Bitcoin WILL HIT $400k This Bull Cycle (MOST Interesting BTC Analysis)

look a correction is going to come at some stage but at the moment you know we joke about these big numbers 200 300 400 000 bitcoin but that's very much within reach as a as a global asset class with everyone just putting you know one five ten percent of their portfolio into bitcoin and into ethereum now as well bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades fit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button you could also win a full bitcoin details down below in the video description today i sat down one of the smartest dudes in the entire space alex from nuggets news that's right he's from downunda but his portfolio is certainly going up i'm sure he gives us his idea about what will be happening at the end of this year about bitcoin and i can tell you you're definitely not going to want to miss it we are just getting started you've got to see the price points that he's predicting bitcoin goes to in this bull run pretty exciting stuff so here we go let's check it out hey everybody i'm joined with alex from nuggets news a friend of mine you guys don't forget to check out his channel you guys can get that link down below uh in the description but uh alex is uh coming to us from downunda uh how are you doing alex i'm very good thanks big boy thanks for having me on yeah absolutely so if you could just give us a little uh background on yourself and then tell us a little bit about what you do in the crypto space yeah sure i think so i fell down the uh bitcoin rabbit hole back in 2012.

Uh before that i was a little bit of a gold and silver bug and i lost a lot of money in the gfc in the financial crisis back in 2008 and that's what i wanted to learn about shares and uh how come we've lost half our money in this crash that no one can see coming apparently uh yeah so i read this article on xero hedge about bitcoin and just digital money made sense you know everything else was digital and i'd traveled a lot and i'd seen how bad money was and you know the spreads and all that sort of thing uh so this idea of digital instant money just i kind of knew it was going to take off it was just a matter of time and then i think over the years bitcoin has become uh more important in terms of the hard currency rather than it started off as more of a payment system right and so yeah i just think that it's evolved and then a theorem came along in 2015 and i kind of ignored it a fair bit at first and missed out on the ico but it was a bad mistake everyone was calling it a [ __ ] coin all the maximalists um and then i finally took the time to do my own research and thought wow this is so much bigger than just just bitcoin and money this is a whole new system for absent and everything so yeah i went down that rabbit hole and then i quit my job as a pharmacist in 2017 when that that run sort of took place and started a business and followed my passion and yeah grew the whole business around researching different coins and having a community and yeah now we've got same as you about 20 staff lots of free content and education and premium research and education as well yeah that's really incredible um and you said you were a pharmacist yes so so you were an extremely unique person you were into drugs and crypto yeah everyone says oh you're into drugs on the dark web with bitcoin yeah right mri so yeah so you you've got a lot of research uh and you know your website and your channel is just full of of great stuff you're partnering with a lot of the you know analytic firms that we work with and talk to to get a lot of the the research on our channel and this is what i want to ask you with all of your research that you've done with all of the collective analytics you have what are you seeing right now for crypto what are some of the big trends that people definitely need to be paying attention to yeah so i guess our approach is combining fundamental analysis with technical analysis as well as the sentiment and psychology and these days you can get such good information like you said from glass node and um sentiment the thai crypto quant it's just awesome what we have out there available to us so basically what we're seeing is a very unique cycle compared to previous cycles institutional money has just kept pushing us higher and buying every dip you know you look at the chart and we tend to come back to the 21 week moving average for example and we just haven't even touched that in this entire run and that just shows you that there's that uh i think re-pricing and this asset class has just stamped itself as the real deal yeah and that's very very different to you know a run and a pop that has been retail driven in the past that smart money was early and when they take a position they're not really you know scrambling in to buy paying too much and then it pops like we saw in all these previous cycles this is smart money taking a position for the super long term and so even though we've had this big run up we're just not seeing on chain a lot of coins being sent to exchanges to be sold right miners took a lot of profits to pay for their hardware uh and get ready for the next cycle and that's fine that's all healthy we're seeing a little bit of profit taking but we're not seeing a lot of selling and a lot of those old coins just haven't moved and even with ethereum as well a lot of the coins that either been staked or they're in d5 they're just coins on exchanges are record lows so it's all really healthy i i think we're probably heading somewhere towards like seventy thousand hundred thousand and maybe then we have a bit of a pullback because there's always going to be people that take profits yeah of course and in the macro backdrop if things get a bit messy with interest rates in the stock market um that smart money will also have to take profits they'll have to reposition and reallocate their funds and their balances so look a correction is going to come at some stage but at the moment you know we joke about these big numbers 200 300 400 000 bitcoin but that's very much within reach as a as a global asset class with everyone just putting you know one five ten percent of their portfolio into bitcoin and into ethereum now as well yeah i think that that's definitely something we're seeing we've