Bix Weir On Litecoin & Theta, Crypto Crow on BTC , Cardano, EOS and more !

it's Saturday well not today
but when we watch this it'll be Saturday we have and I don't want a toot our own
horn one of the most jam-packed of crypto
knowledge shows we've ever done it's tricky
slightly different format than normal because there is so much information
with the people that we spoke to that they are kind of going to tell the news
for us what do we have on the show yeah exactly we are actually going away
tomorrow Friday we normally record on Friday but we're going to the country to
country news for a YEEE HAAAA! so rather than do the news format we
normally do we have done two extended blockchain banters the first with Crypto Crow Jason Appleton and he is a source of great crypto knowledge we talked about
tons of stuff the market what's been happening manipulation what his favorite
projects are including Cardano which he really loves and talks in great detail
about so that one's well worth watching and you may have seen him in out in
Acapulco video fix weird is back on the show one of our favorites and he talked
about a whole range of things like theatre feydau potato potato like coin a
lot about like lot of info about like coin on this one banking so that is a
great one to stick around for so get that cup of coffee and settle in because
there is gonna be a punch in the face of crypto excitement coming your way I hope
you're thirsty for crypto because we are about to present a sort of three litre
jug of it, straight down your throat so in blockchain banter today we're
doing a hands across the ocean with our American chums and we are bringing in
offering crypto crow aka Jason and having a chat about all things crypto so
Jason are you there I'm here thanks for having me thanks for coming onboard so
it's exciting times at the moment there's a lot of people out there kind
of seeing some movement in the market everybody's getting excited there's the
other side of the coin people saying don't get too excited we're going to end
up be tracing back and how are you feeling about things at the moment it's
interesting I've been doing a lot of reading lately you know I'm doing a lot
of reading lately on the cartel that that has been it's a little frustrating
to read what's kind of what's been going on in the market and how the price has
been suppressed and manipulated down after the futures markets opened up in
December and so it's really kind of anyone's guess I think you know what
when I think about where the market is and I'm trying to figure out okay what
is it gonna take for any organized effort to suppress the price of Bitcoin
or crypto as a market overall what what what point of mass adoption do we need
to see to make those swings less volatile and and I haven't figured that
out yet but I mean it it's it's that's that's kind of my big question right now
a lot of people what are we going back what are we going back well we're going
back when there are more buyers than there are sellers and the sellers that
are out there with you know ample supply to dump into into the market on to push
the price down to help their futures contracts or whatever they're doing this
is greater and so you know that's that's kind of I don't know I I personally
don't feel super excuse me I don't feel super optimistic at this moment in time
yeah it's an interesting Ryan scheme of things things are gonna get much better
at some point other people are kind of clinging on to any kind of you know
piece of driftwood in the ocean of hope that they can after their last 18 months
we've had and it's funny when you talk about manipulation the reason I got into
this this kind of space in the first place was because I was
SiC of gold and silver been manipulated as much as it was and I thought hey
there's this thing that can't be manipulated and then lo and behold I've
never seen manipulation like it in anything else it's just incredible and
especially with it let you savor the futures markets coming in it's just
given that whole kind of market rigging a whole new level but what's it gonna
take for that to be removed from the marketplace nothing is it possible to
remove it or is it just too many hands on there I think if they got rid of
futures you know I see I see the SEC saying oh well we need to get rid of
market manipulation before we can allow this or that and you know I feel like
the futures contracts were really the conduit to a lot of the manipulation
going on I mean sure there's gonna be manipulation you know for people to
create their own dips you know they're selling on a high they're buying back
you know at the bottom and I'm sure there's core there are coordinated
efforts to push the price down but I think that there's a whole new level of
motivation with futures contracts and play because now you're you're you're
not just trying to improve your own Bitcoin position if you have a lot of it
but then you're able to make additional money on the back end through futures
and I think that that's just kind of uh i I've never really understood excuse me
