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every single day. I'm Sheldon the snapper as we   can see guys we are in big big big bloody streets 
right now. I see the outside completely getting   destroyed right now. What is next guys the last 
you know, we knew we're at the point now the bulls   need to fight back and you can see clearly what 
the title is saying that this is the last chance   now that we need these bulls to fight back and 
to hold these positions that we are in right now.   Otherwise the streets can get a lot more bloodier. 
And we can get to much lower lower lower sort of   targets.

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sniper school what is the sniper school we had a   big announcement yesterday guys to say that, you 
know it's taking a bit of time to out roll and   get the sniper school going.

And when we are in 
these bloody streets and where we sitting right   now in a tough time of the market is the time 
where we should be studying. It may seem like   it's never ending, it may seem like everything 
is just nothing is working to plan. You know,   we've got the whole China ban thing going we 
got a lot of fun happening in the market. And   we are just getting such big acceleration to 
the downward side. And it's quite scary that the   sellers are so strong right now and the bulls 
are not buying. We've had so much big fundamental   news in the last month bullish news. And yet the 
sellers are just the ones that are controlling the   market right now.

And it's at seems like it's such 
a struggle for the market to be going upwards.   And then so quick for it to be going downward. So 
it's really a tough sort of stage. And what we got   to understand is, this is where the diamond hands 
come in. This is where being patient comes in.   And this is where studying comes in guys. This 
is the time where we can sit and we can study.   Where I can bring the school to you guys 
with me in Ran can really focus on the   education when the markets are not doing well. 
Because remember why we do this guys.

And that's   something really important to understand. 
When I also started off my trading career.   I also took a big loss in the beginning, I was at 
a time whether the markets literally it was a week   before the march drop last year. And my can't 
lottery I lost 80 90% of it in the first two   three weeks of trading. And in that time, what 
I learned was six months I didn't make money,   I actually made no money actually made money. And 
then I gave it back to the market and I made money   and I go back to the markets and I kept repeating 
this sort of cycle until I sort of realized that   what we are actually doing this for is we are 
working along sort of period of time for that one   run for that one run with those three months where 
everything goes absolutely berserk.

And that was   what happened. Now previously, in the last two, 
three months, we had this massive acceleration,   because we hovered in these areas, you could see 
the year we had last year, we had these big drops   that came out of nowhere. And you can see how big 
that one over there was just on its own. And you   can see how many times we have gone into these 
sort of cycles. And you know, over time, when   the market starts to set on, and we finally get a 
little bit of stable, what I call a stability in   the market. Now that starts to settle in what what 
may seem like a street that's never going to end   right now.

Just need to understand that there will 
be ending at some point. That's whenever the bulls   are happy whenever they are happy with the price 
of Bitcoin is is when we're going to start getting   a bit of shift again and start catching a bit 
momentum. And we've been through this guys this   market has been through this many, many, many 
times. And what I can say is this one it may   not be the same amounts of dollar but this was a 
way worse drop than what the one we've experienced   recently now and the pullback in the market.

you can see how over time how the market starts   to to make its way back to where it needs to be. 
So this is going to happen in your trading career   that is going to happen at certain times and we 
need to understand that what times should we be   trading at these times? It's tough, you know, 
not in and out of the market but end up giving   a lot of little bits away in the market 
and this is where we need to sit back   and also realize fundamentally what we are 
investing in you know, understanding.
  Michael Saylor guys, go do some research on 
that what I can say today before I start on   everything and going through the full update is 
to go and do the research on the Saylor series   go do all these things got understand why we are 
actually in this and during this time night is   when we're going to study because it's not 
always going to be perfect.

And that's one   thing we need to understand as traders. But 
there is a time where all of this hard work,   we started off right over here. And I went through 
all of that all of those hard work of learning and   literally took this whole stage of six months for 
me to learn, ended up in this result for me.
  Do you see that? Do you see how this 
stage of studying ended up in that result?   So what we do need to understand we're 
trading and where we are in the market. Oh,   there we go. There we can see it over. Yeah. So 
because all of that hard work over there is what   gave us that results. And end of the day, what 
I started to realize that takes months and takes   time to study and learn and to understand all the 
skills that are needed in this game. And where we   need to be for that one, three months for that one 
point where you add that you had such a good entry   at such a key level where, yes, I took hundreds of 

In those first six months, I took hundreds   of losses that took so many losses. Mentally, 
I was destroyed. I was literally killing myself   mentally. And then obviously, six months after 
that, we started the bull cycle, and everything   just turned for me, it just showed me that six 
months of my hard work and sticking out there and   making sure that not only that I get through the 
bear cycle. But when the bear cycle started to   end, and we started going to the bull cycle, I was 
a 20 times better trader, even though the dollars   didn't show just yet. It's the knowledge of where 
we're getting into this. So it's not always going   to be easy. And it's not always going to be fun 
and games. But remember, why are we doing this,   remember who you… everyone will study for three 
years to become a doctor five years or 10 years,   but six months of studying to be a trader and 
then searching the results. Because this is   what we need to understand when we are getting to 
this market that is not always going to be pretty.   And this is when the market is going to want 
to shake you out.

