BREAKING CRYPTO NEWS! World’s 5th Largest Company Entering Crypto

bit boy at 3 a.m sound the alarm bells there must be something important happening but listen when i get inside scoops i got to let the bit squad know what's happening sharing is caring i partnered with an up-and-coming crypto project with potential out the wazoo to give the bit squad the exclusive first look at one of the biggest announcements kryptos ever seen let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button then head on over to twitter to give me a follow there at bitboy underscore crypto in this special video we are getting the exclusive on a partnership between a cryptocurrency and one of the biggest companies in the world we are talking the top 10 of all companies and it's higher than number 10.

The name of the project is sharing the token of the sharing ecosystem is the share token it goes by the ticker shr or is that pronounced sure because you sure are going to want to find out more about this one so let's get into the announcement so you guys can see this is not overhyped i would never do that to you guys 10 cent one of the biggest tech companies in the entire world has just announced they've officially partnered with sharing together they will develop their flagship self-sovereign document management and id application product called sharing id this innovative id will be used for almost anything you need an id for think traveling insurance visa processing one-click registrations and much more and thank god this is happening in 2020 because if it happened earlier it could have ruined the movie super bad this video is out in basically the middle of the night here in atlanta for a specific reason along with a video announcement a press release has just gone out with all the details you can get the press release simply by going to the share ring twitter page and following them there press release will be made available immediately upon the release the press release is great but hey guys spending some time with me in the middle of the night that's priceless just don't ask my wife so how did tencent and sharing become the perfect pair well tencent is known for its cutting edge tech including some of the world's finest ocr ai cloud liveness detection and facial recognition all of which they're bringing to the table for this project on sharing side they are bringing their own custom-built blockchain technology and ecosystem how do we know this partnership is legit well you see most of the time when crypto projects say they are partnered with a larger company outside crypto it's simply to leverage the big company's name in reality it might not even be a real partnership they may have just gotten let's say invited to the same soccer game or maybe they just bought some cloud storage from them but how you know that this is big as tencent is also announcing this partnership formally via a press release i'm not sure if any other top 10 companies in the world have done this outside of maybe ibm announcing their stellar partnership and if you know that never went anywhere i think it's completely done as of this year according to some metrics tencent is the fifth biggest company in the world announcements of partnerships with smaller companies such as samsung has skyrocketed even mid-cap tokens like engine for reasons as simple as being integrated into a wallet think about that sharing is partnered with samsung also by the way which was announced in july during the tokens last run at the beginning of the year sharing mentioned they had over 20 plus partners under nda waiting to be announced many with larger companies who control the timing with the announcements but right now looking back at the progress over the summer we did see some action on the charts the prize definitely did make some moves and there were a lot of amas and large fun partnerships that were announced they also had some better exchange listings but nothing even close to this or what they've been doing lately so take a look at what's going on right now with sharing their mainnet is now live the beta version of their block explorer is up you can find it at share they've been listed on kucoin unit swap and bilaxi in the last week bittrex this week they've been covered all over the headlines covered in nasdaq forbes cointelegraph and coindesk for their racketon viator and bsn partnerships as well as their own health passport and e-visa solutions not giving me today youtube and they also plan to launch their travel app in the next coming weeks and they also have a joint launch with a major partner in thailand for their sharing shop which is same-day delivery service this may be one of the biggest partnerships announced in the crypto space to date with a tokenized project most companies of this size tend to develop their own permission blockchain solutions like ibm amazon and walmart some of those worked with hyperledger sharing though is doing big stuff no doubt about it the size of their partnerships are huge not just massive companies but government level with thailand and china's blockchain service network also known as the bsn transaction estimations in the tens of millions from single partners which would put them near the top of any transaction leaderboard in crypto and the fees from every transaction go to stakers and masternodes with some of the best non-inflationary tokenomics in the crypto industry we should see a lot of the remaining circulating supply locked up very soon as the demand rises you can also trade for sharing it is an erc20 you guys can use to make sure you're getting the best price now if everything sharing is working on plays out the way they think that it will there's no reason to think that this couldn't be a top 20 crypto project on coin market cap and lucky for you the bit squad has the first opportunity to jump in the news take advantage of it before anyone else but what do you guys think will 10 cent propeller share token to 10 cents and beyond that's just a 4x that's nothing drop me a comment down below and let me know also thank you to sharing for this exclusive announcement and being a valued supporter of the channel that's all i got be blessed [Music] you [Music]

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