I've never really understood futures contracts outside of just being
inspiration to try and suppress the prices or to or to basically get a price
where you want it and you're making money on both sides of the coin and so
but you know we're we're what what can stop it the only thing that can really I
think stop that like you said you've seen manipulation and gold and silver
for a long time I think there's always gonna be
manipulation and you know when I see the FCC saying well we need to thwart the
manipulation before we can allow institutions well you know there's
manipulation in any asset class out there period there's just no way to stop
it it's just a matter of being able to slow it down to the point where it
doesn't affect the masses and grand-scale like it is right now yeah
it's I mean it's crazy how you know how wild some of those kind of swings can be
with and also I guess with Bitcoin there been such a concentrated amount in so
fewer hands all it takes is a few phone calls between the powers that be and
they can stop moving it left and right well I'm ever hopeful that we will find
a situation where it stops but I know it seems to be happening it's rife across
the market at the moment I mean another one I've been following obviously is a
lot you know that's there's a kind of bit of a charge on that and litecoin at
the moment but I mean what's your are you an EOS lover or hater it's a very
I'm not a Neos lover or hater I have a I have a known bias against yose only
because for me I ignore all the I've taken no interest in the technology
behind it I've just because I have with everything that I've learned about you
know broad Pierce and in the team and the different things they've done I just
I I look at it as a house of cards in my opinion like you know the the technology
may be wonderful I know they have a lot of DAPs and a lot of use case and and
all of that but I just feel what I feel uneasy about the whole thing so I just
stay clear from it I'm a big proponent of Cardno
I think when when card on oh really gets its pants on you know I think it's it's
gonna pick up serious steam and I think 2019 is gonna be the year where it
starts to take shape in that sense you know I don't think we're necessarily
going to the moon with card ah no this year but I think that we're gonna start
seeing that momentum build and but that's that's my favorite project I
think overall just kind of waiting patiently for it for things to come
together with the team of that size and an aptitude you know it's there are a
lot of Chiefs and that and that tribe and they're all pushing for the same
goal on different aspects of it so it's gonna take some time for it all to come
together but proof of stake is I think they're gonna be the first big thing and
and I think it's just gaps they need DAPs and so I'm sure we'll see a lot of
casinos on card yacht card on out here and some yeah
a lot of smart smart people in Cardona as well I mean a load of smart people
that's another one I'm watching really closely and I'm really interested in
these new sort of version three blockchain sir I mean Tron is another
one that divides the audience massively a lot of people thinks just an absolute
calm some people think of the best thing since sliced bread
I mean I'm personally a Cardinal fan I'm interested in eros because of the tech
and I know a lot of people have done a deep dive into the people behind it and
found a lot of kind of dirt there and but I do think technology wise it seems
to be you know pretty pretty solid from the end but I mean if you had to bet on
one of the new sort of version three blockchains is your money on card honor
then absolutely Wednesday when's it going to start
rocking chillin when they're going to get to you know sort of main net launch
and I well so I actually have a an interview scheduled with one of the one
of the guys that Emer go here soon and I'm probably I'm gonna as we get a
little closer I'm gonna have another interview with Charles Hoskinson you
know when I'm not a hundred percent sure they're so there are so many different
aspects to this and they kind of drip feed it you know proof of stake I know
it's coming soon but I think even they're proof of stake model isn't
exactly what people are used to there's just there's so much to it but I you
know I know that I know that we're gonna start seeing a lot of these releases
throughout 2019 and I'm and I'm guessing probably by you know I would say that
we're gonna start seeing a lot of things come out you know second and third
quarter and then we'll just continue to ramp up from there my hope like I'm
launching an exchange in you know next month and my I would love to see Cardno
as a base pair like I you know because I think that it's kind of a you know
preparation for the future right now everybody's base pairs are you know
Bitcoin or a theory I'm primarily and it's like that's fine but I think that
there's going to come a time that card ah know it you know are we gonna see a
dollar thirty three I think so absolutely how
