hello gurus and congratulations on the mega 
gains we had last night bitcoin touching 50   60 000 kissing 60 000 someone said we're going to 
jump into the charts for bitcoin see where it's   going congratulations on ethereum it is breaking 
out that 5k target is still in effect um dot is   going for a run they're also just skyrocketing and 
we're doing amazing congratulations to all of you   bitcoin is still on target remember my goal what 
i've been saying for a few weeks 92 000 is the   target in the next month and a half now it was 
two months before now it's a month and a half   once we get to the 92 000 a lot of you are going 
to get greedy you're going to all be rich but   you're also going to get greedy and 92 000 start 
exiting some of your bitcoin and some of your alts   i do believe bitcoin will then spike up to 110 
and 115 k but again once we hit 92 000 then the   ensuing old season start exiting taking profits 
um don't get too greedy but we are going to spike   but it could just be for a few hours or a few 
days to 110 115 and then we're going to correct   down to the 30 to 40 000 range for around one 
year so 92 000 is the target it's backed by what   i know in the field and what i know by a technical 
analysis which i'm going to show you in the charts   we're going to jump into the charts for bitcoin 
predict where it's going to go for today show   where the trades i'm going to show you some of the 
trades i'm going to show you the discord where we   have nearly we have more than 4 000 gurus in there 
investors that invest in crypto and talking and   celebrating like crazy congratulations all of you 
on bitcoin um and congratulations if you followed   that video yesterday i named it do not panic sell 
your bitcoin because it was slightly correcting   but did look extremely bullish and it still 
does let's jump into the technical bitcoin now so now we're in the charts for bitcoin the 
reason i got this 92 000 target is this giant   symmetrical wedge that bitcoin's been playing 
if you follow my videos all day we bought 9k   we sold 55 000 we bought 29 000 we sold 53 
000 we bought at 40 000 been trading the chop   this is a giant symmetrical wedge symmetrical 
wedge the way these work they build pressure   up do pressure will pressure explode to the 
direction of the trend to the base of the wedge   and that that base gives us this 92 000 target 
and yesterday when i was saying this or the last   few weeks people like kind of laughing at me they 
weren't so much spitting at me anymore or um they   were just laughing a little bit but now it seems 
a lot more realistic after we've been exploding   out like this now the main thing to pay attention 
to is the volume look at this volume since july   till now huge volume and always remember volume 
predicts price say with me volume predicts price   and we have all-time high volume for bitcoin this 
thing is just going like crazy we broke out of   this symmetrical wedge the rsi and the stochastic 
on the daily are overbought but they're heading up   very strongly we bull flagged we had this little 
mini bull flag we had the m8 cross and this ma   cross is extremely bullish when you have an m 
a cross like this i'll show you i'll put that   into perspective the last time we had an m across 
the head up so this one was the one we just had to   head up head up at 44 000.

This is the one we had 
to head down at 48 000 and this is the one we had   the last time we had one to head up it was at 32 
000 that was the last m8 cross to head up so again   the last amp moving average across the head up 
was here at um at 32 000. one second 32 000 here   before we went from 32 000 to 53 000 and we just 
had another ma cross to head up at the 45 000. so   it's extremely bullish we have this bull flag m8 
crosses open and we're above the bull flag let's   zoom in so we can see this blue flag close we're 
in the four hourly candles we broke out of the   channel to the upside hopefully you're still in 
your lungs for bitcoin this was the channel the   bull flag that we've been channeling and we just 
broke up and what we did is we played out exactly   like i thought we broke out and we retested and 
if we get a big amount of volume which we're   having right now we do have a lot of volume that's 
extremely bullish that's a re-test like a breakout   and a re-test of this giant bull flag the base 
of the pole of this bull flag is our target so   that's the pole then the flag and then we move up 
and the target is um whoops the target is 68 000   for this bull flag and it looks like we've been 
confirmed we broke out we retested and we're   pushing up again trying to we're kissing 60 000 
right now the rsi is stochastic not overbought   on the four hourly heading up very strongly let's 
go into the hourly now and in the hourly charts   bitcoin also looking amazing rsi and stochastic 
heading up very strongly squeeze mob building uh   going to the green side we have a lot of i have so 
much things on this chart we have a lot of volume   huge volume in bitcoin volume predicts price look 
at that volume that came in and what sent us up   on that skyrocket this morning or night time for 
americans was this candle here we had six thousand   seven hundred bitcoin bought in that one hour six 
thousand seven hundred this is what i'm talking   about the fomo everyone and it's gonna this is 
gonna push up a lot stronger now we broke out   we've retested a lot earlier than i thought we've 
already retested so the target is this 68 thousand   dollars that i talked about in yesterday's video 
i'll show you that video where i predicted this but in my opinion we are going to go on a 
mega run um for bitcoin because i do have   this 92 thousand dollar target but we do have 
to reset rsi and the stochastics a little bit   um however we are bull flagging 
here this is a bull flag a poll   a flag and that usually indicates that we break 
out to the distance of the poll which will send   us up to the sixty eight thousand dollars for 
bitcoin and now we're kind of in this channel oops so fast forward a few hours later and we're 
breaking out of this bull flag the target is that   68 000.

