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Hello YouTube welcome to this video my name is Arash and today I'm going to teach you very important tips for bitcoin trading I always mention that for training in financial markets you need to you work on your psychological aspect you need knowledge and also you need experience ok and in some points experience matters too much in this video I'm going to share with you some experience I have gained in Trading cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin so let's get into the charts for more explanation as you can see facing bitcoin dollars chart on Daily time frame ok in this video I'm going to talk about movement steps in Bitcoin and ethereum and the end of this video you will learn something very profitable and really valuable In the late test experience I have earned in this market is that there is some steps in Bitcoin movements and ethereum movements ok for example as you can see here bitcoin moved down from 60k level to approximately 50k level $10,000 movement and after that it's bounce back to 60k again as you can see we droped from 60 k to 40 k and we bounce back the market is moving in 10K steps ok it's quiet easy another example the market bounced back from 40 k level to 30k level as you can see this is a pull back and in Bitcoin we have two phases the first phase is pull back is second phase is trend ok as you can see the pullbacks are $10,000 each but the trends are $20,000 as you can see we moved up from 30K level to somewhere around 50k level ok and as you can see the market moved up for $20,000 and then we had a pull back from somewhere around 57 we had a pull back for $10,000 dollars again it works approximately ok I'm going to teach you how to be more specific how to be more accurate in this video but you need to watch this video until the end ok so when the market is trending it moves for $20,000 and sometimes it moves for $30,000 ok each movement steps in bitcoin is $10,000 ok when we have a correction it's $10,000 when we have trend it's 20 30 thousand dollars and with technical analysis you can be more accurate I'm going to teach you this video but let's give you more examples you can see the market moved up from 30000$ to $50,000 $20,000dollars movement if you check my last post on YouTube you can see that I have mentioning this area for a short position ok I commending shorts here why because the market has completed the movement steps on bitcoin and also when we are analysing this chart technically we can see that the trend is going weaker and weaker and the market moved down and if you check again my last videos you can see I have recommending 40K level for long positions ok why because the market has completed $10,000 move down and the movement steps and also we are on a really strong support here it's quiet easy it's quiet simple but we need to think you need to learn technical analysis you need to gain some experience and also you need to work on your psychological aspect in market ok people get too greedy at this area I have received too many direct messages we want to buy we have to buy we are too far away from marke at the market is moving up we have nothing and then the butt here and the Market move down ok and this level I have received too many DMS that the market is going to crashed the market is going to touch for example $18,000 and staff like this you know people are always too greedy or always too scared for making profit in financial market you need to be like a robot completely empty with out any kind of emotions if not you have to try to be like it ok at least try to be like a robot ok if the market drop down from this level to for example $18,000 right now I will be smiley I will smile I will laugh why because I follow money management system ok and everything is good for some people if bitcoin moves down from $65000 to $60,000 they cry don't trade with the money you can not offord to lose but let's continue in this video as you can see the market moved up from 40K level to some where around 60k level the market has completed it's $20,000 movement steps ok so it needs to stop or it's needs some correction ok the correction can be timely or correction can happen in the price ok so now I'm going to combine this with technical analysis and as you can see everything is quiet clear for me we have a up trend channel like this as you can see when the market has completed its $20,000 step the Bitcoin has reached the top of this channel so we have a strong resistance here and also we all time high ok so the resistance is obvious for us and also the corrections is too possible for bitcoin price why because we have completed $20,000 movement steps and also we have a all time high and also we have a diversion in indicators ok so completely obvious and from now bitcoin can move down from 60 k level to somewhere around 50k level for example 55k or 50k somewhere around here we can expect this correction in the market ok so as you can see I have 2 supports one is 55000$ second one is $50,000 bitcoin real bounce back from one of these supports but the correction was predictionable for bitcoin we are going to have some sort of correction in the market which might move in the time and also it might move down but after some move down bitcoin can begin another $20,000 steps ok why because in Bitcoin 100 days moving average has crossed up 200 days moving average which is a strong signal for bulls in the market and bullies run in the market and also for some moment bitcoin has been traded above previous all time high which shows us that there are no strong bears in the market no strong sellers in the market so I can predict that after some corrections in the market which can ends from the midel line off this channel and also from the bottom of this channel after some corrections I can expect for bitcoin to move up again ok and for Etherium it's different but if you are wise you can predict movement steps on Ethereum and if not I can teach you actually for Etherium $1,000 each movement steps is $1,000 for example the Market move down from 4k to $2,000 level ok the Market move down for 2 movement steps ok and as you can see from 2k is one stop to 3k you know some times I fell like analysing is quiet easy you know some times i fell everyone understand what is going to happen but they are distracted with emotions and also as you can see the market moved up from 2000$ to 4k and the correction began for how much? to 3k one thousend dollars if you enjoied this video don't forget to give me thums up and shared this video with your friends becuse it works too much it's quite valiable because it's my greates experience trading cryptocurrency specialy bitcoin and etherium and if you be wize you can acually use these tips for analysing any kind of stocks any kind of indexes any kind of forex pairs and use this specially for XAUUSD chart which is gold price and don't forget to subscribe my channel and see you later

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