it's gonna be I'm not a hundred percent sure but I just think the sky's the
limit for Cardno and I think once they once they had their foundation completed
and from there it's all about okay here the project is ready we have our proof
of stake we have our taps we have the ability for different programmers of
different languages from all over can come and create apps that work on our
blockchain I think at that point it's just gonna blow the hell up so but I
don't know exactly when we're gonna start seeing all that stuff I just know
that they're working hard on it they've also been quite vocal in saying we're
not going to rush this we're gonna get it right and it sounds like they're
building like you say the Foundation's really solidly so when they do go that
they're not gonna you know stuff so when they launch and I like that because I
look at it you have to look at some of the things they're doing in in emerging
markets they're not they're not just trying to say well we've got a token and
it's capable of X and so we're just gonna have everybody do it they are they
are literally in other countries training people on how to develop
applications for that blockchain to further its own economy and so they're
really they're not just what's the best analogy a lot of the a lot of the the
projects on the market or you know here's our framework this is what it is
go ahead people see what you can do these guys you know cardano's is going
in there saying okay you know you you have crops in Africa that you know you
have coffee beans you have like whatever it is we're gonna teach you how to
program applications that enable you to take your various commodities your
industries and and and keep track of everything and operate your business on
the blockchain and generate crypto that's gonna I mean when I talked to uh
when I talked to Charles you know he was telling me a story about a woman he was
she was like an 82 year old woman who like a tribe's woman in a small little
village in Africa who owned some Bitcoin you know it's like these these people
are I feel like in some of these cases they're you know they're waiting they
want they want there's they're catching on to what's happening and they're
learning how to take advantage of it and I think card on oh by empowering so
many people that otherwise wouldn't have these kinds of opportunities there bill
you know cardano's building its own future for long-term growth and
development above a lot of these other projects and so that's one of the
reasons I believe so much in the project and what their vision is because I think
it's it goes far beyond what you know that a lot of these turn-and-burn kind
of crypto projects that are looking to just kind of launch and make some money
and then throw caution to the wind and whatever happens happens they've already
made their money they no longer care and you know I think the spirit of Cardno is
what's the most attractive to me the technology is second even though I think
that in the grand scheme of things the tech behind this project it's gonna far
outweigh anything else out there and in terms of the sort of churn and burn
obviously we're gonna see a lot further death of shit coins presumably as 2019
carries on I mean I'm starting to see them fall by the wayside left and right
and good riddance I guess the most of them because as soon as all that craps
out the way it's going to make life a lot easier for people to start taking
you know the real project seriously but I guess do you think that speculation
that we had in 2017 is ever going to be seen again or are we going to washed out
the kind of weekend speculators and really now focus on the people who are
truly into crypto fur and blockchain for what it the opportunities it presents so
I think 2017 we saw such a surge of AI cos you know pre regulation I cos people
you know little Tommy fifteen year old kid in high school was able to throw
some aetherium add an ICO address and and make a return on his investment
non-accredited investors able to go and and you know make a decent amount of
money if they were active and educating themselves regularly but with that we
saw a lot of bad actors in the space that you know we're scam operations
people who threw together a white paper and generated a lot of money and I think
that you know the market the crypto market learned a lot from that and you
know the FCC obviously now watching everybody and kind of just kind of
waiting for people to screw up you know like they're going after the people
that are scamming which is a good thing but I think that we're going to move
more towards the security tokens as being the next big ICO market in the
sense that you know the the non accredited investor while not being able
stos are gonna be long-term investments these aren't gonna be like you know I'm
gonna invest in ICO 30 days later I'm gonna liquidate on an exchange at 10 or
20 X it's gonna be you know stos you're gonna have equity in companies your
their securities and you know your there are there are a lot of different ways
that those are gonna be facilitated however I think that it's going to be
