Bobby Fischer Lost 2 Bets Trying to Solve this Puzzle (Mate in 3)

Hello everyone and welcome to this very cool chess puzzle Written by Pal Pinko when he was still a teenager I think about 15 years, well I don't usually show puzzles on this channel Sometimes I do, not a launch base for that Sometimes I feel like showing a puzzle, sometimes not, but basically once or twice a year, maybe. Yeah, maybe I'll show up more maybe I won't really depends on how I feel But I was browsing the internet that day as I normally do, and came across tweeting from Historian Olympia Orkin says According to Pal Banco, young Bobby Fischer lost two bets when trying to solve the riddle Naturally, I was very intrigued by this tweet Of course you click on the link and it takes you to the Chess History site So you can learn more about the story behind this mystery and Yes, I'll link to it in the description below It will be the first thing that you see so you can check it out for yourself And also I will put a link to the account of mr Olympia Wilkins profile on Twitter so that you can follow him if you are interested in increasing Your extensive knowledge on a daily basis as he often posts interesting things Regarding chess now it's not Knowledge of chess is locked up on Twitter But a lot of people use Twitter Especially the seniors of all the great modern players and you will learn a lot of things as can be pointed out In the direction of extensive knowledge and check it out there is such in this case the Chess History site Well for those of you who are probably lazy to click on the link.

I'll mention the story briefly It was during the Lugano Olympics in 1968 in Switzerland. Bobby Fischer was watching the event and The Soviet team really crushed the field. They came along with Dignam Petrosian Boris Spassky, Victor Korchnoy Effing Geller Polovsky and Myslov. They crushed the field by eight and a half points So it was complete Soviet control But Regarding this position here. Benko asked Bobby Fischer. Well he said to him I bet you can't solve this puzzle in half an hour and Fisher. Of course, Fisher was 1968 So, super strong Bobby Fischer 1970's of the American Championships where his remarkable career begins is only two years from this moment here And of course Bobby was very interested and said, Okay, let's go Let's get the center and I'm going to solve it in half an hour and after the half hour is up Bobby was still unable to solve the riddle and demanded a solution To present him now I will show you the solution Maybe if you wanted to see it, maybe if you really enjoy the situation and the story behind it Maybe you just want to keep it to yourself without knowing the solution.

Maybe you can get it On your table somewhere at home, then enjoy it every day If you don't want to know the solution But it is probably better To do it this way, but if you are only interested in the solution Then you can also show it to your friends in the library and pub And it's a nice idea. So for those of you who just want to enjoy the show, This is the solution that Banco gave Bobby Elephant c4 There is only one solution and that is the other part of the story. This is There is only one solution after elephant to c4 for black two options You can either king e5 or king f5, all other squares Observed by the minister, by the elephant and by the other elephant, and the minister controls the entire column d So here if the king goes to F5 Then next idea you will get Minister h5.

Check and move the king For example, the king will go to f6 Then you get the minister to g5 checkmate, where the elephant and the minister control this way and The king does not have any squares. You can see that the Minister is also guarding these boxes and on the other hand after the Minister to h5 Check, if the king goes to e4, then the minister to d5. Check again the minister controls this way All squares are monitored, and the king has nowhere to go This is one way after the king to the f5 yet another idea The king to f5 is that you can play minister h5 checkmate also minister f3 cache look Possible idea for example now if the king goes to the G6 now After King G6, you will play the Minister to F7 and this again checkmate Because again the elephant covers dark squares as well On all the boxes here and on the other hand after Minister check if you go To another place.

For example king e5 then you get minister f4 again It is the same combination all the boxes monitored. It's an interesting puzzle because sometimes You will find yourself in a position where you can To hand checkmate, you will know that, for example, the elephant and the minister are two separate squares He checks out, if the minister checks the king, then that is if the king goes to f5 But also after elephant to c4 king can go to e5 then checkmate becomes different. It is viz to d5 Checkmate should go to f6 And now Minister G5 checkmate again with the same idea of ​​controlling squares, there One possibility that does not work, but it is very interesting.

I thought it worked when I was looking at the position after King D5 I thought it was Queen D7 Usually I don't think that The solution includes such brutal splashes, so I thought it was Minister D7 Then after the king goes to e4, you are of course progressing Minister to D5 checkmate the problem after this Okay You can move the king to f6 and now there is no checkmate You can hand checkmate if the Minister manages to come to g5, but this is not possible You can hand the minister to f7 checkmate, but then the king runs away for e5, that's three moves You don't have four moves So yeah, I might have even forgotten to mention that checkmate died in three moves, you have to find it in three Very sorry if I forgot that however You always when someone asks you to solve a situation, that means finding the solution in you The fewest possible moves So if you can checkmate in three, this is the solution although you can clearly find checkmate at fifty Very sorry for not mentioning it, but you know that resolving the situation in this case means introducing checkmate, therefore Yes, it probably should have been mentioned however I hope it works either way, but that is it The idea after this elephant to c4 Fisher saw the solution and then Bet Pal Pinko that Fisher can find another solution, not just the c4 elephant He was convinced that there was a different winning move, where you can submit checkmate in three, but there is no such thing The bet is that Fisher can study the situation overnight and then submit it to Benko The solution the next day So according to the story, Fisher tried to solve it overnight, but he failed, but yes There is another solution, but only in four moves.

So it does not count You need it in three, and the other solution will include, for example, Minister b6 check then king f5 the elephant to d3 Checkmate to g4 now comes minister to f4. Checkmate. H3 and now the elephant f1 checkmate is dead. This is the idea But these are four and we need the shortest possible solution. And therefore These are the two bets that Fisher lost I don't know if they're actually betting on something like a sack of gold or something I don't think so where It would likely have been introduced into the Pinko story and perhaps it would have been written into the history of chess website I think it was more of a bet written on honor as Bobby couldn't solve it and Banko would be very happy and Banko was so impressed that he was able to give such a challenge to Bobby Fisher with Authorship by Banquo when he was fifteen years old So, this is a really cool puzzle.

Hope you enjoyed it as well as impress a lot of your friends In the library and pub with this Wonderful authorship and then you can just tell them, you know, you're welcome to try to solve it But Bobby Fischer couldn't do it in half an hour, but you know, you are most welcome to do so So here is the mystery. I hope you enjoyed it I would like to thank Tony Moore and Dirk Saphir guitar for their contribution to my channel.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. As usual, you can watch the previous videos here Thank you all for watching and see you soon A continuation of the epic of Capablanca We still have to offer Banco against Tale in the Candidate Coors Tournament of 1962 And of course as usual, I will check out your suggestions So thank you all, see you soon and an excellent rest for the rest of your day.

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