If you ask me when Link will pump. IOTA can also raise this price very seriously. This can increase the synergy to higher levels. Of course, they can raise the price by manipulation. These are already very dominated by Bitfinex'in
brother gives head to head. Bitcoin quickly mentioned and under the comments
of some of my friends at the request of my friends in this section coinmarketcap'e according
to the most invested, the most volume, the most interested in the top 20 new coins in
the first 20'ın talk very quickly, we will talk and analyze what happened . Of course,
we will continue our analysis of August, which we call 3-part series. As a result, we have to finish what we started. The crypto money gift box prize that I announced
in the previous section has started to be drawn. I'd like to make two sentences about the July

Some friends wrote why you didn't draw in
July because you gave this Ledger to a person. I explained it in the previous video, but
there was a requirement to keep 250 Huobi last month's draw. In fact, no one was qualified because he had
not been fulfilled. After all, I have no secrets. I explained this honestly to you and I chose
a person. This is the subject, but now, as we did in
March, April, May, June, there will certainly be a draw because the rules are clear from
the beginning. There is no requirement to hold 250 Huobi
tokens. You can subscribe to my channel and touch
the bell next to it, like my videos and write your comments and participate in this draw
and thank me for my videos. Let's start.

We will talk and analyze Cosmos, IOTA, NEO,
Chainlink, Dash, Unus Sed Leo and Tezos quickly without going through technical analysis. Since I don't want to lengthen the video much,
we'll cover each one with its outlines and important news. Now let's start with Bitcoin first. In my previous video, we drew attention to
the 10800 band for the rise in Bitcoin, and then, like last night, Bitcoin slowly came
to the 10800s, skid there and then climbed up to the 11700s.

It rose a little hard, and we're in time to
be more careful. Now I'm saying that if we can hold on to the
11500s, we can talk about $ 12400 if we can hold on to the 11500s, but now I think the
next few days are important. 11500 region has served as a nice support
in the past, but we need to check again, can we hold? No investment advice, but here, fomo'ya snatching
bitcoin so that I should get bitcoin immediately I need to get bitcoin style of concern is
not to be caught in the process.

We're in the snow. You got your profit, I got my wife if it gets
higher oh what you say, if you drop you increase your Bitcoin amount but you should not get
caught in FOMO no matter what. Now I'm going to pass on Bitcoins and other
coins. Let's start with NEO in the first point. NEO, you know, China's Ethereum, he set out,
but at the point where we came with the effect of the market now far from the goal and the
price of $ 200 had hit the peak. Now it's about $ 11 and a half. They are not satisfied with this performance
since they switch from NEO 2.0 to NEO 3.0. Maybe that's why a few months ago, the founder
of the NEO made a statement and said that by 2020 the blockchain number 1 would be the
NEO's blockchain. We refer to NEO 3.0 in another video, but
now with this innovation in NEO, a new consensus is emerging, which results in transaction
precision in the NEO blockchain.

So I'm throwing failed nodes, when they are
members of the blockchain network, they can quickly reconnect them to the network and
add a consensus mechanism that reduces fork problems. It comes with NEO's new consensus model. He also says that with NEO 3.0, the Uber Entertainment
applications will come. You know, as the founder of NEO, you're an
entertainment app, and I understand casino games because you know that the money in the
decentralized apps in Tron, EOS and Ethereum turns around a lot. He wants to get a share of this money, probably
NEO. That's what happens and if extra money comes
into the radar of the whales returning money, the extra volume may come to NEO in the long
run. The Elastos Blockchain team deployed the Ethereum
and NEO sidechain side chains.

So in the future we can see Ethereum and NEO
much closer to each other through these side chains. And now let's move on to the second article,
Chainlink, folks. Chainlink, the short name of the name of the
micro-scale partnership with Google announced the name. I then analyzed it in both a video and a Telegram
channel, sharing the situation with you. Link stepped up to the top after this deal. Then he ate corrections. From now on, you need to follow the Google
news whenever you say that you are going to rise except for the increases made by manipulation.

Link is about $ 2.48 now. In the meantime, Link bi de Ziliqa made a
partnership with friends, this is a very new bi event. According to this, Ziliqa's smart contracts
will take a lot of different information from Chanlink and direct it to Ziliqa. This, of course, takes Link one step up, which
is in the process of proving itself, and enriching Ziliqa's smart contracts. And, for example, if we consider that smart
contracts will be used much more in the future, and considering that there is a gap in this
area, Ziliqa and Chainlink can fill this gap. I have a playlist with almost everything about
smart contracts. You can watch and learn what you can do not
only for your career development but also for your friends. Meanwhile, Chainlink's githubs are also rich. So the code libraries are relatively rich. For example, you ask me a lot about Pundix. Pundix updated his github 2 years ago and
not much. As a result, Link made a good entry to the
top 20 if you ask me. He's doing business with big players to hold
on to. Looks like he's keeping it tight, but there's
a risk.

