my people my people it's about that time [Music] like a boss live from the usa helping you get paid every day this is the boss of bitcoin the cristo of crypto is your boy bk and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today we will be answering the question is this the end for bitcoin we had another big pullback right now you see it teetering north of 50 000 and a lot of the cjb's are squawking on the streets saying that uh this is the beginning of the end and that's what we'll be looking at in the in this video so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now racking with the best my name is bk also known as the crypto trader number both of these charts as you will soon find out every day i grade this microphone with my voices another day you can profit as a result today is no exception so let's jump into the number one bitcoin group in the world 20 000 of my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace this is how you win some free crypto on this youtube channel i i make a video i say share this post to wins and free crypto we got eight shares what's today's date april 23rd that's five and three eight minus three is five let's go five from the top one two three four five lieberman you just won you just won um we gonna go with miss wealthy and sexy so do me a favor miss wealthy and sexy uh shoot me your i think i'm gonna start sending out litecoin right either litecoin or ethereum uh just message me on facebook miss sexy and uh wealthiest sexy and uh i'll get you a couple bucks on the blockchain as a token of my appreciation i might just do usdt you know just hold like a hundred dollars on there and start shipping it out of that i don't know because bitcoin take like 20 dollars just to send ten dollars and it's like that don't really make no sense that don't make no sense um you know but we might do ripple maybe should we do ripple leave me a comment let me know what coin you want uh to start giving away for free it needs to be a light you know a uh you know a faster coin on the blockchain i was gonna say it needs to be a light coin but you see how charlie they did that that was smart uh it it needs to you know be uh be a uh minimal uh blockchain transaction size um that way it makes sense and also something that ideally looks good on the charts so that when i send it out to you guys it increases in value remember the number one rule of trading you want to gain value over time you want this line going up and to the right whatever you're measuring against right and this just so happens to be comparing bitcoin to dollars right and uh if the object whatever object it is if it's on top and it's increasing faster than the one on the bottom then that gives us a line that is positive in slope that means for every bitcoin you earn you're earning more dollars over time right and uh that's the number one lesson of this channel always trade for what increases in value over time let's just hit this hit this thing running right out the gates what decreases in value over time well let's just look up dollar cost of inflation right um this is essentially how the makers of the monopoly game ensure that they will win over time forever because as long as you value dollars then your average purchasing power is going down about eight to twelve percent per year forever you know what i'm saying like you can't you can't make this stuff up people that's essentially why you see all these senior citizens working at tj maxx lowe's walmart and whoever else so give them a job not because they went to jail they f1 felons and they didn't make no good decisions their whole life it is simply because the dollars that they made during their working years are now next to worthless point blank period right and that's why we value bitcoin you see what i'm saying this chart is gonna go up and to the right presumably indefinitely because it is deflationary by design let's look up bitcoin deflation right now you got the opposite damn chart when the dollar is decreasing your purchasing power every year bitcoin is decreasing the reward per unit time for its transactional network right and so essentially as time goes on the network gets harder and harder and harder on average per unit time and the reward gets smaller and smaller and smaller on average per unit time guess what that means all the coins that were mined before today are more valuable right per unit time right keep in mind there are deviations and uh what do they call that uh differentiations from the mean from the norm and that's completely fine this is actually what we talk about when we talk about uh harmonic i'm gonna make a whole damn course on this congruence um let's see if big brother even even teach you what that even look like right uh they talk about something like this this is the pythagorean theorem based on many many many different secrets that they don't normally give away in public education um but essentially presumably it allows you to recreate reality right on a much smaller and predefined scale or you scale it out to a much bigger and uh soon-to-be scale right um but nonetheless here we are and bitcoin although it is down it most certainly is not out right i i challenge anyone hearing these words to find me an asset on wall street right uh that they mentioned on or before let's just do this right now i guarantee you jimbo to clown and get this to you on or before january 1st 2020 find me an asset on any given channel on any given station on cnbc that they recommended you to buy that increased 600 plus percent in 477 days in fact i make it next to impossible let's scale it up to january 1st 2021 we're still 64 on the year and as i