Bitcoin Weekly Forecast & My Portfolio Update: 1.25 – 1.31

second bottom line is here johnny 27 29 241 eventually hello i'm mr massa so today is a regular item crypto assets weekly forecast and portfolio updates from january 25th january 31st okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio searches so i only want to get my assets to the bitcoin and the older article which is related g6 categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my performance strategy please check out my other video about my portfolio strategy okay and here is my portfolio application since azure now last week i sold almost over 50 of the token that i hold of the comp and i got the plus 38 return with these investment return i nearly buy uni at abe and i also put my additional money to the bitcoin ethereum cream and then trust what twt okay and these are my cash allocation status as over now perhamas adjusted with the last price of this week is here okay and this time for the bitcoin so btc usd for our chart and last week i told you that the bitcoin price is try to form hit on the shoulder bottom starting place is this one first head and the fast shoulder here rise amount of volume for the plus question moments part of the head is here 28 850 this was kind of chance to form the head and shoulder reviser price action here but as you can see the term here is much shorter than the first one so it's finally failed and the second information here is actually double bottom all right first bottom line is here second bottom line is here january 27 29 241 eventually after recovery here small collections happening here and then after the btc price hit the middle line of this bollinger band eventually we're going to get these tweets johnny 29s elon musk said the bitcoin hashtag on his profile on twitter and with tweet it's inevitable we're going to get the short search includes here this is a typical formation of the double bottom but after this showtime placing please eventually it's going to hit 38 531 on january 29th 10 pm we're going to almost they get zero sum correction moments here but bt supplies try to hovering around the media online on the bollinger band but eventually fail and try to push back right now okay simply say after btc experience the upper breakup of this you know neckline here but almost price is back again now try to make that another you know bridge momentum as of now here okay then once we're gonna with the daily chart here okay we can understand about the y you know four hours plus question momentum and happening there based on the bollinger band basis one is this one so on a daily chart basis as you can see these short-term increase almost pushed back again under the middle line of the daily bollinger band here and it's still btc price is trying to upper breakout of this middle line or the bollinger band this is the latest you know price status of the bitcoin okay since january market is closed we can check out the latest state of the monthly other here once we're going to compare the candle chart reactions on 2017 bible movements and then 2021 as we now hear some people want to say it's kind of close but my opinion is very different first one is actually this one on a kdj short-term middle term and long-term line it's still extra space on each line so combustion moments usually typically happens end of the bullish market it's not going to come to this 20 yet okay then i also have additional fundamental analysis these bleach momentum and bitcoin so it's about the chasm theory on the btc market so first ones i want to understand here is you know chasm theory have five major user base innovator audio after and chasm here and rd majority late majority and late mass and every single new technology experiences these selections for their technical adaptation in a mass market again then once we're going to look back about past bubble market in 2017 in my experiences most of the major investors who are going to get involved in this in 2017 market is innovator and earlier after almost end of december 2017 some of the early majority user come to this market then we're gonna experience you know huge bubble in a moment but those are the majority investors first of all they didn't understand anything about industry value of the bitcoin or any other crypto assets one of the primary motivation for them to buy a bitcoin because every single day the price with bitcoin is you know rising that's why well that's it but now 2021 market conditions especially on characteristic investor is pretty different here is the fact about this point so long-term investor on early majority and lane majority so for example u.s public company standing from square and microstrategy or starting by the bitcoin right those are the early majority user after crossing cousin a second one institutional investor same things like by using a grayscale gvtc or a lot of you know major hedge fund standing investment bitcoin their capital coming from institutional investor what they prefer is like a long-term investment model then at the third player long-term personal investors who are deeply understand about the in-street value of the bitcoin aside from jack dorsey or elon musk they also continuously buy the bitcoin for the long-term hold especially these two major investors u.s public company institutional investor the what's their primary motivation to buy bitcoin is this one their all basic interests are on u.s dollar inflation h because of the huge quantitative incident policy by a central banking system in a global because of the current shock so huge inflation risk come to the financial market right now a lot of those in a smart long-term investor get the huge interest on a bitcoin buying so even the kendo charts russia is similar once we can look at the deeper side of this market structure or buying a selling power of the market is a very very different compared with 2017 bubble moments additional big news come to the market from binance research january 28th binance survey finds that hodor still dominate crypto i'm going to say holderer we're going to make a lot of money by using defy ecosystem is likely increasing these days and those users who are going to be a new folder in the market will be institutional investor or u.s companies or long-term investor for the bitcoin why you can learn from here 2021 global crypto user index report is based on a global survey that includes input from more than 61 southern crypto users across 138 countries and regions mainly by the binance user the survey was conducted over a period from september 15 to october 25th 2020 and it says people are inclined to hold cryptocurrency rather than sell it as much as 39 of the respondents of this you know 61 000 people stated that their usage of crypto is dominating by holding and the holder category is followed by 28 percent of respondents who prefer to use most of the crypto for buying other cryptos measure our coin project like unity swap or abe once they gotta buy the bitcoin they're gonna move this bitcoin to other allcoin project by using you know major crypto exchange such as binance and coinbase stuff