What I think will do with Google is very important. Will their relationship remain experimental
or will Google be able to enter Link thoroughly? Meanwhile, Google's agreement with Link may
also be an answer to Samsung's agreement with Enjin coin. Anyway, we'il wait and see. Now, let's analyze IOTA as Article 3. IOTA is now around 28 cents, and just a few
weeks ago it was around 40 cents. IOTA also suffered from the drop in altcoins
for a while. In addition, a report appeared on friends
IOTA. According to that report, there are about
700 institutes, institutions, and institutions involved in the ecosystem of IOTA. That's all for potential customer IOTA. There will be a Blockchain conference in Hamburg,
Germany on 16-17 August. Julie MaupinB from the IOTA foundation. Let's see what he tells us. Marjan Delatin from Ripple will be the speaker
at the same conference. You have to follow them. There is also a statement from Richard Soley,
president and CEO of Object Management Group, a consortium of computer industry standards
on the price and future of IOTA. So IOTA 2019 will be standardized before the
end, so getting ISO certification for IOTA can be a serious milestone.

Because when we look at the new technologies
from the past to the present day, when the new technologies are internationally standardized
and made open source, they have been adopted much more than they used to reach the larger
masses. This could raise the price of IOTA seriously. If IOTA achieves this standardization, it
may impose itself to companies doing business under this document. This could mean a good future for IOTA, fellows. Now, if you want, let's quickly interpret
Cosmos Atom as the 4th item. Do you know what Cosmos friends do, he calls
himself the Internet of the blockchain and says that it is a work that aims to make different
blockchains work together. Actually, if he can get a good position, he
can link the good projects that are scattered in the crypto money ecosystem. You know, this bonding job is done with micro
solutions such as sidechain, side chain, atomic swap as we just talked about, but it might
be good to have a higher level of service. There is currently an update event for inter-blockchain
communication protocol support, which we call IBC in cosmos. With this protocol, other Cosmos-based blockchains
can be connected to the Cosmos Hub.

In the meantime, Cosmos Hub will actually
become an ecosystem, with other coins coming out. His first coin is Atom. As a result, Atom started quickly. He managed to reflect his work on the price
and he entered the first 20 immediately from the hill in a very short time. You know, I'm going to rise behind the back,
but no matter what a new project. Need time. He has to prove himself. Coinmarketcap'ta fall here, even if it may
be a good sign. Other than that, if you want friends 5 coinmarketcap'te
Unus Sed Leo entering the first 20 quietly let's talk about Leo. Leo coin, Bitfinexi, Ethfinex, Eosfinex, the
company behind the stock exchanges created by the company ifinex bi utility that is a
project token and that area around $ 1 30 cents.

Leo has a function like the Bitfinex version
of BNB, and the BNB is used on the central and decentralized Binance stock exchange,
while the Leo token can be used in both Bitfinex, Ethfinex and Eosfinex. This token is actually a bit of an answer
to Binance's BNB. A late answer. Because the Bitfinex stock exchange in 2017,
especially I'm the father of the market, I do not deal with small investors, men with
$ 300-500 diodes, even if I'm not mistakenly send 10 thousand dollars to the stock market
or something but returned from this event.

It's open to everyone, but it's a little too
late. When we look at the questionable relationship
between Bitfinex and Tether, I think there is a lot of risk in this Leo coin because
there seems to be every way for the men. As in Tether, the liquidity problem arose,
for example, in Leo. They can, of course, increase their price
with manipulations, these are the areas where Bitfinex is very dominant, but it doesn't
make much sense to me. Now let's talk about Dash in Article 6 and
Monero in Article 7, fellas. Dash's about $ 107 right now. I've always said that Dash's focus is on developing
countries rather than developed countries.

Now, for example, they have been added to
the Bitbns stock exchange in the United Arab Emirates, and in Latin America, the payment
processor Xpay has added Dash to its system. They partnered with crypto mobile in Venezuela
and increased the number of Dash users in the country to 10,000. When I examine Dash in general, I see that
they are trying to spread like crazy in developing countries. Dash also read the report on Turkey in their
system but have not seen a lot of activities for Turkey must already be none in my opinion. For example, there is a software program.

Either integrate in Dash or develop your applications
in Dash, get various benefits and so on, for example. Spreading policy is good in the long run if
the manipulation is not resistant to the price in the long term, saying he can
keep a very short article about Tezos'la article 7. My channel already has a review video. News to be added to Tezos coinbase pro brought
the price of Tezos from around $ 1 to about $ 1 and a half. And I told you about sparkpoint. Sparkpoint is an ecosystem. This is a blockchain-based remote learning,
gaming, online merchandising and online delivery project. taken in Bitmart and Hotbit stock satılıyo
and Yemeksepeti in Turkey now and in the similar passage bi projects to bring applications
to life left. We also have full bi airdrop campaigns active
for this application. The first 5 thousand people who download the
mobile application to 10 thousand srk token gifts. You need to download the application and click
the airdrop section to fill out the form. You can reach the Playstore by typing sparkpoint,

In this way, I wanted to share with you what's
going on in the coins that attract the most attention. This is the first time this month, and a Bitcoin
tshirt'daki, you can immediately cash in, you can do Bitcoin Ethereum 45-50 dollars Huobi
token'a there is a lot in this surprise gift box. To participate in this draw, subscribe to
the channel immediately and tap the bell next to it.

Don't forget to like my videos and write your comments. See you..

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