mentioned going back to uh two years ago 620 right bloomberg is not giving away billions of dollars they are making billions of dollars by exploiting you on all the advertisements that come on every 15 and a half minutes right they're not in a position uh to make wealthy free thinkers they are more deemed uh suitable for uh aggregating lethargic followers i know which one i am and chances are of you hearing these words you are of the first and not the latter right btc is still very very very much in business and i told my paid group this this is what um the vip trading groups i made like a 11 13 minute dissertation and i sent to them this morning before i ever did this video so youtube you get the free stuff you know i'm saying if you pay for it you get you get first dabs your boy is a genius and i'm trying to give away as much as my intellect as possible you know what i'm saying this is the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of humanity i have been saying it for three and a half years it's about time that the world has recognized the truth as what it is right and uh here we are bitcoin 50 grand this is what i wanted to do on this video is just really to break down this last little uh upscale right we'll just cut it right here on this last little tick right here i want to go all the way down i normally go all the way down right i'm gonna do actually yeah because see we got we need our intermediary levels right i'ma just focus on for this chart this is all i'm looking at this is all bitcoin that exists right and that's the thing about making these charts is that say i do this time frame right here from december 12 2020 on forward that's it that's all the data i need to make a well-informed and educated decision on the past present and future of btc right um because it's all numbers it's like this is if this is all the numbers that exist in the world well guess what that's all the numbers that exist in the world oh by the way this is how you freestyle on a fibonacci you know what i'm saying uh this is how you freestyle on a fibonacci google how to turn like a boss so you can uh join me on my journey man i'm trying to make a million millionaires i hope you can be one of them one day guess what i already made a few you know i'm saying they shake my hand personally say thank you take me out to dinner buy me lunch you know what i'm saying and restoring my faith that uh positivity always remains the strongest force in the universe i send this word out right this word is a source of its own energy so if your ears receive it your mind manifests a new vision a new dream so to speak see we got to start dreaming a new dream now one guy said he had a dream what happened to his dream it became somebody else's dream so collectively we all need to start thinking about dreaming a new dream right because if you look around the dream starting to become a nightmare well how do you change that how do you fix it well first of all you become self-aware of the fact that you can do anything in this world and then you become self-reliant on who on yourself say i ain't talked about i didn't talk like this in years you know what i'm saying it's like only when you go to the deepest depth and the darkest of the loneliest places can you research that's where i've been that's where i'm at you know what i'm saying you wanted me here i am welcome back i say that to myself down there every day welcome back brad it's good to be here here we go uh you know free this this is the the fibonacci right there's a fibonacci if you wanted to you could make uh a trend line right there this is kind of the part of the chart that concerns me right because as long as we would have held uh this ratio that green line right this little slope right here as long as we would have held that we would have been fine um to continue moving higher with an expected breakout on or before this date right yeah right the problem is that we capsized a little bit and so now let's see what this says i haven't done this one on this chart this will be interesting because they do got like these two humps here sometimes you could do like this uh slow sine wave analysis just to see like what the big waves are saying on these two cycles almost got three goodness so what i'm doing here and some sometimes people ask me in my 101s how to how to do the sine wave so i'm using this let's get this off the screen oh everybody if you're watching this on youtube on uh what else we got we got youtube we got steemit and we got libraries shout out to all my library people your boy has the number one handle on library let's uh jump on that real quick um you know right we got the number one handle on library they don't know it yet but i own about 90 of that platform so your boy is is handling things right now library by the way the newest social media uh platform decentralized on the blockchain for videos no censoring no uh you know suppression no artificial inflation of the puppets and the chosen select few uh to lead the sheeple to their own destruction none of that you know what i'm saying and so what i'm doing right here is actually i'm doing a sine wave analysis and this this is a pretty useful tool uh in areas of the chart where you think there might be some repetition and some patterns basically the way i see it is if you uh look at you know wave formation ocean right uh what i'm doing right here is is basically trying to find the underlying current the series right all we see on these candles are kind of the ripples that chops the individual waves but when you can zoom in on that chart and say okay in this node in this range you know we expect this to happen on top of