okay then the next 22 percent of the respondents said that they mainly use their crypto for staking and lending practices that allow users to earn rewards for securing the network or locking up their coins and this is the point i want to understand here in my analysis from 2021 to 22 a lot of long-term investors major u.s companies or institutional investors start to allocate their crypt assets into device space such as staking and landing stuff okay so that's a huge difference compared with the market in 2017 because in 2017 we didn't have such kind of a d5 project ever in the market but now we have and then once we're going to look at the traction of the defined market development stuff and i'm gonna tell you guys all the time on a weekly basis amazing products amazing traction happen there so institutional investor next target will be these products so one more investor try to hold the bitcoin long term upper side pressure of the bitcoin it's getting better all right binance research mentioned that staking is becoming increasing popular with the ongoing ethereum 2.0 upgrades so this is another four of great wins that since ethereum 2.0 it's quite successfully launched since last december 2020 for the institutional you know use perspective it's much easier for them to make additional investment with the crypto assets especially mainly about the bitcoin and then you know wrapped bitcoin technology wbtc that's the things i want to understand here about market structure difference compared with 2017 all right now our market cap and vegas dominance flights market cap plus 2.25 percent small increase and a btc dominance is minus 0.89 conceptually last three weeks btc dominance you know going down is pretty high but these days a little bit slowing down the things we can expect here that gradually our coin in bullish momentum is switching to bitcoin bullish momentum okay that's the things we can learn from here then once we're going to move to usd price usd market cap since last week plus 8.7 percent pretty big increase and most of this money moving to our coin so that is why the things we can learn from there you know the last price push of the our coin happened this week okay and the next one cme btc futures one month price difference average january 31st is plus 234 dollars last week was 372 which means that minus 37 percent so you know kind of big corrections but the stat itself is still british that's the things we can say from here okay once we're going to move to open interest rates is minus 30.5 percent the average volume is plus 28.6 here the key things we can learn from here that you know last week actually because of ero mask tweets a lot of you know short position holder in the cme lost their money these days price variety of the bitcoin is you know higher and higher but still they have a huge opportunity about the short-term you know investment return model that is why a lot of in the future trader decided not to take the overall day positioning stuff and open their slides they're going to decrease this number instead they're going to take the short-term trading stuff here okay that's the things we can learn from here which means that once this number is getting increased again next indicator that future investor gradually confirmed that long-term bullish momentum or bearish momentum is confirmed okay that's the thing so we can learn from here but imanos is still the long-term bullish momentum we're keeping so once this number gets increasing again this means bridge momentum next two weeks or four weeks will be confirmed again from these stats okay there are another stats wbtc market means and bronze january 31st this is another great indicator for us to understand about long-term hold of the crypto investor on the bitcoin space in increasing plus is here and a minus this year as you can see newly minting of the wbtc is increasing these days it's pretty good that crash momentum on a bitcoin on an entire british market started again here okay and btc hash flights mining competitions almost no change next time timing 36 plus 0.22 percent because bitcoin price is in the correctional momentum that's why on a btc transaction fee january 31st 15.11 plus 84 since last week so gradually bitcoin you know transaction fee is increasing these days as i told you many times once this number transaction fee hits a high and higher this is a negative signal for the bearish market okay and i pay for btc buying power from ebit because it bit with the partnerships of paper to buying the senate bitcoin staff this week plus 95 compares last week but once we're going to look at this long-term chart starting from january 3rd still british momentum has not come this yet that's the things we can confirm from here and that's one great scale investment bitcoin positioning plus 0.3 percent no big increase but additional analysis about grade scale gbtc blue line here is great scale holding on the bitcoin number here the same stat scale issue of the bitcoin from the miner as you can see from january 2017 great scale buying power of the bitcoin is overwhelming about meeting pace and along with the people you know new buying power of the bitcoin as you can see the btc scales in exchange is getting serious and serious which means bridge momentum on bitcoin is still continuing that's the weekend live from here okay then price predictions say this after the third helping i still keep my predictions in march to may 2021 bitcoin plus hit 150 silence to 200 thousand dollars i still keep these productions okay then google search trend it's kind of correctional momentum happening here on the bitcoin so bitcoin minus seven thirty seven gold miner three seventy two usd plus 333 and east 3 no change okay and a wide risk asset market cap bitcoin confirms last week same top nice next alibaba okay and one richest person lacking jeff pesos still the number one at the bitcoin still same compared with last week 24th okay on a gold chart gold price is still around eighteen forty seven dollars so still the bearish momentum here okay on the us treasury tenure real e car giant 29th it's gonna hit minus one point zero two percent minus three percent confirms last week in my analysis the reasons come from since buying administration just started a lot of bond investors see that positive market trend on the u.s treasury bond market okay at the same 500 index january 28th once we get a hit you know improvement stats new u.s new jobless claim similar bridge momentum came to the market but this number is still related to be high eventually price questions happen in the market okay then once we're going to move to nasdaq almost same okay the u.s economy events february 1st to february 5th so as usual february 4th new jobless claim and then let's pay attention to february 5th u.s unemployment rate in general because in generally we're going to experience this kind of harsh moment about third spike on the kobe 19 how the unemployment rate is reacted with this economic crisis compared with december stats six point seven percent okay from here fundamental key news updates as usual let's start from copy 19.

