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[Music] cheated drugs identity theft entirely simply online you sit in a child's room and creaxess money on it account bitkom bono and co make it possible there we are already talking about a big test head fell blurring traces made easy money laundering via crypto currency we will follow the art and still more like residential areas from less office complex do you still remember the crime network that is a clipper Germany we have already made a film about it on this one forum hang around big and small criminals and that's how it looks then For example, there are drugs stolen from a marketplace for illegal items credit card details or fake documents since our first film about the crime network we ask ourselves how do criminals get hold of it dirty money and after our film someone contacted us leon fluffig means he wrote as a user I was very active in and in many things involved if you are interested you can ask about anything exchange because I'm out of the scene Of course, that made us curious to write long, back and forth He is very open to us about his alleged crimes I was missing like ebay that means, by and large, things that it sells do not exist and in addition or founded a fake shop or several Today it also sells there are refrigerators and others and Since a six-figure sum is earned, he has organized the fraud about the smoking at work the currency on the bitcoin platform but he has it which later turned into real money to allow david to go shopping carefree we can finally arrange to meet in hamburg so stand here in the train and wait for mr.

I'm doing a lot reliable impression he always writes very regularly now he just has written that sits in the train but of course there is still one residual risk that the colleague dara does not show up but he actually comes fluffy tells us that he started small on the crime network later he organized various scams in a group in short, he probably withdrew a lot of people, and not too tightly so roughly estimate how many people have withdrawn yes it is already in the hundreds, if not partly already 1000 so it is not a few people have a bad conscience why not i dont know i can don't say you have no direct interaction with people sitting down at home, I'll say in a child's room or in your office what was and do you get the money on your account more interactions you have Not with the people is not like that in real life with them meet okay that would be clarified now, but to the point how does he manage to get his illegally earned bitcoin clean? now you have all this money on some bitcoin wallet just like christel translates it into the real world, that's not the case at all easy or it goes through the forum will be very made a lot easier so you could, for example, bitcoin buy prepaid cards be there to take your bitcoins back and forth with the card you can then go to any bank machine and get the money out passion in the end you looked for the people at the train station, I'll tell you homeless they said hey you go with it and I'll face you a little distance hindu runs out of cash with the money and I'll give you then I say 25 30 euros and they are happy about whether you yourself is not ok on the camera blatant and inconvenient but the money is not more to trace back to him because that's what the criminals and crypto currency is supposed to help jo definitely as long as you have the bitkom wallet does not relate to its real name, bitcoins are more or less certain after our meeting, he lures himself into one in front of our eyes crime network high level account a there we see that he has been around for years was very active that does not prove the crimes So, of which he speaks briefly and well, a very interesting conversation with a conversation partner from whom we cannot say one hundred percent whether everything is it true, but that says a very trustworthy impression makes me if that can make cheaters the most important thing, however, is that it gives us an idea in the various forums in the crime network should have all tips on how to illegally earn bitcoin into the real world without revealing his identity these tips are quickly found one of them is the cleanest way to find them is in mono to exchange and then back to bitcoins, it is often said that you have to use them then you have to swap for other art on the outside, for example in nero or i4i that would cover your tracks that makes the whole thing so to say more complicated you write the user true crime and true crime it will be know the best is bitcoin moneo bitcoin so buy swap swap You should even get two bitcoins particularly comfortably on a club tour exchange Being able to swap every day without even having to identify yourself so the criminals swap wildly back and forth and for good reason because crypto currency is often a pseudonym that means it doesn't necessarily use the right name connected but everything is on the so-called block chain visible from the first to the last transaction the block sail is the technology behind bitcoin you can imagine it like a cash book payments that have ever been made with bitkom are listed in chronological order written down and because every block so every page a kind of summary of the the last page contains you can no longer easily change the entries In addition, the cash book is saved in various places manipulation of the block chain is practically impossible and everything is publicly everyone can look at where and where bitcoins can flow so we want to follow the coins from the qualm network together with the mirror do a block 10 analysis that is new journalistic territory for us get help from someone who knows jochen der is doing his doctorate in computer science at the university of mannheim hey i can't be perfectly shown perfectly i mean of course to know learn to stand two addresses of the crime network completely open on the platform similar to account numbers Over this many of the payments flowed now we want the bitcoin follow jochen starts his analysis there at the crime network follows bitcoins who do business with the crime network and then want to look where the bitcoins end up afterwards what do we hope for, what can this give us for the research exactly so you can imagine it as with a current account only that we do not see the names but we only see the account numbers and what we do now is we look at them account numbers at these bitkom addresses and look at the addresses are the we know and if the addresses are included that we know then of course you have to look what are the addresses in the brain and in what connection are they with this money? to do this, he downloads block 10, a huge set of data and writes a program with which he can read out information about payments ok so now they have longer with yokes to calf and he has us relatively many results in prospect so if things go really well then we can ultimately understand the payment flows and are able to do so see who transfers what and where does this money go while i want try out what is recommended in the small network crypto every now and then swapping here you do a kind of digital one on crypto exchanges, for example exchange office around we take action at jens they