Bitcoin & Solana ATH – Time to sell?

With Bitcoin at all-time high, today I will teach you one of my cheat codes that you can use every day to make money in the Bitcoin and Altcoin crypto markets. Then at the end of this video, I will apply this method on
Bitcoin price and Solana price, right now. Let me show you. Let’s check which was my WORST performing
video of the last 10. It was this one: The Solana pump is NOT over. From August 18th. That was here at $68. Right now Solana price is $191. So that was pretty accurate and those who say my videos are too complicated
to understand, I literally wrote it in the title:
“Solana pump is NOT over” Can’t get much easier to understand, can
it? Yet, no one was interested in watching that
video. Worst performing video even though it was
one of the best calls. Why is that? And there’s more, another poorly performing
video, despite (I think) a funny intro was this one. Guys, someone will reveal the top… The challengers to Ethereum doesn't stop there. One project that has sailed up on my radar
is Solana, which is backed by FTX, an impressive company.

Solana is doing some things differently, with a different consensus which also aims
to be faster and cheaper, Solana isn’t new actually. Without getting too technical, they use the
timestamps differently. They have a unique solution, they have good momentum, they have powerful backers and their total MC is less than $9 billion today,
compared to Binance $49 billion and Ethereum market cap of $245 billion. That one was from July 13 with Solana at $28. What happened after that? Price made another touch at support, then Larsson Line flipped gold here at $38. You could enter there, with a touchdown on support in your back and Larsson Line gold, you could put a stop loss below support and you got in before this incredible move, with very little downside risk
and that stop loss never hit. So you risked almost nothing, and got a huge
upside. Almost no one watched it. That video didn’t even make the top 10 list
of my videos. And it doesn’t even get 1% of the views
of the big channels like Bitboy and so on. While arguably, that was a pretty good market

Why is that? Shouldn’t people like good market calls,
like a buy at the bottom? Hmm… And I’ve experimented doing the opposite: Putting something in the title that I actually don’t believe in but that people want to hear. Then I’m more balanced in the video,
if you watch it, but just to experiment. Cardano ADA to $12, flips Ethereum 2021. That performed extremely well, my top 3 video
of all time even though the title is wrong. Why? Why is that? Well, the psychology is this: Everyone knows that you *should* buy low and
sell high, right. But the majority of people don’t *want*
to do that. The majority of people lose money trading,
even in a crazy bull market like the crypto market.

And they lose money because of this: At the bottom, they are depressed and it feels
like price will go down forever, so they sell. Then they will seek affirmation, a confirmation
from someone that they did the right thing. They *want* confirmation bias. So they go on the Internet and look for some
influencer on Twitter or YouTube who will tell them that it will continue down.

Or they haven’t bought it because they bought
something else. Maybe they didn’t buy Solana because they
bought Cardano ADA with that money. Then they will seek confirmation that it was
the right thing to not buy Solana. Then if they instead come across some *beep*
Swedish CTO guy with a video title “Solana pump is NOT over”, they are
not going to click to watch that.

They don’t want to hear it. And the same is true in the other direction. Now I’m not the only person who has realized
that. Every single one of the big influencer accounts
knows this. They quickly figured out that if you give
people what they want to hear, they will click and watch. And if they do the opposite, with price at
the top, if they tell people “hey you might want to sell here”, when everyone is euphoric,
no one’s gonna like and watch that video. The majority of people are not
making money in the markets because the majority of people want to
buy at the top and sell at the bottom Then the majority of the people seek out people
who say it’s a buy at the top and it’s a sell at the bottom and many of the big influencer accounts
will give people what they want, because their business is views
and that’s what works. So here comes the cheat code: Once you realize this, you can also realize that many big influencer accounts
are reliable counter indicators. Not because they are dumb. No.

