all right welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily my name's austin in today's video i   want to share with you the biggest news involving 
bitcoin involving ethereum involving crypto punks   chain link polygon lower cap altcoins and much 
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one million and a let's jump in starting with our   top story of the day the legislative assembly of 
el salvador has just approved their 150 million   bitcoin trust so el salvador's government has set 
aside 23.3 million towards rolling out crypto atms   around the country and another 30 million to 
incentivize the use of the state-backed shiva   wallet so this is major because this is the first 
time in history that a government has set aside   millions of dollars to onboard their citizens 
into bitcoin and let me just put this into   perspective i want to play two clips 30 seconds 
each one of president trump's recent thoughts   on cryptocurrency from just a few days ago so the 
us's perspective followed by the recent signing of   what we just saw in el salvador with bitcoin watch 
this do you ever dabble in bitcoin or cryptos   i don't i like the currency of the united states 
i think it's you know i think the others are   potentially a disaster waiting to happen i don't 
know i don't i i feel that it hurts the united   states currency i think we should strengthen we 
should be invested in our currency not in uh they   may be fake who knows what they are but they're 
telling their currencies they certainly are   something that people don't know very much about 
no i have not been i have not been a big fan of bitcoin interesting stuff and guys this is nothing we 
didn't expect just the game theory obviously the   smaller countries with less to lose are going to 
be more inclined to adopt this first give me your   thoughts comment right now down below and moving 
forward some of the biggest news for ethereum   offchain labs has just launched arbitram one's 
mainnet as well as secured 120 million dollars   in funding so this is an ethereum scaling 
solution that was highly anticipated this is   a layer two and already more than 400 teams are 
already building on arbitrary one so ethereum   holders we have talked about this it has finally 
happened that arbitrary one has finally completed   the public mainnet launch of its optimistic 
roll-up solution so obviously this is the big deal   huge for each scalability but also check out some 
of the names now backing this latest fundraising   round with heavyweight crypto investors polychain 
capital pantera capital alameda research and   mark cuban so they said they like it they're 
going to invest in it they're supporting it   and in a direct quote on why some of these 
investors chose to invest off chain labs is   dedication to the ethereum developer community 
is second to none and they have the best   easiest to use scalability product that's why 
over 400 projects have already chosen to launch   with arbitrom including reddit so ethereum 
holders obviously this is the big deal another   green flag that just happened with ethereum 
is hollywood agency uta united talent agency   has just signed crypto punks so the agency will 
represent the nft project for appearances in film   tv video games and publishing pretty cool could we 
see crypto punks now in the next tarantino movie   in the next damien chazelle movie we absolutely 
could if you now go through the agent of course   the high-powered entertainment agency represents 
cryptopunx and will also represent me bits   autoglyphs and two other nft projects created 
by larva labs but austin wait a minute i thought   cryptocurrency was supposed to be open sourced 
decentralized yes i get this as a brand but is   this not for everybody well licensing rights have 
often been a controversial topic in the nft sector   because they are often seen as antithetical to its 
decentralization and permissionless nature larval   labs specifically has been aggressive in enforcing 
its intellectual property rights as it has issued   claims under the digital millennium copyright act 
so they're saying that crypto punks is our brand   we own the licensing and we want to get paid for 
it if it's ever used give me your thoughts down   below and just as a reminder if you want to learn 
how to make money with nfts i will link this down   below we talk how to make money with nfts finding 
the next crypto punks link down below all right   next up we're talking about lower cap altcoins 
basic attention token news chain link news and of   course the biggest piece of news involving polygon 
coinbase to use ethereum scaling solution polygon   to reduce prices and settlement times on their 
exchange so this is the number one us exchange in   the world throwing huge support to polygon while 
an exact date for the l2 integration has not been   made public yet they have announced through their 
blog post that they will be integrating with matic   the engineering team at the u.s crypto exchange 
coinbase plans to integrate polygons l2 scaling   solution within the exchange platform this move 
marks a first for coinbase's protocol team which   will attempt to reduce high prices and long-term 
settlement times and then how this affects you   this integration with coinbase will 
allow exchange users to withdraw directly   onto a supported l2 solution namely polygon 
obviously if you like matic you like this   and final thoughts on this piece of news the aim 
is to help level the playing field while ensuring   retail users don't get priced out of being able to 
participate in this budding ecosystem so obviously   big green flag for the future of polygon give 
me your thoughts down below but moving on   very similar piece of news for chain link chain 
link price feeds are now available on optimistic   ethereum which is of course another scaling 
solution and the chain link feeds will now be   native to optimistic ethereum providing developers 
with low cost price updates in real time   and this is cool because optimistic ethereum is 
choosing chain link they're giving their support   to chain link for one big reason which is to give 
developers a better user experience the link will   allow developers to build defy applications 
using chain link feeds known as oracles   which provide on-chain data for crypto prices 
aggregated from hundreds of exchanges that's   what chain-link provides and this integration 
will allow defy applications to migrate over to   optimistic ethereum with minimal changes to their 
code so now if developers want to tap in to the   ethereum ecosystem but they don't want the high 
fees this chain link integration aims to provide   the same data quality and reliability as on the 
ethereum base layer but at a lower cost with more   frequent updates hey this is a very bullish sign 
link marines let me know your thoughts but let's   keep moving on to lower cap altcoins and by the 
way long-term subscribers know this but just as   a reminder just for complete transparency always 
assume i'm invested in these coins i'm invested   in chain link in fear and realm and ethereum of 
course so long-term subscribers already know this   but always just something to keep in mind next 
piece of news on play to earn gaming coin fear   the new character of whiskey is coming in our 
major clucking hell play to earn game update for   whack your undead neighbor and he's not one of 
those softy fear dogs he will eat your chickens   for breakfast lunch and dinner to activate him 
in the game you will need to hold 20 fear in   your wallet but ever since axe the infinity 
play to earn games obviously a huge trend and   it's just interesting to see how this space keeps 
developing and next piece of news for a lower cap   altcoin pokestarter realm has announced its 
ideo on pokestarter so obviously they too   see the revolution and play to earn games just as 
a reminder realm it's an nft play to earn platform   allowing gamers artists and collectors to create 
their own nft micro verses and it's a utility   token as much as a governance token and 
pokestarter has chose them next give me   your thoughts down below on which launch pads 
you like do you like pokestarter or are you more   of a trust swap or a binance launch pad person 
next piece of news for basic attention token   brave users now have a new way to cash out their 
bat after viewing ads so crypto browser brave has   further integrated with gemini and here 
are the details gemini announced today   that brave rewards users can get their bat tokens 
they earn deposited straight into their gemini   accounts via the gemini user wallet just as 
a reminder brave browser is a privacy browser   and if you choose to enable ads each ad that the 
customer you agree to watch for yourself nets   you a potential small amount of basic attention 
token for giving up your attention so you can get   paid for surfing the internet if you opt in and 
watch the ads and that's always been cool but the   problem has always been well there's such limited 
ways to actually cash out brave rewards already   integrates with two other custodial wallets uphold 
and for japanese users bitflyer but that was it   well now if you're in the us you have an equally 
as strong of option as uphold gemini now gives   that functionality but that is the video my name's 
austin like always see you tomorrow and by the way   i know we have said this many times before but if 
we missed a piece of news or if there's an altcoin   you want covered we read the comments i want 
to cover the whole market i want to cover the   interesting projects so feel free i'll be looking 
down below in the comments see you tomorrow

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