call themselves the world's largest crypto exchange, according to quem network one should can register here without entering any data e mail and password would be enough we will start our own experiment in february yes i am now starting a great career as a trader as a trader, and so do we now have 0.001 bitcoin here and what we want to find out now is whether I am I somehow have to verify whether I have to reveal my identity to to push money back and forth here, to our surprise, we have to not no ID no photos let's start with 50 euros that's enough to start an experiment bitcoin in another crypto currency swap and move to another role that makes it harder to trace our coins than other accounts use other blog chains and they are not always tracked so for 0.001 bitcoin altig 0.24 80 euros costs double more than double but swap a top job top deal refresh So it now seems as if I had exchanged the bitcoin euro we now just swap wildly back and forth absolutely yes there is even man standing here should be able to withdraw two bitcoin a day without verification then we swap back for bitcoins and then back and forth also between accounts and also with fake Before that, there is now an identity check please complete the identity check to increase the limit to 50,000 euros per day you only have to do this identification if you have a current account I would like to transfer but transfer the coins to another word at the end back so what we had to do now to get it from bitkom without a red pocket and back again and to pay into our wallet was called one cell phone number and an e-mail address that is very, very little to say the least We had to have a person, a driver's license, a credit card specify anything else to identify us [Music] So I'm on my way to the porter there i meet now jochen he has now analyzed all the data that you have my jochen klepper had available that I was also happy for three weeks The analysis cost time overall and the job has a lot of computing power last two and a half years checked exactly so the whole thing looks then ultimately from the fact that here these three lmu is a power plant Dealer address presumably how do we know that because this is 15 79 64 transactions directly from this well-known granit work address these three pays there is anything they would say that i think interesting that's kind of that stands out from the research so what i do I found that quite a lot of these bitcoin too so-called exchanges are services that you can get a little bit introduce the exchange offices and yes there is an exchange very special stung and that was legs, of course, they are particularly easy also to be found because you have also made your address public that means we know the address of cramm network we know the address of bayerns they tweeted once and then of course it's relative just to see what kind of connections there are and there really are A lot of transactions that end up from an address that receive money from Kran Network then finally went on to Bavaria's ok and was how much money are we talking about here are the marginal sums or as that already comes something together well we are already talking overall Jochen first found seven 167.6 bitcoins about larger sums of money crime network has flowed to alleged traffickers our starting point corresponds to the current exchange rate at the time transaction 5.3 million euros whereas bitcoins are next Jochen checked which known addresses then made payments got and found thousands of transactions However, we only analyzed those transactions that were really clear were to be assigned and so Jochen was still able to assign 46.4 bitcoin known addresses two recipients particularly stood out the crime network itself went back to the 17.2 bitcoin and the largest sum he can understand could went to 22.1 bitcoin, the daily value at that time, about 154,000 euros we have now looked at a german parcel market with comparatively low numbers if you look at the cash flows worldwide If you look at it, you come across completely different numbers this is what the company genesis did in their club tour report 20 20 die have 10 bitkom with illegal in the background in 2009 alone, worth 770 million dollar traced back to bavaria's high time to take a closer look at both you present yourself confidently at install It was founded in 2017 now, according to its own statements, the world's largest crypto exchange shanghai or she is the ceo the native chinese is literally rose from burger flipper to crypto billionaire He was interested in crypto currencies from an early age, especially those technology behind it the block c in the interview he says war he works in different countries for different companies and founded after all, the website's real wines are now more than 1.4 Millions of transactions are processed per second and continues in great fashion scene and calls it the crypto overlord we ask you maybe he would like to give us an interview the hope dies in the end, however, we can also find in German with a german imprint in this imprint it says crying deutschland gmbh & co kg in tübingen that is the head of valence is germany yes okay then we give the man with the nice smile a call yes, one speaks timo rom from the north german radio year old with mr spoken maybe i can write an e-mail or you have the mobile number that would of course be even better ok or when and when is there again we should write an email spoiler an interview will be us both Germany does not give but we send questions like e-mail actually it shouldn't be possible to trade structure in and out without identification because, as with banks, laws apply here in germany too against money laundering we go on a trip to start in berlin how do they do that picture [Music] [Music] Everything is there, pale Walla is still in the process of setting up a classic bank account with access to crypto currency christof nitz is the so-called chief financial officer his team ensures that everything is checked in accordance with the law I will open an account with us if the account is opened with a Sparkasse if you do it online so of course we don't have a desk as is well known, nowhere to go then lay down your identity card but also a video identification process that the German practice in standard and we would be happy if it would do more there are many exchanges you can't take these new ones as seriously as you can there are exchanges in the world that actually try very hard to create new ones customer rules to be as simple as possible, to put it mildly So if you open a current account then the bank has to be very precise check who she has in front of her there are rules for that casey rules so new customer know your customer for this the bank charges completely a lot of data the most obvious, for example your identity card only if the bank knows who it is, you can do that too to organize money and thus curb money laundering we have now learned that in in the crypto world, apparently not all of them implement the rules as precisely as with Waller describes it, but that would be important the more providers have their customers verify and as forgery-proof as possible and so that then the that somehow fake identities cannot be created, all the