Bitcoin Pump Ahead (Regulators Going After Celsius & Binance?)

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all today's crypto news summed up in under three minutes well let's start folks by looking here at bitcoin i'm supposed to have a holder for this at some point but i don't have it now uh right now we've got bitcoin coming at 47 665 i told you guys that i thought that we would see bitcoin uh you know basically start moving up this afternoon it's not exactly uh what we saw but here on the hourly chart you guys can see uh right here it does look like maybe we've hit a bottom and maybe from the hourly chart uh bitcoin is going back up of course we've got ethereum coming in at 34.26 eight is still getting crushed at 236. uh at least there's anything so get solana down to a 147 dollars let's check out the uh 24 hour movement here we got omi with big movement iota with big movement both over 10 avax continuing to move those are you really your only big movers of the day uh all right let's check out the top story today top story of the day here is texas and new jersey regulators going after celsius network now you guys know we work with celsius network you guys can check it out by heading on over to deals and signing up for their staking program now if you've been following the channel for a while you know what i've been telling you about these bond markets don't you think it's funny that right after we had uncle brian and coinbase say we're scared the sec is coming after us i told you it was all about showing the bond yields or the bond returns uh compared to the staking returns that is not what the powers to be the want right after that now we have people going after celsius basically why because they offer returns on stable coins this hurts the bond market breaking news we just had a third state alabama their securities commission say they also are going to be going after celsius i think celsius will win no problem number two story of the day here we've got cftc investigating binance over alleged insider trading so it says cfdc was already investigating whether binance legally let americans use the exchange now they're looking into insider trading too so very interested to see where this falls because i mean how can you insider trade uh you know things that aren't securities or things that aren't commodities uh you know we don't know what bitcoin and ethereum fall under uh you can't do insider trading in a non-regulated market that's why we need the clarity to tell us what that would even be so i have to continue to watch and see what happens with that but this is another you know act of the financial cartel going after binance here we go we got john cena you can't see me well you can't see his nfts either because he calls its own nft sales a catastrophic failure the wwe put out 500 gold tier packages was seen as nfts or a thousand bucks and hardly any of them sold so i guess we'll just have to see what happens there but uh nft is not guaranteed success all right guys that's all i got be blessed

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