Braver Browser is just like Bitcoin SV by Craig Wright. Why?

both like the open strategy here but the problem is is business model so the Google has very scalable and combative other business here not about they don't start searching the other business stuff they also you know have the very strong display at a business staff do the huge amount of money to expand their market share for the chrome business stuff but Firefox it's open strategy but only donations because it's a nonprofit organizations it's an open-source model but no profit organizations so thatís fine they cannot spend another kind of a business to open to ourselves you know improvements staff then they are roasted like this way okay so so Brenda learned many things with through these competitions that is why you know brain browser takes Eric strategy to beat Pro that's a key point so today's topic this one's a braver browser is just like in a big point server by Craig right and why okay so let's stop solely simply we got a news here so I'll take privacy issues on a brave browser here but actually not not us there are third-party cookie issues and then you know also correct it immediately a limited or the detail here so brave rats are actually close the affiliate partnership with the no crypto major cryptic exchange such as finance and coinbase so what's going to happen this you know contrast here is a brave Reza user you're gonna put the URL with the pioneers or coin bears or something on their search box those your link transactions you know time to be affiliated transaction here for you know between these two relationship stuff so brave razor can make money if the new user come into the market and account registrations or sometimes the existing user account holder in finance or coinbase you know through the browser running those kind of a trading laughing here also no browser can make money through here yeah and the sound user actually really really created activity but I have to say it's not that serious in problem here and then let me tell you why because these you know appear to partnership between two companies or two entities browser and then you know cryptic changes no third party player here okay also I feel drink itself is controlled by this entity so there is no exit player here to take some kind of personal informations in this in a great partnership stuff okay but one of the critical problem in an internet space right now is SAR party cookie show because once you gonna need some website here a lot of like third party cookie is you know integrating the website so as you can see over hundreds of in a website access to these you know your transaction data from here to there website so this is so serious problem right because you know a lot of privacy informations is used by these player and then you don't know anything about it all right but here only you know all the player here you already know about it and especially you just packing on the website you are you want to directly access still it's a completely different issue compared with these ones this is a graph from brave lads that white paper itself yeah the things really happen is this one eventually the whole product or the braver browser its static they're gonna appear themselves like a no-talking no other where and a no referral ring what I want to tell them about it is this one are you serious and then let me tell you why because this is a completely same else you know bitcoin server by Craig route and then why I think so it's let's that from here so this is my pod from strategy so I already arcade my in a big coin and all the other point here and then why I put the coin here because you know Bitcoin play a very critical role to attract to the capital from existing financial market such as fiat currency or stock a bonds to the Bitcoin because bitcoin is the most trustful cryptic assets in a kind blocked airspace right now especially limited supply and a fully decentralized encrypted furnace or staff so this is very transfer crypt assets to attract the capital here and then so then bitcoin separately very critical catalyst from the money from prospective Bitcoin itself is play a very critical role to attracting captor here and it going through this you know output market here so Bitcoin grows aqua market also grows right but when you look at the entire our core market here there is a lot of recruit tested project which is not letting these six categories we simply say Bitcoin alternatives right now bitcoin cash like coin because SV a lot of like an assault player here and then to me these cruelty assets it's completely worthless because what we need here is only one currency it's quite enough we don't need an alternative here because a much more easier for an investor to understand you know they need to focus on buy a Bitcoin and about our point project it is more completely different type of the software here like this implies CDM we're talking in a collaborator defy Dexter for boards project this is completely different from the Bitcoin again so and especially when you look at those kind of ik alternative one of the world's use case is this one Bitcoin three because you like made the hard whole from Bitcoin and he gonna create the Bitcoin SV but the things is he doesn't mean he doesn't have any kind of you know high advanced philosophy that he want to make this world a more better way he just like you know could a gig for the crypto you know technology itself he's not a genius so eventually you know no one trust in Ukraine more and also means I do believe that you know is a mechanic oh the emitter winnie is that you know satoshi nakamoto because I heard they died to set ascertain and it currently in a Bitcoin surface you know no one can access to no initial five percent of the Bitcoin you know their privacy key because then you know or the connect or summons already passed away so it's kind of right great fits as an evidence that he can be in a satoshi nakamoto then eventually you know everybody know that they're quick right is and some cynical anymore right so but the problem is this one you know since you know in the past many people believe that the big key is you know Satoshi Nakamoto so that is why Bitcoin sv you know made a huge amount of market cap as of now the market cap is over three billion dollars so a lot of investors still hold Bitcoin sv but now it's worth noting which me that they might lose a lot of money in the long term so it's kind of very pretty bad news for the you know for this you know retail investment in crypto space right so to me Bitcoin bars Bitcoin SDKs is kind of worth his lay in the crypt asset it's completely from deal in a crypto space their same as brave advisor here these guys and I let me tell you why so first one is a very odd proposition analysis as always you know our point analysis I'm gonna apply and a bribe here and the bribe a browser here okay and the first of all brave browser is a first player we're gonna build in our tokenized web browser salt itself so they got in a fast mover advantage here yeah since braver copied old functionality from their brave browser at this moment so they have this functionality privacy control and I'm a trucker block staff but they're gonna stop to provide our eggs and they also they gonna also not going to use the token economy here too so there is no other incentive for the consumer anymore okay and it to me blame our browser doesn't have anything about why the brave browser you know taking these kind of positioning especially to compete with scrub by Google there let me tell you about the background here why they focus on these items okay so let's start from the history of the internet this one so Netscape Navigator so Netscape and the world first integrated web browsing software in end of the space so they were the kind of innovator in a market and then brave you know co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich he was actually chief architect an escape okay and I also I used in on SS before I also started using internet 1997 but I have to say from Netscape what's going to happen is they got a completely defeat by