Bitfundza: An Explosive Bitcoin & Alt Coin Education System. Donate Bitcoin and Win.

do you need to raise money to your dream project charity church or your causes monthly are you aware of the exploding potentials of crypto currencies but don't know how to use Bitcoin for raising funds monthly we've got you covered introducing bit funds up bit funds ax is an explosive Bitcoin education system and peer-to-peer donation platform that allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help others achieve their dreams globally and advanced a Casas monthly bit funds that members donate directly to each other globally with no admin fees donations are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet what's more fit funds uh provides weekly cryptocurrency trainings when you activate your bit funds a cryptocurrency education package DC CEP you can raise up to one thousand forty nine point three hundred sixty seven bitcoins by simply sharing bit funds with your friends and organizations discover a brilli proven way to receive Bitcoin donations and get fun lessons on Bitcoin and alternative coins in an interactive way are you ready to raise Bitcoin join us today [Music].

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