Bnb Coin ve Binance Borsası Nedir? inceleme

Hello, guys, today I will give you information about binance's own coin 1. In order for such videos to continue, subscribe to the channel and like the video. Remember. binance exchange is currently the world's largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange 2017 and they are moving forward by adding value to themselves with really solid steps. When I first entered the binance exchange, there were very few coins. binance coin binance was using a token, ordinary 1 token, ie meat melting infrastructure. During this 233-year period, they established their own dowry and lounge. Marcin binance wishes to add lots of ideas and features to the stock market, and the binance coin and its price will be The coin with the initial price of 10 cents to pay for the month, that is, for the month. It went up to $ 40. So it rose thanks to these events. It did not rise to luck like this. Let's open the binance coin to coinmarketcap. It is now seventh among all the parcels and as you can see here It has a total supply of 1760 million.

With the relatives of the coins made for the purpose of bm's binance exchange, this amount is 100 Download to million so friends. In terms of comparison, there are 21000000 pieces of bitcoin and its price is $ 10000, now for 10900 $ bde will be 100.000000, and what will the value now become? I'm not saying anything. According to why papura, I know they're going to cut it down to 100 million. I turn this wattpad on. Look, this wallpaper was published in 2017 when binance was first installed. let's move on. Look, they talked about binance coin here, they said ERC 20 here. But now they said 200000000 total supply. But right now they have their own shots. Read ethernet for binance in advance. coin currently has its own chain and it is a mythical one, so many projects.

it's in binance. So meat came out of Erzurum. Look here. As you can see here, one of the reasons for the increase in binance coin is people. They hold a break game in their hand and they benefit from the commission discount thanks to this bay they keep. I shot the video of this on the channel. There's a playlist called binance over there. There are about 30 videos. See how do I pay less commission with binance over there? I shot a video with this name, you know how to get a commission reduction from this video can you win it? You can understand.

Look, here after the fifth year the discount ends. Every quarter, that is, there are 34 quarters in a year, every 3 months is a quarter and every quarter It makes a 1 cm buyback with twenty percent of its stocked profits and burns them. Friends, until the follow-up is 10000000, that is, this has a very positive effect on the price. Look, there are all the team members here. So this is the famous CEO of binance that we call you. This coin is something that increases many values, guys. When we come to Coinmarketcap, we see the binance coin in the seventh place and there is the market when the market arrives, binance, which sets out as the full moment of the binance exchange, coin, as you can see now, in fethiye, tmax is also listed on various stock exchanges.

friends, so if you ask whether to invest in the long term, when you hold one in your hand, so You get serious advantages over the binance exchange. So it's a promising choline for me, because the coin is made me. You know you can participate in binance lounge discounted housing sales when you hold about 51. Let me show him over there. Then there are a number of new uses here. So what we call lounge bet here is when you hold 51 MB or 10 is a ticket. you qualify and the coins give you a ticket before listing. You make purchases with that ticket, and when you purchase, it is listed on the stock exchange. For example, if you buy $ 200, it is usually listed by increasing 12, that is 10 times, and Our $ 200 is $ 2000. Wild likes areas of use.

This is one of the areas. You also earn a commission discount by holding 1 mb right now. This is also something else. B payment method is also on the stock market when you come to the stock market, so it has a party, Like bitcoin, this provides a serious use. So ayse room for 00:10 cents now, those who are traveling with a lamborghini bugatti or something. In a really short time, he made that much profit. I have been purchasing my cart since $ 4. Let's look at the price right now. Now let's look at the $ 27 chart and let me give you an analysis.

Mr. nen is currently investing in fashion shows. So they have their own def'i projects. We can't call the Bur ger swap building now, but the building has invested and supported I also shot the video of the projects. He also had 2 movie projects due to his investment of 1000 asdasf and lounge stamp They set up a similar platform in the lounge. You hold a bm in this lounge pad for 10 days and 15 days and you can receive d movie projects. Like production before listing with binance, that is, how does sushi coina produce, produce. Think of it as if those who hold something that says meat-takers are producing burrs or producing trouble. There is something called Bellavigna. These had entered. So when people hold a hold and don't sell them. The value of BM is increasing. I also have binance thing guys, so in binance thing its own chain of building you know binance ete roma produced me chaney as a rival and really ether projects tired of it switched to binance's own project.

