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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Yo, what's up everybody? Hey cookie how's it going? They look better it looks like the lag is how I Change the settings a little bit Folks People what's going up? it looks like it's Holding it pretty well hopefully Good if aetherium is taken off, that's good we need that Looks good, yeah the theorem is taken off. That's good at that means a lot of these other all coins are going to take off including number five on the traffic package that will be nice ah Good good good. This looks a lot better I've been working on this like two hours today. Just trying to understand how everything works So I think we're a lot better, how's the leg It was like it's not bad I City I'm putting out about 40 frames per second so that's good, too If somebody want to take that everybody gonna know where it came from It wouldn't work being it wouldn't work the same way to seven the sevens is built the 343 minute candle Let me look it up for you Yeah, so The sevens The system is built on 7 7 and 11 right when you go through the casino Play two dice 7 and 11 It's a reason for that it's because it's the Prime factorization of those two Often times Allows you to build out very very long Sequences, which is essentially what we have in any data set with an expected? Period of standardization built into it I don't really talk about this inside the video But this is where that six semesters of calculus kicks in it So and using a three hundred and forty three minute candle we're actually manipulating The system To show us exactly what we want so if you change the candle lengths It doesn't work the same right.

That's you know that's why this thing is protected, but they're not Figured out how to manipulate the data to make it sure was what we wanted in the simplest most efficient way possible So you can try it on a shorter chart, I know personally that it's not the best Under like a 45 minute candle it gets then the seven is just all over the place at that point and there's no continuity It's not at no point in looking at a seven minute that quick Right only unless you literally plan to be glued to the charts 24 hours a day I don't recommend that I tried to get in sleep for like two weeks, and it's up, and I still lost money And so so I slowed it down Put it back out.

You know the 343 and And now I'm that fool. That's just sitting on top of the heel walking all right Is this HD now That's good, because I haven't I literally haven't changed any of my equipment I just clicked a different button on YouTube so if this is coming through HD then good All right, let me do this Let's do this 941 yeah, yeah Make sure you hit that like button Subscribe now if you haven't that counter should it be a updating in real-time As people are subscribing So that would be cool to see as well Okay, so if you have um in 720, that's that's a step in the right direction Getting a little bit better each day oh Crap oh no oh now let me throw this up over here Oh All right, let's see what we got my man Ryan just threw some money in the pulpit.

I appreciate man. Thank you so much Let's see what we got what do you say? Make sure you hit that like button guys Said from a prior math and physics major. I really liked the explanation of how you derive your method. Yes, thank you Thank you, I uh? In college I had calculus Matt was 8 o'clock in the morning every week For like four years straight, and I felt I failed a few of them So I repeated the same math class like two or three times sometimes PT statistics like three times so I literally just go there half asleep and just sit there you know and I guess I've got a while I feel like the Third time I'm hearing this stuff. It's sunk in somewhere But then YouTube help too with uh you know all the different videos on harmonic resonance and fractals and Julian said and Fibonacci Rauf I Even they have saw it as one movie on uh not movie But little short term film on uh Pixar right with the software They use for 3d mapping and now that's what they made Toy Story with in all these other movies, but that was that's essentially infinite repetition of triangles Same thing we do on the charts We just use a little different methodology ours is numbers based where there's was you know I Think it was more so arrangement based basically a proximity base, which is still numbers.

It's all relative, right? So cool, thank you Wow I Love math and physics Rube Goldberg projectile motion you know My girlfriend thinks things the earth is a pancake so we have our heated engineering discussions as to how I can disprove it, but she doesn't believe anything I say I Know Scott Mac you better get it. I got me a lot of it. That's that's a number five Everybody you know everybody When I talk about number five Scott Mac That's what I'm talking about, but yeah, it is set enough to do something nice because I set enough to break out against aetherium So Play where the puck is going? Hit that like what you guys Subscribed now can somebody do me a favor can somebody who hasn't subscribed subscribe so I can like See if this thing is is working this thing up here Because it hasn't changed and it's supposed to be changed And he thoughts on list yeah, um I think this is okay Yet a prime numbers prime numbers are amazing man 7-eleven 313 you could probably recreate half of the universe with just those four numbers 21 is pretty good, too.

