|Bitcoin price prediction. Will we see a $20K or $110K BTC by the end of the year? Bitcoin Outlook|

Hello guys, i'm back glasses and all and today i'm 
walking you through the history of the market cap   of cryptocurrency also bitcoin where are we at 
now and where are we going to go in the future   let's get into it so first things first when 
bitcoin was originally created the white paper   was published in 2009 and this was in the 
follow-up to or kind of instill instilling   the recovery stages of the 2008 financial crash 
that we saw in the us now it was written by a guy   or team or girl we nobody knows but they labeled 
themselves satoshi nakamoto as you guys should and   probably will already know now this was in 2009 
what we saw come up in 2012 was the release of   xrp so that came in 2012 2013 was a great year 
for all of our doge supporters so doze was created   in 2013 and then in the middle of 2015 the team 
of ethereum guys all got together and created   ether and these i will say are the release 
dates not necessarily when the project began   then we see in 2017 my favorite little 
baby cardano and also solana were created   in 2017 so they were released to the public um 
which is fantastic so we all really really like   that now as you can see on the screen here we 
have bitcoin currently sitting at 48 121 which   is very very nice um now okay i want to walk you 
through the market cap one thing you can do quite   easily is you can see the market cap here you 
can actually click on this on coinmarketcap.com   and then you can go through from the history so 
we can go through 2013 there was a bit of a pump   but then also in 2017 that was really where 
everyone got excited looks a bit minuscule   there doesn't it but there is in fact a bit of 
a pump there you go so in 2017 at the height   of the bubble we'll call it because it did burst 
unfortunately we're not happy about it bursting   but it did so therefore it was a bubble it wasn't 
sustained cryptocurrency markets were at 784 billion dollars as you can see here and then 
obviously we came back down the market had a   bit of a pullback or we'll call it a recession and 
then we see our next spike up which gives us 2.5   trillion dollars which is unbelievable 
so that then that's where it first hit   a quarter of gold's market cap gold's market 
cap sits at around about 10 trillion dollars um   and obviously it varies up or down depending on 
the current price now when we were at this stage   bitcoin was trading at sixty three thousand five 
hundred and three dollars so that's when we were   at the height of this peak i should just quickly 
mention to go back in time during the kind of   pump at the end of 2017 and the beginning 
of 2018 bitcoin was trading at 19 and 500   which was very very nice obviously depends on 
the brokerage you use and you know the exchange   but that's the the kind of average 
reading especially the one we get from   coin market cap and now we're currently 
trading at two trillion dollars and 69 billion dollars and some millions some 
thousands and that's where we are that's where   we are currently at um around the two trillion 
dollar mark which is very very exciting for us now   there's a few different ways to which you can 
currently um predict the future price of bitcoin   one of those is in fact the 'stock-to-flow 
model' so the stop to flow model guys in case   you don't know it's um it's typically applied 
to resources which are should we say scarce   fixed supply so these are typically 
gold silver you know precious metals   where there is a specific amount to be honest we 
don't know because we can just dig for more and   perhaps find a gold mine but when we're looking 
i'll just go back on to here so when we're   looking at bitcoin we know it's a fixed supply 
we know there's 21 million uh ever that's going   to be created yes we are currently creating 
more so what this stock to flow ratio shows   and you can see down here what is bitcoin stock 
to flow so the stop to flow is a number that   shows how many years at the current production 
rate are required to achieve the current stock   higher the number higher the price so what we 
can actually see is there's a very kind of it's   already um lined out for us how the price will 
escalate it's quite it's quite quick initially and   it begins to kind of taper off should we say and 
we have bitcoin's price has actually kept to it   quite well this was an and the person who's been 
primarily following this is a guy called plan b   on twitter so you can follow him he goes through 
an awful lot of information around the stop to   flow model and and currently we are undervalued so 
i don't know if this is the case obviously bitcoin   has so many different fundamentals that can affect 
the price um and so we are currently undervalued   the estimation by the end of this year let's 
have a quick look go back we're looking at a   hundred and ten thousand dollars per bitcoin 
if we stick to the model and there there is   evidence that we will there's evidence that every 
time it's been under we have snapped right back   we've snapped right back every time we've been 
over we have had a correction to bring us back   and in fact we spent more time over the price of 
the stop to flow model than we have spent under   so this does give us confidence that in fact 
we may see a very strong push to the upside so   that would end up in a average price by the end of 
the year of 110 000 if we do have a peak like we   did here like we did here and like we did here 
we could see a price around about the 200 000   mark now the other areas where we can 
find out exactly what the price might be   we'll be down to primarily uh regulation so i've 
always said it it's not very good news for you   moon boys and the people who just think that we 
can get rid of central banks that we don't need   any regulators we don't need anybody if we have 
bitcoin we can be solely reliant on bitcoin   unfortunately this is not the case what we need 
is we need institutional money to make sure that   the price skyrockets because as investors that's 
all we really care about we're not too worried   about you know using it for money laundering 
or not shouldn't be worried at all but we're   not too worried about almost anything 
apart from whether the price goes up   because as investors that's really what we want 
so what we need is we need clear sets of rules   so that big money can know exactly what they're 
doing because it's okay to throw your own money   into bitcoin when you're unsure about the future 
but would you throw somebody else's now this is   exactly what worries the big institutions because 
they're managing other people's money and they   cannot take any risk so this is really then why 
we need to have some clear sets of rules like this   these bills that are being passed as you can see 
on the screen here um to make sure that we have   that clarity now the final thing and there i will 
say there are a number of different ways that you   can try and predict the price but also technical 
analysis is going to be key so you can go through   you can look for certain patterns i mean there's 
very nice kind of head and shoulders here almost   so it's a bit like a shoulder a head and then 
a shoulder and typically this is the neckline   so this is where we went up from and this 
is where there then where we come down to   so it looks pretty tidy to be honest um and 
it it does look like quite a clear pattern so   you have to zoom in and obviously head and 
shoulder patterns they're not always 100   perfect but this is a fairly good example so 
you can use technical analysis now what happens   when all the bitcoin goes away when we get to 21 
million what happens is it gonna disappear is it   going to be a y2k type scenario everyone's scared 
that the world's going to end well it's actually   going to be the year 2140 when we find out so 
what will happen is obviously every four years   the reward for mining is cut in half so every four 
years that's called the halving so we have that   halving and we then get to a point where it will 
be mining such a small fraction of a bitcoin will   you know the miners will be mining but when we get 
to 2140 though in order to keep the network alive   they will only be focusing on transaction 
fees that's all that the miners will get   is the fees of transactions of people sending 
bitcoin that will keep the network alive so   that's where we're going in the future 
personally i think that we will see   an all-time high for bitcoin by the end of 
the year i'm personally very very bullish in   the crypto space um but primarily it might 
not be bitcoin that becomes the largest um   crypto i think that there will be some more of 
these application based cryptos as opposed to   the digital gold and the store of value so i'm 
long on ethereum cardano solana polkadot all of   these that have a real fundamental use that's all 
from me guys thank you very much see you next time

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