the surface with the waves it all goes back to water water is an immaculate beautiful substance that gives life your whole life your entire life is predicated on the fact that you need to go and get more water you know what i'm saying water is energy energy is life energy is currency it goes back to the current of the sea which is by the way your money currency which is presumably water right it's beautiful man we're gonna change the world with that one idea uh and so now um right i'm i'm i'm gonna be anchoring into a few points on this chart to try and see what it says for the flow of the water and i've never done this a lot of times i'll do these charts and i'll have an idea of you know what i expect to happen um before i come on the air and do a video but this is uh this is this is live on on the air so i'm gonna try to teach as i do it you see that's the first anchor right there that's kind of like our quick sign line then we got another high one for the higher ones i like to put it up a little bit higher magnitude and uh on the 77 because it's a faster chart i'm not going to go on the tips of the sevens i'm going to go on the tips of 77s you see that so it's like the maximum and then sometimes if that doesn't work then i'll actually slow it down and go to the tip of that 231 so let's just do that for the sake of uh well-being and like you see it slows it down some right it makes oh that's nice that's a train right there if you know anything about zodiacs when you have uh intersection and equal balance on both sides you see how that part of the uh chart is almost equal to that part of the chart that shows balance that's normally when i do these lines that's a very very very very very strong part of the chart right and then we can say if we peaked there that's what that would be this is a conjunction a lot of this is going back again to like zodiac and horoscope alignments i don't know too much of that but it's presumably the same idea that you know um that uh everything happens in cycles and the deep is you know mercury retrograde versus venus and pisces like i don't know i don't know none of that stuff but um this isn't a bad chart right uh we do have if this is presumably the top um we do have three parts of the sign line going down so that would indicate negative pressure on this thing um let's see let's see let's see and uh this will be the decision point this will be kind of like the fulcrum coming up over here that we have not experienced yet right come back out to 343.

Yeah and actually now that i'm looking at this thing from a 343 if that was our top right well you know just looking at this thing right now that's still not bad if we were doing that right it's not bad because you still got candles right running and this is basically our 3-2 we're suppressing on the 3-2 now right as long as we can hold north of 45 000 you know 45 44 42 000 and go flat then i guarantee you we have another energy cycle that's down that's down on the 343 that's interesting how that happened so so see this is giving us a different reading we might be going now all right but hmm yeah because you see this is a the top candle and this is on the 343. so this is more macro all right tap it that candle tap it i can though that's the trunk oh that's the train i was talking about oh crap that means when that happens it might be boom time right because what's happening right now what this chart could mean right now is that we're basically consolidating right we're consolidating down uh to 50 48 000 at green line roughly now there's another one in here so let's just see because see now i got to get something i'm doing this in real time so you guys can learn it with me i gotta get something this is our first suppression or first um what do they call this support right 47 000.

Global support roughly 46k right that's what that is right there right but i have to i need to get some more weight dang it come on guys i need to get some more information inside this because that's a big gap between that one and that one six so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna anchor my fibonacci into a lower point on that band and as long as i can get general congruence general agreement remember what we talked about harmonic congruence right as long as i can get two different parts of this chart this is probably the most important thing you're gonna learn on watching this video today as long as i can get two different parts of this chart to agree right then it infers harmonic congruence right um and so i'm going to show you how we can do that this is our top line right here 3 2 that's our 1 6 and then this is our 1-0 and this is our ring bands right six to three two all i'm doing is i'm going to bring this down right here to that intersection right there you see and now those blue boxes guess what they're generally aligned to some of the very very very important parts of our chart you see this just kind of blends down a little bit it's our energy capstone this uh magnetic point right here is a very very very important point you see that's that swing zone right there that's our new 3-2 you see that that thing basically created a sine line before it hit up our six four is our capstone right now right so this thing basically says we just completed a cycle we should gravitate magnify gravitate towards 48 000 and then possibly if this is right have a sell-off early july but what's funny is i made a video um not too long ago like two or three days ago that bitcoin could hit 77 000 by that same date and i think in that video i was doing more of this upward analysis right what you can do with the fibonacci logs and the scales whereas