Bitcoin Yeniden Yükselişte, Ethereum Hız Kesmiyor

Hello everyone, I'm Tunç Satıroğlu and Cryptocurrencies are the
sea I know. Welcome. You've been waiting for a week. There are always people
asking if it is done not once but twice a week , etc. That's why I have
a surprise for you today.
That's why I'm doing it, but the reason for the withdrawal is that my main
audience would see these and get angry and if the subscriber didn't
cancel it would hurt me Birds
when subscribed
So I say ok, you don't have any loss from 40 balls, then I
can continue to do this and that's why for
those who subscribe no way,
etc. I mean, maybe he's already subscribing, maybe I'm not watching properly So, look, they don't help much,
then, but in this Crypto money business, the situation is different, when you are not lungless at that moment and I
don't want to do this thing when you lose subscribers anyway
, when
there were very important developments in
week The commenter I made last week was
pretty straight up anyway.

That's the eight-hour eye
he did in this unit
, you can see that he is about to pass the moving average of getting up, so we have a little nervousness here.

That's it, we're solving it, if she gets that corner to 78

some of the leftovers in the game I have inflated and I will tell you, they
can also accompany But other lower sheep Maybe small things can not accompany,
I don't know if there is anything that might require such a thing to happen, but when you look at this image, you say what will
happen next. In this thing, it has made a double bottom in the 40's, 39's, and now it's
45 What could be more normal than what he wears is more normal than he turned 50, so something like this would be nice-
hearted, so it's nice for Bitcoin, but vote for the other altcoin, vote for the other, not good for all It
may be good for some They can join the psychologist, come here Bitcoin itself now Bitcoin
itself we talked to the avikon itself that there was such and such a structure, we talked about it,
such a triangle was made and it
went above
that With the breaking of the triangle
, the Ascension started from here Ok, it's down and the finisher is the friend, the yellow is already
showing al.

I turned to God, but then how far will it go then I did a few studies, I
said '78.000' Now I made another one, it shows 75.000 371. He did the study.
my another work at the door 76000 it shows in another way, 78 showed, or among
these, 76000 never seems to be more likely. Under the circumstances, they have a first target, when they get there,
we will look again. That's why there is an Ascension potential like 11.30am.
We'll see that I got there .
we will follow that there is no such thing as such a deck will come back at the moment, so Bitcoin is rising nicely

minutes left I mean, this
tool is all kinds of crying in its genious hour, it has changed nicely, it has a potential up to a 76 1000 on one or two
sides, what happens after that, it doesn't mean that. So when I finished it like this, it means that
he will come to the goal and go back down from there Maybe a little bit I stalled it, it
may rise again, but when we get there, it's important.

When we come to a resistance level,
we need to know. Just because we have given a target, let's not talk about it, please. Because when I give this target, questions are asked whether it can
come this month, can it come by the end of the year,
I can't say anything, it should come in 12 months, but I can't say anything. you
have to ask about time Because it doesn't show such a thing . The goal is to work with the sports that he does here. He
will go there in the first place, okay, it's good and good. And that's why this dollar is bad, it's good
if it comes in three months, not in a month, but in three months, it's still good, greedy
After saying that, let's move on to the etherium After yum , we had an ascending channel even more in Palen
, there is no such thing as such retreats, there is no such thing as this, we talked as if it will return to God like this

We looked at the skin for eight hours.
it has moved away from even something sticky like the average and continues on that November 8th What
happens in m is already in the week. So just keep playing like that. Then see where it will go, it won't come back at all
. I did a study here, there is 5177 in the first place, it's the place to go after that, but I do
n't talk about them already, everything is there And as I said, this is it 5177 Will it come at the end of this month,
my teacher, at the end of it, how many days will I do it today? Do not ask things like my teacher,
because in how many days it will come and when it will arrive is unknown.

I always have to say the same thing,
but maybe the investor speculator Nestle came and
listened just enough. it could be worse, going back to home, retreats,
I'm not saying that it will be your morning of luck, 4500 support is important, I follow him, if anything happens,
this will be the Dökmeci test from here, then the woman will have to talk about her situation in this week anyway.
There is no such thing. Nice lot I have work now with surprise surprise repo
and steal stamps ripple for you.

To the end, the barn has fallen from the next week and see it has
risen, so this one week is not over, but this diary said, look, it's important
when we finish, now this is 1.31 if it can go above it , which I think it can come out
when the next one is 1.56 the here and that there can be a rapid Ascension and it has been done Because we
are in the second week on school for maintenance weekly it is closing like this So
1.31 or 1.30 from this level may come back a little bit and the important thing is that a 25 closes a 26 Here you see if
my gold is closing on two weekdays it means that he/she stays above school, the next
week will continue at high level.

Especially if it can be 1.32 or something like that, if it can be something like 32 or something like
that, if
it stays on it, that's what it is.
Domino's Yes, it can increase. If Bitcoin can follow it, ripple can also
show a rapid rise there Maybe enough yum will come slower then it doesn't listen anyway at the moment it has
n't passed upwards in the average of the lift , it will be after it passes, but since the probability of passing is
high, that branch we have already put to you is Yes that's it and that's it
, I'll try to mention it in the comments on the weekdays

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