Bộ Tộc Lửa Vs Băng Giá Kết Hợp Đại Chiến Với Rồng – Hai Anh Em Nóng Vs Lạnh – Phim Hài Táo Xanh TV

It's so cool today, what are we playing? Ok everyone, look at that the sky looks weird today Do you know what will happen today? no, we don't know Hat Tieu , Dau Dau go home now Cong , Nhi Nhi go home now Cong, Nhi Nhi, we have to go home yeah, we have to go home too bye, we'll see you later disaster is coming Trung come in here guys What's wrong with you calling us? I have something important to say today What's the matter that you
called us back so urgently That's right, we were going out with
Cong and Nhi Nhi when you called us people of the fire clan can't
play with the ice clan why ? What's wrong with the ice clan
playing with the fire tribe Yes, we can still play together that's right Ice and Fire are sworn enemies But that's a long-standing grudge But now we play together That's right Are you still arguing with me? But Are you still arguing with me? I will give you strength power how are you bro? I told you, the ice and the
fire are sworn enemies but we still feel normal We know it's wrong, but what's wrong
with you calling us back? Our earth is about to have a disaster I will give you strength today power ? Our power is enough, we don't need any more The earth is in danger, you need strength
to protect yourself first Next is to protect the earth Yes Mr.

Trung, we feel it,
what should we do now? Congratulations on becoming a
warrior of the fire tribe Now let's go to the southern
area to defeat youkai the southern area We are determined to protect the earth be careful, but remember
not to play with ice tribe let's go we're going to the south area,
let's go buddy Hope you guys will come back safely Dau Dau, here we go,
let's go find the evil forces Hat Tieu, the dark force is here,
what should we do Let's fight Let me Dau Dau, we need to work together I thought the dark force was so strong,
it turned out weak This is just the first challenge,
there are many more to come Let's go Cong, can't you see I'm fighting,
why are you hanging around? You keep fighting, because I'm so strong
I'm afraid the monster will lose You are only good at rambling Mr.

Cong, you fight okay, let me Did you see anything, I froze it look away Hat Tieu, Mr. Cong and Nhi Nhi are there it's them Dau Dau, they seem to be injured,
let's go out and help them no, don't you remember what Trung said? but they are our friends It's not good, let's call the parents here Dau Dau, they're in danger,
now what to do I'm here to help them Let's help them together It was Dau Dau and Hat Tieu who helped us,
let's counterattack Dau Dau, come see again soon Nhi Nhi, how are you? What are you guys doing,
why are you attacking us I'm not attacking you,
I'm just asking for you Brother is right,
ice and fire can't play together but we used to play together We're stronger,
we can't play together anymore So we can't play together forever? It's okay, we all have the same goal Let's go you guys go first ok Let's go I won't let you down to earth why are you fighting my monster I must destroy it to protect the earth you are good Because of you, the fire and ice
clans have no common ground because your ice clan always
interferes in other people's affairs That's it, I'm no longer gentle with you Cong, Nhi Nhi, let us beat this monster okay, believe in you it's okay, he's okay then let us beat it what to do now I can't, I'll just call my brother Trung brother Trung , brother I'll hit you soon why are you following me? you follow me you follow me Trung , brother save us I don't argue with you anymore,
this monster is mine Mine Stop we have to destroy that youkai, not quarrel okay, I give you up thank you you guys are too weak Why can't I beat it? you are no different from me Trung, I think that ice and fire,
if separated, will not be strong why don't we try to combine Never If you can't do it, let us do it Cong , Nhi Nhi Let's combine our strength together Why are they so powerful? Have you seen anything,
that's the power of friendship Think again, we need to unite to
protect the earth So we've been wrong all this time Do you agree to unite to protect the earth? Can I reply later, I'm embarrassed they agree we can play together

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