what's going on guys proto doge here and today is august 5th which means what um it means i'm on my fifth day of my 100 challenge where i'm trying to eat food with only a hundred dollars for the whole month of august right if you guys want to take the challenge please do this is just meant to be an experiment if if a hundred dollars is a little too you know too tight of a budget for you try 200 and stick to 200 see how long it takes you until you pass the 200 mark or 300 right so i want everybody to just kind of do this just so they can get a gauge of how much they actually spend on food and then you can start tackling your other expenses every month right so that's the point of this whole thing a lot of people have been asking me too like hey pro have pro uh do you only eat once a day yeah unfortunately i do only eat once a day and the thing is this i just been doing it for so long that like it became a habit and that's just how i live and it's probably not the healthiest thing but you know it is what it is right now in any case let's start the video off oh before we start the video make sure you hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell so you guys can stay posted on all my videos but today i want to talk about dogecoin news right so in the beginning of all my videos i try to tackle a new story that has come out and give you guys my take on it right so today there's an article out by and the title is cryptocurrencies price prediction right so they're talking about ethereum bitcoin and dogecoin um top three baby you already know those claims top three but they're basically saying that right now bitcoin is trying to surge and get back to its 40 000 and above mark and they're saying that it will probably hit a hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year that's their price prediction right and with dogecoin they're saying that if it can push past its barrier which is around 21 22 cents right now it'll also keep it going and could hit again 50 cents 75 cents by the end of the year right so what do i think about this i think that bitcoin can potentially hit a hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year it's a stretch right but it can happen we saw we saw beginning of this year like bitcoin going from 30k to 60k in a matter of what a month so for that to happen again isn't too far off especially now that it's more common knowledge now it's more mainstream i guess cryptocurrencies mainstream right now right so do i see dogecoin as far as price prediction hitting 50 cents hitting 75 cents again by the end of the year i do and guess what's gonna happen when dogecoin hits 75 cents again or maybe even a dollar by the end of the year guess what's gonna happen people are gonna start flocking back to youtube looking up dogecoin videos right and i'm sure my channel will start booming again so shout out to you guys if you're watching right now shout out to you thank you so much because it's tough out here right now like nobody's looking up those coin videos you know what i mean like and it is what it is it's fine i'm gonna just keep pumping out content and hopefully catch a stride and and do what it do you know what i mean but for you guys that are actually watching right now shout out to you guys i appreciate you guys from the bottom of my heart because now i'm a full-time youtuber and you know i can't go back i just can't i quit my job and this is all i do now so if you guys are tuning in with me thank you so much shout outs to you guys and i appreciate the love right so yeah price prediction i think dogecoin could potentially hit a dollar by the end of the year uh bitcoin could easily hit a hundred thousand by the end of the year i'm just saying that's a possibility right as far as what i'm gonna eat today uh i did pasta yesterday and it was a little struggle but i managed to get through it it wasn't that bad towards the end um and i was looking up you know cheap recipes for cheap food and stuff like that too and i and i came across tuna i could totally make tuna i can make tuna so i'm gonna go to the store right now and buy some tuna and hopefully figure out how to make tuna fish uh a thing to like put on my sandwiches and stuff right so stay tuned mmm look at that sexy beast right there so yeah let's go get some stuff to make tuna yeah no okay i found a tuna fish damn song there's so many options okay the only one i recognize is that chicken of the sea one and um i feel like when it comes to like meat you really can't uh take too many risks here isn't this the one that uh jessica what's her face uh singer girl said that she thought it was really chicken is this chicken what i have or is this fish i know it's tuna but it says chicken by the sea that's stupid [Music] what make fun of me right now i'm not in the mood exactly you've never had tuna before i've had tuna fish like sandwiches and stuff like this maybe you and i have eaten tuna like this before why is it called chicken by the sea or in the sea chicken of the sea is the brand you know because a lot of people eat tuna it's like a lot of people eat chicken so it's like the chicken of the sea okay i understand that i was i read it wrong what goes into tuna like corn right corn right and olives right [Music] oh my god i forget my number i i do that too yeah so that took down to 493.