They don't want retail   buying right now they want the price lower the 
bulls wants to be getting at that darn price,   the institution's the big guys that don't want you 
buying. And how they're going to do that? Every   time it goes up, you're going to buy and they're 
going to send it straight back down. And then when   you buy again, you're going to go up and they're 
going to standard send it straight back down.   And you can see that even as traders and even as 
ourselves that we bleed many times in our careers,   me myself, I'm bleeding with alts, 
I'm bleeding with all these coins.   But this is the stage where we need to understand 
that getting through this. And learning through   the stages, the market is not the same market 
that it was last year either. So me as a trader,   I'm continuously learning and upgrading my 
strategy, my structure, my rules, my set,   I did not take enough profits at all.

And a lot 
of people did not take it all profits. And that's   another rule book, I went off my rule book. 
And my rule book tells me that very clearly.   So these are the times where it stings the most, 
and it hurts in the markets and it sucks. But this   is what actually might change in my game. And 
I know in six months time or three months time,   I'm back in action again. And I will then realize 
why I went through all of this hard work and all   of this heartache and this dedication and all 
these things. So that's a big message I wanted   to send to you guys today. And just to understand 
that this is going to be a roller coaster,   it is going to be tough, but the reward is going 
to come. Remember the 2017 guys, the price went   absolutely zero. And everyone suffered through 
those times until that one Bull Run hit where   everything shows went absolutely crazy.

And we 
handed extra conscious 200x extra cards, it only   happened it's only happened two three times 
in his since since we started this, it hasn't   happened too many times. We don't know when it's 
going to happen to say that Bitcoin can go to 20k   we will go through that definitely. But you said 
a Bitcoin can also go to 100k. Definitely, to go   to 200k definitely when we don't know, all that 
we can do is track and get ready for it. Because   if you give up, it's going to happen. And when 
it happens, you're going to FOMO in at the top   and you're going to repeat the exact same cycle 
we've just repeated now to understand that this   is a timeframe that we need to not be fighting 
this market and thus the reward will come and   this market does pay patience. I believe that very 
very much destroys the impatient. It takes that   from but it does pay you for patience. And that's 
a big big big game guys.

So welcome, welcome,   welcome guys. Hit that Like hit that subscribe 
button. Let's see if I did miss what I am going   to do today guys, here's another snipers wisdom. 
I will be focusing so much on education now.   Because this is the time, the time to sit back 
diamond hands and to let the market just be what   needs to be is the time now we're going to focus 
on education. So we'll be bringing that back up   and going through that short on after the same. 
Okay, awesome, guys.

So the first thing I think   let's go through and let's see now what is 
happening now that's all says clearly that the   bulls need to fight here. And what we mean by that 
is we had this big drop off. There was that big   wick took us all the way down to the $30,000 mark. 
What was the exact process over there? Basically   30,000 maybe just under in that's all we had that 

We've never gone that low since that wick is   since we've we've made that low. Okay, since 
we started this whole dump off now three times   we have made our way down to the 31 to 32 and a 
33. And if you see on the chart guys, we have hit   the exact same Mark three times. Okay, now 
this is called the triple bottom. Okay, now   is this this is where the different theories come 
out and different understandings of of what this   actually is and the sort of level that is this.
The Perfect, perfect, perfect play out inverse   head and shoulders? The only way that that can 
be is if we have that strong bounce in the zone,   because we need to hold these levels. And remember 
something that when we do accelerate in one side,   if we don't hold levels, and we are still in the 
market, okay, and we come and we accelerate down,   we don't hold levels.

We're going to have at 
some point a retracement for that and then a   continuation down. Now if we don't hold on, we are 
still in the market. If we make the lower lows,   now we need to know that on the next pullback, the 
next retracement, we have to be freeing up cash,   we have to be freeing it back up because now 
the lastly the possibilities of where people   can go next. And I'm going to go through 
that now. So let me go through the first   the bullish scenario first, okay, and the bullish 
scenario first is we need to hold this level now.   And if we do have a smaller wick down below the 
zone, we need to hold that 29,800 to the $30,000   mark.

That is where we need to hold. What that 
prefers to do is create bullish diversion for   us on the daily RSI, which is a good son. Now, 
that is the very critical critical critical level   that Bitcoin does need to hold. Now if we don't, 
and we now make the push down and we go below,   on this pullback, remember that when we going 
in any momentum impulse to the downward side,   we have retracements that come back up and we 
continue the way down. It's called an impulse   wave, we have a correction and then we continue 
in whatever momentum whatever direction we are   moving in, which means that if we don't hold these 
levels, the next pullback that takes us up to the   618 level. Anywhere in the zone is 
where we need to now be freeing back.   Now we got into a thing where we were entering 
in this stage of the markets. And you remember   that when we Anton supports at his resistances. 
Now, yes, we accelerating down and it seems like   we're not stopping to go down. But at some point 
that just means the bottom is not in, it means   that the guys that are buying at these levels have 
not bought up everything that wants to just yet.   But when we do get that bottom we are going to 
have the correction.