They have become 20 coins, which is advantageous, so it's now $ 30. It is definitely not investment advice in my opinion. So I don't intend to sell this coin before $ 100. Because since 2018, when people accumulate bitcoin in their hands or when the amount of bitcoin increases rejoice, since 2018, I have been trying to increase the amount of binance coin, that is, bm. On March 13, the price is $ 6, friends now shows 16/9 of our dates and In 6 months from March to September. It went from $ 66 to $ 32. The reason for this increase is that Mr.Mersin enters the bay, friends, that is, lounge. they announced stamps and they also contribute to the fashion show. They looked at the meat. Thanks to the D movie, the price is increasing so much. He came immediately with binance and he did so. I am now before $ 23. I bought before $ 24 at $ 23, it's been in the basket since $ 4 and my average I'm about 13 dollars or something, so I don't need to buy it because of that.

There are already lots of me with me but I think some coin will increase. Maybe he can forget and sound utopian. But I think that the one who knows me can go up to $ 1000 one day. Because the number of it is limited and the stock market continues to be the best in the world as it is now. If he does, I think he will, but my opinion is of course. So I invested. It's seriously in my cart. Stock market coins are very profitable, that is, they are cer yo. The bitcoin spikes remain intact compared to other altcoins in their pumps. It has such a beautiful feature, it has its own flower. ECA 20 not only opens the longer the building of turkey stock. turkey in the building en I think that you can no longer buy their opponents viewed So they started to buy.

Coinmarketcap, for example, bought binance. In the future, for example, when you want to get a service, you can get service with un. So these are not impossible. When we look at the usage places of likes, this is a point about 34 hours ago. they have followers. They bought the civic project to issue the binance card. Apart from that, look over there, they will issue you the card. With your binance visa card. When you hold a hand, 7 percent of the spending you make is keskek. So if you are shopping for 100 lira, it will give you 7 liras back and 93 lira you make a purchase. You know, they are increasing their usage areas of likes. You can follow it here. Apart from that, we also have another usage area like that. Does that give sushi when you catch meat? When you hold one for the year farming, for example, this is how it is done. I also shot the video. He's giving you a burner over there and they'll probably want the burger erdel.

Higher profitability than binance, a very profitable cryptocurrency exchange fight bank They announced and it was on 27/4/2018 that the binance earnings were it has increased even more and has become the wheel of the market. For 400000000 dollars. They went and bought coinmarketcap. So you can understand how much they earn from here. As the exchange wins, the better the exchange moves, the higher the price of a coin will increase. Do not forget that too. When you come to some of it, it is about an ecosystem. If you think someone will increase your hand here, for example, you can go and give lending. You can get annual interest. Here is from a coin section. They have information, that is, the amount they make every quarter, and the areas of usage of likes They created a page called.

Here are areas where we can use each other in current travel. There are tournaments, they always have agreements. They came by tram for example. He made a deal with them. Then they came to the hunt, which is the coin of traumas, they said a list. How to get imm apart from that? Let me tell you guys about it. Here you come to the markets section. And look here it is in Turkish Lira. When we write Vmm here in Turkish Lira or in dollars or in bitcoin parity you can get one. So now I think the price is still cheap and be ok come on so what he saw I think it will overtake the highest value of 40 dollars. I'm so assertive, I'm not saying take it, but I have full confidence.

So as this stock market really continues to be a monopoly in the cryptocurrency world. We will eat more bread from the stock market. You can see his building in his advertisements everywhere every day. Because we call it decentralized, which is now a monopoly in the stock market, that is, in the crypto money world. But so this guy has gotten a little bit of the market. Here I have a playlist called binance exchange education how to use it for binance. there is. You can watch this. There are videos as you can see here. How to use stop los? How do I get 40 percent less commission in the building? I made stylish videos. You can support them by watching them and making them secular. I'll leave a 20 percent discount reference link. If you sign up there, you get a lifetime discount of 20 percent.

Take care of yourself, friends, see you. I have full confidence in BM, so I invested, investment is everyone's own decision. You know I'm not taking a responsibility? I here are only useful, useful content for you. I'm trying to produce. Take care, see you..

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