This 21 is almost like a building block Well yeah seven and eleven it's a reason they pay you in Vegas when you hit it, it's a magic number magic combination 313 is pretty good too for a while in my early early videos you might have seen me use a 3-13 combination and that was a You know that was my logic the beginning of my logic the combination of prime numbers in a unique way You know to allow yourself to interpret the data differently Yeah, no problem man round numbers the problem with round numbers is it doesn't give you what you want to see it Just makes everything nice and smooth And you know real wavy that doesn't help you at all right you mean things jagged you needle sharp Right to where when it breaks you see it before anybody if it's just a nice smooth Wave like you'd never know like it's just the water is calm That's it that doesn't help you you know, but when those waves are jagged You can tell right away if the storms approaching You know if you should change the quartz that's what we see pretty easily with our method all thanks to prime numbers and harmonics Good deal all right Yes Shawn pond, she is a EFT year I don't want to say those words because I don't want my channel getting flagged by the Googlebot No she is a se er Cool Hi, so Hopefully the CPU picks back up, but I think we're okay, so we'll get started What I have today, I'm going to play a clip of our interview it's about ten minutes You know and then we'll review the chart for pivots and also a quick update on James teller I'm gonna need you to keep it positive right I appreciate your enthusiasm but please refrain from using Profanity we have you know kids watch this channel to learn about bit coin and crypto so put you in timeout fifteen minutes I Cool so what we're gonna do is We are gonna check out clipping this interview let me um I'm gonna just play my intro I won't go all the way through it today, but this let me know if it's lagging or not And if it's not I'll cut it off Actually, I'm gonna play this one let me know if this one legs and then let me know what you think about it This is the new outro that I have So how about that? I don't see anyone anymore.

I don't know what happened Really lady and chaqi well, that's not good Choppy choppy choppy like he like he like you talking choppy Tuffy likey likey likey Well make it stop Alright alright um Thank you, thank you on the graphics all right I'm gonna reconnect my Ethernet that might fix it because we didn't have this problem before it. I guess this is what you Know throws me off is like before it was fine, but then I switched this I think And everything changed Put the intro on timeout, okay? All right, so I'm just trying to think real quick.

How I could Show this interview to you guys in real time on this on your stream Live from the USA hoping you get paid 38 frames a second That's what I'm about to check right now right now my Computer is connected to the Wi-Fi and technically that's slower. I'm about to do a speed. That's real quick. Let me do this real quick Because I do have an Ethernet, but it's not connected to that so I might have to jump over And get on that one Because I should be at a gigabyte But that's through to Ethernet hardline.

Why do they need all this stuff Like what are you guys? What are you what? Well it's at 44 I try to get it up to 60, but it never gives me 60 that says download Hardwired yeah, I'm gonna have to jump over to the hardwire What's up everybody make sure you hit that thumbs up this video Yeah, that's not enough that sucks alright. Let me Let me jump over to this hardwire it might cut off the livestream and then I'll just Reset it.

I won't you won't have to click on a new video though, but it might stop it temporarily I'll just pick it back up in a few seconds All right how uh Well I have them I have a MacBook so you can't just plug the ethernet in so I got it running through like a little one of these little deals But how does this is this better let me run it one more time the outro.

Let me know how how it comes through now Look like it's still choppy. How's that? Cleveland spectrum, that's pretty funny Okay well let me try this maybe it's just the pre feed What if I try to just play it live because it looks like my live is coming through okay right now So let me try that Like it shouldn't be that slow is what I'm saying like I just went on my other computer and It downloaded like this is this is silly I? Just went on the other computer and it downloaded at 100 Mbps So they they have this thing rattled down like that doesn't make any sense Cuz it's connected to the exact same ethernet cord exact same modem no it's no bpn turned on right now I Bet doesn't make any sense that's silly the other computer right there my closet is is a hundred megabytes Maybe it's the cable oh Boy That kid's aunty I know the boys in blue.

