BitTorrent Price Prediction 2021 – 2025 | BTT Price Analysis | BTT to $1 ?!

21st century internet bittorrent opens the way to 
users to share files in the most secure way ever   but what is bittorrent well bittorrent is 
the company behind the largest decentralized   p2p communications protocol for distributing data 
large files over the internet the protocol is   responsible for moving a significant percentage of 
the world's internet traffic each hour each minute   the company currently develops products across two 
brands bittorrent and utorrent which offer popular   torrent downloads for clients such 
as windows eck and for android   originally released in july 20 or 2001 
bittorrent was purchased by blockchain master   platform run july 2018.

Since its acquisition 
bittorrent has added various new tools with a   with a dedicated native cryptocurrency token 
called the btt this was released in february 2019   and the bbtt token was launched on drones runs 
on blockchain using its trc 10 standard rank   number 20 bittorrent with a market cap of 6.8 
billion ranks the 20 largest cryptocurrency   in the world now in case you want to get yourself 
some of those btt tokens or you can get them on   finance obi on bitcom coin and furthermore also on 
baloney x and who are the founders of bittorrent   original bittorrent is the brainchild of 
bram cohen he's a developer and entrepreneur   himself has since become well known in the 
cryptocurrency arena expensive and inefficient   distribution networks were the main target 
with original developer bram seeing benefits   in allowing internet users to distribute content 
among themselves directly among the added features   are bittorrent speed uses the btt 
token as a part of its operations   victorian has also branched out into paid services 
offering several premium versions of its platform   which include in capabilities and 
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increase your wealth my name is nico avacci and now let's start with our first future price 
prediction which comes from and   they're seeing a high in 2021 of 73.

Now i know 
it's mini scent let's just call them mini scent   so 73 millisec and in 2022 81 and in 2023 a high 
of 91 and in 2024 they believe that we're gonna   see a high of basically one cent and three mini 
minis the second price prediction comes from and they are also basing their 
future price prediction on an in-house algorithm   and they believe we're gonna see a high in 2021 
of one cent basically that's 100 108 in 2022   in 2023 147 in 2024 177 and they believe we're 
going to see a high in 2025 of 198.

The third   one comes from 
and they're basing their in-house price analysis   on a fundamental approach and i actually agree 
with them i believe that the cryptocurrency is   such a young industry i think it's difficult 
to evaluate or let's say foresee or predict   the future of a coin of this industry based 
on technical indicators i truly believe the   fundamental approach is the better one 
they're seeing a high in 2021 of 137   2022 of 2016 with a huge increase up to 2025 
of 872 and they believe we can see in 2030   17 cent and 26 mini cent the last slide is as 
always the conclusion slide and what we've done   here is that we've taken the lowest lows and the 
highest highs from the platforms that we have   showcased in this little video i hope you can use 
it for your own future price prediction analysis   and that you can benefit from it so this was it 
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