And on that correction. All   depending on where this low is we'll know that do 
we now on if we bounce over here, we make our way   up we get to these zones and we start building 
up we know the stop loss now needs to be very   very tightened up and we need to be protecting as 
we progress that stop loss is literally setting   Tata Tata Tata Tata.

And so we have a full 
reversal where we get the higher high again, and   maybe that this full inverse head and shoulders 
plays out where we got the left shoulder, the head   and the right shoulder and then the breakouts. 
It's a definite possibility. Remember as a trader   that the market just is we call control Fud we 
can't control any of these things in the market,   we can trade the candles that are here. That's the 
difference between TA and fundamentals. Now the   fundamentals can tell you that the market is very 
shaky at some points and they're not doing well in   some points. But I can't tell you the levels that 
we can drop to and the certain places that we can   be going to.

So, this is where the two together 
are very, very powerful. And the difference with   TA is we have no emotion in the market. We do 
not we literally print as the candle prints we   make the next decision. That's why we always need 
candle prints so that we can see okay, these are   levels now we can make the next decision. We can't 
just choose that that does exactly how it's going   to go. Our scenarios are going to change every 
few days. And that's because we need the candle   prints as as we progress. So Bitcoin has to hold 
these levels now for the bulls. The Bulls have   to fight here, this is the time where the bulls 
need to fight now and we got to get some serious   volume in we have a look at the volume.

not even that much volume and this is where the   the sort of idea comes where volume is not really 
trending that up. We had a biggish volume candle   yesterday red candle but it's not massively big 
to what we've had previously. Now what this means   is if volume is not hovering in the zone, I think 
a big move is coming. That is the big move going   to be the bullish bands from the zone or is the 
big move going to be…? Because we have hit this   level now three times.

Three times we have hit 
this double bottom zone which means that there's   a lot of limit orders sitting there is a lot of 
there's a wall that is holding that level. The   problem is when you smack on a wall to too many 
times eventually it breaks. And when it breaks   is when acceleration comes in with true volume 
comes in with true fear comes into the market.   So now we have had three wicks now the last 24 
hours at the zone and he's fighting this level   guys.

This is what we need now to progress to say 
that That's 30,000 can still be the low Bitcoin   for now, it can still be. That if we don't hold 
this, and we break through that 30, it means 28   29k. From that back to 34 in that zone, then 
back down to the 20 zone. So what it means is to,   after a big impulse … to be selling down at 
these levels over here, now I need to sell on   a correction. This is why my strategy is used in 
that way that when we break support, at any point,   I need to sell on the retest. Same way that 
when we are trailing downwards in the markets,   and we have a trend, and we break out by the break 
up by the retest, that's the exact same thing that   happens in this scenario over here. That where 
do we break out of these trends to the downside,   I'm selling the retest, I can't be selling the 
full impulse down, because there is going to be   at some point a correction to that move.

And right 
now, yes, it's looking scary. And we've got bloody   streets right now. But that lower low is still not 
interest yet, we have literally Triple Bottom at   that zone. So this is a critical stage for us. 
Now, guys, if we don't hold these levels, this   is the certain areas that I'm looking at. Now, if 
we don't and we make this this little pullback, we   are going to get bullish divergence, which means 
the retrace is in that's where we were going to   look at pushing. So meaning that if we go down now 
to 28 29, now we don't hold this level, from that   bullish divergence, we have a kick back up because 
all our high time RSIs are getting to the bottom.   So there is going to be a try pullback, the only 
thing is that showing us lower lows now on the   higher time frames, which means there can be a 
lower low in the next few days or a week or two   to come.

Okay, so when we have that next push up, 
if we get the lower low, now we break that low,   this is my full exit points. Because from that can 
be easily another push down to the to the to the   next levels. Now where can those next levels be? 
Now if we look at all of the zones that we have   support was demand was is this is a 
very key level that Bitcoin can go.   And we have this very key level over 
here that Bitcoin can go as well.
  Now, what are those two levels now as a 
trader, we've been getting in with investments,   we've been stocking up investments getting 
into these zones, it needs to be worthy for   me at any point to start my investment. Because 
if I saw my investment, why am I buying it back.   Because if I don't know where I'm buying it back, 
then two months down the line, the price is above,   and I never bought my investment back and it was 
a whole waste of me even selling.

