“Bitwa o tron” – spot Władysława IV Wazy

I don't want to be your king and servant, you and I, it's not a good plan. Every student can envy me. Before I became the Polish king, Rubens painted me in Antwerp. In Florence, I went to the opera, and in Rome, I was received by the Pope himself. It was me who gave Warsaw my father's Zygmunt column. I was dressed in Sarmatian fashion, I spent half a day in bed and the other half at banquets. Even the victorious battle of Khotyn. I was lying in bed. Who wouldn't? Do you already understand that I am yours? No Władysław IV Waza, just Władek! Remember to vote for your friend in "Battle for the Throne". You'll be mine anyway! You'll be mine anyway! You'll be Mine!.

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