I told you I don't trust them Speed off that me, okay, let's try that Close out for enough That's even worse than before oh boy Right shake it three man, okay? Um let me try this I'm gonna just open this outright what VLC right? And that normally plays better As the file was already done. I just wanted to show it that you guys The dead leg was that okay? Mack open system monitor, okay, let me do that real quick How do I do that system monitor what is it? Right so we'll have to configure it to play the sound through Figure that part out What is it called energy when it when I have All my utilities open to see like what's taking what battery percent what's that call I? Promise we'll get something done if it's not the video you know or just jump on chart But I wanted to show you guys this pivots interview What's that called like you said it was a System monitor resource uses how do I get to that? Application activity there you go.

Thank you I got it. I got it They said take that long that's ridiculous I Think I'm across this computer over. I got a brand-new computer in that other room that I was using for mining but I'll bring it out here and use it for streaming because this is crazy. I'll do that tomorrow Like it hasn't even loaded this up like I don't you understand how that's possible All right colonel task All right, sorry about that so way back I Hit the like button while we like what are you mining not much? I Closed it out that was parallels running when I was trying to download extreme to do this stuff easier But I closed that out so now it looks like the only thing the only programs I have run into I need to close out more to stuff coin thick probably don't really need that right now What's kernel tasks should I force quit that one? Window server do I need to leave that open last time I closed it like shut all this stuff now.

I had to reopen everything Him and the boss definition that's pretty funny 3:00 a.m.. Pam. Thanks for sticking with us. I appreciate that Click on memory okay What is kernel task Tonight should I close out colonel test All right, so is this is this the best I could do for now then like with these guys that's open You know OBS Google Chrome helper do I need that? You know Okay, we don't want to quit the computer, so let's not do that Yeah, so I think that's that's the best I can do for now, right? I'll just Only have 8 GB and using 4 GB how do I change that VW? Areum's up that's good good good Wow breaking out right now That's good, we need that Breaking out if you got a couple extra dollars you might want to buy aetherium We need the golem Network like a processor usage OBS is just killing it right now an ant Activity Monitor is killing it too, so when I close this we should be good But join the PC master race yes, I know what computer do you guys recommend? For it get stopped All right, so what I'm gonna.

Do then is I'm going to start this interview Just so we can start that I think that's good for right now with this guy and We'll figure out the audio together But let me know how it sounds and if not then I could just upload it regular tomorrow Well we'll see hopefully we can get it to work Today we're fortunate enough to have One of the members of the Penix team joint, okay? So I need to change this audio source So what I wanna do maybe let me know how I Don't want it to play through the speakers though. I just want you guys to hear it entirely you know Let me know if you can hear this How's that No sound okay, all right good good to know good to know Let's try it now let me know if it sounds ok or anything come together new To crypto space and not familiar with all the different coins and it different you know benefits and values is First of all first question what does pivot stand for and what value does pivots offer to the crypto space? How's that Is that okay Like with some and everything is it doable can we get through? all right cool that's what we'll do um I Wasn't able to do that before because it wasn't streaming in HD so I was kind of like upload files and all this craziness So cool good.

Good. Good. Good good. I'm glad we got that And the volume I'll turn the volume up even more so you don't have a problem here alright So what we'll do is um This guy Right Just try to think so that's good right doable lag All right cool There digit so this again this interview is about ten minutes. Where's my face there. We go this interview is about ten minutes I am going to run through it Let me see let me see let me see I'm not doing the 100 day challenge today because I wanted to show you guys this video And then we're gonna do actually we're gonna do like an update.

We're not gonna buy a new coin I'll just with you the most profitable coin we pick and then we'll take a quick look at the charts, so Is that cool, that's cool good hit the like button Thank you everybody for being patient with me Which came a long way today came a long way Hopefully the quality is still good Looks like it should be 51 frames a second. This is the fastest I've ever seen all right We need a question of the day I Have a slow mode turned on so you can't turn it off. I I can't but I'm not okay so a question of the day Question of the day How much will pivots be in one year, that's our question of the day I'm not going actually I'll play Our new intro And then we'll come in and we will Start So a question of the day how much will pigs meet in one year, I need to share this video to our Facebook people so let me set that up as well a Theorem is breaking out so if you got a couple extra dollars.

