Blockchain is BETTER than Bitcoin (Latest MAJOR NFT Launch 2021)

the future of global economy is the blockchain is decentralized finance period and if you 100 if you don't if you don't see that now this to me is just cracking it open we're going to be introducing the masses to the blockchain by vis-a-vis artwork and music what better way to do it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button or win a full bitcoin details down below in the description today i brought on the lead singer from the hit band one republic also a mega songwriter for a lot of your favorite artists out there ryan teder he's an early crypto investor that has quite more interest in blockchain than bitcoin how novel he thinks this is the next movement that is going to change the world forever so find out what he's doing and why he feels so strongly the blockchain is the future let's jump into the interview hey everybody today i'm pleased to be joined by ryan teder the lead singer of one republic you guys may know it they've got a lot of hits but he's also got a lot of other involvement in the music industry as well other than just being the lead singer he's written several songs from major you know artists you may have heard of he's done a lot of collaborations uh today welcome to the show thank you absolutely so let's start with what is your what is your involvement with cryptocurrency like do you own bitcoin you know kind of yes how did you get started so i own multiple coins um i got i started investing in crypto in early 2017.

Um so i was round one polychain capital olaf carlson lee um so what i kind of ascertained quickly the moment i understood um the moment i first heard of bitcoin and a blockchain i became way more obsessed with the blockchain than i did bitcoin itself um because at that point it was you know so nascent and so far off from being anywhere close to like a federal reserve currency that um and it was it was so volatile i mean it still is to a lesser degree but it was so volatile that i was like okay bitcoin cool but blockchain holy hell and like my brain exploded when i understood what it was i went on a deep dive i'd be like driving to venues in the tour bus or like you know i remember driving down to san diego one time three hour drive and the entire time i forced my wife to listen to podcasts on on the blockchain and she wanted to kill me by the end of the of the drive but i needed to understand it i've always felt that there was a um far more efficient transparent way to transact peer-to-peer globally than previously existed and one thing that i learned quickly was okay i'm very aware of what i don't know and so what i try to do anytime i'm investing in a new um space whether it's i do a lot of venture capital invest in a lot of consumer product groups a lot of tech real estate i always find people that are smarter than me and i surround myself with them and then i kind of learn from them so my early investment in crypto was via i uh quickly identified okay olaf carlson wii employee number one at coinbase understands more about crypto and the blockchain than arguably any human on earth other than maybe nakamoto himself or herself or whoever the self themselves them they sell so uh i bet on olaf right and invested in poly chain and without going into graphic detail obviously have done very well by that investment and and for me at the time that was very scary it was a sizable check and i was like oh my god is this gonna you know and it went like this right for a while and then it just kept going like this right and i'm still invested with polychain so yes i'm invested in crypto and then i own like origin i own a pretty sizable chunk of the origin coin um and you know for a while now have been uh buying nfts gifting top shots for birthdays you know um like yeah like i'm i have been in the one let's predate crypto for a minute i have been in the you know the same month pretty much that that nakamoto's you know letter was first published right on the internet which was i believe 2008.

Um that was the exact same time that i bought my first one of one anything so i've been a massive fan of art and collectibles since i made a dime so the first disposable income i ever had from one republican writing for beyonce and adele was like 2008 was when i first started getting actual money i bought a norman rockwell painting um because i grew up drawing the saturday evening posts uh as a kid and i found the cheapest one i could find in the country and and bought it and that started me on a journey of purchasing art right um for no other reason than i loved it and i loved the fact that it was singular um i then in 2009 discovered that there was a whole space of this whole not underworld but like secretive world that most people don't know about um and it's not the dark web but it that where you can own historical documents that you would think would otherwise be in museums yeah so i started buying handwritten letters from george washington from mount vernon abraham lincoln on white house stationery like during the civil war photographs of lincoln i have letters from napoleon the last speech gandhi ever gave i have the original han script i've got ledgers for the original blockchain which is the medicis um from the 1400s the first airplane taking off from kitty hawks signed by orville wright so i started buying these one-of-ones through different you know places around the internet and and and they're just literally hanging right next to me and then like some of the artwork i have so everything about the nft space my whole life um it's so funny once they you know and i've been i've been tracking the energy space since just before crypto kitties you know seeing some of the memes go off and then crypto punks um i didn't invest in any of them and it and the reason is very simple um they did not provide me any emotion they didn't make me feel