Bitcoin Price Tops $20k (THIS Is When It Hits $100k)

Do you smell that? The fresh scent of more "I told you so's"
emanating throughout the air? And I'm sniffing more every moment! I told you guys since the summer that the Bitcoin all-time high price
would be December 23, 2020. I said that that date itself wasn't super important, but that Bitcoin would hit all-time highs
within a week of that date. And here we are, December 16,
hitting all-time highs, exactly seven days before my prediction. You pretty much don't get more dead-on than that. Now that I got your attention, find out today what's next for Bitcoin and when you can look
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Please keep that in mind. We also reserve the right to pick
whatever 100 addresses we see first, so if you feel like you were in the first 100
and didn't get one, we apologize. We can only go off of what our comment feed says. Now, in this video, we are going to be discussing Bitcoin
hitting new all-time highs officially and important dates you should be
looking at going forward. Right now, Bitcoin looks to close
at all-time highs today, unless of course there's an epic sell-off,
which could happen.

But where do we go from here though? $20,000 was such an incredibly
important psychological barrier that now that it's gone, it's hard to know what's really next. As of right now, Bitcoin is sitting at $20,700 and looking to climb. I expect the daily close to be somewhere
in between $20,500 and $21,500. Now, if you watched our big video from last week
where we sold all of our Ethereum for Bitcoin, you know that we were anticipating this move, and we definitely got the better at this trade, picking up almost 30 Ethereum extra
just for trading with a couple clicks. But we aren't done yet as I anticipate
Bitcoin heading to above $23,000 soon, and when that happens,
we will trade back over to ETH. If we were to track all my major
Bitcoin predictions for this year, you would see that they were all correct. First, I said for Bitcoin to be bullish and to
track along with the previous Bitcoin cycles, it only needed to be above $8500
by the time of the halving.

On May 11, the day of the halving,
it was at $8900. I told you guys the most bullish time
for Bitcoin this year would be November, following the election, and your last best chance to get in
on Bitcoin would be November 2, the day before the election. It was at $13,700 the day before the election. By the end of the month, it will get above $19,000. But I did warn you guys that there will be
an epic fall at the end of November and surprise! I nailed that one too. The price would drop 17% all the way
down to $16,200 following Thanksgiving. For months, I've told you Bitcoin would hit all-time highs
give or take a week from December 23. And lo and behold, on December 16, seven days, aka one week, before December 23, we hit all-time highs as Bitcoin's steadily holding above $20K! Woooh! So, now, we have to find out what
Bitcoin's key resistance levels will be and when we will be challenging those numbers. You have to understand that right now
Bitcoin is in price discovery.

This is a time period in which
there are basically no resistance lines. We haven't been above $20K yet,
so we don't know where we will have trouble. But we can draw some conclusions here
based upon human psychology. We can imagine some key numbers
would be $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, etc. Since I basically have not been wrong yet
in my key Bitcoin predictions, why stop now? I do believe there is certainly room
for Bitcoin to run all the way up to $400,000. Seems kind of almost a given
with all this extreme bullishness revolving around institutions and PayPal
and other companies grabbing up Bitcoin everywhere. But I have to keep a level head. A gigantic, oversized level head. My official prediction for Bitcoin is $225,000.

And I'm going to stick with it. I think it is not only conservative but realistic. At some point, FOMO has to end. We already know that I believe that Bitcoin
price will top out on September 28, 2021. I've given you guys that date
hundreds of times on this channel. Maybe more like 10, but it seems like a lot. So the best way for us to figure out Bitcoin's moves
going forward is to examine Bitcoin's movements in 2017.

Bitcoin basically had four legs on its way
from new all-time highs to the $20,000 peak in December of 2017. We'll be examining all four of them
and how they relate to this current bull run. First, we have the run between March 25 to June 17. This saw a 232% increase for Bitcoin
as it ran past its previous all-time highs and settled around $3,000. So, three months, we're basically at 2.5X. Not bad. So, let's do some math based on $20K, and guess what $20K times 2.5 is. That's right. The first eyesore of resistance, $50,000. We should be looking at a $50K Bitcoin
by the middle of March 2021. I also expect a big rejection there as many people will be thinking
that $50K is the top of the bull run. There would be a lot of surprise faces
when they sell-off there and see what it does next. The second leg of the bull run of 2017
saw Bitcoin go from $1800 to $5K following a rejection all the way
to the new resistance.

This was 172% increase for Bitcoin during this time. Consisted of a few big pumps
and some sideways action, but this lasted about a month and a half
from July 16 to September 2. This is when a lot of people started
paying attention to Bitcoin in 2017. Now, if we were to apply that
to our model for 2021, that would mean to expect about a one
month of red between leg 1 and leg 2. So near the middle of April, tax time,
of course, we should see this run begin. After a retracement
from $50K to $40K or so, Bitcoin should head up to another key level
of about $75,000 around the beginning of June, then consolidate and head toward
the key level $100,000 soon during the third of the four legs up.

Now, as we move back
towards the 2017 chart, we start to look at the run
from the middle of September to the end of the first week of November as Bitcoin saw a 162% gain. By the middle of this June to July, we should start seeing Bitcoin head up
finally over $100,000, maybe even to $125K before a sharp rejection
back slightly under the $100,000 level. Now, once we get here, you know
we are nearing the end of this bull run. This should be around the end of summer some time. But the numbers won't be done yet. You have to remember,
and this is hugely key, it is easy to look back at the bull run from 2017
and see when everybody should have gotten out— the top of the market.

But timing it while you're in
the middle of it is quite difficult. Why? Well, No. 1, emotions. But No. 2, Bitcoin's most wild and volatile action is
going to be right before the price crashes. So once we get above $100K, we should be looking for violent moves
upwards and planning exit points. So let's jump into the last of four legs
we will be expecting.

Looking at the last bull run, you will see that the price basically 2.5X'ed
in the last month of the run-up, going from $5800 to almost $20K
in one month. So during the final weeks of August 2021, we will be looking for that last
parabolic move to the high place before our descent back into the bear valley. This means Bitcoin should be hitting
six figures sometime in the late summer. I would say August 1 or so,
we should be seeing Bitcoin hit $100,000 followed by rejection, only to see it back
over $100K by the end of August. And then it will hit $225K on September 28, 2021. Now, if Bitcoin were to be mega bullish
by that time and already cleared $100K, then it could easily go from $200K to $400K
by the end of September. So the last key date we need to be
on the lookout for is August 28, which is also known as my wife's birthday.

We may be watching Bitcoin
by candlelight that night. By "we", I mean me. All by myself in the doghouse. But let's be clear about important dates
and my predictions for these dates. March 15, 2021: Bitcoin hits $50,000. June 10, 2021: Bitcoin hits $75,000. August 1, 2021: Bitcoin hits $100K. September 28, 2021: Bitcoin hits $225,000. As you guys know, I'm a 97 on guts, so I don't mind putting out exact dates
and exact predictions. They've worked out so far. No need to switch it up. But let me know what you believe are
some key numbers and key dates for Bitcoin by dropping a comment down below. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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