BITCOIN: THE GENESIS! – Episode #2 of our History of the Blockchain

I admit that I was only interested in blockchain in the late 2013-2014 period, and the first Bitcoin transaction occurred in 2009 four years ago. I admit that I was curious first, curious, then very suspicious, and finally. Wow! "I am confused about the complexity of its mathematical model and its potential applications. I delved into applied mathematics and cryptography courses to try to understand this technology. It is very simple in principle, but very complicated in implementation and application. We must be humble: Blockchain is a technology that is difficult to understand deeply. Try to track the first batch of works on the blockchain, that is, the encrypted blockchain.

We can trace it back to 1979 by Ralph Merck Ralph Merkle (Ralph Merkle) invented the "hash tree." Then, the first concept of virtual currency was born in 1999, when it was Wei Dai's B currency, and then in 2005, when it was Bit Gold (Bit Gold). Gold). Nick Szabo (Nick Szabo). However, the origins of Bitcoin can be traced back to October 2008: in a humble forum of cypherpunks, mathematicians and geeks passionate about cryptography, a Anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto published a 9-page article, the famous "Bitcoin White Paper". This fabulous article accurately describes the operating protocol of Bitcoin, and it has been unbelievable The realism outlines its meaning. Bitcoin is born! Three months later, the cypherpunk community has implemented Satoshi’s code and executed the first transaction of Bitcoin on January 3, 2009 (the famous " Bloc Genesis")..

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