Remember the   purpose of selling and getting this is investment 
guys. That's the investment that you're still   buying for 50% or 40% off right now, you're still 
getting a good deal. It's just about Can I get a   cheaper, and if you are going to be getting 
asked, you need to be knowing exactly where   we're getting in. So this is what we're looking 
at Guys, if Bitcoin doesn't hold this level,   and we go down to the 28 29k, we see a reaction 
from that zone, from that zone back up to the   34 $35,000 region, that's where I'll be freeing 
up cash, if we get the lower low, then we can   definitely look at the next target to take us 
between 23 25 $26,000 even all the way down   to 17 to $20,000 those other zones that we can be 
stocking up.

And that will obviously be a huge,   huge, huge discounted value from where the where 
our all time high was. Now if we do have a look,   it is possible, we need the boost to fight this 
level right now. Because if we look that can be a   wave 1,2,3. There's our first wave to the downward 
side, it definitely can be so we have to fight the   zones now we have to be where we are. So the first 
thing that we're looking at today with Bitcoin   guys, is we need to see now does Bitcoin hold that 
level today? Does that hold that level? And do we   have some sort of fight back? Now if we do hold 
that level today, and we start making our way up,   because it is so important that we break through 
these resistances over here. So let me mark it.   There we go. It's so important for us to break 
up, test and to slowly start grinding our way up.   So we need at some point, if the bull start 
fighting back and we get a decent bit of volume   in and a decent bounce back in the market.

We need 
Bitcoin to get back to 36 38 maybe a pullback and   eventually make its way back up to the 42. That's 
what we needed to do a bullish scenario. Okay,   and that's all dependent on this bounce and the 
key area that we are now and then we can obviously   shift our stop losses of move as 
in because we know that this high   is going to be a lot of work for the bulls to 
fight back and it may take a little bit of time.   So so we've got the two scenarios guys, we have 
to hold this level if we don't hold this level,   on the next retrace, boom, we're exiting and 
we're going to stock up on the next pullback down.   There's our first bearish scenario, 
bullish scenario we bounce at the zone.   But we need to get past if we get to this 
resistance and we are not getting that same thing.   We will be exiting between 30 36 and 38.

where a lot of us stocked up on last week and now   we know we're going to go for those lows again. 
The problem is if I see Let's go down there.   again, if we do bonds here, and we bonds at this 
level, if we come up and we can fight this again,   because I'm pretty sure we're gonna break that 
eventually, it's too many times, we are hitting   this level too many times and there's limit orders 
and they're holding it and they're holding it and   they're holding it. But eventually that wall is 
gonna break. And this will be our clear exit on   is if we don't get as high as we think.

So right 
now, today's the critical level, the bulls have   to fight back these zones. Now. That's Bitcoin 
scenario, we're looking at Bitcoin. Okay. Now,   now that we understand where Bitcoin is, if we 
have a look, as dominance is going absolutely   berserk. Dominance has been shooting so strongly 
to the upward side, and it's been making our way   to that green box that we've been talking about. 
So we getting very close to that 48 to that 50%.   Mark, quite quickly. Now, what does this mean 
guys, it means Bitcoin's coming down, but coins   pulling down in the market.

The alts bleeding. 
The alts are getting destroyed right now, they're   getting really, really hurt. Okay. And that's 
because the dominance is going up, they're doing   fears in the market guys, we looked at the fear 
and greed index this morning was sitting at 10,   which is huge. So that's showing that theory 
is really in. And you remember that the simple   understanding of a trade is you need to be buying 
the fear and selling selling the greed right. Now,   now that we know that Bitcoin is getting at really 
key levels, and dominance is really really pushing   up. It means that when Bitcoin bottoms… Now it 
is 31, that can be the bottom a definitely can   move regardless not. What will tell us not if we 
break that.

But if we bounce here, at any point,   even if it goes to 28, and we bounce, we are 
going to have the rejection from the dominance.
  So wrong thing, which means that the alts 
are going to be the ones that are the ones   bleeding right now they're the ones hurting 
a lot more than what Bitcoin is right now.   Which means they are going to be the ones that 
are going to pop that out of the gates way,   way, way quicker than what Bitcoin is going to be. 
Which makes sense. And when I see that is when we   get to that show me soon guys, show me soon that 
this dominance is getting to the key level where   we're going to start rejection, which means that 
Bitcoin, we are going to have a little bit more   acceleration down today, I think it's going to 
happen soon, guys, in the next day or two, we're   going to see if Bitcoin is going to hold this 

And if it doesn't, it's going to accelerate   to 28 to 28 29 very quickly. But at some point, 
we're gonna get that that bounce. And when we get   that bounce, we're gonna have the term in the 
dominance. And then we're gonna have the alts,   they're going to shoot out the gates because look 
at it, guys. Ethereum still sitting under $1,900,   we've got Link sitting at under $17 we have 
a lot of these coins on huge, huge, you know,   Link was 51 53, I think was $53 guys link was 
sitting at two months ago.