this video i'm trying to infer the macro changes in the in momentum to get the top side of a downward analysis you see that and that's the beautiful thing and that's what this entire video is about shout out to you if you made it this long is this the end the answer is uh for bitcoin the answer for bitcoin it has not yet been decided um we're literally in limbo land um you know and it's a beautiful place to be it's like it's like you got you got you i don't know was a lot of money to people so i'm gonna just throw out a number say you got like 10 grand you know what i'm saying on the craps table you know and somebody threw that and that dealer was hot too you you you put a hundred dollars down and built it up to ten thousand because that that that crap should have been hitting and you got ten large on this one throw and he throw them dice and they just clanking down there at the bottom of the table and you see the first one laying the three you know i'm saying and that other one is still spinning it's still spinning it's still spinning that's where we at right now it's like we don't know what we don't know but damn it it feel good to see it happen right and uh this is the beautiful part if it drops when it drops guess what you do there guess what you do then if it drops when it drops you buy the mother dip you know what i'm saying uh because presumably as we have uh discussed to an extent during this video the dollar is designed to keep you broke that's the simplest way to say the game is fixed and you ain't winning right so is this the end of bitcoin absolutely not because bitcoin makes more dollars per unit time forever but is this the end of the dollar well if you're gonna ask that question then perhaps you should look at some of the extraneous facts by the way this information and more i teach you firsthand uh not spoon them out i don't really work that well but you know if you are serious about learning how to make money on the blockchain well guess what i don't just have the number one bitcoin group in the world i also got one of the top trading uh groups in the world we got real people making real money you know this is real value uh the first thing i got is the profit package 50 for the first month 100 after that and you get the top seven coins to swing trade every seven days the market changes water never stays the same temperature did you know that it's always fluctuating even at room quote room temperature there are micro variations on the surface level that water at an atomic scale it is always in motion it is always matter matter always vibrates right it always buzzes like z that's like just the resonance of existence right it's beautiful uh profit package first thing uh top seven coins swing trade every seven days you know uh this is kind of like just playing high level you know just just driving at the golf range we ain't got to hit the green every time but if we own average you know what i'm saying make it to the fairway then guess what uh this month go be better than last month go be better than last month right so that's the profit package bus alert messages this is really uh my opportunity to uh reach out to some of the people who have more experience in trading you know probably five thousand dollars or more in the market you average eight to twelve percent a month in this group guess what uh after the first month or two then you you're riding free and clear you know on your own accord and this this package gives you three months so my goal is to get you at least thirty percent uh on average in three months uh with this service it's 399 dollars it used to be about 750 um i knocked it down once bitcoin really took off because i kind of wanted to open up accessibility to people you know who didn't really have a financial capital uh but but could still you know uh suffice you know a couple hundred dollars uh to to get the value and ultimately that's what i'm gonna do i'm i'm in the i'm in a very big transition in my life right now i don't need to dwell on the negative and the past but just know there are indeed brighter days ahead for all of us i believe we are at our we are at a juncture at a nexus point a turning point i believe the collective consciousness of human cognition is currently in development and currently re reevaluating itself and currently making new choices and new decisions so again if this light is reaching you then i encourage you to get involved in one of our communities even if it's nothing more than clicking uh a plus one or a like button on facebook right uh each one reach one reach one teach one and i believe tomorrow will always be a better day when today becomes a priority for empowering ourselves and putting us putting ourselves in a better position uh to have success in the future is this the end they make this a uh comedy they laughing at you right they ready to burn this burn this thing down to the ground and they say here go your favorite comedians the laugh in spite of humans own ignorance right uh is this the end well if you look at the stars they say as above so below as within so without this is a a of course uh what do they call it uh a uh collision course between time right uh is inevitable it's inevitable revelation revolution oh i mean uh august 21st 2017 that that that one solar eclipse hundred 100 year solar eclipse by the way that came in through salem washington salem of all places came in through oh by the way it crossed eight different cities on that line named salem and it left out through jupiter florida right that line is a little bit off uh it left out through jupiter so it came in through through salem left out through jupiter in 2017.