emotional right i got clobbered by friends and i'm super tight with garyvee i meal with him just a few days ago we talked about for three hours about nfts and his his plan for the future for nfts and we talked about sports cards and everything else um and i and he's brilliant he was all over me and a bunch of people on buying crypto punks and i didn't buy it they're all you're going to miss out you're going to miss the wave and i'm like see that's the thing about waves is by the time you see it and you try to get on it it's already going down and and and i told them i was like i would rather spend if i'm going to spend 50 000 on it on a crypto book i would rather spend 50 grand on a keith herring subway drawing that i know is a one of one that's authentic authenticated that i can have like those don't make me feel emotional so when it comes to collectibles the nft space for me made all the sense in the world because it's what i already do in the analog world and in the digital world and i'm a like unforgive you know unfatiguable collector so for me you know i creating an original piece of music you know i i'm currently executive producing six albums for six different major artists and and my whole job the only reason i get hired to do anything is i have the ability to create songs that that the world wants to hear like the the annoying song you heal here in whole foods for the rest of your life right if you could give us what are some of the biggest hits i i know some of them but what are some of the biggest things you've had by other artists that you've written um well yeah outside of one republic our biggest our biggest use for counting stars and apologize uh for other artists uh most recently too late to apologize i heard too late the idea it is it is very often too late it depends on how i'm sorry for interrupting i hope it works yeah no it's fine it's it's uh it's uh you're there's a this is three layers this one um it um most recently um i had a number one song going into the calendar year uh with lady uh lady a called champagne nights in country in her number one threat uh so champagne night's my record thomas rhett nothing to beer can't fix number one last year um jonas brothers sucker um ariana grande i have single on justin bieber's most recent album ariana grande's album most recent album um biggest hits beyonce halo bleeding love um uh i did the first thing on paul mccartney's uh last album like you know two years ago uh i produced the last two u2 albums um uh yeah mo and then most recently um adele you know i did 21 and 25 worked on both those albums i did rumor has it and i did ellie goulding burn um a bunch of beyonce stuff um and kind of i'm i'm leaving out a ton because i'm now i'm like am i trying my brain to extrapolate which miley cyrus came out which is some of the miley cyrus yeah i did i did a third i did about a third of miley cyrus's most recent album oh wow and i'm i'm actually writing on her next album right now with her like presently as in this week um and then i'm executive producing you know bass steel i did i had a hit with kygo uh this past summer lose somebody um and i'm working with tiesto and bastille and eamonn beck and um john legend and kind of all it's all over the map right now it's a who's new it's a who's it's a virtual artist cornucopia so that's a good word yeah but to to bring that out of the clouds into what makes what i'm doing in nft space weird or bizarre is that my gig again is writing trying to write songs that billions of people want to hear repeatedly to the point of annoyance right hit songs a hit true smash hit record you know that the whole world wants to listen to so many times and they don't get sick of it so 95 roughly of the nfts that have dropped live in the electronic music world right i've even bought some from blau uh to aoki um you know uh even the people that are dropping them that aren't djs are dropping electronic oriented music right it's very cyberpunk style graphics it's like a lot of nft visual artwork again some of which i own is like i always say it's like two robots hanging out in the future inside the matrix like dancing at each other like there's a lot of or like you know what i mean like everything i was like it's like a lot of the nfts it's like and i'm not throwing shade at it at all because again i have bought some but it is it is like everyone watched minority report then made an nft yeah and that's you know i mean and that's how so i'm doing the opposite i'm going to complete complete polar opposite direction my drop in the artwork and the associated music i made sure we dialed the art before i did the music because i wanted the music and the song the lyric to represent the art the song is actually called nakamoto um oh and yeah the song's called nakamoto the entire song it's it's super subversive it is a song about the nft space about literally about nfts and in i guess in theory you could say the blockchain but wrapped in a super nostalgic beach boys meets the gorillas pop song so you you if you hear me singing the way i pitch my voice it almost sounds like foster the people or something like i pitched it up so it's not a ryan tedder solo song at all it's not a one republic song i approached this as if this character this artwork that we created is a recording artist and this is their first single and that's how i approached it oh this is not yeah okay like the gorillas that's how i did it the grillers were very futuristic really i love the gorillas dude i'm friends with the guy i'm friends with the guy that signed them actually um and and i i wrote this like i'm writing a hit song for this character um i did it there will be other drops i will intentionally not replicate this ever again obviously um for me this is just the culmination of everything that i love it's like blockchain check decentralized check uh art check street art check saturday