Now we have a bit of resistance but in 
my opinion fomo is going to go crazy right now   bitcoin already broke out it already tested so we 
are going up to that 68 000 in my opinion and it's   gonna happen quickly everyone this is gonna happen 
quickly the fomo is starting people are going to   be like oh no i'm missing out let's get rid of 
these targets we hit them we have very strong   support at the 59 000. we're through the major 
resistances at the 58 000 that's the really big   thing we're through the major resistances um once 
we're through major resistance bitcoin has nothing   really stopping it to the 64 000 that's the last 
all-time higher than 68 000 and then in the longer   time frames that seek this 92 000 that i talked 
about in the next few months so we broke out of   the bull flag we we're pushing up we're above that 
resistance and that trend the the channel of this   pool flag so we're good to go what you could do 
if you want to be very cautious you could wait   till bitcoin re-test this bull flag at the 59 390 
bounces with a lot of volume to head up and then   open your long on that bounce and that head up 
but in my opinion we're going to skyrocket so be   be careful um shorting here i'll just show you 
what happened to all the shots and in my opinion   we're going to keep rocketing up to that 68 000 
the fomo is starting 60k is a big psychological   barrier i want to show you what happened to the 
shorts there was people shorting bitcoin and they   just got obliterated exchanged liquidations 92 
percent of all shorts got it got liquidated today   night in the last hour 92 of shorts got liquidated 
ftx percent sure it's got liquid finance 86   percent of the shorts got liquidated who be buy 
a bid 89 so shorts just got completely wrecked   um which is good celebrations for us and what that 
means is there's less downward pressure on bitcoin   now so 68 000 is our very very realistic 
target which is beautiful and i just want   to congratulate all of you congratulations 
for these gains i'll show you in the discord   everyone's just going crazy celebrating right 
now um this is in our discord right now and   this is just the last 10 minutes of chats so 
these are the last 10 minutes of chat people   showing their charts dogecoin they're predicting 
to break out these students up crazy um ttt up 127   on bitcoin up 19 17 on many trades 
of bitcoin 112 117 17 127 um   people just gaining a lot this student up 
how much are they up i had to put it on the   side four thousand seven hundred dollars for bc 
beautiful and um these are just the last chats in   the last 10 10 minutes or 20 minutes people just 
celebrating like crazy um everyone's celebrating   and bitcoin just going crazy celebrating 
all their profits and in this chat room   right now we have we have let's see how many 
people we have 4082 members 359 of them online   right now celebrating so big congratulations to 
all of you so that's what's going to happen to   bitcoin if you want i'll show you the trades that 
i have on bitcoin right now so radium is up 128   686 on a 500 long um bnb is up 30 189 adam 
is still down a little bit but once bitcoin   stabilizes i believe adam is going to go on a mega 
run so i'm holding that bitcoin trade up 138 2 500   on this one crv coming down a bit eight percent 
because bitcoin is running remember and on on buy   a bit i have many exchanges with many trades right 
now on buy bit trade um we have we have this one   bitcoin up three thousand two hundred dollars 
if you're still in that buybit trade up 141   which is beautiful i'm very big i've got a 
lot of spot positions also on bitcoin um so   congratulations if you've been following my live 
trades the join button down below and if you want   to trade bitcoin make sure you're using this buy 
bit link down here um the buy in the description   if you want to follow my live trades down below 
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you want to trade bitcoin the best bitcoin in all   coin exchange for trading is this buy bit trade 
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when you sign up using my link and if if you have   um if you want to use an exchange that's very 
safe buybit is one of the biggest in the world   if you've been making trades we're getting a lot 
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bonuses use that link and i've got a buy bitcoin   tutorial trading tutorial down there in the videos 
as well nordvpn and take the cryptocurrency master   course and join us in the discord where you can 
talk to my group of elite traders i gathered some   of the best traders in the world from the internet 
all in one chat room and you can talk to them   um which is beautiful and discuss with them so 
bitcoin again is kissing this 60 thousand i'm   gonna get this video out quickly and in my opinion 
the target will be the poll of this bull flag   which if i zoom out is 68 000 for bitcoin that's 
the target for this run-up after and then we're   going to face heavy resistance there and then 
it's price discovery everyone so at this point   bitcoin can just really explode to that 92 
000 very quickly a lot quicker than people   are expecting i was expecting this to happen 
within two months um but it could happen a lot   sooner there's going to be a lot of firmware 
but the target is still within the two months   thank you all for watching such an amazing 
community congratulations to all your gains   if you've been following me on this channel for 
one year if you've been one of my students for   the last 10 years um i've been investing for 
18 years i started off in forex stocks and then   cryptocurrencies i started mining bitcoin in 2012. 
i've been teaching for 10 years you can take my   course with my three thousand other students join 
the more than four thousand members um the stock   group investors in our discord channel talk with 
them all communicate with them learn from them   thank you all for watching hit the subscribe 
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up button let's get this algorithm pumping let's   get a thousand likes on this video thank you all 
you're such an amazing group of people and i'll   see you all again tomorrow oh and i'm going to 
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and talking i'll go i'll make the video with like   20 other youtubers in the cryptocurrency space so 
that's going to be very exciting as well so hit   subscribe to watch that video thank you all have 
an amazing day and i'll see you all again tomorrow

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