Bitcoin Weekly Forecast & My Portfolio Update: 2.8 – 2.14

then actually this flash reaction is pretty frustrating to me because i can clearly understand about you know background why these flyers crash come to the [Music] market hello i'm mr so today is a regular item crypto asset weekly forecast and profile update from february 8th to february 14th okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio strategy so i only archive masters in a bitcoin and older which is related to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my portfolio okay and in my portfolio allocation system i don't know so last week i newly and also additionally investment in these crypto assets so start from uma ren uni wi-fi ave ogn kp3r theater double and xm mega dao smx twt trust wallets dent and cream finance and these are my current proper allocations and performance adjust this one here okay and let's start from the bitcoin so btc usd for our chart last week price move is left by this news tesla makes 1.5 million investment in a bitcoin bunch of minute possible news come to the market here again they let's start from here february 5th 5am btc price was 37 southern 230 dollars and this was the key cycle score line 40 thousand dollars a year then on february 8th once we get the news about tesla makes it a 1.5 billion investment in the bitcoin we're going to gain huge bullish momentum here then the price finally hits 48 142 on february 9th 1pm then after that plus gradually experience correctional momentum and once the btc hits on the middle line of the bollinger band plus push back again before another new additional bridge momentum we got you know interesting news here that february 10th twitter considers adding bitcoin to its balance seat just like a microstrategy says company cfo but you know there is no british action here but instead 2012 a lot of you know bullish news comes to the market such as uba seo open to accepting payment for the services and cryptocurrency another news jack dosey and jay-z put 500 bitcoin around 23.6 million dollars into trust supporting africa and india another news here that bp car user now can use apple pay but here is kind of a little bit misunderstanding about the news content stuff it's not for all apple pay users which have 380 million user here active user base it's not that number the actual number is big pay card user so much less number here but because of this you know consecutive you know positive news here you know bitcoin finally after another or new time here and after this price is hovering around between upper place line on the bollinger band and the middle class line on the bollinger bands so keeping the polish momentum here then we have another you know lots of british news here that for example you know bitcoin etf approval on the tron stock exchange it's quite close to news and on 13th amazon is working on digital currency solutions in a pilot program in new mexico then february 14th morgan stanley units considers 150 billion bitcoin investment it's huge impact news and eventually btc after another new all-time high february 14th 98 pm 1497 907 okay after that you know we're going to explain kind of small crash here plus hitting around at 4 600 or so then actually this flash reaction is pretty frustrating to me because i can clearly understand about you know background why these price crash come to the market this is you know led by speculators speculators they're going to hold large amount of bitcoin they're going to set the short selling on you know leverage trading positioning stuff binance or okay x or something once the price hitting close to fifty thousand dollars but they never allow us to touch the fifty thousand dollars because once the btc price hits around fifty thousand dollars another british trend come to the market those speculators they're gonna lose huge amount of money so so they're gonna increase their short positioning along with the prices you know reaching the under fifty seven dollars or so and then once the price is nearly hitting to 50 000 or so they're gonna sell huge amount of the bitcoin on not the derivative market but actual bitcoin market so price usually dropped then once the btc plus hit like a minus three side on the 47 of the cell they're going to require their show positioning with the show carbon model here then they're going to make a huge amount of money here in parallel they're going to use this profit to additionally buy actual bitcoin here now why i think you know these are pretty frustrating annoying stuff for us because all the time this kind of broaderity was the main cause that a lot of institute investor hesitated to join this market because of this from the technical perspective it's pretty natural that bitcoin hit and pushed back from this you know middle line or the bollinger band but they failed it's pretty clear that for me that the speculators take the market manipulations with this kind of you know price bearish trend like this way okay simply say we have to eliminate those in speculator from this market and then once we get over the weekly chart here so interest move is here still on a ktj basis the short-term trend is maintaining you know upper breakout against middle trend also long term trend here so still you know bridge moments i'm keeping like this way and once we're gonna move the mastery chart here's actually pretty you know interesting price move that we should focus on it because in january btc price moving like this way in a condo charge basis once the btc after the all-time high but the price is pushed back again this price move is kind of similar to this price move that was happened in 2017 last time bubble moments on a btc market but this time it's pretty different as you can see that after these kando child formations this time btc price on february basis it's currently in the middle of the fair valley still keeping british momentum like this way and i want to look at the kdj here still the you know short-term trend the popularity have a you know room gap middle time trend and also the long-term trend here so as you can see still long-term bitcoin trend informing the bullish momentum here okay the old market cap and business of last flights so multi-cap plus 28.4 percent huge increase in parallel btc dominance late is minus zero point seven percent the reason background of this one is of course because of a tesla news market cap search led by bitcoin market but at the same time but dominance late decrease still happening here which means a lot of you know money moving to our coin market too okay you know once we're gonna move to usct market cap plus point four percent here's can create evidence that a lot of money also move it to our coin market the next one cme btc features one month price difference average last time plus 374 this week plus 472 so plus 26 percent still you know super bullish momentum is keeping right now then once we're gonna move to cme btc futures open interest rates plus eight point four percent average volume also plus sixty three percent it's kind of really interesting move here in my analysis because of the tesla news future trader gradually figured out mid-term price directions of the btc flights because you know they assume that a lot of other you know public company major private companies started buying bitcoin following up their teslas in actions so this eventually hit the plus stats here on open interest rates but at the same time average volume loss last week was around minus 70 this week is plus 63 also you know pretty active without the daily training stuff you know because the variety of the bitcoin is rising right now that's the things we can learn from cme btc fuses market and then wptc market means and burns it's a great news come to this market right now as you can see here pretty big increase on a wbtc new means this means a lot of trader moving the asset from fiat to cryptocurrency exchange to define market because they expect btc bullish momentum is keeping that's why they're going to move their assets from actual btc to wbtc market to make money in a defined space it's pretty positive sign that the british momentum in bitcoin market is getting stronger and stronger that's the thing we can run from here okay then btc hash light mining competitions next time every 90s is plus 4.14 not that bad this is simply because bitcoin price is rising that's why then btc transition fee plus 43.7 percent currently 20.28 still not a quite expensive one but still increasing so we need to pay attention to this the paypal btc buying power february 14th around 40 million plus 3.8 percent not that bad next one great skill investment btc positioning no change since last week okay then here's additional analysis this is you know liquidity supply on the crypto exchange then as you can see here is january 2021 the liquidity supply and crypto exchange is decreasing on a bitcoin this means a lot of investor they're not gonna sell the bitcoin they try to keep this bitcoin in long-term hold then once we're gonna look at another graph from grass notes that those retail investor or institutional investor who have over thousand bitcoin is increasing this is another great brew cigarette that a lot of you know crypto investors consider that bitcoin bridge momentum is continuing then price prediction status after the third harvey so 2014 bitcoin hit 49 000 707 so looks like a catch up trend on these predictions then i'm also still keeping this my prediction here so much to may 2021 btc hits around 150 to 200 thousand dollars okay the additional analysis bitcoin price can reach 100 000 by september according to stock to flow model stock to flow analysis model is a very typical most frequently used analytical model which we're going to apply to the gold market analysis since you know bitcoin investment trend is coming from the transitional model from gold to bitcoin so we can apply the same anaconda model here okay here the right blue one is the first price move after the first halving and the blue one here the price move after second harbing and then red one here is a price move after the third harbinger then you know right green one is their first foundation on september on minimum level btc hits one hundred thousand dollars or so but here's also the maximum story here also they're going to predict 288 thousand dollars so these binder in the production model so as you can see lots of lots of news come up the market like dcs bitcoin market it's quite bullish okay then simply because we are the after the third harbinger that's why because all the time after the helping supply market of the bitcoin is getting down down along with the mass adaptation of bitcoin investment stuff demand is increasing so naturally the btc price is goes up so very simple formula all right google search trend last week bitcoin hits plus 35 17 gold plus 387 usd plus 233 is plus one four and as i predicted you know one month ago in march btc hits higher number than gold also another thing we need to pay attention to is still it's gradually growing right now it's pretty good then gold chart still bear strength almost no big change price is around 1800 or so okay the wide risk asset market cap ranking february 14th btc finally hits top six so higher than tesla okay then one richest person ranking february 14 is currently era musk c of the tesla is the richest man in the world and then he has 195 billion dollars under satoshi nakamoto is bitcoin creator 1 million btc holder currently in his asset is 48 billion top 25th then u.s 10-year treasury constant maturity rate february 11 plus 1.6 percent as you can see after the peak less level of the current shock the stat itself is increasing because of inflation the srv 500 index overall bridge momentum february 11th new york rest claim hit plus 1.8 percent it's kind of negative stats so we're gonna experience a small crash but after this market hurry recommend like this way overall still bridge momentum and the nasdaq 100 almost same price move and about usual restaurant stats smaller crashes and centerpiece because most of the this is stuck on nasdaq it sticks stuck so no big influence on these stats okay the u.s economy events february 18th usually frame as usual and from here fundamental news updates as usual let's start from kubernetes total infections plus 2.8 last week was over three percent so it's improved again death rates plus three point eight percent last week was over four point one percent so also improved all that says it came from vaccine effects of the kobe 19.

