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good morning everyone and welcome back to the channel we are ready for a new appointment with the information of the world of cryptocurrencies so let's start immediately with the new episode of the crypto news Even today most of the discussions on the web focus on the possible causes of the rise in prices passing by those who am sorry not to know who hypothesize which ones it could be up to McAfee stating "[ __ ] I told you!" but making a quick summary of those that more or less could be the causes proposed on the web we find: the closing of futures with respect to the CBOE the approach to the halving of bitcoin which will take place approximately in May 2020 another cause could be the intervention of a whale that has moved a large amount of bitcoin which then triggered a domino effect with trading bots and that they then subsequently continued to fuel the growth of price and this is perhaps the most plausible until then to get to the last one that is really at the limit of the incredible or the April Fool it would seem that someone has speculated that there were people who actually believed that the security exchange commission approved the fake news of the ETFs first of April and therefore everyone started buying BITCOIN from there having said that, let's go ahead because not only is there a rise in prices for what concerns bitcoin but generally for the entire cryptocurrency market but there is also a resumption of interest in bitcoin in fact according to the analysis on google trend, the search for the word bitcoin had a surge just around the corner from the April 2 price hike doubling the search and thus reaching the seventh place in the ranking of most searched words in the USA we add for a clarification why the search term in the US how to buy bitcoin actually was surpassed by how to by ripple Moving on, let's talk about TRON which have announced they want to release their second solution level to increase the scalability of the network Increasing needs of decentralized applications at the moment, however, have not yet been in reality released more details but simply the announcement that this SUNNetwork will come sooner or later.

But let's go back to talking about bitcoin because according to it Datalight's studio will become the major processor of payments in the world even surpassing VISA and mastercard. The analysis highlights how there has been a great development of bitcoin in the last ten years pointing out how it is the preferred payment system for large sums In fact, the analysis reports as the average amount of transactions carried out on paypal visa and mastercard are around $ 75 while that on bitcoin is around $ 41,000, therefore the study concludes that if in the next 10 years the development of bitcoin continues at the pace with which happened in these ten years will become the world payment system Let's talk now instead of trust wallet that announces staking support will therefore allow users to hold cryptocurrencies on trust wallets that have the consensus algorithm proofe of stake to receive the revenue deriving from stacking he also claims to have added support to Tezos which is one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies which among other things also stacking.

Instead, let's talk about Haier, the Chinese electronics company that together with VeChain and DNV GL teamed up to form COSMOPlat the purpose of this union will therefore be to exploit blockchain technology of VeChain Thor for internal certification tracking the clothing industry. The answer could therefore be that VeChain places to the lvmh group the French group that once had a partnership with VeChain for the tracking of luxury goods and that instead now have decided to make their own blockchain. And to conclude, instead, let's go to Italy because mediolanum bank stated that it uses the ethereum blockchain for notarization practices the bank makes it known that it has registered a non-financial statement on the ethereum blockchain and then posting the hash on their site institutional so as to be able to guarantee maximum transparency to all its members stakeholders. We remember in fact that in Italy one time stamp on the decentralized blockchain has legal validity. Having said that guys as usual thank you for your attention, and I look forward to seeing you next time..

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