It's not 16 $17   because they've taken punishment, which means 
they are going to be the ones that bounce out the   gates a lot quicker. And that was very similar 
to what happened to Bitcoin. When we had the   March dropped, the outs got absolutely murdered in 
a time where we had the March drop. Let's go back   to a quick There we go. The big March drop is when 
the alts got absolutely destroyed in the market.   When Bitcoin dropped, but the outs were the 
ones that came out the great guys Ethereum   dropped to $80 in that time, six months later, 
or eight months later, Ethereum's sitting at   $2,000. Not even a year later Ethereum sitting at 
$4,000 from 80 dollars. Do you see where we add a   part of the cycle guys and it's gonna scare you, 
it's gonna want to kick you out of the markets.   And this is where educate god this is where we 
teach, we got to have a little bit of dominance,   we've got to fight through this together, we 
got to bleed, I'm bleeding you know, where my   portfolio was two months ago to where it is now. 
It's crazy.

But this is where I'm improving myself   because I'm improving remember I'm doing this for 
one or two trades in my life where I can kill it   and just turn everything into Bitcoin and Ethereum 
and sit back and I need to trade again. And that's   what I'm fighting for. This is what we are doing 
this for.

It's a lot of hard work for that that   little two three months where everything just goes 
absolutely insane because we cannot say anything   doesn't matter where you came in the market. We 
cannot say that that run that Bitcoin did in the   last few months was not insane because that's 
insane. And you know what if you look bigger   picture and we go look at the let's have a look 
there bigger picture. Let's get rid of that. There   we go. look bigger picture guys. Now this can be 
thought of something that's absolutely insane.   It can be the start of something that's absolutely 
crazy was Bitcoin to the weekly. You know, it may   look scary zoomed in now but that's the weekly 
guys. We have grown from all the way up there.   And that's the pullback. That is what the wave 
looks like right now.

Let me take that. That's   what it looks like. If I draw it out and I put it 
so understand that yes, we are going to have the   hard times these were the difficult times. These 
were the hard times in the market. But remember,   why are we doing this? Remember Why that we 
are studying for this move we are studying for   that one trade or that one three months so that 
one six months that changes everything for you   and that takes you from a trading into an investor 
and you are sitting with your entries at really   really good levels.

So So where are we looking 
Bitcoin guys we've got the scenario everything   is going to follow suit dominance is in Bitcoin's 
favor everything is sitting in that zone,   while sitting dominance is Bitcoin's favor means 
now everything's gonna follow Bitcoin. Bitcoin   still bouncing there right now, it hasn't dropped 
that level just yet. Bitcoin has to fight now.   Bitcoin has to make that push up and push 
your way to the upward side. It's very, very,   very important. And if I have a look at the 
longs and looking at the longs, some of them   got liquidated. I saw there was huge liquidations 
yesterday. Remember, someone's got to make money.   So everyone's been thinking Bitcoin's gonna 
go up what do they do the same but going down,   they liquidate all the longs. Now the longs are 
liquidated now they they start sending the price   up again. And we can see how this long sell just 
increasing the increasing increasing, which means   we add a crucial stage guys, we add a make or 
break stage in the market, we are at that level,   because we thought last week that when the whole 
herd is running one way, it goes to the next   at went the same damn way where everyone 
was going short and the price damn dropped.   Now is it the same gonna happen with the longs, 
or they're gonna make the money, whether they're   going to do the complete opposite and rather drop 
Bitcoin to 29k.

Now, liquidate all the longs, and   then make its way up for the correction. Remember, 
it's all a mindset game, and we're looking at now   one good thing that we do know that we're 
getting to a certain key level in the market
  is, yes, it's been quite a blow. But we're 
getting to a point that the bottom is going to   come at some point. And we're gonna have a strong 
reaction. And if we have a look at the total two,   which is the the market cap for the alts, without 
Bitcoin, we are getting very strong bullish   divergence on the daily chart, where the RSI is 
showing us lower lows, and the chart is showing   us higher highs.

So the alts are the ones bleeding 
now, but the alts are the ones that are gonna jump   out this gate very, very quickly once the bottom 
has hit in. And they are going to be the ones that   really really explode and shoots up outside. 
And who knows, that could be the possibility   where the dominance goes back down to 35 to 30% 
region. Who knows. It was even though we've had   this book a big correction, the dominance has 
creeped up, but it hasn't creeped up that much.   We still not even above that 50% Remember, a few 
months ago, the dominance was sitting at 70%.   So it's showing us the alts are still a big part 
of this market, even though that they are getting   destroyed, the bigger ones and the correct ones. 
This is why the fundamentals is so powerful with   getting into these all making sure that you're 
selecting the right alts.

