blue polka dot nails (part 1)

hola señoritas not much man but um I'm gonna be doing a blue and white polka dot nail polish video and I'm going to be using this this white color there's gonna be two parts to this video because um so my nails could dry in the meantime and then you'll use to fix to do the polka dots and just some scrap paper you also tell you what you need that for and I prefer purple scrap paper Greg set okay so me prop the camera so that you can see my nails that's pretty good okay so getting started opening the nail polish ah so he's the hardest part I do the same thing to your toes tip sorry about like that background noise i have the window open because it's like nail polish like smells dad so that I just like goes up ok so after you have done all your coats and painted your nails then you watch the second part of this video so I'm going to finish painting my nails and I knew the center for you and

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