BNB Coin Mining Nasıl Yapılır? – How to Binance Coin Mining?

Hello friends, we will look at how to mine Binance Coin today . If you remember from the video of how to mine BTT Coin I showed before , BTT was going up. Now, let's look at how to mine BNB Coin Immediately . For this, friends enter the unMineable site. This is a good pool. We do not use our own program, friends. Because as I said, in a way I don't understand, his earnings are very low.

That's why we will use our own mining program. From there we come to coins immediately and write BNB. We choose Binance Coin, friends. Now, if we use the ethash algorithm, revenue is generated every 9 minutes and the last revenue was generated 19 minutes ago. So there are not many boilers. The minimum video card should be 6Gb. We're going to dig according to the etchash algorithm, guys. An income is generated every 7 minutes. Last 4 minutes ago, revenue was generated and it should have a minimum 3Gb graphics card. You can also engrave with the CPU. There is no minimum number of cores in the CPU. It does it according to the RandomX algorithm. An income is generated every 5 minutes. Again, as I said, I guess there aren't many boilers. Revenue was obtained 5 minutes ago. You can also engrave according to the Kawpow algorithm. An income is generated every 5 minutes. The last income was 1 minute ago. Minimum still needs to be a 3Gb graphics card. Let's move on to the etchash algorithm guys. Look over there he wants us to dig with the t-Rex. The link here is blown. I will give you the address in the remarks section.

It's about how you can download it. After you download it, you extract it from the zip and you will see content like this. When you look here, friends , you see that BNB does not have any files. You can rename each of these files as I showed you how to dig in the previous BTT video . Except for this one. Because this is our main dig file. I'm changing anyone's name. I right click and say copy. I'm changing the name of this. I'm doing BNB-unMineable. I right click and say edit. It shows us what to write here instead.

I'm copying it and I'm coming. We're changing the first line. See here, you may remember in the previous videos, we can get back to ourselves 25% of the 1 % commission that the unMineable site charges from us . We have a reference code. Using our reference code, we can write our own reference code after the # sign. We're writing here, guys. We need to link a stock exchange address. Let's come to the Binance exchange, we say Spot wallet. Here we select BNB and click on the deposit section of BNB Coin. He says that both MEMO and address are required.

We say okay. We copy it from here, paste it here, we put colons for the MEMO address, we copy it, we paste it, we want us to give a name to our worker, we can say 001, and paste our BNB address here. I had digged before. We paste it here, then put a colon and copy the MEMO address here and paste it here. That part. After I put the colon. This is important.

You need to pay attention to this. What he says here If you post successfully, you can see your worker here in 15 minutes. lets continue. Let's get our reference code from here. Let's paste it. Let's wait for our income to increase. I've digged before. I did this amount of excavation, I did it for trial purposes. Since I wrote my own reference number, the profit came from here. Let's save and close this.

And we run our program. So much. Now let's come back to this part, guys. We do it with the etchash algorithm. Excavation started successfully. Now let's see our speed and examine how much income we will generate as a result of excavation . I'm digging with a 4Gb graphics card. Look right now DevFee is donating 1% to 1% etchash developer. At least we reduced the interruption of the pool. In other words, we reduced the 2% cut to 1.75% in this way. Our program has started scraping. In the previous videos, we saw that we were digging with 10MHz. Let's see how much will happen if we dig with 10MHz. It went up to 14MHz. This will decrease to 10. If we say 14.09, we are digging this amount of BNB Coin per day, and we are digging 0.028 per month. So we can shoot 2 times a month. Because the pool pays us when it is 0.01. This is due to the features of my current video card. You can dig much higher. See not seen yet. I was going to show that address until it was seen. If you type in your internet browser, you can see your digging power here.

How much does the video card spend. I've been digging BTT Coin so far. This fell because I was going to shoot a video. Here you can see how much the graphics card has spent. You can also adjust the settings here. As you can see, wallet address and employee name are here. So you can watch from any computer in the house. You can monitor this computer by typing its IP . Look, as I said, it started with 14, but dropped until 11.43. It could be because I made a video. The choice is up to you. BNB Coin is a promising Coin. If we look from here, it is seen in the 3rd place after ETH. You can say that I get an accident, keep it in my hand. It has generated an income of 6% in the last 24 hours. It went up to the 471s. That's all I have to say. I hope it has been a useful video for you.

Goodbye, friends..

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