Total infections plus 38 death rates four point six percent pretty clear that infection number is getting improved last week was around last week the number itself is around 48 percent or so it's really really improved these days which means that effectiveness of the vaccine of the kobe 19 is walking but some of the people let's say in bill gates he's going to say that you know new virus not a kobe 19 will hit our human environment not a kobe 19 stuff about copy 19 it's pretty good but still we need to pay attention to about new virus incidents or accident stats okay anansky news crypto industry jumps into lobbying in a response to fincen amazing because fincen tried to regulate cryptoward money transfer model they want to monitor these world applications money transactional staff but thinking about defy market development staff some other world applications such as metamask or trust wallets or coinbase wallets those wallets have a huge potential about business developments about defined market space so these regulations might have negative effects about these market movement stuff so this learning activity will be very crucial about next one or two years you know define market development stuff after the two or three years later these regulations is acceptable for us because we already scale up the massive user base in a defined space so the time is key so from timing wise perspective this time it's a little bit early so this warming activity is great okay unless you news finance ceo says he expects this bitcoin bull cycle to last for years i basically agree with his idea because as i explained to you guys about based on the chasm theory most of the large user base on the chasm series is early majority and late majority and about bitcoin market these investors were moving into bitcoin market right now those investors usually take the long-term investment approach for the bitcoin which means that as czech said this kind of price movement might come to bitcoin okay and the next news coinbase entered top 10 free up ranking on apple us mobile just like this coinbase word is kind of the number four this is another great news that new leader investor come to our market right now then as usual we are waiting for this formula okay more and more retail investors recognize crypto economy has larger potential than usr economy crypto industry experiences exponential growth that to realize this formula what are we waiting for is second nixon shock after 1972 okay and from here is our coin let's start for both markets three major bus projects ethereum tron eos and all the data from and it looks like they're going to change their stats curriculum logic last week so now they're going to only calculate the active dapps and the stats ethereum is still have the biggest number here also other users that's active user also 7 days versions active transactions 7 days versions and 24 hour volume usd basis also simulates versions especially what i pay attention to this one volume size ethereum overwhelming other two major bus project same as other minor bus projects too okay but once we're gonna pay attention to eastern transition fee it's currently plus ten point sixty three dollars plus fifty percent compares last week behind the higher these stats hits the market it's a negative effect about stats developments on it instead otherwise project or blockchain intel operating software such as programs and cosmos has a pretty big chance to grow their business stuff that's the things we can learn from here also other effects the things we can learn from here is higher number here have a negative influence on a defined market stats okay fast defy category decks now as usual the trading voting competition between central exchange and dex here last week 11 to 1 this week 80 to 1.

Huge focus in a two major centuries exchange finance and coinbase especially binance hit the plus fifty percent turning point increase compared with last week so then this stats progress means a lot of yet money come to this crypto space that's the things we can learn from here the main reason that the elon musk tweets that's what i'm announcing from here okay and next one defy stable coin on lending so lady market updates total tbl plus 5.5 top three player make it out plus four point eight percent a plus five point four percent and compound plus five point six three percent but once we get to pay our attention to you know two weeks ago starts here price growth model is still getting decreased which means that our coin turn is nearly close to peak level that's the things we can learn from here the next one derivative dex and insurance so this market is led by synthetics so market total tbl plus plus five point nine percent on a number player six total tv or one point ninety eight billion you can see here pretty close stats here the stats increase also plus five point nine percent nexus is mutual almost no change headache minus one point four percent then once we're gonna compare the stats here that daily market also experiences kind of biggest level of you know market stats development staff compared with last week this is the stats that things we can learn from here the same as landing market data growth itself is gradually slowing down okay and the next one asset market so asset market updates total tbl plus 12 percent budget dial number player plus 31 percent but as i told you that i'm a little bit skeptical about you know batch of dells especially for the you know it's sustainability okay then second player nbm plus nine percent and the third player young finance plus 18 looks like asset market still bullish i'm kind of very interested about these stats movement stuff okay then especially young finance hit the plus 80 pretty strong number here then one of the main reasons coming from this news young finance receives why is vote but rdus disappoint why is is one of the major products on a young finance then they started to connect the finance to coinbase pro these days so a lot of new money coming to young finance but the issue is actually you know interesting return currently 1.60 on your return think about you know regular you know even farming stats investment return on asset market stuff 1.6 is pretty small number so they have to improve i don't know this is that still but the key things i want to tell you here that asset market sales developments will be you know growing growing next one or two year because major crypto exchange just buying as a coinbase it's already connected platform to the on finance okay that's my point and the next one decentralized cdn so no development updates theater plus three point seven percent helium plus three point eight percent far coin no such updates east rome plus one point eight percent brave no change then no change pretty modest growth in these two players this is also good all right that is all this time i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i cannot guarantee you any kind of certain level of investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i really really want to help you guys to deepen your understanding about the future and you know current market status about the crypto blockchain space so i'm going to make a lot of interesting videos on crypto and blockchain space continuously so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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