Okay thank you news general motor will continue evaluating bitcoin says ceo maribella but simply say you know general motor is a competitor of the tesla so all the time you know general motor pay attention to the tesla's next move it's kind of natural that all the time they want to follow the national test actions but in my analysis before general motor started buying a bitcoin top silicon valley company such as google facebook or apple or any other like in a successful tech company in silicon valley they're going to start investing in bitcoin earlier than general motor that's my analysis that's why btc price move still on a bridge momentum once this silicon valley company started buying bitcoin you know british momentum bitcoin is pretty strong that's the things we can learn from here okay and the next key news era mask some of this cryptocurrency wallet the beta britain founder of the ethereum already pointed out the risk of the world application is a very critical issue for us because one of the big issue on our entire crypto industry for the next market growth is defy the eastern is the top rate on this and on top of the eastern we have a lot of successful and scalable d5 projects such as mecca ave compound unit swap wi-fi all the retail investors assets rely on web application technology when they allocate their assets in defined space we have to avoid any kind of critical and serious hacking incident it's gonna happen here on the defined market so to realize this kind of highly trustful and secured and defined market development stuff very sophisticated world application technology is a critical demand out there so that's why it's also great that you know elon musk also pointed that same problem here okay this is great on the next key news money going through bitcoin city supports effort to hold bitcoin into regionally allowed tax payment btc it's a step by step but great move okay and the next q news why your startups can benefits by competing in tesla and microstrategy i think this is a pretty good idea because you know a lot of it takes setups these days struggling to gain the money from vcs because of current shock once they get rk some of their cash which is left under their bank accounts move it to bitcoin it's not only against like inflation health investment but also they can you know use this one as a corporate assets to sustainably develop their business in their early stages which is pretty risky moment for them this is a pretty good idea and also these buying power also accelerate maintain the british momentum of bitcoin so this is great so as usual we are waiting for this formula so more and more investor recognized crypto economy has higher potential than u.s dollar economy crypto economy experiences exploitation growth and to realize this formula what are you waiting for is second nixon shock since 1972 okay so from here are going let's start for birth so three measure bus project or data from ethereum tron yes and then last week ethro active dapps number plus 20.