We got another one coming in a couple years uh crosses over right there old town cairo look it up you ain't even know we had a cairo you thought cairo was in egypt didn't you c-a-i-r-o saint louis oh what's wait no no not georgia oh they got it on the illinois side that's oh that's the hijack i forgot about that they got it on the illinois side but it's actually it's right literally right across the river of uh this map right um cairo illinois one of the oldest cities you know a civil war camp i wonder who they was fighting that's what i'm saying man y'all don't even know your history y'all don't even know who was here you know they say look over there oh by the way they say look over there we look over they say look left we look right what's that called that's called the kansas city shuffle all right i might get copyrighted for this i don't know we'll find it out he said charlie chaplin entered a charlie chaplin look-alike contest in monte carlo and came in third yep this is something else this is something else the kansas city shop what's the kansas city shuffle it's just the exciting incident the catalyst this is a kansas city show they look right and you you say goodnight that's it huh so in this video they talk about the kansas city shuffle which is all based on distraction deception and snapping somebody's neck without them even knowing about it right i don't want you to get your next snap you know what i'm saying uh so so just realize that x marks the spot at the first federal reserve of saint louis uh which is about 10 minutes south of old town cairo right um this is all based on huge galactic 5000 10 000 20 000 year events just the simple fact that two one hundred year seemingly isolated events happen inside ten years of each other um that's like a one in one thousand year of it right uh then we have two more eclipses coming i believe 20 20 20 31 2034 that cross back over cairo egypt giving you the whole damn kitten caboodle today uh 2031 eclipse maybe not 20 31 is it like 20 28.

There it goes grand solar return this is when the solar eclipse comes uh over the top of the pyramid in egypt i believe it happens let's look it up 2027 hey this is happening quick guys this is happening really quick it's all happening right now 2027 that's the grand solar return this is when the sun returns this is the dawn of a new day this is a this is when the mayan calendar starts over right everybody thinks i mean plus or minus 20 years they say 2012.

On our timeline it's 2027 who knows what how they change the calendar if that 12 years is actually negated in the lost time you know that we don't have because they changed the damn scale 18 times in the past 500 years right um but you have cairo illinois being xed out which is generally speaking uh first federal reserve st louis and you have the grand solar return of the old dynasty in cairo egypt right and then you got the kansas city shuffle that says they look one way we look the other and we snap your neck well who is they in which way they looking make sure you're not one of them because you don't want to end up being wheeled around in a uh wheelchair you know looking like you sleep looking like you're just taking a little nap little siesta you don't want to be that guy don't be that guy right so is this the end a bitcoin absolutely not of the dollar it has already been written it is already in motion uh there are so many different facets of our society that are being rebuilt revamped redeveloped you know and resurrected resurrected on uh digital protocols um so while it may not be the end of a fiat central controlled uh currency central bank hits with currency it most certainly is the beginning of the end uh for what we recognize as the american empire right um i do believe china china has won the war by agreeing not to get involved in the second world war and the past six or seven decades has just been a uh you know a parade to uh masquerade that fact um this is the beginning of the end and uh i would recommend that you prepare accordingly learn things you haven't learned before in a way that you haven't learned them previously right uh biggest mistake you can make is go to wall street and ask wall street to try to teach you how to trade bitcoin if wall street was in the business of liberating the world wall street wouldn't need to exist would they uh this is a time for humans to learn how to pay take back their own sovereign right which is the ability to live to love and to exists within their own means that's a very very very simple request and if there are artificial entities that are only held together by a single piece of paper and somebody's signature on it well then that to me doesn't sound very human and so this is when we need to start understanding what our rights are understanding what cycles are happening and we can better prepare for uh a better tomorrow you know they said dawn of a new day well goddammit i just showed you it's coming grand solar return can't make it up how important is it it's so important you don't hear a word about it on cnn they just showed you that moving to mummies we go we go drive drive these empty suitcases down the street a little bit let the world see it come on son anybody else watch uh anybody else i'm on one day i don't even care this gotta get hurt this gotta get hurt come on son you know what i'm saying if you need if you need to reawaken it my man lover got that i'm gonna have to i'm gonna have to get the air lover drop you know what i'm saying come on son you know what i'm saying one day one day when i got this thing rolling with about ten thousand live viewers i'm bringing a lover on the air we just go go through list by list all the and buffoonery that's taking place right now you know what i'm saying you still think an elected puppet and serving as manager of the quote i can't even talk like that i can't talk like that if you believe an elected politician has any interest in your general well-being well i'm sorry you're mistaken that elected official was bought and paid for by the same corporations that know these cycles they use them their sizzles in all of their logos they know these cycles uh and more than likely their private share owners in this corporation you know federal reserve is a corporation who owns it well i don't know we can't tell you that who owns the federal this this is how fixed the game is