You might want to buy it Or you can buy number five on the profit package There you go got that did this This Like a boss That's right live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boasts a Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy be Kate, and if you like me Must not like money September 17th live and die Rick back for the first time We got an awesome awesome interview that I'm gonna air for you guys tonight with pivots Simon remember they're their team took the time earlier this week to to sit down and talk with me really give me some quality content to Explain what pivot see is what it offers the crypto space you know more so How you can profit from it? You know by utilizing the value that it offers? This is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby, you are now rocking with the bets.

My name is BK They call me a crypto trader, and I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out every day I'm able to grace this microphone with my voice is another day someone else can profit as a result and today is no exception With that being said we're about to go to our chat right now If you're live on the air with us I asked you a question of the day and that question was how much will pivots be in One year I believe the price today is right around $4 so our question today is how much will it be? This time next year so without further due Let's go ahead and pick our winner And that will be What do we got what do we got? What do we got? Let's go with BAM Tommy poom 48 dollars just because I like your last name So here we go, baby 48 dollars. Uh honestly That's about what I think -? I think it'll be between 40 and 50 dollars a year from now So what we go do Tommy is throw you up in our Facebook group? This is the number one Bitcoin group in the world the doors are always open Eleven thousand of my best friends come together every day to make money and stay empowered in the markets So we're gonna put Tommy boom winner of the day BAM And it's just that easy to get paid baby so without further ado Tommy send me your bitcoin wallet Hit me up on Facebook comment on that picture.

Whatever is best for you I send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation Thank you for being a valued member of our community now Let's get to this interview with Simon and hear firsthand the value that pivots brings to the crypto space Today we're fortunate enough to have One of the members of the pivot team joining us for a live interview you know to really just Discuss what values vivix offers you know and how you guys can get involved In the community as well so without further ado Welcome to the call Simon I do appreciate you taking the time to speak with us You know today, and and really the first question. I've had that. I think a lot of our Community members have that may be new to crypto space and not familiar With all the different coins and different you know benefits and values is First of all first question what does pivot stands for and what value does vivix offer to the crypto space? It stands for private instant verified transaction.

No we're fully aware that X is not Right I actually have you guys picked you order my second coin I'm doing that 100 day trade challenge to where every day Yeah, every day I spin. I buy a coin with point O one Bitcoin and after a hundred days You know I'll have much more than one for bitcoins us from trading it right and people can do it with me and so you Guys were day number two you know I think the chart is salad out of community is amazing and the product is is really good as well And so when you when you talk about the community that was actually one of the things that I came across form vivix was uh? You know everybody talks about how valuable the community is how positive how informative how supportive? You know it is and that's really what I'm trying to build through this channel is a community of empowerment support And you know an opportunity to come together To benefit each other and provide value to each other One of the things I reached out to our community on our Facebook group, and so I'm scrolling through their questions now One of the ones that came up was what is the difference between? pivots and other privacy coins on the market we were earlier in There and those were ahead of us But there's been a recent surge in privacy points so we were right Can I have one bit more really wants to come into that space? But now there's a lot of others that are similar for being honest so what sets them apart is Heading towards zero point mmm Really awesome makes you almost completely anonymous so you See coin or the cash At whisper which ones which a few other points you only in partial capacities so they're really fully used every feature can offer and our development team is gone hold on them, and they tend to piece and This was hole zero garbage will be a big deal my concern when that comes out it Could be wrong, but definitely not there and what's what's the launch date credit for the you know that rollout for zero point now there is no set date at this time but Think sooner right cool.

Good deal man one of the benefits that I see right Which is why I reached out to you guys to have this call one of the benefits I see is is really what you mentioned earlier is empower in the community through the ability of peer-to-peer Commerce transaction Mesa and you money without having to run through you know a huge Central conglomerate with no privacy, right So it's really amazing I think especially with this zero point if when it comes to when it comes to light Because one of the things I saw with you guys right off the top it's super fast Super quick.