Internet Explorer by Microsoft but how right and they let me tear it is Netscape is a first you know web browser in the internet space and then that was great because of the web browser every single Internet user can easily access the Internet eventually so this is a great inventions but Microsoft Bill Gates realized in huge slits against Netscape so they going to study the Internet Explorer here so the hash competition happened in these into player re days of the Internet but actually Microsoft take was advantage on their product strategy why because you know they're gonna provide Internet Explorer from free bundle with their OS Windows this is greatest product strategy because you know at that moment Microsoft Windows with the leading desktop OS in a market so they're gonna provide for free so naturally you know you survey active user base and Internet Explorer engrossed with the growth of the Windows OS and this is much easier for them to execute this product strategy because Microsoft only need to focus on in a market in a share of the windows itself because you know if the windows market goes in an app ie market market also goes up right but Netscape is story different so Netscape also provided a software for free for the user but they need to make some money for their advertising marketing stuff so they're gonna you know sell their you know five thousand in a web server to the client the foods Bryant is actually not the consumer it's a b2b clients especially data center so you can see here the web browser is a b2c applications and the web server business is this for b2b crime business stuff so it's completely different animal so they have to manage the different animal at one time it's a huge boner for them and also Microsoft meant huge amount of money within of software stuff till they can run you know massive marketing campaign to defeat Netscape then eventually Netscape was you know defeated by Internet Explorer but what happened now we're Raza business is just like this so Google Chrome already take over 50% market share in 2017 and the IE only took under 4% why that kind of things happen because I know I II used to be a leading web browser software in our personal computer space but now 15 years later so now the Google Chrome is a leading player what happened you know these competitions is this one so actually one of the weakness of the windows you know strategy here is a cross model built a massive user base in RIE they have to all the time focus on increase they know windows always miss stuff but you know OS also there the serious competitions especially with the Apple Computer then since like you know Apple Computer releases the iPhone smartphone market it's completely new personal computer market and then the Microsoft can do anything in a smartphone market space so Microsoft OS itself is lose huge amount of market share you know entire OS market space including smartphone desktop and laptop stuff okay but Google take the open strategy because they don't make the kind of always business at the moment also their business model coming from such as business stuff right so since like you know also the Google Chrome is the first player that they're gonna provide a search box you know in a URL space so with these combinations since you know Google doesn't need to care any kind of things about you know they're gonna provide you know we're as a software two windows were app iOS stuff so they can take more broader market strategy to get the market share in a web browser business stuff also they have you know make a huge amount of you know a lot of the Romania on the business so they can more easy to compute the windows in an effective way so eventually in a Google Chrome will become the reading player but also here's the Firefox here they already take a look around 6% in a market share and then actually original team or the Firefox coming from is actually Netscape team because an essay scape you know eventually they have to sell themselves to the AOL and then 2003 now let's skip all the Netscape services was closed and a lot of people left you know AOL and then they are gonna start it in a Firefox foundations but still the market share is quite small why so here are the things then I want to tell you here it's actually Brandon co-founder and CEO of the brave ransom was a CEO and a CEO or the five bucks Muslim foundations then you got a no loss these competitions why this one so both take the open strategy here but the problem is is business model so the google has very scalable and combative other business here not about you know start with search engine business stuff they also you know have the very strong display at a business staff do then they're gonna make huge amount of money to expand their market share for the chrome business stuff but Firefox it's open strategy but only donations because it's a nonprofit organizations it's all open source for nonprofit organizations so that is why they cannot spend a lot of money for the marketing campaign it is a kind of a business to open to ourselves you know improvement staff like commercial entities stuff then they are roasted like this way okay so so Brenda learned many things with through these competitions that is why you know brain browser takes Eric strategy to beat chrome that's a key point so you know to protect the user from like a privacy concern or safety but also they're gonna build a very in a computer program itself inside their applications so this you know mechanism stuff is a very competitive edge for the browser the human a deeper understanding point pre-checker my other video about the my analysis about the BT talking browser stuff okay now also when you compare the barrio cut portion here it's actually from my video here so to compare this chrome the chrome scenes focus on the huge usage of the privacy in your data for the user so they cannot easily access the DZ elements here at the innovation dilemma but brave already take this approach and then they're gonna bring the new elements here about the incentivizing user with the other viewing stuff is a very very competitive very curved portion in the market it's beautiful and when you look at the other on brave lads itself is like this it's a push notification based one smartphone so there is no annoying elements on their ads but it's still personalized it's a great invention happening in the Internet at about in space and then we need to tell where put this is goes to great traction here because you know there Brabant solutions is seven hundred percent higher secure than Google rx so very comparable products all right and then this like a brave razor and also other product combination is so critical for us because this one so I believe that the nine brave razor can be a key player to realize the wave 3.0 internet now controlled by Google and Facebook stuff because as you can see here two competing vision of Google you know brave razor have to help me the business model to run the huge marketing campaign right then one reason for that is you know internet should be for free so every single user on an internet space we're going to need to enable them to access to that every single information in the world for free no charge the one so that is why business model for the web browsing style it's so critical and the brand new learn critical things in his past experiences the Netscape and Firefox so that is why he embedded the completely new solutions and that this is so innovative is so powerful so that is right to me the braver approach copy product of brave razor they don't understand anything about how we need to compete if they know the Google and Facebook to realize that wave 3.0 the braver browser team completely same as Craig right because SV all right so I want to tell you here again the browser should be a you know great fast mover in a browser space especially realize is a in a decent was internet here right so there is all this time I also make a lot of interesting video of the crypto and abroad test space so thank you for watching don't forget this of us my shadow

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