morning cartoons check because that's what this is my everyone's going crypto like cyberpunk right in terms of sound and visual i'm going saturday morning cartoons dopamine lucky charms nostalgia and that's i'm just making something that i want to sit around and listen to and watch for infinity well let's uh let's check out the site here um we've got it's uh like you mentioned you own some origin this is powered by origin uh why working protocol why origin so i chose origin protocol there's two reasons um one is they're one of the i i was very very very like um emphatic from the beginning of this process that if my mother in tulsa could not figure out how to participate in this auction or bid on something it's too complicated and she's 69 and not tech savvy so needing a wallet of any kind for me was off and look all the dif there are so many good platforms that that do nft drops right obviously nifty gateway's phenomenal like there's a bunch of good ones if you need a wallet of any kind if it is more complicated than taking your visa it like my objective with nfts is to pull it out of the cyberpunk world and out of the tech savvy world and into the mass marketplace that's my objective is to demystify this and to this is artwork right it is no different than the stuff you go and buy and have hanging on your wall it's a sports card it's the super rare you know he-man battle cat that you have sitting behind you that's probably an original it's that that's what it is right but when when you start going down the realm of coin wallets and blockchain like people's people in the middle of like where i'm from right and a lot of my friends woke moment like their eyes start to craze over because it's too much so i'm trying to remove that and origin is one of the only platforms that allowed me to do that right now they have the tech where someone can just plug in their their visa and if they choose to bid on this they can um look like i'm i'm i will be doing others while i'll be doing them more with origin probably will i be doing them all with origin probably not um the other reason i like origin is i'm an investor i do a lot of vc investment and one of the companies i'm invested in is called bright it's a online educational platform that's about to launch and it was founded by michael powers who was like the freshman class of youtube he invented youtube channels and on all of his like we call freshman class like the original employees of youtube when it started two of them branched off and started origin so i knew about origin through michael you know via michael powers and then also um i invested in um strike um you know jack muller's uh bitcoin neo bank company the payment system right uh strike by zap and and they also were familiar very effusive when talking about um origin so that is why i chose origin ease of use anybody can participate in this just makes it easy yeah and like you said um you know people will be able to buy the uh some of the packs here with uh credit cards now there's a big push back against using credit cards to buy crypto stuff and i just it's kind of silly to me um now i look some of the people that are pushing that message i respect them but obviously if we want the mainstream to come in we're going to need a little more barriers of entry so i'm yes yes we did our wax uh we have the bit verse comic series we released credit cards were accepted and and i think it's important to kind of ease into things uh so i do think that is that's definitely good for you know getting in onboarding new people because if you're using your platform as a musician you know i mean you're like a level musician you're not just some random guy strumming a guitar in a bar uh you know when you're at your size and you got a platform you want to be able to draw people in through that platform but 95 of your people probably have no idea how to use crypto so correct correct so i think i think it's really good to have it as that easy step now real quick i want to talk about um some of the nfts here uh you've got some different tiers for your nfts and um you know we've already talked about a little bit about what the collection looks like but you want to kind of elaborate on what those different tiers are and kind of what people can be expecting uh from the auction yes so i mean we're gonna we're gonna post all the all the tiers i believe this evening i mean in typical fashion this is like making an album for me so i was working up to literally the deadline of them being able to mint these things i was changing last minute changes to the music like making it as perfect as humanly possible which is why um all the different tiers haven't been posted yet but um what i'll do is i'll i'll start at the top um the the top tier there's going to be first of all a one-on-one interaction with me so whoever happens to win that you know you're winning the complete song with the original artwork each tier is individualized artwork like the the themes are different the colors are different the backgrounds are different um the selection of music is different um and obviously you know like any other tiered system you've got on the lowest tiers you're gonna have like one of seven right and then it goes one of four and so on and so forth up to the top tier where it's truly one of one the entire song in its entirety with its own original um art and on top of that i'm gonna do a zoom with whoever wins the first uh the first tier if they happen to be a musician or a songwriter whatsoever if they happen to be i will happily critique like go through and and kind of work over one of their original pieces of music i'm on a tv show on nbc called songland for the last two or three years that's what i do in real time every day anyway so normally i charge a lot of money to do that i'm going to just do that as part of tier one okay so i'm gonna i'm gonna go ahead i'm gonna