Because remember,   something as Ran reminded me yesterday, all of 
it is 90% of all the alts even 95% of the alts   are not going to be in the next three years. Which 
is scary as it's really, really scary. So we have   to choose the right ones that the world is going 
to run off and it makes sense on so everything is   the same sort of place. There's no new trades, 
there's no buying in the market. Now if you are   you know you've got to put such tight stop loss 
and the previous lows and that but right now it's   not that point right now it's the chart update 
and the studying in the zones are where we are.   And we need to be a little bit patient and I'm 
not selling on the impulse drop, I'll sell on   the correction. I'll sell on the pullback. If 
Bitcoin doesn't hold the levels it needs to sell   on the pullback. And then I know we can go down to 
level I can't sell on the impulse where everything   is going down. Because all RSI will show me we 
are getting to the bottom there is going to be   some sort of bullishness.

So if I'm selling now, 
who's buying someone's buying your coins from you.   And that's where we got to understand the 
importance of selling on a strong wave done, or   knowing when to sell on a correction. That's why 
the power of breaking a support and selling with   resistance is really really hard. So there's do 
one there is one thing I want to show you guys,   I got Rudo here for you. He does have some key 
information for us on some volume and I'd love   him to share that with us. Rudo, buddy, how are 
you? Good and you, buddy? What's up, everybody?   Thanks for having me. Awesome, buddy. 
When your shots shot to just show me   what you showed us this morning. It's very 
interesting to see what you got there. Yes.
  So, you know, I was scouring through the 
market this morning. And it's like you say,   we trying to find you know where the bottom is 
going to be. And we try to preventatively find it,   which means we buy each and every opportunity 
that the market gives us with a hope that this   is the low and then you know, one one of them is 
gonna stick and then the you can start you know,   building your position on it.

And what I picked 
up when I looked at the Bitcoin on the US dollar   on the Bitfinix exchange, this is the spot 
trade the normal the normal spot volume. And   what I found was when you look at the 
volume at around this level over here,   and I'm just going to quickly just highlight this 
area and I want to highlight this for you guys.   You can see that within the moving average, that 
is that little shadow that's printing out there.   The volume is fairly low.

And if I then move this 
over and I looked at the same exchange. And I was   looking at the volume, you would almost, you know, 
imagine that you're looking at a different coin.   And this is the futures exchange as well, 
the leverage is counters tracking. So,   you know, looking at this and conveying to the 
message that you're trying to put out is the   fact that, you know, there's multiple scenarios 
regarding this volume, it points out to the   following is that somebody has to be taking profit 
on the shorts. And that can only happen when   there's demand in the market. Now, that is proven 
here by the volume, the shorts, if you can bring   up your short chart, or you just remind everybody 
on it, you know, that took a considerable dump. So   the shorts are out of the market, or they taking 
profit out of the market.

And what is happening   is they are selling in order for them to sell 
something, there needs to be somebody buying. And   now they are selling it to the long positions. Now 
with a divergence that you're pointing to Sheldon.   And the theory that I'm having is, is if those 
longs get liquidated, that is the loss that we   would need in order to maybe have that big long 
correction to the upside. So that's my theory,   maybe you can comment on it.
I'm not 100%. But it makes sense. You   know what I mean, and it's quite crazy to see that 
the leverage that a lot of the spot holders right   now are shattered, I don't know what to do that 
another the either sold out and they sitting in   cash, or they take, they don't like this sort of 
shocked, but the leverage guys are going berserk.   The leverage ones are the ones that are going 
and the gamblers guys are gamblers are the ones   that are literally going crazy with the market, 
we could see that clearly with the volume.
  Now, yet one stage when we started, we said now 
we are farmers.

And this just brings us back to   that farming analogy and the fun that we had 
around it. And that is why leverage is there.   And why why they probably be using it is if I was 
a farmer and I was trading leverage aggressively   look at the amount of opportunities that the 
market gave in this farming stage. You know,   when the market is really driving between 
these two levels, and sorting itself out.
  Yeah, brilliant. Oh, thanks. But I'm gonna get on 
to the education. Thank you very much, everybody,   you're gonna hear this week, and 
we'll bring you on as much as   possible. We're all working as 
a team guys. Thanks, buddy.
  Cool, let's bring that back up. Okay, guys, 
so now we got a good understanding.

Bitcoin   is looking alright, let me get my my thing 
back on there. There we go. So Bitcoin now,   we've had a small bounce there. Bitcoin's gotta 
go guys. Bitcoin's got to go, it's got to go.   It's got to go. It's got to go that we literally 
got to get this point now where Bitcoin's
  got to start accelerating up. And remember 
from this 34 36 38, we'll see the levels we   are going to creep up on stop losses. Remember the 
importance of support breaks. And why are we doing   this, it may seem scary now. But there's always a 
plan B. And this is how we run in the market.

We   bleeding now, but there is a plan B. And we'll 
know the key levels and when we dropped and   the next sort of advice that we need to take. So 
guys, that's it for the charts for now. Now it's   time for us to get into a little bit of wisdom get 
into a little bit of knowledge, we are going to be   bringing the school to you guys every single day. 
Last week, we were going through our spot wallets,   our long term wallets, our little system, and 
I still have the long term to bring to you guys   and I have the car cash portfolio, what I'm doing 
is I'm setting up rules for you guys, I'm setting   up goals, I'm setting up pie charts, coins, 
percentages, all these things to help you guys   sort of categorize. But before we get onto that, 
I'm going to be bringing you the long term in the   cash folder later on this week. The first thing 
that we need to understand is a big part of   trading.