Absolutely not. They are not dumb. They are just in the business of views. They just serve people what they want. And the majority of the people are wrong. That’s why it works. This is not some theoretical after-construction. I use this. Look here, I tweeted this in February before
the local top. Do the opposite of everyone else. Everyone puts “laser eyes til 100k”?
Don’t put laser eyes 🤦🏼 Sell. You could literally sell the next pump and
get out almost exactly at the local top, even when the charts didn’t really show it because
the market manipulators had so skillfully applied the Wyckoff methodology. And then you could re-buy at half that price
at support when everyone was depressed and saying it’s over, simply by doing the opposite
of the mainstream influencers.

And it’s not just influencers on Twitter
and YouTube and Instagram and TikTok I'm talking about. No, the mainstream media is even more reliable. I remember in the 2017-2018 cycle there was a guy who set up an account
counter-trading CNBC and he got like 9 out of 11 trades right
by doing that better than almost all professional traders. Because CNBC is also in the business of views. They will also serve what the majority of
people want to hear, not what is right if you’re here to make
money because CNBC’s business is
not making money trading. Their business is ad revenue,
which comes from views. You’d think that people would learn
and stop watching then, if it doesn’t work, right? No.

No no no. They don’t. Just look at how wrong most of the big
Twitter accounts have been throughout 2021 and how their follower numbers are at the
same time sky rocketing. The percentage of people who actually make
money consistently remains pretty constant. 70% straight up lose money. About 20% break even over time. They typically get out and exit
when they got back to even. Less than 10% can keep making money
year after year, decade after decade trading the markets. Not inside one bull run, that’s easy. Everyone can do that. But over multiple cycles. Now let’s use it right now. Bitcoin just broke all-time high so if the mainstream media and your hairdresser
are all over Bitcoin right now, maybe it’s time to worry. So are they? Let’s go into the largest daily newspaper
in Sweden. Bitcoin is at all-time high,
it’s a big thing right? Let’s look. OK, politics. Volvo cars. Support to small companies. Tegnell. Winter adventures. No that was an ad. Burnout. Roundabout dog. Ice hockey. Cement. Pregnancy show. Ticket to Laheh. Ice hockey. 5 simple ways to enjoy autumn apples. Hmm… All right so maybe instead we need to look
at the largest daily finance centric newspaper.

Surely it’s the top headline, right? Telia. Atlas Copco. Electric cars. Secret millionaire success stocks. “I don’t like losing money.” Me neither. Finance Inspection monitors crypto companies. The stocks are falling. “High risk for money laundering.” Success for shorter. Heavy drops in shorted stocks. Three stocks to buy. ABB. Forest company. Bank, the stock is still worth a buy. Stable from Nordea bank. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing! But maybe that's just in Sweden. How about Forbes? Ah here we have something about Bitcoin! Warning: Bitcoin Suddenly Looks ‘Overbought’ On the all-time high day, October 20th. That was yesterday. This makes me very happy. This makes me very confident to hold my Bitcoin
exposure here.

How let’s look at Solana also. Let’s check, ourselves, what the actual
situation is first. If we look at the SOL/BTC chart first, we
see this: Larsson Line actually never turned blue. So if you entered at the start here, you still
hold some exposure. It looked like a parabola break here, but
it could be that we’re still in a parabola, just this one instead. And on the USD chart, remember we could enter
here at $38, with very little risk. And right now we see something else very
interesting. It’s ugly, but this is an inverse head and
shoulders pattern, which just confirmed and the target from this one would safely take us
past above all-time-high.

Larsson Line is solid gold. Solid bullish pattern in the chart. Clear points of invalidation that would limit
the downside risk. Everything you could wish for is here. So based on our own analysis, there is nothing
in the chart indicating a sell is warranted here. So when then? When to sell? Well, now on top of my process, you also have
one additional tool in your toolkit. When every other major mainstream influencer
and every mainstream media like CNBC, Forbes and all the others say that “Solana will take over everything and continue
up forever to the moon” that’s the time to consider selling instead. We’re definitely not there for Bitcoin,
and I don’t think we’re there for Solana either yet, but if we start seeing many more articles
like this, we could be. Get your Larsson Line course and indicator
at and celebrate with The Bitcoin Rap on this very happy Bitcoin day! See you there! I’m CTO Larsson.

Tack! Hej då!.

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