Bras de fer – bling o tron – HEARTHSTONE

I shoot these couples today we meet for a little video it's been a long time since I made a video on my channel but now it's time to resume as you see we had new material the little microphone here present the blue yeti with the little ryder so I said to myself with such material not to use it to make videos that would be crazy he can say to himself so we are found for the showdown as before I cover them have you go let's go I have to do brilliant showdown of bingo including billy co or bling others we are ready for the fight they change your heroic power to nothing in you get a random weapon and on top of that they give you random weapons so apparently it goes to us give weapons no more heroic power it gives us weapons so we will try to build ourselves up with a synergy with the arms that are the brains aqoci drug I think so I'm the new ones we'll start the damage how to join not 200 passengers on plane number 2 that could be good but it could win it for the moment we are going to start at bhl and in any case rule out synergy with weapons and then we will complete so put some the robot keeps it's for now I'm not going to put any money because my big club like it a janitor with arms good i think we want but what could we put i think soft i think they should just and I don't really know what m pirates on the board a calm day agent and after i don't really know what with thot i think we could have more pirates but not that much one day a day is not so much anyway and is this spot what will lead august 30 and if we put that does it improve the power and eight tons of weapons too his method I don't think it will be useful but many have good weather because we can even for all the doctor who but that we can really put everywhere ep strong crafter the longer it is but rather there I think we are going back to our activity like that where you need to go quickly but normally it should stay separate I could not too much at all quotas for mrs harton of fate be and especially what it is can be my race would like we especially want little pirates ok well it's not really what we got we start with 106 she does what nothing very extraordinary we will wait for draped white and do not not him now because when we don't need it but German is marginal what do we do I think that there we were obliging deadly poison because before other disgusting stuff is therefore no longer an attac to replace the ex conscience but does he too will have the same and the location is marked this is the beach for you I was able to save it played near our basket but still it's okay more I especially think my fans, it's because the boss is everything who arrives on his board in his case would be more delicate so there he has everything the docks beg by yours so okay nobody writes the 2 no it's not a very good soul I'm going but he still allowed to go my how quickly the water was kind launch a in addition I had a little challenge where I had to win five arm wrestling not that i will manage maybe we the apostle month is true that without this factor that also this his weapon so so we will re-test south east who I hope we will find someone quickly yes then you can see i have small room and i will keep them tension not happy with the tran days before I have to shell out the money in stone keeps the cannon and the pirate at least one synergy am high durability to his weapon hello then we can make foam it would be 4 3 as our opponent had everything talented man quite two actresses the location is marked in the docks it's still one two ok good i think it goes very directly the light is right Why I think we are going to me in the poison will keep it to take stock of their poisons will keep it for after no it will pull the compote out of the oil I think I also have well done of trade fortnight here we go they will see what they will see synergy with the weapons there I think we are going more basic trash as we see who is very aggressive the good weapons in addition is his voice long slow the man was lucky we can say it berwyn this time rude pirates with charge like a weapon it's not bad they will see what they will see so i think just for now in florange but it is if I am mixed race and after because there we can give me 10 sam and our team a soul to team one weapon with the peak will cost and one can make deluge of india which even go to him so the light is just that can be good then that I know but here are two victories so this stage is that mainly pirate like jacques said no there is some boxes did not see we saw the burst but we did not have time to play doctor bout we haven't seen the worst tombs we haven't seen the merchant we doubted we drooled but otherwise I think they are stable finally here to these benches of hec so here you are thank you for watching the video do not hesitate not to leave a little I like to share en masse and the only promoter if that enchants you thanks for watching again hi all world

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