And it may not seem like a big thing, but 
this is notes that I'm going to be giving you guys   putting them on my Twitter, it's very important 
to follow so you can take them, guys, that's a   mental game now. And we can keep sitting here 
and structuring our portfolios and structuring   and charting and all these games. But right now, 
that's the mental strength of what we need to be   looking at. When we get into this because it 
is a mental game. It's a full mental game.   And that's the most important part of trading is 
the psychology of trading, and the simple rules.   And I want you guys to take us on this except 
that you cannot win every time. It's the truth,   we always think that we can get everything. My 
goal is not to be winning 10 out of 10 My goal is   to even if I want five to six out of 10, my wins 
are for 30 40% my losses are two, three percent,   take responsibility for your own losses. It's very 
important guys, I also listened to many guys that   are telling me these things and he's in and outs. 
But no, when you are putting in your stop loss   know when you are putting in your rules.

what is taught about every day. Every time I've   told you guys we buy, we buy break a trend, 
put your stop loss under your previous low.   It's all of these things that ended the day, I 
can't sit them and if I don't say it on one show,   this needs to be in your rulebook this needs 
to be in your set in your set amount. When   I take a trade this is my rules. It's very very 
simple guys. So even if it's not working for you,   it's very important to understand that you 
need to take responsibility for losses and wins   at all points. It was you that I got that profit, 
it was you that took that loss, you need to   understand why you did that. You must accept the 
risk upfront. Remember, plan your risk before your   plan reward very, very important.

You can never 
predict the markets. Guys remember that we are   TA. I trade candles or trade chart patterns. 
I don't know if Elon is gonna tweet tomorrow.   I don't know if China's gonna ban this tomorrow. 
I don't know if Donald Trump is going to resign,   but I don't know that. All I can do is trade the 
charts every single day. And if it goes wrong,   this is what I do. And if it goes, right, this is 
what I do. So remember that. Accept that and and   and you can never predict the market. Big one guys 
have a strategy. The reason why a lot of people   are scared right now and are terrified is because 
you have no damn strategy, that there's no plan B,   there's only a plan A and that's a huge, huge 
part that we need to understand. So that's a huge,   huge, huge one. Whatever goes on time wise here. 
Remember the market just is the market has no   emotions, guys, we think it's we bring emotions, 
but there's no emotions.

So it's not out to get   you. I know it feels like it is and it really, 
really does. And this is why you end up fighting   it back and you end up trying to attack it back 
into the market. And because it's a emotionless   market, you're the only one bringing emotions 
in into it and beat you every damn time. Because   you're trying to find too much you're trying to 
get back at the markets, where you should just   be sitting back and saying, okay, the market 
needs a little bit of time, I'm going to give   it a little bit of time when when I get the next 
indication I'll be getting back into the markets.   It's very, very simple way of looking at.

try to get back to the market, the market just is   never think you understand the market. Because you 
may get onto a roll and a rhythm. And you may be   moving to say I'm getting good, I'm getting great, 
I'm getting great. And then you'll go through two   weeks of bad times. That's what it is, guys, this 
is what the market is going to do. We never we can   have good runs, and we're going to have bad runs 
two months ago or landing every single damn trade   while making money on all trades. Now we battling 
to make money on and on and on any trade right   now. And happens this is what happens in 
a mock. So we need to understand that.   And never think you understand just trade 
the market as it is and have a strategy.   Cool. Do not get emotionally attached to anything 
very, very important guys, very important.

I got   emotionally attached to so many small coins 
to Dogecoin to all of these coins. This is   where it eats you is where destroys you eat and 
understand 95% of the coins are not going to be   there anymore. Very important. So do research, 
the ones that you do have a bit of emotion for   should be Bitcoin Ethereum and the ones that are 
actually going to make big change in the world.   Other than that emotionless market guys keep the 
emotions out of it. Beware of greed and fear.   I'm sure you're all learning that right now. 
When the markets going up, you're too greedy,   you're not taking enough profits, I'm very upset 
myself, I didn't take enough profits along with   the last run. And same with the fear so many times 
that I got too bullish. And I've kind of tried to   buy every single low and try to get in at all 
these stages. Where I should have been fearful,   you know, I mean, I should have listened to the 

And then the problem is you start getting   over fear and you don't get back into the market, 
you need to be you need to play the game to win,   you need to understand that. So if you get 
your your your butt gets kicked. And that   doesn't work. If you don't get back in and you 
don't keep trying and you don't get back thing,   you're not gonna win. And that's a 
big rule that we must understand.   Let's get into the last ones over here. Do not 
trade if you're not good state of mind, guys. Big,   big, big, big, big one. This is why I have a rule. 
If I lose three trades in a row, I have two bad   trading days, I take five days off. It's very, 
very simple. Guys, if you're going to be in a   bad state of mind, I'm telling you, this market is 
going to destroy you in every single way. And it's   going to make your mindset worse, and worse. 
And worse, you're gonna start treating people   around you crap and it just a becomes an absolute 
mess in the market.

