Bitpanda Review in 2 Minutes (2021 Updated)

With competitive fees
and a robust trading platform, it’s no wonder Bitpanda boasts about
being Europe's top exchange, but is that really the case? Hi, I’m Nate Martin, and we’re taking a deeper look
into Bitpanda in today’s 2 minute review. Founded in late 2014
and based in Vienna, Austria, Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange that’s grown to be one of the most
popular options to buy crypto in Europe. For those in the E.U., Bitpanda is probably one of the cheapest
ways you can buy and sell crypto, with a competitive flat fee of just 1.49%
for credit card purchases or bank transfers. In addition to the more traditional
payment methods, BitPanda also offers a “to-go” option, where users can buy coupon codes
in post offices around Austria. These coupon codes can be redeemed
for crypto currency on the website for their equivalent value. Bitpanda also offers a swap service which allows users to instantly convert
between their supported cryptocurrencies. For more experienced traders, Bitpanda provides a Pro feature which
comes with the full trading experience, including charts and order books, as well as access to the exchange’s API.

A couple of interesting extra features
on Bitpanda: first, it allows users
to make bank transfers directly from their crypto balance; and second, a “Savings” option which lets you make automatic
monthly purchases of crypto, straight from your bank account. The thing our team likes most about Bitpanda
is how easy it is to use for beginners – that is, once you’re done with their
somewhat slow verification process. Unless you click the Bitpanda Pro tab, there are no charts, order books,
or indicators to worry about – just simple swaps,
at super-competitive rates. And that’s not all – on Bitpanda’s site you’ll also find
a handful of other cool features, all of which we cover
in our in-depth review. Make it 4.4 Stars from us
here at 99Bitcoins, as we think it’s a great place for beginners
to buy and sell crypto in the EU – although their verification process
can be a bit slow and tricky. Have you used Bitpanda? Let us know what you think about it
in the comments.

And if you haven’t used Bitpanda, you can sign up or read our in-depth review
using the link in the description below. That’s today’s 2 minute crypto review
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