You know to send from one side to the other on the blockchain Really really cheap given the price So from what I see you know it is a better product than say other quick point On the market very well on speed Yeah, yeah, and it was literally a couple seconds, and I was like that wow that's that's pretty amazing you know That's maybe that's where they get denied private instant you know so that's why I wanted to Just start start the conversation like that so that you know how to talk to you guys for Making that possible because that's I see that as being one of the major points of parity in the market is a centralization and privacy right I think you know the way the Entire crypto verse is shaping up to where the exchanges are more of more or less and acted on with local governments We're kind of having these two big sides come out and what are the coins that keep the consumer private? And what are the coins that expose the consumer through the blockchain? The ultimate goal is you'll have the choice absolutely you can even turn it off In the distant future governments are fully accepting crypto but maybe when you're paying the order times or bill they want you to turn off your Privacy for it to be legitimate right diamond transaction right right right no way that choice is here wow That's smart, man.

That's one of the things You know I noticed and I actually wanted to ask you about directly that's one of the things I've noticed with that was that one of his strengths ahead was the you know affiliations and and Connections more or less building into existing infrastructure to expand our corn Um being that you guys were a branch off that up of pork so to speak um Okay, can we explain that because I think that's a point of you know Conversation that I would like to clarify for the audience members cuz that they do more research skills you know see it is important yes, so Some people think we were like a target for soft board – such as more of a code form so It was never change like there was no splitting of the chain.

It was just they took the code. They were former – Developers per se but they weren't they were like you they had – they were involved in – they loved – at some point, but they It was a suburban split in the community. They wanted to go different direction that that was their mm-hmm Minute that we had Motivation in what they wanted to see the crime. They're not just like financially But they want to see that community government very private that had that but to a lesser extent right where they want bigger split-off Took the cover and which was legal of course And then made the changes they want and still making the change they want with zero point These other stuffs that not even open up so it's more stuff like better Yeah, it's more so like an evolution essentially in an evolving product that you know essentially is meeting the needs and the wants of the community behind it I Kind of look like look at crypto as family truths like you have The big my family trading theorems counts, but yeah separate tree yep Yep, so your bitcoins like the basis brand add The Sun which was Right No, I never thought about three Gram on tree right right yeah, I know well sometimes You know the tree Has a seat that falls into the ground and that does girls a new tree so maybe that was like Ethereal you know and they're they're they're branches like you know completely separate stock over there So new tree Yellin tree but to do tree right it's interesting Manning Is it you know you have you have a net? That's what I think the beauty of right now.

Is is that we are literally building a digital civilization and all the Economies behind net probably for the next hundred years to five hundred years the ground floor is being laid right now This is essentially the Industrial Revolution you know the Industrial Age yeah Yeah of Digital right the next 20 years will probably build out the next 200 if crypto kind of goes the way the more idealistic of us think it will It'll be something in the history book goes it will happen. I don't know what they'll call it the silicon revolution or Evolution Will be a big deal, yeah, if crypto replaces bunny, let's say It'll be like paper replace Exactly yeah yeah, you know that and that's that's the beautiful part about this, and I think that the Biggest thing you guys offer is the sense of that community We are community before we're a product and our product essentially matches the needs and wants of our community You know that's pretty cool Just relax 8250 on slack or something yeah, yeah Yeah, you know we keep it in the family But now this is been really cool, I'm just looking real quick.

We got we got our Facebook page I just want to make sure I get all the initial questions out there Yeah Yeah, let's see you guys. Have a good wallet You said zero coins gotta come out, which is you know another big big big step forward? We talked about test Yeah talked about that. Let me ask you about this being that you are cryptocurrency crypto currencies often increase in value when they increase in volume And so now I wanted to ask about distribution, and there's no exchange is up and being in this like community I can see that people have been talking about you know various exchanges and trying to get listed Do you have any insight on how that process is you know inside a? Crypto startup, and you know how that works any enlightenment I'm not overly involved, but I do see better people's Neither joy nor trust you're dying right now Ah there's some stuff, that's a little bit Itchy I guess Some exchanges essentially expect you to come up acetylated pay-to-play Yeah and Sometimes it's kind of seems okay, and sometimes it almost just seems like they're shaken down too much heavy listen.