So you need to understand,   do not trade when you're in a good state of mind. 
Sometimes the best trade is no trade. And that's   where we're sitting right now. We either in the 
market or we're in cash right now. But let's wait   for the clear indication. We dropped support. 
Okay, cool. We'll start on the on the retest,   we bounce here, okay, we need to break this 
up. We don't Okay, cool. We get into cash,   then the best trade right days no trade 
is to wait for the next direction in the   market. And then we can make a decision. 
So that's a very, very important one.
  Don't gloat over your wins and don't get 
down over your losses. Remember, your wins   are awesome. And when you take your ones that's 
great, and your losses or your or your lessons,   remember every single time the market beats 
you or you get beaten in those markets as a   lesson you just paid for that lesson, a job. 
It's your choice.

If you're going to repeat   that lesson in the future you've paid for it. 
You've just given $500 that you've lost now,   you've paid for the lesson of not putting a stop 
loss. Okay, great, you're gonna do it again.   It's a very important way and same with 
gloating. Don't think you are King.   When you do get these wins. And then put yourself 
on these sort of pedestals and these sort of   things. Because in two weeks time you're going 
to have a bad run and every trader has a bad run.   It's a bad is your one's bigger than your 
losses really, really big.

When you lose   walk away when you win big walk away. Big, 
big big rule. We've taken a loss step back,   turn into cash step. Back call, let me let me 
get a better understanding me relax a bit cool.   When we start getting clear direction get back 
in the market, when you make a ton of money,   take your damn money putting into the profits 
by profits, I don't mean just USDT. Put it in   Bitcoin, whatever you want to put it in, in 
your long term, you put it in, but walk away,   I've made all this money three days off, not made 
all this money make more, I'm a king, I can do   this.

And that's where it's gonna eat you in it's 
gonna take remember the market is designed to give   you the money and then take it away from you. And 
every day it gives it to you in little portions,   different portions, it's up to you and how much 
you want to take. It's like walking past the ATM,   and it comes out with $100, then it 
goes back in and comes out with $200.   And then it comes out with nothing, you had the 
opportunity to take money to us, you never took it   and I ended up you actually end up giving money to 
the damn ATM. So it's very, very important guys, I   wanted to just focus on a little bit of psychology 
today. I will be putting this up for you guys,   please put it in your rule books, please 
understand that this is a psychological game,   it is going to try and mentally destroy you.

this is where the structure with our emotions   needs to always be in place. So these won't 
be on my Twitter for you guys. Every day. I'm   bringing so we had the spot wallets on Friday, I'm 
focusing now on the long term, guys, you're gonna   be blown away. In one month's time, you're going 
to have a whole damn educational folder. Because   look how many slides we're bringing you guys 
every day. Look how many are coming adventure,   you're gonna have the whole damn syllabus on 
every single section, you're going to have it.   And guess what it had to be a bear cycle for 
you to actually do it.

Because in a bull cycle,   no one would be listening because everyone's the 
king, everyone's making money. Now for the first   time we're sitting, and in a month's time, you're 
going to be so educated. And when that time comes   when we have this again in the market. When 
we have this huge rally in the market again,   you're going to be educated.

And we're going to 
write this and we're going to build this together   and we are going to be chilling on our yachts and 
chilling on our on our islands together. It's not   a get rich, quick scheme. That's not that guys, 
this is dedication. This is getting in as the only   time you're taking the reward will come for your 
hard work. I promise you that this market pays the   patients if your patients and you work with the 
market at will pay you if you're impatient and you   think it's just you're going to use it for scraps 
just to make money that's going to treat you the   exact same way you're going to win some and you're 
going to lose a ton of them as well.

So guys,   I hope you've had a good lesson today. I hope 
you've enjoyed it. I know it's been a tough time   we are bleeding, but we are fighting we have Plan 
A we have Plan B. I'll be here tomorrow and I will   see the next sections. I will be doing a wallet 
this week and the bull trading strategy for us   as well full trading rules, all these things so if 
you haven't guys hit that Like hit that subscribe   button just get this off here so you can see me 
over here.

There we go. Okay guys, so for me to   you have a great day trade safe. Let's get the 
disclaimer up there. Remember no financial advice,   and have a great day everybody. I will see you all 
tomorrow at the for the 10am EST show is on with   Ran I'm not sure if I will be on with him but 
he will definitely be. Other than that, guys. I   will see ye'all tomorrow. Have a brilliant day. 
keep studying, keep learning keep improving..

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