves to gotham city in hopes of becoming a vigilante much like batman working under the name savant derlin is turned away from vigilantism by batman himself this motivates savann to become a professional blackmailer going on to do such outrageous acts as kidnapping black canary and overthrowing the gotham mafia with the help of huntress at one point in the comics cervantes even offered a place on the birds of prey team however the new 52 comics rebooted savant in september 2011 and the version of the character seen in that run is almost definitely the one we're getting in the suicide squad the recent comics depicts savant as an extremely amoral and lethally effective member of the suicide squad polka dot man is a silly looking villain who's originally an enemy of batman born abner krill and originally known as mr polkadot polkadot man made his print debut in detective comics number 300.

Polkadot man sent us his entire modus operandi around spots and dots and acts mostly as a low-level rogue who does all he can to capture batman's attention and prove he's just as clever and capable as the beloved superhero though his presence isn't as prominent as say the joker polka dot man still packs a punch thanks to the powers his removable suit dots give him such as duds that transform into flying saucers chainsaws and floating fists a suicide squad's polka dot man will likely have a fresh story one focused more on his connections to the titular crew for the role of polka dot man the suicide squad snagged actor david dasmulchin who appeared in the dark knight as a former arkham patient named thomas schiff one of joker's goons who attempted to murder the mayor it'll be interesting to see what das mulchin brings to the table in this new role pitch perfect franchise breakouts and german dj flulaborg will portray javelin a german athlete who became a criminal after leaving his sports career behind javelin originally joins a suicide squad after losing a fight against the green lantern and asks that all traces of his criminal past be expunged upon him becoming a member of the team he's a solid addition to the suicide squad using javelin-like weapons in combat and he even participates in the war of the gods dc comics crossover ultimately that participation leads to his death via his own javelin a lot of fitting into your life's pursuits fans have known for a while that portuguese actress daniella melchior will portray ratcatcher in the suicide squad now we know that melchior's character is officially known as rat catcher 2 in the suicide squad an interesting moniker that suggests this rat catcher could be a second iteration of the exterminator turned villain born otis flanagan ratcatcher used to spend his time scurrying across gotham city catching rats however his job as a gotham city sanitation department rat catcher ends when he stabs a man to death and is locked up for 10 years in the gotham state penitentiary he then develops a villainous alter-ego rat catcher holds people prisoner in sewers trains an army of rats to attack and kill his enemies on command and generally terrorizes gotham to hell him back it doesn't seem like melchior will be playing the otis flanagan iteration of ratcatcher exactly but we can guess that she's likely playing another person who has taken on the rat catcher name in otis's place perhaps his daughter but much like the definition of a rats it's unclear right to outside myself yo but what if a mouse goes outside does it become a rat and if a rat is in the house is it a mouse i ain't never seen no mouse outside that's because it's a rat fool where suicide squad has killer croc the suicide squad will have king shark king shark is the son of the shark god and possesses superhero durability strength speed and stamina as well as sonar capabilities the ability to regenerate damaged body tissue and super sharp shark teeth comedian steve aggie will voice king shark who originally joins a suicide squad in the comics when superboy teams up with the crew to take down the silicon dragons a criminal cinder cup that was wreaking havoc on the hawaiian islands in the new 52 reboot of dc comics continuity king shark is one of the main characters of the suicide squad and he's been a familiar presence on the team ever since suicide squad director david ayer revealed in july 2016 that he wanted to have king shark be on the team's lineup however the cgi that would have been required to bring king shark to life was too much of an undertaking so the film's creative team went with killer croc instead peacemaker first appeared as christopher smith in fight in five number 40 and was a charlton comics character prior to dc comics acquisition of the company as the peacemaker name suggests smith is a diplomat so deeply committed to peacekeeping and the pacifist cause that he's willing to go so far as to kill those who reject law and order in the comics peacemaker has a life-altering revelation about why he's so opposed to war and begins to believe that the spirits of people he has murdered are living inside his helmet another character called mitchell black took on the peacemaker mantle in the 1996 issue comic series the law but fans will likely see the christopher smith iteration on screen in the suicide squad former wwe superstar john cena who is continuing to prove his acting prowess will play peacemaker and he's got a pity one