the shit coins that are you know because even some of these quote-unquote shit
coins are attached to viable projects but they're very niche and so you're not
talking about well here's a new blockchain that's going to change this
vertical or whatever you've got you know utility tokens that are attached to you
know different apps that do different fun things whether they're games or or
whatever and I think that those coins are gonna be what the general market
speculate on through exchange trading and scalping and speculation and things
like that where the stos are gonna be where the serious investors start really
putting their money for longer term gains talking you know two to five year
investments and stos over you know a 90-day investment at an IC o—- so
that's where I ultimately think that the the markets heading and again that's
just another part of the framework that we're laying out right now we've been
making a documentary for the last two and a half years on the whole ICO
process and we've I mean it's we've shot hundreds of hours of material and aim to
get that out late this year but I think just looking back now and looking at
what happened it was one of the most incredible things I think I've ever
witnessed I mean it really was the the kind of level of excitement that came
from nowhere and everybody piling in and then the destruction after and I'm
really interested to see where sort of 2019 ends up and see who's left in the
game and what they're you know what their objectives already yeah I do I
also think it's I think that what happened think of
all of the young people that cryptocurrency investing drew into the
investment game how many people now have money ready and waiting
ready and waiting to invest in companies you know I feel like the ico market has
inspired so many people to get into investing where they they otherwise
wouldn't be they don't care about Nasdaq they don't care that's their dad's
platform that's traditional exchange trading that's that's their dad stuff
the the cryptocurrency markets are our thing and and if you think about it
even in terms of you know overall mentality you've got your your five day
a week nine to five markets the dad and grandpa trade on and then you've got the
high power instant gratification of a 24/7 market where you can put money in
take it out anytime you want day entertainer and so that has empowered
people in a lot of ways and and you've got you know the the the the two
different the time zone the two different halves of the country you know
when America is up and trading Asia's are sleeping when we're sleeping they're
trading and so it's this back-and-forth push and pull game and so there's just
so many elements to it like even I was drawn into investing and like I used to
dabble in stocks you know I used to sit around with my Robin Hood app and and
and buy little stocks and try to build a dividend portfolio and things like that
but it was lame and boring and there's just no excitement in it and so you know
in a world now where the re where you know my generation and younger are
excited by you know the different thrills of the crypto currency markets
the volatility the possibility if you just learned how to you know sell the
high and buy the dip and kind of understand where those are gonna be
before they're there there's just there's so much fun and excitement to it
it's almost like one big game and so it's drawn in all these young people who
are now educating themselves to take advantage of this new asset class while
the grown folks are figuring out how to play babysitter and so it's just you
know we'll see where we end up but I think it's gonna be a very prime
missing outcome in the long run if you just think we have some growing pains to
get through right now turbocharged I guess it is isn't it literally turbo
toys well just to finish up I mean where do you think do you see us ending this
year you sort of ready to go on on the record with a Bitcoin prediction or a
market cap prediction what's what's your thoughts I won't hold you to it
you know I used to I used to love predictions and at the time I made
predictions before you know the FCC and before all this other stuff kind of came
into play you know I'm just I feel very confident that I would have been pretty
accurate on a lot of my predictions but you know honestly as of right now you
know bitcoin predictions by the end of 2018 I honestly I have absolutely no
clue I get 2019 2019 you know I think I think some of it depends hmm there's so
many different elements to that I would love to see a $50,000 Bitcoin by the end
of the year I just don't I just don't know that I see it yet I figure we
probably got at least another three or four months a bear market before just
this overall sentiment changes to a bull bull market and from there you know I
think it's gonna take us another I think it'll probably take six months just to
start building back up a realistic prediction for Bitcoin by the end of
2019 I would say honestly 12 grand I mean I want I want it to be so much more
