Bitcoin’s New All-Time High Coming This Week! (HUGE Pump to $72K)

candles fibs crosses emas it's the tools of the day trade don't be a noob and trade on websites that don't give you bit boy bonuses click the link in the description to get set up on buybit or femex and get an insane signup bonus for being part of the bit squad leverage trade responsibly but do it the right way on femax or buy bit bonus details in the links below [Music] good morning everybody it's october 21st 2021 my name is piano maddie b that is scaramucci's this is your morning ta a brief glimpse into the crypto markets where the sun shining where the wind's blowing all the humble opinion of this piano [Music] zamboni bringing the data fomo index is up to 84 from yesterday's 82.

Bitcoin dominance is at 46.7 24 hour volume is at 121 billion and the overall market cap is 2.64 trillion which i believe is an all-time high give or take a hundred million over on the four-hour chart after a massive three thousand candle from sixty-three eight to sixty six nine some of my phone apps say 67k but we'll take either or we cooled the jets and retraced down towards the 20 moving average just to let it know we're still thinking about it just because we hit all-time highs we're now the talk of the town town population being two percent of humanity we still got you it's not changing us we're still jenny from the block although i liken the 20 moving average to lester diamond sharon stone's on-screen hustler boyfriend played by the handsome and charismatic jimbo woods lester's constantly leeching from ginger and holding her back phoning her on her wedding night after ginger got off the phone at about 64k ace rosting drag price action back up to the reception at 66k over on the daily it's bullduggery as per uge so we cruise through uncharted price discovery altitudes it's hard to see the clouds until we're in them that's kind of how this whole ta thing works [Music] comparing where we've been to where we may go based on historical data cycles and patterns but we've never been here before so we're making up some rules as we go the macd says bob's your uncle with a nice looking spread however the rsi is like that annoying accountant telling you that you don't have enough cake in the bank cash that check as we head up towards 80.

There's the broken record again we spend most of our time in overbought territory in price discovery mode so let's not take a hairy spaz about it [Music] over on the weekly just eyeballing the candles you can get the feeling that we're rounding the bell curve but it's early in the week and i expect this candle to get the 72k oh maddie b 72k this week so what we can expect numbers-wise i went downtown and met with the extrapolatrix and she said 72k has a high probability of the next point of resistance in consolidation lounge so i'll keep my eye on it [Music] one of the more bizarre human emotions is a term called shod and freuda it's when we experience a slight feeling of pleasure in someone else's pain but it's a low-hanging fruit emotion usually tied into one's own shadow feelings of self-esteem or lack thereof so as enlightened early adopters into the next phase of humanity equality and freedom from legacy financial nincompoopery schadenfreude doesn't affect us the way it would say affect the bears and as such it's times like these that are perfect opportunities to share the information and now i'm kind of sounding like a cult leader but keep on dropping those diamonds into the ears of the 98 who are asleep or in chains they may not have been listening before but i guarantee you they're listening now so remember playing the same game as our psychopathic elected lead that's right that's a long game zoom out and have a fantastic day [Music] a bit boy [Music] i want to talk to jen [Music]

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