like it's ridiculous that people still allow this to happen the quote board of governors in washington dc but i guarantee you if you dig into it too much somebody gonna be knocking at your door just know it is a privately owned company that will not report how much they makes and does not tell you who owns it how the does that even sound possible what game is this why they teach us that in finance class saved me a lot of time bought bitcoin in 2012 god damn it know the name what happened dropped the ball that's what i'm saying the game is fixed from the beginning right so learn your own truth uh and then maybe you have a chance at being the light that continues to illuminate the world for the better and not for the worse i knew this video was going to take some time it certainly has hopefully you got something out of it uh i i am putting together another profit package again for the group uh men lot women lie numbers don't lie i could get on here and talk about how much money i made for all these people blah blah blah the information is for you available if you so choose on boss of um it's very very very very very interesting time to say the least i'm trying to figure out a way i can start to incorporate the date on these thumbnails because it's like you almost got to time stamp this because i feel like people will be listening to these words like a hundred years from now and a completely different version of reality you know but they they need to know that we had a chance we chose to do nothing we chose to keep up with the kardashians instead of live our life love unconditionally and actually experience what it means to be a sovereign human being or they'll hear these words they'll be like yes that's exactly what we are right now because that's exactly what we were designed to be that being said everybody it's that time of the day signing out both boy bk no matter where you stay brazil to bay california all the way back out though jerry monet good night good morning good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time i tried you know i tried to get through a lot today i apologize if it was a little bit mumbled if you know my language wasn't uh fitting the situation but to be honest i don't give a about being politically correct when our people are dying i could care less about a youtube censor flag when we are not learning the truth and time is running out right they'll never be able to say that i didn't do my part to let people know what's happening i've been telling you about bitcoin since bitcoin was 580 56 50 000 now but guess what my advice is buy bitcoin you know learn your own truth do your own research thing i'm gonna say last thing i must say 25 an ounce this is the greatest value right now on planet earth one ounce nine nine nine fine silver twenty five dollars an ounce remember what i told you earlier in this video up into the right that's how you want to trade right vice over by bitcoin and uh begin to think independently once you decide what you want your own truth to be if you want your own truth to be found between the commercials on any major news network you have that option we have free will enjoy i wish you the best on that journey if you seek otherwise well then just continually seek otherwise and otherwise will inevitably seek you this is the law of the universe this is the gift all humans have we can create the future how do you think i'm able to get on here and pinpoint a chart within a few moments of when it happens how come i'm able to get on here tell you to buy something and within 24 to 36 hours it goes up 18 to 20 percent the more people that believe in certain future the more likely that certain future will happen right we need to recondition our mind to where we stop living and fear and start living and love right these are only two things that exist in the world fear and love and multi-spherical dimensions of its gradient coexistence right also go watch donnie darko this is a great movie dining darko great movie uh they got pedophiles in that movie too it's just nobody nobody checked him on it um fear love uh oh and this is a great word to know you guys this is a great word to know catastrophizing what does it mean it's when someone assumes the worst will happen right a person now we gotta look that up they had a google image on this thing hold up this is essentially expecting a bad situation to happen and catastrophic worst possible conclusion yeah cognitive distortion keep in mind it's all in your head like this is what they're saying this is what crazy people think they jump to the worst possible conclusion i eat death and i see you do this or break listen to this tv doctor or blank where's possible conclusion very limited information or objective reason to despair you don't agree with us when the situation is upsetting but unless necessarily catastrophic there they feel like i'd say i'd say this is pretty accurate everybody this is pretty accurate uh this is uh where most people find themselves today but they just don't know it right once you begin to come within your own cognitive recognition you realize that the only bad people that exist are usually the ones on the other side of that tv screen like i am yet to find too many people generally interest interested in my own personal harm and you know misfortune regular humans don't operate like that right but if you watch one of them news channels with them bobble heads talking long enough you go probably disagree you know you look at me walking down the street and clinch your purse instead of reach your hand out say thank you can you teach my son how to trade for me still waiting on somebody to do that i guarantee you they will and when they do i'll take them up on that offer in fact i forgot i just got an email from a lady named darlene she asked me to be a mentor for her boy uh so that's what i'll be doing i just spoke it into existence there you go everybody 47 minutes and thank you for joining me uh my apologies on the duration for this video i normally don't take this long but i knew it was going to take some time because it's a lot of important information this is the end but as a result it is also the beginning as well and please believe we shall write our own version of history this time around uh till we meet again stay cryptic y'all like a boss oh

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