I'm just seeing the patterns and where we're at and what's going on and I think
realistically you know 12 grand sounds a lot more realistic than you know we're
gonna get 50,000 we're gonna be at 150,000 I just think there are too many
things in play keeping the price down there's so many variables in there I
mean I'd be very happy with the 12 grand end-of-year Bitcoin be honest I'd be
happy with a more sustained growth than just this you know constant volatility
but well I mean hopefully we can chat again at some stage later in the year
it's been a real pleasure having you on any of you who haven't subscribed to
cryptic Roget there'll be a card that way so right there'll be a card up there
so subscribe tons of great content from an
informed source so do subscribe and thank you Jason again for coming on it's
been a real pleasure and hopefully we get to do this again at some time in the
future and maybe we get to meet somewhere down the line have a beer I'm
sure we will I appreciate you having me and I'll see you again soon anytime you
are me so recently as everyone knows we were
just in an Acapulco where we pulled up with an old mate fix but we didn't have
time to chat with him too much and we had a lot of comments about that so we
thought we would get him back on the show to have a longer chat an extended
conversation Vic see you there I am here and and I'm sorry we didn't get to chat
long it was big party down there we got to we got to chat but it was over
cocktails as opposed to on camera which is kind of how we like it to be honest
how did you find an Acapulco you're looking very I like I love it I
absolutely love it it really opens up a lot of new things for me to you know get
involved with people and not just sit behind a computer screen and you know
get out there and talk to people not only about Kryptos but about freedom and
spirituality and have drinks with people at the bar it was great time I got your
guitar oh oh I did I had a two-hour concert down there I made that I'm
literally I think it's a better way to spread the crypto message than doing
YouTube these days because YouTube censors so much and you know as we get
closer and closer to the crypto is actually replacing the old banking
system there get the the censorship and the demonization and shadow banning is
gonna get worse and worse yeah it's getting really bad I mean
every time I read something recently people are saying that they've been
banned on this this has been gone and loads of people that I follow on dollar
vigilante site they're saying that their content is getting pulled and David
Ickes obviously every time anybody posts anything from him it seems to disappear
very quickly so yeah it's fascinating how that's happening I'm actually in the
process almost done with a song a new song called
they th ey about shadow banning and about who are these people
who make the decisions of what is appropriate content and non appropriate
content and you know looking at the leadership of most of social media it's
completely on the left so something's gonna break there I don't know what it's
gonna be but it is for coming from America at by USA had on today we are
supposed to have free speech and even the the Supreme Court has affirmed that
hate speech you can't ban hate speech it is it's a constitutional right to have
you can say whatever you want you can't harm other people but hate speech as
defined in the Constitution there's no such thing and so social media coming
out and say oh you can't say hate speech you know hate speech to one person is
expressing an opinion to the other it it's really bad over here but I think it
has gotten so bad that the people are about to stand up and say hey where is
this taking us and because it's taking us to a very dark socialist place that
we don't want to go it's free speech and only if you're saying the right thing
yes exactly and it's completely unconstitutional and if we still believe
in the Constitution in America which I do and I will fight to the my dying
breath even though Jeff says move out move down to no I am I believe red white
and blue I was born on the 4th of July I will fight for the the sound
fundamentals of my country not the insanity that's going on right now
yeah well the good news this week is obviously we've seen some good news in
the crypto market we've seen some upwards trends which would be nice I
mean obviously we've chatted before manipulation is rife you never know
whether it's going to get smashed back down again but it seems like some of
these kryptos that have been in purgatory for a while is starting to
wake up and come out of there crypto coma
can we get optimistic do you think there's there's reason to be optimistic
there's always been reason to be optimistic yes it's still under control
you can call manipulation I call it a hundred percent control if you look at
the volumes for example litecoin one of my favorite coins cuz I think it really
can be a great means in the change coin when the banks go down in
the last 24 hours two billion dollars of the light coin traded hands on the