seen profit taking uh we've definitely seen you know we've talked a lot on my channel about the miners taking profits we we've been a little hard on the miners uh because it's a very irregular pattern from some of the mining pools taking that profit uh what are your thoughts on that like when you look at the f2 pool for instance that we've been very hard on um you know when you see a lot of those peaks they've sold massive amounts very inconsistent with what they've done you know uh you know throughout the previous months and then we see gigantic corrections based solely upon their selling what do you what are your thoughts on um on f2 pool and the mining outflows yeah so for a very long time miners were below the production cost so they were losing money and that's where they're very reluctant to sell and then they sort of hopped from being losing money to being profitable to extremely profitable when we're up at you know forty fifty thousand we saw a lot of that selling so i guess if you looked over time it would probably be them just getting back to their average or getting back to what they needed to to pay off all their bills and what they what they want to do is pay off all the hardware they have and and get ready for the next lot of hardware for the next market cycle and once they kind of have everything squared off then they'll stop that selling and we've already seen it slow down a little bit yeah so yeah i definitely think it's all just part of the normal cycle and once you have that behind us then you know that that's just less selling that's that's coming in future so it's kind of a necessary part of the cycle but yeah they were losing money for a long time and then all of a sudden they've got a heap of profit so you can't really blame them for paying their bills yeah i definitely can is it it's it's when you've got one mining pool that's doing it and the rest of them aren't and then when you actually sit my big problem with it is if you actually sit there and you think if they were just to sell a consistent amount over time they would actually make more profit because they would prevent the price from dumping because we've had several major gigantic corrections that pretty much solely you contracted they're selling so in my opinion like it only makes sense that they're leveraging it on the way down and trying to kind of make the profits back instead of just selling because it would make more sense from a business perspective to do it consistent to keep the market from taking the other thing i think about though is is when we look at a lot of the top indicators like when we look at the new poll or the stock to flow deflection uh or the the puel multiple when you look at a lot of these top indicators you know it seems like every time we start getting to a danger zone we have these massive dumps and that's what kind of keeps the market healthy so you know from an analytic standpoint what do you what are you are you seeing in terms of market tops you compared to you know every other day you know people are saying no the bull market's over i don't think any of us actually in the space think that but what are you seeing in terms of some of those top indicators yeah i definitely think like the whales and the miners um like to push that the market in the right direction to keep things healthy and if if we hadn't have had these pores that we're currently in and we had gone straight to 70 80 100k then that is like a super parabolic chart and that's not healthy because everyone wants to make money but people forget the harder it goes up the harder it's going to fall as well so we need stair steps um yeah we're getting towards the sort of danger zone or over extended on a lot of these metrics um maybe it's slightly different this time just because of that maturing of the asset class but again i think wales would take profits and a lot of people have made 10x 20x in a year or so so we're going to see profit-taking and once the market turns and people become fearful that everyone is selling becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because right we saw the other day there was that mislabeled transaction and the alert went out and everyone started to sell and that's probably was it what was it on accident you think i i yeah i know the guys at crypto quan and i think they definitely mean well i don't think they want to cause a market panic but um i worry about how thin markets are and order books are sometimes because we literally know that there's not many coins on exchanges and not many people are sending them there and so everyone subscribes to these channels or these services and we're looking at this data so what happens the day when there is a big spike and if all the youtubers tell everyone that there's coins going in and people see that and they get the alerts and everyone it's like musical chairs and i think at the moment some people or everyone is just kind of thinking that oh i'm going to sell the top when i get that alert on my phone but if everyone tries to do that at once and when we're at 100k we could be at 50k within a day do you know what i mean and that's i guess what worries me a little bit that these markets are still very thin and controlled by 100x leverage yeah it is it is it's very interesting when you think about that the market caps and how but a lot that's probably one of the biggest misnomers about cryptocurrency in these market caps is there's not a one-to-one value of actual dollars in the bitcoin market cap like there's not literally you know a trillion dollars in there a lot of it's on leverage and that's why it only takes like bank of america said 93 million dollars to move the price of bitcoin one percent so um but yeah such an important point like you're talking about realized market cap and even more for all altcoins as you say yeah absolutely well what what is your thoughts in terms of a bear market um do you believe we're going to see a standard bear market where bitcoin goes down 85 percent do you think that we're going to see kind of a more dial back bear market like that's kind of what i think is going to happen maybe 65 due to a lot of the institutional money or do you believe in a bitcoin super cycle where the price is gonna go up for the rest of our lives and there will never be another red candle uh it