Bitcoin strong hand at the Taiwan airport! Monero comic

Hello everyone! This is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to live from the taipei airport
where i just landed like an hour ago or so doubt it is the January 17 2018
batten on the west coast found that like button people if you're watching this
this is gonna be really fast and I just wanted to show you how dedicated I am to
this channel you might not even be able to hear me or see me well I'm using an
airport connection I was given this at the San Francisco
canta conference I was at it's a Manero comic I'm always willing to promote cool
crypto things that people give me and this is just shows yeah this is from mr.
buena Ventura I link to him below I want to give a special shout out the
Christian I'm gonna upload a video that Christian I and I did from the San
Francisco yeah strong hand people yeah and that'll be coming later but I wanted
to do this live so you just get something for today at least because
remember a new video here every day every day even when I seriously I just
got off a plane I was on there for 13 14 hours this is what I look like after I
was on a plane for 13 hours I see on Twitter people are asking any questions
I really obvious I can't answer when I'm on a plane but I do encourage all of you
to follow me on Twitter during the next you know 12 to 24 hours when the videos
might not be as normal as usual because I had when I when I've had access to the
Internet I've been tweeting things out I've been trying to update you but
something that everyone's asking me is like should I still have a strong hand
the Bitcoin price is under 11,000 dollars course of course you know
there's this bit connect scam blew up I can't wait to talk about that um there's
for all that's for all the short term holders out there you know people are
like well I'll just I'll play into the scam for now and I'll get out before
it'll drop drop too late I mean incredible amount so you don't play
gambling games in these people you have a strong hand you think
long-term but you won't be able to get out of the scams and to get rich quick
things and in the wild altcoins you won't be able to predict when
they're about to go down Bitcoin is the rock and you'll go back to the
conference that that it was really interesting there were people there that
were saying they were like big crypto heads hedge fund managers and stuff I
don't think they even knew had a set like send a light coin or I mean they
didn't know they were managing crypto hedge funds were supposed to have lots
of cryptocurrencies and maybe no one cryptocurrency for the UH from the other
cryptocurrency is about managing your own wealth people do not rely on third
parties to hold your cryptocurrency from Manatee you are smarter than these
people when it comes to cryptocurrency and you know what after the experience
and Christian kind of talked about this in the video or maybe we talked about it
together if you just take the time to really learn this stuff you can become I
won't say an expert it within a few months but you can have a lot more
knowledge than a lot more people the people who claim to have knowledge in
this right now they hardly have any knowledge don't they haven't taken a
second to try to learn this stuff and I am really I know I'm gonna sound like
I'm bragging or something something here but a guys like me this have had
channels for a very long time we know a lot more then I'd say 99% of people that
come to these corporate type of conventions not that there's anything
really wrong with the corporate conventions you know what you're signing
up for but about a bus you're about to go to Miami dude I mean you're gonna
hear some people talk about icos and whatever I can guarantee you you're
gonna learn more on this channel than from ninety eight ninety nine percent of
people out there and I gotta be proud of myself here I have taken the time to
learn this stuff and I'm telling you I know a lot about this stuff and it
really hits you when you've talked to some of these people who give themselves
big official titles who know nothing it's it's unbelievable but heyno is a
grown space you have the opportunity be in motion people learn this stuff but
don't panic there's no the price went down so what I've predicted this many
times it it would go down two thousand three thousand whatever it's going down
it'll be back up again be patient think 2020 I'll pound that
like button I hope I hope you guys got to hear some of this I see you're
chatting at least oh yeah people who are hearing this so cool um on adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister there'll be some more videos later pound
that like button there with me here people and please most important have
their strong hands if you need reassurance watch some of my old videos
i am here to make sure you guys don't do anything foolish and sell your big coin
just because it went down who knows what rumors are even out there i haven't
caught up on all the rumors yet but it will be back it always comes back and
obviously i'm not too worried about it i don't even know what the prices i don't
know much about what's going i'm in the middle of an airport but i want to
update all of you bye for now people bye-bye i'll talk to you in the chat

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