exchanges and what do you mean that the total market cap of light coin is only
3.3 billion how I didn't I didn't trade my light coin how is it possible that
you know almost 60 70 percent of the light coin trades hands in 24 hours and
that's not even counting the OTC market which is supposed to be so much bigger
yes so it's clear from the face of the evidence the data that massive
manipulation is going on and we see it we're starting to see exchanges implode
because they don't have the coins that they say they have so yeah I'm excited
but I know it's gonna be chaotic getting to a point where we can really jump up
and down because it's basically fractional reserve exchanges right
they're all the same they call this currency but if it was all called in at
one time it just wouldn't exist right and tether
obviously nobody even knows if those tether even the money even exists on the
other end yeah I mean that's pretty obvious that it doesn't just on the
tether front um and that that's even worse I think it's over a hundred
percent of all tether trade every 24 hours it is it's just stupid but that's
that's kind of the the mindset that we have to get ourselves around is that
these exchanges don't trade in real crypto currencies it's not until you
pull the crypto off the exchange that an actual blockchain transaction happens
it's all internal bookkeeping at these exchanges so if we if we do as a group
as a as a movement of crypto lovers all together pull our kryptos off the
exchanges out of any online wallets at the same time or or just on a daily
basis if you decide to store your kryptos in your own possession like
Trey's mayor says to do that would go a long way to getting rid of these
criminal exchanges now in terms of wallets I know you helped a lot of
people with getting their theater office you hope how would this young lady she
was struggling I heard your dulcet tones coming out of our lounge this morning as
she was listening to you I thought what's big story
downloaded the wallet and I transferred them safely across so thank you for your
video and it was very it was very helpful to have but what are your
thoughts on theta I know you touched it in your video as well but this big this
was one that I bought because Joe had said he's a whitetail white dog Michelle
Michelle Michelle white that right this was the one I was like why why not I'll
just get some and you know so what are your thoughts on it I'm very positive on
it and I had first heard about it through Michelle white dove – but then
subsequently I dug in and did all the homework amazing project and some of the
key things is that they never I Co they were going to ICO is gonna be the one of
the biggest sound I SEOs that was ever gonna happen it was scheduled for I
think February of 2018 and at the last minute they poked the ICO because the
SEC was really cracking down on icos brilliant move the people behind it are
Samsung is is one of the largest they're not even secret it's all over their
website that Samsung is adopting the theta token for their for their future
and we're gonna see a lot of companies do that we saw JP Morgan coin and you
know although I have my own issues with JP Morgan oh yes but companies are
really gonna try to and they are getting involved with crypto currencies but
Samsung the whole data Samsung connection Steve Chen the founder one of
the founders of YouTube is now running beta and so it's it's just huge and
they've made it really easy to go into their main net it completely their own
blockchain on I think it's March 15th or around there they made it really easy to
do but you got to make sure you get your theta from your er C 20 token wallet
wherever you keep it now on to their mobile wallet which is gonna make the
transition a lot easier and then they have a five to one airdrop of theta fuel
tokens which will be used and probably you know user content type of tips I
think they did it might even be a good token to use to replace the
revenue streams YouTube that's what I was thinking it seems that we
desperately in need of something like that especially for content creators
it's become very difficult to not get censored to find a way to do it sponsors
don't want to pay at the moment because there isn't the money it's a it's a
difficult conundrum to solve so if they can create an ecosystem where there's a
tokenization for rewarding people then that would be a really a really clever
one I think yeah and that's an Dennis their idea is
and a share bandwidth because bandwidth is getting so clogged up the centralized
bandwidth model it's not gonna work and especially in developing countries all
around the world now these guys are really centralized in Korea so Samsung's
in Korea same times one of the largest companies on planet Earth a lot of
people don't really fully recognize that but they're they're gigantic and they
are absolutely embracing cryptocurrencies the theta token is
their baby they've been working on it for over two years now so I'm really
excited about that one and a few others a litecoin obviously I'm I've always