sentence summation for those unfamiliar with the character be like a douchey captain america language tdk seems to be a new name for an old character floyd belkin also known by the hilarious moniker arm fall-off boy and even splitter from time to time debuting in december 1989 secret origins volume 2 number 46 arm falloff boy is based on a fan created parody character that artist kurt swann and writer gerard jones saw and totally dug armed fall-off boy possesses a giggle-inducing ability to tear off his own limbs and use them as blunt force weapons basically he embodies the threats i'll rip your arms off and beat you to death with them except he's using his own arms to do the maiming and murdering in the comics he's mostly been associated with the legion of superheroes which didn't exactly welcome him with open um nathan fillion will play tdk in the suicide squad and with his background in comedy particularly his role as captain hammer in dr horrible's sing-along blog we can't think of a better person for the part four different people have utilized the name thinker to carry out their supervillain tasks within the pages of dc comics the suicide squad will most likely feature the original thinker clifford devoe a failed lawyer who used technologically powered telekinesis and a device called the thinking cap to become a master criminal over the years he's bounced around the dc universe although he's primarily been a flash villain while on a mission with the suicide squad in doom patrol and the suicide squad special the thinker was killed by weasel another character appearing in the suicide squad so we wouldn't hedge our bets on the two getting along in the film the new 52 storyline forever evil saw the thinker sent to bel reeve penitentiary where the suicide squad is based and aligned himself with the crime syndicate of america former doctor who star peter capaldi will play the thinker in the upcoming movie best known for his work on saturday night live pete davidson is taking on a killer new role in the suicide squad blackguard an enforcer for a crime syndicate known as the a thousand blackguard was once an everyday criminal named richard hurts before he joined the organization yes that's really his name after escaping death at the hands of his fellow 1 thousand members blackguard teams with the suicide squad on a mission to kill high-ranking members of a corporation unfortunately for blackguard things don't end well wade eileen a general and suicide squad member with superhuman abilities and regenerative powers kills blackguard by squeezing his head off it's a shame he wasn't more headstrong you'll never be the head of a major corporation okay that'll do okay the new mutants and predators actress alicia braga will portray a character by the name of zelsoria and the suicide squad not much concrete information is known about solsoria though the popular theory is that her name is actually sol soria a legitimate first and last name rather than a super villain moniker but regardless of name formatting technicalities we're guessing that braga's character could be a gender-bent version of juan sauria as no such character named solsoria or solstoria exists in the dc comics canon as with many other recruits juan sroyer was a common criminal before joining the suicide squad in the comics he starts out wanting to become a superhero injecting himself with nanites to get superpowers but things don't go as planned sorya auditions for the justice league gets denied robs the bank gets sent to bel reeve penitentiary and is drafted into the suicide squad he's treated pretty poorly but it's all for a purpose an alien the squad must defeat thrives on positivity and sauria's negativity is what weakens it keeping up with tradition james gunn cast his brother in the suicide squad sean gunn previously played craiglin in guardians of the galaxy and guardians of the galaxy vol 2 as well as provided the motion capture for rocket and he'll portray weasel in gun's newest comic book movie weasel begins his story on the pages of 1985's the fury of firestorm number 35.

In the 1960s a law student named john monroe was generally having a terrible time despite being intelligent enough to get into stanford university his peers incessant taunting ultimately pushes monroe to commit murder decades later adopting the name they call him weasel as his alter ego moniker while on a mission with a suicide squad weasel kills the thinker but the thinker's mind-enhancing cap retains enough of its former owner's mind to then force rick flag into killing weasel like we said earlier it doesn't seem like the thinker and weasel will be lifelong friends in the film possessing the powers of super strength and stamina mongal is an extraterrestrial warlord whose father mongol the elder is the ruler of the galaxy traversing slave holding satellite war world in one noteworthy appearance mongal meets superman and brings him into the warlord ship fighting against him alongside her twin brother mongol the younger of course no sibling dynamic is perfect and she eventually gets decapitated by her brother during a fight in green lantern volume 4 number 8 in the suicide squad expert martial artist mei linga who performs stunts in 2017's wonder woman will bring mongal to life the suicide squad hits theaters on august 6th 2021.

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