go ahead and spit some bars and let me know what you think because i've got the zoom one-on-one zoom meeting here right so i've got the first step second step i'm gonna try i need to i'm just kidding that's right exactly i'm trying to get eminem on to talk about his nfts and then i'm gonna i'll i'll try i'll try to turn the i'll try to turn the bars into bags how about that i like that okay all right so let's continue here how to make it yeah yeah so the tiers you know with each chair there'll be it'll be different artwork um obviously there will be more allotment in each tier like i said one of one one of three you know one of five one of seven so on and so forth each one's completely different artwork and then i believe tier one and tier two also have one-on-one interaction um this will not be my first drop i think it's important to note um i'm donating ten percent of the proceeds uh of whatever this achieves i it sounds you know it at the risk of sounding cliche this for me i don't see this as a land grab the song is called nakamoto it was originally called ocean because i've been saying this about nfts for a while now it's not a wave it's an ocean yeah and it's about what boat you build where do you take it how big is the boat is it scalable who wants to be on the boat right that's what it is and for me this is my me deploying my first boat onto that ocean i plan on doing this i'm not going to beat it into the ground by doing a drop every 30 days and devaluing um the overall space by creating just a deluge of crap this is stuff that like me writing a song knowing and that only a handful of people will get it as a piece of art this is something that like i'm removing any like the few if you write a smash like that you own the ip to it's it can be in the tens of millions of dollars of value um one song one song i'm removing any future possibility of that by doing this but i'm doing it for the experience i have no clue what it's going to make i don't really care i think this sounds ridiculous but like i had it i was very lucky and blessed this i sold my catalog of music so i had a very good financial year and i'm doing this because i love the space and i'm fascinated by it the whole thing i just think the future of i the future of global economy is the blockchain is decentralized finance period and if you 100 if you don't if you don't see that now this to me is just cracking it open we're going to be introducing the masses to the blockchain by vis-a-vis artwork and music what better way to do it right and then and then i agree with your point that you made earlier about um it's it's kind of ironic that we're using uh or self-defeating in a way that you're using you know normal fiat currency to make a transaction bitcoin or within a crypto space but ultimately it's i think we're months away from the first of many countries declaring bitcoin as their federal reserve currency i also believe that to be true um and watch the news because it's coming and then it then it's just going to be waterfall and so i think this i think this space is um we're at the very very very tip top of the iceberg but i for me this isn't a land grab 10 of the sale is going to be donated to uh international justice mission which is the number one anti-slavery organization in the world child trafficking like i love that forced labor and then the other five percent i'm donating to drop for drop which is a clean clean water well building um non-profit based out of the uk we're building our 12th well with them right now in uganda and one in india and you know it's clean water that people the number one cause of death for for people under the age of five globally is dirty water um hopefully it does well enough that i'm writing big checks to uh ijm and to drop for drop hopefully it does well enough that was yeah okay i also want to say earlier when you said that uh you know uh nfts are not a a wave they're ocean yeah and you talk about boats i wanted to say we're gonna need a bigger boat but i didn't get to squeeze that one in there that's a jaws reference i i caught the jaws reference no i appreciate that we are going to need a bigger boat yeah i need to make sure like if i don't get to squeeze my jokes in then i add them at the end so people get to get to hear whatever yeah you you're you're you're the punisher oh my god that was good that was really good really there we go i'm gonna reuse that i'm looking at the nft by the way uh i've sent some artwork on what it looks like reminds me of snarf do you know snarf yes 100 reminds me a little the one i'm looking at reminds me of a little star but we'll add some of these on the on the screen so people can see uh preview what it's going to look like well ryan thank you so much for joining us today i i think i love your viewpoint on a lot of this stuff uh for everybody that wants to go check out the nfts they're going to be at that is t-e-d-d-e-r and uh really i'm always fascinated by how these go i love your outlook on the fact that like hey you don't care how much you make from this is an experiment like let's see how this does let's see how this cutting edge technology and new way of selling merchandise and songs and collections i i love that i think that's that's what we look at everything we do here as like it's just fun to see the the evolution of the world and um you know everything's multi-layered that you're doing i really like that too so good luck with the sale hope it goes well i hope that these uh you know organizations that you're supporting also get some nice checks from from this uh so that's you know definitely the best outcome so uh thank you so much for joining us appreciate it everybody drop comments down below on what you thought about this interview and if you're planning on going and checking these out or not that's all we got be blessed you

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