Bitcoin’s NEXT Move to $86k (Ethereum, ADA, Solana, XRP PUMPING)

hello welcome to bitboy crypto this is your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all these crypto news in three minutes or so i'm also watching the braves game we're up for nothing at the moment so no reason to cry right now uh guys let's start by looking at the markets we got bitcoin coming in at a meager 66 000 uh 60 65 000 825 not doing so great am i right but look at ethereum 42 23 absolutely crushing it cardano having a massive pump i'm six point seven percent we're starting to see the beginning of all coin season now bitcoin size room to grow we'll see another retracement but this is really what people will look back in the future and say this was when all coin season really started so wanted 185 of 18.5 uh head of xrp which is also pumping 5.6 percent uh dogecoin up 5 luna 14 so look at the biggest gainers of the day and a safe moon gag me with a spoon okb solana spell um uh huovi token flow engine all these are crushing it today huge gainers over 10 percent um a lot in the 15 to 18 range so let's check out the news i put my camera on the wrong side so i'm like ah kind of weird today but it is what it is all right guys let's check this out top story of the day obviously bitcoin all time high that's right guys now we're starting to look at now that we've had an all-time high now that we've gone above 65 000 what do we do now where does it go and it's really funny now a lot of analysts are starting to say a 100 000 bitcoin now this is a number that only we were saying uh over the summer as everybody's you know mega moonish and mega bush you're going to see more of the people in the nose start to realize this hundred thousand dollar target is the target um so we'll see what happens some people are saying this is important 86 000 could be the next resistance level how about this story here diem which is facebook's uh crypto company says senators on the warpath over the novi wallet actually we're not facebook facebook is trying to rebrand don't let him do it we need to crush facebook we need to see this company die we need to see zuckerberg go the way of the dinosaurs that's what we really need to see um not good for crypto not good for decentralization but they really are uh and diem is actually starting to move away from facebook they're saying saying they're an independent organization don't link us together well uh that deal is sealed a long time ago then we got this story kind of a fun story we got jack dorsey uh he had a cryptic tweet earlier and all the tweets said was seven zero five seven four two now most likely what this is this is about the block in which bitcoin hit a new all-time high he was trying to pre this is what most people think he was trying to predict the block um it actually uh the the block that it was turned out to be 705 1859 as you can see here so he was off by just a little bit pretty dang close you got to give jack some credit even though you guys know even though the guy has a nose ring that's all god be blessed boy

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