more so bitkom Transactions are actually real people to be located, that means if everyone criminal investigation provider casey collecting data will become life essential for criminals So what I took with me now is harder that there are companies like Waller that of course deal with newcomers hold those who try to do everything right, so to speak, and those in germany are regulated, of course, this regulation is also regulated one reason you should, for example, allow law enforcement officers to do so illegally tracking payment flows thomas boger public prosecutor for cybercrime deals with exactly that want mr ghoga can you hear me i can you Haven't heard yet what role exchanges play in this pursuit Of culture currency these exchanges play is very central role you can see that when you look at the transaction historical looks where this leads and these are the big club exchanges of course the point of contact of the choice they also have the appropriate one liquidity you are sure not to be cheating in the scanner to sit up that's why they play it then of course a very decisive role for the criminals but also for us and these exchanges would regulate your know your customer adhere to exactly as well as is, I say the volksbank or the deutsche bank probably doing right now then probably the world would already it would look different for the criminals or the world look different if this case also applies to the exchanges consequently, more regulation would be implemented analogous to the classic one it will certainly be nice for commercial banks I am not naive, I know that it is very difficult, I also know that not all of our problems will be solved what a role we play Your investigation with us is certainly one of the bigger players the area and thus the question itself is actually answered with it believes that this of course also includes transactions via the cloud players also play a role in the investigation company headquarters a big role for companies in non-european countries seats are for German prosecutors more difficult to reach the company headquarters is also important to assess the jurisdiction under which the company falls ok at bayerns it's not that easy at all we have the company network take a closer look at my time all over the world Numerous companies founded, so the only constant is it managing director and he once said in the interview wherever i am at 1 and that is apparently everywhere and nowhere why in the companies we know the caymans on the british virgin islands or on malta it does not both cover itself to be certain they are all countries with lax rules and even fewer controls like you you see that bavaria's network is very complicated, we are here now beautiful tübingen because that's where wales is based deutschland gmbh and it all looks a bit on google maps as if it were somewhere and in the residential area but we have the hope that there maybe office buildings are from that there maybe employees or employees are the ones we talk to, or maybe johannes ourselves and all that we want to take a look at now [Music] somehow we have to be there [Music] I got mine up so it is still more like residential areas from less office complex So although I am walking this street rheine it seems as if it were actually a private house in the apartment building that's why I look there now and ring the bell and then let's see maybe it has johannes royal is to talk to us that will of course be very happy because We still have some questions and if not then we tried first and then we saw them both in the headquarter in germany die legs ins deutschland gmbh & co kg that's over there she is So it is actually like we thought it is not an office building but a house and johannes is also on the doorbell I have just had a very brief and friendly meeting with a neighbor entertained he also said that they probably live there design now especially at work but an office building is not something else the various companies at the bell, among others finance deutschland gmbh & co kg so he seems to be very busy in the house obviously goes I would say there was a lot of business action so we met nobody but we wrote an email and we have an answer received from johannes and he always says that for german customers Identification is absolutely necessary when the account is opened we experienced differently we could open an account without us have to identify and can still trade with them the question is train we say with the help of bavaria germany we in germany and a company that takes care of your regulation apparently we weren't their customers because they wouldn't be offer crypto trading therefore you would have nothing to do with the blog to do analysis or the limit of two bitcoin without verifying you are independent of legs In a recent attempt, we now also had to verify ourselves the fact is we were able to create an account at the beginning of our research and also Trade without verifying us and you can always do so with this account Incidentally, while we are finishing this film, the imprint has been added changed instead of an address, a service provider is now given who does the post forwards and the managing director is no longer Johannes the question of why illegal funds seem to end up at bayerns over and over again are still not answered.

We can discuss this question together with the mirror now agrees ceo of bavaria's posts you remember we asked him and he actually did promised the overlord there will be an interview now and of course we want to like to know what he thinks about the fact that we have these cash flows or fraudulent bitcoins that we could trace to both and of course I'm really excited about what he'll say right now and about to be honest, i'm a little excited too we want to know and what does both of them do against illegally earned ones protect bitcoin [Music] a happy ending like the blog scene realistic people help out jersey from bitcoins of the working for market places like that work for example new delhi since summer the costumes of customers but the chemistry as well as users where I leave others, we have the public crime network addresses sent so we could do everything ourselves understand and we asked you what you apparently to say everything the report and whether it would not be conceivable to introduce the identification of your users worldwide the answer you don't want to add anything to the interview it just emphasizes sometimes that compliance would take dirty business with them very seriously Bitcoin cannot be turned off, any more than dirty Business with money can be stopped but it can be harder for the criminals make by not allowing them bitcoins without identification to put off crypto exchanges such as we play there, apparently a big role what do you think crypto should be regulated even further for example, bitcoin will or should be made more difficult to trade with a pseudonym people are given their freedom and criminal acts are accepted please write your opinion in the comments and if I liked the film then please leave a subscription here and up here we linked a film brothers crime network and there we have one short clip what will no sweden return

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