BITCOIN TO $1MILLION | Bobby Lee: Two More Market Bubbles | AIBC Summit

I think in the next bubble in the next wave so Bitcoin prices goes in waves so every so-called bubble every phone will run it could go up by 10 20 times a previous high so the next one could easily top a hundred thousand even 200 thousand dollars per Bitcoin I'm here with Populi and in front of me we have a real cryptocurrency wallet which is your new project so well maybe what you want to introduce to our viewers won't even working on research sure so so my new companies called Ballet we make this physical cryptocurrency wallet that is non electronic so this is the world's first non electronic wallet actually has multi currency support so even though the primary coin is Bitcoin we support aetherium like coin dogecoin you know xrp finance calling all the other points it's really easy for new people our mission vision is to bring cryptocurrency and make it accessible to everyone in the world I think that's what's really interesting about this it stands out for me is in 2020 everyone's predicting what's going to be the next big change and I think for people to enter the market they need to be a bit more familiar with with something that they know and for cryptocurrency there was just such a big divide between the old world and the new and this is something which may be more familiar to people that are looking to enter this space that's kind of in line with your vision yeah that's right because cryptocurrencies so virtual right people have always complained like it's so you know virtual I can't touch it I don't feel it so what we've done is we've turned cryptocurrency with a wallet solution that's not a soft or a base or Hardware base but rather we take make it physical so you can hold in your hand you can see it touch it literally feel it you even smell it for example we have it count anti counterfeiting technology where on the sticker scratch the QR code and take a smell out smelled it yeah oh okay so it's it's a point of anti-counterfeiting so now you could have all five senses and and get a hold of your cryptocurrency and you can store a very here Leon this way too and if you were if someone was watching this that maybe just oh cripton currency and they are looking for an entry point is it something that you would say actually it is worth you holding a little bit of everything is it worth you accumulating some of Elysa Bitcoin aetherium XRP just to get into the entry point yeah so I I myself from Bitcoin maximalist so I advise all my friends and family to invest in some Bitcoin at least one percent of your net assets or maybe two percent the idea is that Bitcoin the value even those over a hundred billion already it's a fraction of what it could be I think this is definitely a trillion-dollar asset class so it can go up at least by 10x 20x if not 50 or 100 times today's value so for us we made this wallet to make it easy for normal people to make investments and hold Bitcoin for long term in a more than two years five years and do you have a price prediction for Bitcoin as a Bitcoin maximalist so I think in the next bubble in the next wave so Bitcoin prices goes in waves so every so-called bubble every phone will run it could go up by 10 20 times in previous high so the next one could easily top a hundred thousand even two hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin the last high was about twenty thousand dollars so ten times five times ten times 100 to twenty thousand and then two more waves will get us two million dollars so I think I think it'll definitely go up quite a bit in the next 5-10 years and finally Bobby so I just see your panel in CC form a few weeks ago and and you were very passionate and I always love listening to you speak and we hear a IBC summit now how important is it for people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to come to these kind of events and listen and learn a little bit more about the industry well it's it's great that all over the world there's so many conferences great caliber speakers and great organization I think I think it's great that people are doing these things and always I see a lot of fans of crypto industry people so it's really great to see everyone out here awesome well thank you so much probably enjoy the rest of the conference always great to catch up thank you very much that's look for myself and Bobby Lee we'd love to you how you found this same with so share your thoughts with us [Music]

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