Blockman Capital Litecoin LTC review 260619

welcome to block Minh capital analysis today we're going to have a look at one of the coins we haven't previously spoken about which is light coin now light coin is in the top 10 by market capitalization of crypto currencies what we can see here is it's a fairly static market overall so anybody trading within the top ten of crypto currencies it's going to have a broad outcome really depending on where they've got their assets and where they've got their investments so here we're looking at light cornices over the last five working days or we can see overall the price is if anything just a little bit lower than where we started and if we also compare then let's say to Stella which is another one of the top ten by market capitalization we can see something fairly similar sort of around about three percent minus 2% to 3% up for Stella and down 2% for light coin but then if we also take that a little bit further and let's say we look at Bitcoin cash another one of the top ten by market capitalization well we can see very clearly that it has a slightly different outcome here so up about 16% so any fund that is as good a broad portfolio or a broad view of the markets is going to have a relatively static return but overall if you can pick out some of these winning positions such as Bitcoin cash then it's been a very good run certainly here at block-man capital that's what we look to capitalize on and yet there are there are coins out there that are offering great returns at the moment but obviously balanced with the fact that we you know if like coin or Stella does decide to start having a bit of a run to the upside we obviously want to take advantage of that as well thanks very much

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