Oh i got a quarter too so that was like four dollars something and 90 something cents all right so let's do a recap real quick right first day taco bell 304 second day costco hot dogs 3 29. third day i made a sandwich fourth day i got pasta and sauce that was 3.38 and then today i just got some stuff to make tuna it was 4.93 so yeah all right let's get to it i might even add some celery too all right so i squeezed all the water out of it and now it's just uh pretty dry and then you add the mayo and then you add the corn right hey shout out to signature select with the corn though they had the pasta and the sauce yesterday i guess you dumped the whole thing so i had to make some celery juice anyway so i just grabbed a few of those and put them in here pretty much done all right so it's pretty much done uh i kept mixing it up and i was eating it while i was mixing it i probably ate like half of it but so far and there's a whole can of corn like four celery sticks a whole jar of olives the tuna fish i also have avocado oil mayo i also have jalapeno mustard i also have black pepper i also have himalayan pink salt and cholula sauce and it actually came out pretty good i'm not even gonna lie to you like you guys should try this out for real and here it is in sandwich form all right so yeah guys tuna fish was actually pretty easy um and it was it was pretty filling too i couldn't even eat the whole thing like i ate one big sandwich the other one i had to store it i'll probably eat that tomorrow and save some more money because if there's one thing i know how to make it's tuna okay like i remember back in the day me and my homie he showed me how to make tuna he was broke boys he was like look man this is how you make tuna it's actually pretty easy and it's pretty filling and this is how you you know what i mean if you don't got money this is how you make the food right so that's how i know how to make tuna also i check my money and currently august 5th i have 50 70 80 85 left over 85 and 36 cents okay which i think i'm pretty good i think i'm on track here to being able to finish you know by the end of the month also before we get to my portfolio if you guys want one of those neon lights for your room the link is in the description section go check that out uh if you guys want to start investing and don't know where to start weeble is a great place because weeble is for the people the link is also in the description section you click on that you put in 100 bucks and then they'll give you up to 300 in stocks you can sell those keep the money do whatever you want okay and don't forget i got merch guys look i even got the hoodie the hoodie is up now on the website you guys go check that out and um check out my other merch too boom boom boom boom yeah make sure to get the merch at different colors different sizes the link is in the description section so yeah now to the portfolio finger guns all right sorry my portfolio guys check it out look in the past hour we are up fifteen thousand dollars right in the past day we are up fifty two thousand dollars guys we're going on a little baby little rally right now okay like i'm at 838 000 right now this is crazy so in the past week we're up 21 000 in the past month we were down 77 000 in the past three months we're down 1.4 million and in the past year we are up almost 700 000 and of all time we are up 700 thousand dollars which is crazy so how my doge though is doing today we're doing good look at that look at that 21 cents right now guys look at this all the way down from all the way down from earlier today look at this earlier today at 4 00 a.m 5 a.m we were at 19 cents we're at 21 cents that's a 7 almost rise in the past day this is looking crazy but um yeah so anyways if you guys don't know my position i'm at 3.9 million doge coins my equity is on 835 000 my average cost basis per coin is 4.7 uh portfolio diversity is 100 because i'm a crazy guy you know what i mean don't follow me uh total return is 650 000 and yeah this is looking good this is looking good i got a good feeling about this i feel like uh bitcoin's about to go on a run pretty soon and you know what happens when bitcoin goes on a run you know what i'm saying everybody else follows all coins follow dogecoin follow so you already know what it is but in any case in case you forgot i'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice do not invest more money than you can afford to lose because you know what this is for entertainment purposes only so do your own due diligence and do your own research before you decide to invest any money that you have um also if you like the video hit the like button if you don't like the video hit the like button hit the subscribe button notification bell make sure you share the video to your friends so they can see the video too you know what i'm saying like share the wealth right why not um and yeah and i think that's it for this video and i will see you guys on the next one yo

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