There's actually They're making money on both ends So they might super pays to trade for them currency also tastes you traded them You know kind of like what the credit card companies do to a store guys yeah? And it's funny because a lot of those big exchanges are backed by the same multinational conglomerate Fiduciaries that the credit card companies are backed by as well, so I guess they had a similar interests at heart the Apple does not fall too far from the tree I think to some extent vivix or at least the core group and Stops concerning themselves as much with its good We have enough access over there that I feel betrayed if it's pretty sleeve they want to but Remember Polonius was that something we put it on for a long time, and it was not They just were not cooperative even if their users wanted vivix they were on because they didn't having physics for whatever the political reason most and Eventually we realized You don't need formats right people gives negative except they went right We just realized we should put our efforts on to developing the coin sales that's pretty amazing min and Congratulations to you and your team for developing.

You know a caliber coin without those those exchanges I think again therein lies the opportunity Of this crypto space we do not have to go through these huge billion dollars centralized super powers you know to do business right I'm more interested and see how we end up on me more decentralized exchanges that seem to be popping and Nice if I interview them hopefully we can make the plug right Yeah, I think I think they're gonna be they're gonna be a big-time big-time player yeah, I have this list called the dream team where Every coin on that list is a $1 $2 back in the day I used to listen to take oh he would talk about you at this song called a dollar in a dream You know so now I put together this list called the dream team And I'm like you know you got a dollar in a dream.

You know here go your coins right here You know big quince is definitely one of them When we talk about tokens, and we talked about currencies right we talked about ICL's we look at neo Right which is heaven spin-off? ICL's built on top of it? Being that vivix offers unique value to the market Is that an opportunity in the future for future? Products to be built on the pivots rails right if that makes sense It wouldn't be quite the same as building on theory Simply they have things built on it Facilitates with Something that doesn't want to tell currency, but wants to be its own platform right so Say baby once we use Fitness the creating their own Currency to facilitate better the platform correct, but theoretically it could use something like the next day well we What we use for all our transactions everything on base building block is beretta right it'll be different It would be good for them to add thing Right yeah, yeah, there's no you can have a user who's trying to build something like that right It's not part of the main road map right now.

I think he's just poking at it pretty want he's sick my contract system that man that would be so big and The way I describe it when I talk to people you know as I look 10 20 years out I'm like DivX is gonna be like the person-to-person Transaction like say you you wanted to send you got 10 bucks you know Ps4 right now you make a bet in the car lose the bet you say penny 10 bucks BAM scan as Penny's told is there In 10 seconds you know and but I think a lot about them Yeah, but then but then it's like you don't have to worry about going through exchanges You don't have to worry about being tracked on the blockchain. You know it's instant. It's right there. You know who it is You know so as I'm as. I'm as I'm imagining this this peer-to-peer Economy right I'm like well other utilizations other instances can benefit from that seamless instant private system That's you know Guys will not that kind of thing yeah, that's that's really big man it's really just giving the freedom back of people and taken away by the modern into the Next chapter old spur absolutely lesser plus and let's write that chapter ourselves So there you go guys As you can see that was an amazing Pretty incredible conversation with Simon.

Thank you to DivX thing you know for for making that possible right I think one of the best parts about You know being in front of these cameras is meeting the people behind the scenes that's bringing all it is to life You know and and tonight I have another interview you know with uh With tonight's so that'll be pretty amazing as well But pivots as you can see all for some incredible value to the community, and this is one of the reasons I personally reached out to them To get this information for you guys, you know I think it is one of the best products on the market. I think it's highly Undervalued at $3 right now. Um if you remember not too long ago – was $6 then – was $12, then – was $51, then – was a hundred and fifty dollars Now it's quite a bit higher, right? Vivix can very well follow that progression right and so much that it's actually been the If I'm not mistaken if you've been trading with me, and you bought it on day number two Pivots has actually been the number one coin in our Trading challenge our 100-day training challenge this thing has basically saved the ship You know with the amount of money that it's made right we bought this thing.