It's big starts yet you know about other things there is no big change transaction volume is little minus 36 percent but still you know 33 billion dollars quite a big number here the eastern transaction fee plus 30 18.99 now it's cheaper than bitcoin and the next one grade scale investment is positioning since grade scale we opened the door to the institutional investor about you know ge product stuff and then currently this number is the east token they're going to hold then key news from grass node total value in the east 2.0 deposits contra just reached an old time high of over 3 medium then this blue line is this trend as you can see is gradually increasing like this way this is totally along with the price trend of ease because you know the number is staking is increasing token surprise crypto exchange of east is decreasing that is why it's a great positive impact about british momentum of the east now another key news bitcoin billionaire camaro winger boss said ethereum significantly under burrowed defy crypto assets are just getting started i totally agree with this because next market developments on this you know blockchain industry is defy and israel is a leading player here that's why defined x so training volume comparison between central exchange and dex this week's stats is 21.521 last week was 71.

So as i explained to you guys previous slides this week tesla investment bitcoin let the market sell a lot of you know money coming from pr money to crypto central exchange stuff is rapidly growing okay all right define civil coin landing so landing market updates total tbl 16.6 billion plus six point five percent top three player mekado six point twenty five billion plus nine point eight percent already five point twenty four billion plus three point eight percent compound 4.48 billion plus 15 so compared with last week stats is quite modest a lot of money moving to arkham last week but those money coming from fiat currency which means that those with the investor who still does not understand about the defy that's why that's not happening here so next one defy delivery depths and insurance so market total total tbl 3.12 billions plus 23 percent since it takes 2.62 billion plus 66 plus 26.5 percent nexus mutual insurance project plus 7.7 percent hedgic plus 14 growth of the statistics is amazing on a defy asset market market total tvl 3.97 billion plus 27 percent it's pretty big increase our leading player is these two player battered l plus thirty percent one point ninety two billion rambiam plus thirty percent one point zero one billion the harvest finance 510 millions plus 4.8 percent and young finance 482 million two point three percent on a decentralized cdn so no development updates theater plus nine percent helium hotspot plus two percent ethereum minus twelve percent firecoin no updates brave dense ozone updates still great progress for the sierra ethno network is continuing this is great so here's kind of last slide so industry development speed comparison between intel and blockchain okay the internet took 15 years to overcome the bubble this is a nasdaq bubble moment in industry 2000 much there one this is nasdaq in the index stats here then 2015 april 24 finally this index got over now bubble starts here so it took 15 years okay then what about the blockchain like this why 2018 generally total market cap of the crypt industry hits 849 video then 2021 generally finally got over last time bubble moment starts with 860 billions it just took three years so simply say industrial development speed of the blockchain is five times faster than that of internet this means you have to make a judgment five faster than internet industry about investment too that's the things we're gonna learn from here okay all right so that is all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose which means i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certain level investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video practically helped you guys to understand about the high potential of the crypto and broken space so i'm going to make a lot of in this video encryption on the brochure space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe this channel bye you

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