Bitcoin’s MOST IMPORTANT Level to Watch! (Solana Round 2 Pump Ahead)

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money crypto make sure hit that subscribe button go ahead and do it uh guys we had a good time up here in martin georgia uh shooting uh some machine guns this morning shot a grenade launcher shot a sniper rifle thermo thermal tracking rifle john a lot of really cool stuff so we had a good time you guys check out hidden out where it wasn't content on that next week we got vlogger frank in the background say hey frank what's up he's always trying to look for the spotlight listen uh guys let's talk about what's going on in crypto right now this is your daily crypto wrap up where i give you uh you know holiday scripted news in about three minutes uh let's start by talking about the markets we're going to talk about bitcoin a little bit more later but bitcoin coming in right now at a 47 500 it did go all the way down to 47 100 we're gonna talk about a support level we need to watch a little bit later on in the video it's only three minute video can't be that much later uh then we're looking at ethereum around 3 400 you're looking at a lot of movement uh in all coins several all coins pumping above 20 today or in the 15 to 20 range uh we have omg network continuing to move we have tezos continuing to move we have uh luna continuing to make some big moves as well uh are we going we cover one of our top coins of october um no that's not right wasn't one of our talk points for october it was in uh one of our uh you know kind of jim's video we did recently it's a storage platform one to definitely watch out for biggest story of the day bitcoin bitcoin is moving that is great news we are above 48 000 we went back tested 47 000 which i think is totally okay a number of people are talking about is 45 000 this is the new floor for bitcoin so even if we do see a correction look for bitcoin not to go below 45 000 again in this bull run i believe but who knows i thought i'd never go to below 47 again as i stayed at one point and of course that's become a meme uh other news let's talk about nfts well dj what was the cost on that nft that vayner tricks hold 400 000 400 000 plus at an at an art auction one of gary vaynerchuk's doodle nft's got an andy warhol painting got 26 thousand dollars so some people are saying this could be a top sign um i think we're gonna continue to see this you know go further i i don't think we're close to the top with nfts right now i think they'll go at least through the end of the year and then we'll see some good action next year as well number three story of the day solana watch for solana to have a resurgence pump coming up as it was just listed on the grayscale digital large cap fund uh one of the last coins to be listed on that large cap fund by the grace hill trust was cardano and that actually precluded the cardano pump and got it back over two dollars so definitely something to watch out for with solana could be you know ready for the next move after a lot of consolidation between 120 and 140 so definitely watch out for that we'll be back tomorrow we'll do a sunday drive in the lamborghini on the way to the falcons game on the way back from our trip here uh in the morning hey that's all i got be blessed

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