been excited about because I've always seen that as the means of exchange that
we need so that we don't have to bail out the banks again yeah and it was also
a while ago there was a lot of people started writing like going off I mean
disclaimer I hold a bunch of like coin so I am gonna be positive about it but I
am also quite you know I'll say if I think there's a problem with a coin but
we do we do have like winning there was a lot of press a few months ago where
people were almost counting it out and and then sort of Charlie's come back and
said about the privacy and then they started advertising and things like UFC
and it just seems like there's a groundswell again now that that that
perhaps there wasn't a little while ago well it makes you wonder okay who was
spreading that fudge back then and you know the whole thing back then was well
there's no real use case for like coin and I was jumping up and down I said
yeah yeah today there isn't but you know if you look at satoshis white paper it
like coin covers the most important use case which is as a means of exchange six
months ago we didn't need like 20s it means that
exchange today we really don't need light point as a means of exchange
because the banks are still up and running the very moment that the banks
stop functioning properly is the very moment that the use case becomes so
obvious to humanity it means that we have something to go to instead of
bailing out the banks giving them bailouts and things like that so yeah
the use case for litecoin is pretty much one thing as a means of exchange at
least at the moment there might be more what what's your personal opinion on the
time frame of when banks because I think it's inevitable it's gonna happen what
do you personally think the time frame is on that my research I figured that
out it 1999 it should've gone 1987 it should of God I mean you go back
in time there's so many times I mean each time you we have a banking failure
they bailed them out they bailed them out the main reason is because there's
been nowhere to go in 2008 was the was the biggest one
we've had ever they had to go to Hank Paulson had to go to US Congress and say
we need 700 billion dollars right now or everything's gonna end and at first the
US Congress said no we're not gonna give you that money stock market dropped 50
percent and then they said oh my god we have to do it basically there was no
other alternative the banks have had us in their grips since 1913 but now it's
different now we have the cryptocurrencies we've got litecoin and
you know Satoshi posted the white paper literally two months after hank paulson
went to congress yeah so satoshis white paper was posted in december of 2008 and
then you know we've been running ever since building this infrastructure I
don't know if you guys I know when you guys got in but when I got in it was
really hard to get crypto currencies oh yeah and then you had to jump through
Bank hoops and all this stuff to pretend that you weren't being in cryptocurrency
and now you can go to coin basin buy your crypto and yeah it's so much easier
but people still complain how hard it is to deal with Kryptos I'm like you guys
don't even know that Jesus danyoung seven years I mean I remember
chatting to friends at the pub in 2011 I think it was and we were trying to buy
some Bitcoin and we couldn't get I'm with fairly savvy people we just
couldn't get it together and in the end we're just like oh that's just for pure
for techies only but now it's it's easier and it's gonna get even easier
right then the next stage of how easy it gets will be when mass adoption can
finally come in well we're seeing I think we're seeing the very beginnings
of mass adoption with all these corporations at least looking at or
getting into big point I mean JPMorgan announcing the JPMorgan coin is just in
that I mean that probably the most criminal Bank on planet earth besides
Deutsche Bank but you know having them say yeah we're creating the JPMorgan
coin is just it's hysterical since their CEO Jamie Dimon has been solely antique
crypto yeah it is it's really the complete antithesis isn't it it's the
most bizarre one that is it's it is but you know he's a very he's a very bad
trader because he literally Telegraph's whatever he says all you gotta do is the
opposite of what he says so he came out and said you know bitcoin sucks it's
horrible and then he had his his traders in Europe buying up Bitcoin I mean in
any other world it's completely illegal for a CEO of a company to do something
like that but in the world we live in in the United States and around the world
now certain banks and certain politicians can get away with crimes
that other people who go to jail for that's crazy isn't it absolutely crazy
well litecoin I'm keeping everything across for I think I mean I personally
feel that we could see some really good movement on that before too long
it feels like it's it's preparing and I yeah I'm definitely a light coin Hudler
I think it's I think it's a good coin and I was surprised that so many people