I believe sometime last week so right around Here Right around here 913 was this 17 I Think we got it right around there somewhere. Maybe it was sitting sideways right around there 9 for 17 Somewhere in here 17 percent in 10 days 13 days, right pivot has literally saved our trading challenge and It's not done by any means so again, you can see the the capability to possibility of a product Existing in the market that provides longevity not only for you as an investor 17 percent in 13 days is not bad especially when Bitcoin you know fell off the side of a cliff during that time But also as a community member as as if this is an economy. This is a digital Economy that we're building right now, and the pivots will be there for the long and as he mentioned It's literally designed. It's an evolving product to meet the needs of its community and That's why it branched off for – – was doing different things vivix had a different vision tivities wanted to stay true you know to some of the core values that – was not able to manifest you know given a different course So again this was just more of an informal opportunity for you to get more formalized With one of the most powerful points on the market long term and a great great great buying opportunity especially with a Possible pullback when Bitcoin goes down – goes up Pivots is like bashes little sister so – big brother.

They'll be running pretty soon, and they go look back People gonna say. Oh my god. – there's $400 Vivix is $6 timox looks like a bargain and that's when it goes from $5 to $12 to $18 just a few days so with that being said I'm wanted to jump over to the community if you are in a chat right now Do me a favor of shout your country out. I'm gonna go through the different products available on our market for our community Again the biggest thing is empowerment you guys I think you heard that in The pivots video you see that in the Facebook group 11,000 people and you will also Be able to experience that firsthand on our website boss of Bitcoin comm this has three products that have been Specialized for your personal empowerment in the market the first is a profit package this thing is up probably to 300% I'm actually gonna take some time and do a statistical Analysis this week to show you how much money you would have made in one month Just using the Box method on these ten coins it's gonna be staggering you won't even believe it so for $25 you have the opportunity to buy this list I've a lot of people buy a guys And a lot of people have made a lot of money, so if you're just getting started in the market This is a great first step To understand where the movers the Shakers and the money makers are and where you should look to focus your attention Next up is a dream team We talked about it on that pickax called you got a dollar and you got a dream you got a coin on this list And you have a ticket to the future of the market twenty-five dollars started with a dollar and dream This is the next generation of innovation on the blockchain and for the crypto space so again profit package is Is the starters the all-star and the dream team is the recruits right so we got right now and we got the future Inside of two lists and lastly we have the one-on-one meeting with the boss This is when we go FaceTime when we get face time One-on-one just to help you be profitable right.

I have two three four meetings a day every day You know with people all over the world so if you want to have something like that you've had a $25 the rest of the information is in the Description and that will actually take you to a calendar like this so say you wanted to set some time up with me Tuesday afternoon You know before it kids got home Tuesday afternoon is no longer available, but Tuesday morning is 10 a.m. BAM click that button You know now we got some face time right so you can see we have a few products that are set For you to be profitable with that specifically in mind the profit package the dream team and the one-on-one Right and that is my goal guys and power as many people as possible In the marketplace and so with that being said I'm gonna open this thing back up to our community members to bring it all home Let's see who we got Rockin out with the boss right now Here we go So here we go Big Sean holdin it down and Stamford, Connecticut multi-man from Down Under and all seal and Debby in Seattle Detroit, Japan Irvine Singapore, Rockwall, Texas sac town from the D big George from the D Jamal in Colorado Himalayas said play a player from the Himalaya h-town Mako BAM just one more time for y'all a Long Island, Australia Branded good works pretty look.

Thank you sir, Canada, Canada two times and Big Ben in Illinois I don't hold it against you young San badger I believe red white so you know we could take y'all Phibbs every now And then we bring you all on home y'all family to me Montreal and Sactown I said babe boss walking on the west coast so with that being said guys It's that time of the date.

You know I got to get ready for this interview with dr. Suns It's gonna be an amazing enlightening conversation. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for your time this evening No matter. Where did you say from Brazil to the Bayon, Califonia? All the way back out through Germany good night. Good morning and good day. I surely do appreciate the time Share this video and subscribe to this channel if you appreciate my with that being said stay cryptic y'all, please.

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