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Hello guys. Welcome to this video. My name is Arash and today I will talk about the previous monthly close in Bitcoin. Well watch this video till the end because you can learn a lot of golden tips. And this video can also help you to make a lot of profit in this month. As you can see, Bitcoin succeeds in closing a monthly candle above $60,000. This is really good news for us.

Why? Because this is the first time Bitcoin has managed to close above $60,000 in a monthly time frame. Well, as you can see, here Bitcoin tried to close above $60,000 and failed. Another attempt failed, another attempt failed. And there was a big jump in the market. Well, but at the moment Bitcoin is succeeding in closing above $60,000. This is good news for us. why? Because it shows us that bulls are in charge in the cryptocurrency market .

OK. Also, if you observe really, really carefully, you can see that for some time we have had a new high in the cryptocurrency market. This is another sign that the bulls are very strong in the cryptocurrency market. In this video I will answer some questions for you. What is the worst case scenario for Bitcoin? Also, what is the trend this month? Well, I will answer these questions. So watch this video very carefully. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile these days. So don't forget to turn on the notification after subscribing. That way, you can see my posts and my life really fast and you won't miss the pumps and tails in the market. Let's start with more advice with price action view when you have high here on previous monthly candle here if bad news happens in market, if some rumors start to appear in market then this is support for us. This is a strong support for us.

Well, the previous monthly shade for us is a solid support. OK. Also if you draw this line or even draw this uptrend channel, you can see that at the bottom of this uptrend channel is somewhere around $53,000 as well. So I think the worst case scenario for Bitcoin. If bad things happen in the market, the worst case scenario, the worst in the market is about $50,000. OK. This is the third thing we can understand about this monthly shutdown in the cryptocurrency market, and we can only understand it from this shadow here, because as you can see, we have another shadow somewhere around $50,000. And I think somewhere here there is a very strong support on the daily time frame. Well, these are the means of support for us in the daily time frame. And we can also understand more things in Bitcoin charts.

The next tip you need to know about the previous monthly close of bitcoin is that when you have frequent green candles like this, these movements are actually two feet long. Well, the market is moving up, you have a correction. And after the correction you have another move because this shows us the strength of the bulls. It works in every time frame. On each time frame you had recurring green or red candles, try to have a two-legged scenario. OK. As you can see on the monthly time frame, we had a strong rally at 12345, six consecutive green months. It's quite similar to this week, seven consecutive green weeks .

OK. Then, we had a pullback and in the monthly time frame, you can see another pullback. And then, we have another trend on BigQuery. We can see that here we have another trend on the weekly time frame. Yes. I suspect. And my analysis is that we are about to start another monthly phase of the bitcoin price. I think that was the first leg where we fell and the second leg is coming up. friends. OK. This is the next tip you need to know about the monthly closing of Bitcoin. And I always mention that if you pay attention really well, you can actually find answers to every question. OK. But if you watch 2013 on the monthly time frame, you can see that we have 12,345 consecutive months, five consecutive green months.

We pulled back and had another leg to the upside. And when I watch carefully, I can see that this movement is the same with this movement, this movement, this correction is exactly the same as this correction. And this candle is the same as this candle. And I think that another monthly phase will start in the cryptocurrency market . I think history repeats.

I always say that in order to learn about the future, you have to read history because everything is connected to each other. Every war we have, every virus, our disaster. They happen in time cycles, and they kind of have roots in history, for example, a disease like, I don't want to name names. It happens every 100 years. OK. So there are courses in everything. There are time cycles in everything and everything repeats. The future is a reflection of history. Yes. As you can see in this chart, I believe that another monthly phase will start in the cryptocurrency market.

And you need to know that if the bitcoin price drops this month , for example, if the bitcoin price moves to $52,000, then I won't feel sad. I will buy because I think it will be a shadow on the monthly time frame. as you see. I think, for example, that at some moments, maybe this monthly candle will go down and we will be back to the upside. So I will buy if the bitcoin price drops in the monthly time frame .

And I think in November and December, Bitcoin will set and show us a new all-time high. I am waiting for this. So when you have this mindset in the cryptocurrency market, you need to find some alternative digital currencies. So watch my channel. Watch my post carefully because if you check my previous post , here are ten altcoins that can make a lot of money in November and December. And the last thing you should know about the bitcoin price is that if the market is going to move down, it has to happen from somewhere around this level of the Fibonacci level. Scratch 786. But it did not. Guys, when the market manages to climb all the way up, it shows us that the bears are very tired in the market. If he wanted to get off, it had to happen from somewhere here. It had to happen like this.

But when the market moves up all the way, it shows us that we are still in an uptrend. OK. For example, in 2017, we can see that we saw the first wave of downs and downs. If we use the Fibonacci tool, we can see the market and bitcoin will not be able to break through this red level. This level of Fibonacci. And if the market manages to break through this level, then something like this will happen in the market. We could make other highs in the market, but it couldn't. Well, when the market succeeds in breaking above this Fibonacci level. It shows us that with a high probability the market will put us down and show us new all-time highs.

If this video was helpful to you, don't forget to give me a thumbs up and comment below on this post your thoughts on this monthly close in the Bitcoin monthly timeframe. See you later guys..

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