were saying it had no use case and it was this and writing it off and I'm glad
to see it moving back up the back up the charts where it belongs
I guarantee you the people who started that that meme of you know like point
has no use case are the very people who loaded up on light coin when it was down
at you know 25 26 dollars very recently when John was having it poor enemy I'm gonna see him at Bitcoin
bins meet up in April in Texas yeah he's emailed me and said are we
coming out but unfortunately we're I can't make it with filming in the the
other side then but I'd love to have gone to that would have been great it's
gonna be amazing he's yeah the funny thing is he says
it's he's touting it as the biggest crypto meetup ever because he's got the
Guinness Book of World Records coming out there and everything the funny thing
is there is no record for the so he's got it right if you injunction up you've
got the record but no I think I think we're over a thousand maybe even you
know he doesn't want to say it but I'm thinking maybe even 2,000 people showing
up his little town western town Blanco Texas and the night before I'm doing a
concert a charity concert for litecoin Lisa who's a big charity worker and what
the whole idea of the Bitcoin bin meetup is a charity function and is we're
trying to get the perception of Kryptos away from the Lambos there are there
genuinely really good reasons to have crypto currencies and the charity part
of it is great but you know in reality the best reason to own crypto currencies
is that we have an alternative to the criminal banking system that we're in
right now and this is our best chance of the last 110 years to get rid of the
banks is with the crypto currencies so I urge everybody to learn about it support
it and get involved with it because the banks are gonna crash again and you know
the question has to win you know keep an eye enjoy bank they just announced
another huge loss and they have 45 to 50 trillion dollars in derivatives so if
they go down it's 50 times worse than Lehman or Bear Stearns going down so
we'll see what happens you know with brexit and all that you guys will be in
the middle of that yeah every dinner party we ever go to you're getting over that's just raging
the whole time but well look we will then we'll be in touch soon and we hope
to catch up again soon we really appreciate you come and have a chat it's
always lovely to catch up with you and we really enjoyed hanging out in an
Acapulco and we'll be back next year and more cocktails to be had but it's much
warmer down there the visit both of our houses yeah yeah you guys have got loads
of rain and stuff for the moment all understand yeah we're United States is
getting frozen like you guys are – yeah so yeah we'll see if the clip ice ice
age might be coming a little sooner not yeah well hopefully is 10,000 plus
bitcoins on its way soon as well at some point that would be nice
well take care of yourself and we will I'm sure see you soon yeah stay in touch
all right you guys thank you okay thanks so that's a hell of a lot of crypto
knowledge from a lot of knowledgeable crypto people so we hope you enjoyed it
we've got to do a quick buddy's blockchain giveaway you may remember
last week when we had our special on the Bitcoin house the question was if you
had your own Bitcoin house what features would you want in it and no you couldn't
have said buddy because you can't have him and we were giving away two
cold-storage coins these little beauties one theorem and this one is a Bitcoin so
the two winners are drum roll please first of all we'd made who said how
about installing a revolving door for all the hot chicks that were what to
come and hang out by that killer pool yeah
uber so there's my kind of house and also Irish gold crypto said I would make
all the walls monitors so I could have crypto charts open all over to watch for
the dips to buy so fantastic winners please email lisa at new kids on the
block chain dot-com and let her know whether you want a Bitcoin or a etherion
cold storage client instead like going but it isn't another thing YouTube have
just killed a lot of subscribers this week I have no idea why but we seem to
have lost about seven or eight hundred subscribers so subscribe like get on the
ball what's going on with you two yeah we
don't know so we need to get back we were nearly 11,000 and we keep having
these waves of cones subscribers going so we keep doing it we're here every
week trying hard so please like subscribe share and show us the love we
are done for the week to be fair we're just ready for the weekend so we're not
really gonna harp on this ending too much because I want to go to the pub
yeah so remember have a great week keep in touch like subscribed throw us
some comments tell us what you want to see yeah with your friends our yo
special show which was going to be this week has moved to next week so that's
what it's a slight change around so we'll be back with that and in the
meantime just remember you

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