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Hello everyone, let's dbtp from BitTorrent this little justice coin that mining will be The simple ability to store personal data to BTT at the moment, at this very moment try Three To pass our 200-period moving average to our own board, see here He's already opened Kendall two, three and four at two o'clock and he's trying to promote this Bottom-up transmission but it's normal because ah ah mm200 it's our own board it's Strong resistance which is a very strong support.

I guess BTT won't be a problem with this carriage and see that the wedge of this triangular shape coincided with and BTT with mm200 but I think the turn will go from bottom to top without any problems in anm200 26 -Ichimoku e Tais cloud period projection greenish with upper and lower lines guiding up or tricks also directed up already in the upper range of the scale indicating مما Corporate power control of the asset. If we are not going to analyze the Kiel channel here, the three lines For Kiel Temer channel has already crossed and crossed from the bottom up the hand of the cloud computer ichimoku Here, and I'm going to zoom in here so you can see the three Kelvin channel lines In which they crossed the Shimoku cloud from the bottom up, and the clouds are greenish, and it is thicker. Very interestingly, the thickness of the writing reflects this fact with the opening of two The amplitudes of buying and the spasm of the little seller indicate complete control Total assets by purchasing power on Mac for both short and slow exponential lines It points up and actually goes to the second quartile of the upper range of the scale with Double capacity inflated buyer, so if you want to give sellers a chance I have Reading farm do it torrent traffic is that we are going to have this difficulty From crossing the MM200 from bottom to top.

Which is completely normal Because the 200-period moving average is a very interesting and powerful resistance for me To break the original anm200 will coincide with his move over your and shimoku cloud thatسحاب It will produce this magnetic repulsion and the paper will loosen and then break anm200 The next related resistance a0046 from this last high is here if the last top is broken , you would get the congestion zone here at 0056 altitude which is close to Resistance once broken, MM 200 is 0 0 46 to overcome this congestion zone here From these two peaks here. He goes to search for the region zero zero 54005 which was a string From supports and resistance as the paper appeared here between May 17, 18 and 19 This is a BTT record shortly, I'll be back with some other chance in the world Cryptographers and those who want to suggest analyzing some assets just put the messages under a big hug.

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