depends where we go so let's if we went to 400 000 and got a big week and then we pulled back to 100 you know that's a 75 percent connection back to 100k so look maybe but i definitely think and i've always said that we are growing to a multi-trillion dollar market cap to compete with gold and forex blah blah blah like we all hope and as we grow the volatility is going to get less and less and we're going to turn into a currency just like the euro or the us dollar the aussie dollar you know we might have 10 or 20 volatility year to year and so i think this cycle will not be 85 percent it might be 70 60 50 maybe because as long as we're getting global adoption and penetration there's always buyers and more and more fiat currencies always being printed and as long as more and more of that is always entering bitcoin then that's all going to sort of slow the growth and stem the bleeding and you've got to remember that this is the first time that bitcoin has uh bounced back after the public boom and bust so this is the cycle where people realize it's here to stay yeah so when it busts again everyone is going to be saying hey we buy that dip and then we get rich and so everyone's going to be thinking that rather than oh is bitcoin dead so i don't think we get a deep nasty correction this time i don't know if i believe that i i i don't know if i believe that this one will be different where people say oh no we'll buy the dip now like i think the smart money will do that obviously but i'm just thinking about the the mainstream retail mania that's coming because we haven't even seen that yet you know once we see that they won't they won't be they'll be the same as always they'll you know buy the top and then they'll sell when there's blood in the streets and you're just selling it to tesla and spacex yes or chinese companies it's a global phenomenon yeah the uh me too right that's the name of the company yeah me too that's a little on closer your side of the world um so yeah so okay so what are your thoughts let me let me uh last question here um let's talk about bitcoin you know you've thrown out some you know kind of crazy numbers where it could go what what do you like from your perspective everything you're seeing kind of map out the the rest of this bull market and just some brief phases like where do you think we're going to go before we get a giant correction like what kind of percentage correction and then ultimately what price point do you see bitcoin at by the end of this bull market uh yeah i think like i said throw that figure about 70 000 or 100 000 and then um you know a sideways chop for for months on end would be really healthy to allow alts uh you know gaming nfts d5 all that sort of sector to blossom and then bitcoin has another run into the end of the cycle when we get up to these very large numbers um and then we have that correction into the next halving so that would be the ideal i guess road map yeah so what what do you think what is the absolute top you can see bitcoin going to in this market in this cycle yeah i do believe that sort of 200 300 400 000 is possible in the next sort of that'll be about two years away maybe three years away um in the next 10 years i can see bitcoin going to a million dollars a coin but um that won't be an easy right that'll be very volatile and you'll get shaken off so don't think it's gonna be easy well when you say you will get shaken off you're not talking about me i will not be shooketh definitely just in general i'm gonna hold on no matter what people matter people say oh you know you've had bitcoin since 2012-13 you know you watch that go down 85 percent three or four times little cycles within that the fud the hard forks like people going you got in early but no it was super hard every time that went down well it's all it's all the same so so every time like i've also been in the market since 2012 i sold very early so really kind of like 2014 2015 i wasn't like really in the market i owned a little bit here and there you know basically after mount gox crashed i thought crypto was over so like i really took my eyes off and um you know things like that but what i say is by the time you've been in this this long and you've seen this many market cycles and you've seen the fight and really the thing that really brings it all around for me is when it's always the same story around the same events it's always like right before the having it's the stories that are well this having is different because everybody knows they were saying the same stuff in 2015 you know that they were saying in 2019 and we saw what happened there's uh there's china bans crypto yeah the mining death spiral there's tether then there's you know regulation and they're going to outlaw it then you know the privacy criminal stuff it's the same everything it's always the same and so when you've heard it once you've heard it a million times and the more you hear it and the more you really start to see what's going on you understand you know you just hold you know you got your trade in crypto you got your profit taken but in general you just don't worry about it we all know where this is going so multi-trillion dollar market cap i love it well alex thank you so much for joining the show today everybody make sure to go check out his uh channel down below in the description also check out his uh website is that correct oh yeah in that's right that's that's that's got all the free stuff um and then there's the premium stuff as well if everyone's interested awesome so it's good research he's partnered with a lot of good good firms out there so you guys make sure to subscribe to the channel alex anything you want to leave us with today um no i guess uh we didn't really get to touch on we might get into that next on my channel we're going to finish off the second half of this interview actually so we'll get into some more juicy stuff over on my channel yeah absolutely so make sure go subscribe so you can watch our video together there well guys make sure you drop your comments down below let me know who else in the crypto space you want to see us collaborate with would love to get some comments and some ideas and suggestions on that for now that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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