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latest news from the cryptocurrency world   the bitcoin price is still in a consolidation 
mode slightly below the all-time high of 62 000   the btc is trading at 58 218 as bulls struggle 
to move above the psychological level of 60 000   its market cap has also soared to more than 
1.09 trillion dollars the bitcoin price has   struggled this week as the market reflect 
on statements by jamie dimon and peter thiel   in his closely read annual letter jamie 
dimon called for regulators to put more   emphasis on bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies 
his words were in line with what janet yellen   the new treasury secretary has called in another 
statement peter thiel an early facebook investor   said that bitcoin was being used by china to 
confront the united states meanwhile demand   for digital currencies is rising according to 
the latest numbers by coinbase and robinhood   this week data by coinbase showed that the 
firm made more money in q1 than it did in 2020.   similarly robinhood said that more than 9.5 
million people traded crypto in its platform   the daily chart shows that the btc price is 
readying a major bounce which could happen this   weekend we see that the bitcoin price has formed 
what seems like an ascending triangle pattern in   technical analysis this is usually a sign that a 
major bullish breakout is about to happen notably   the triangle is nearing its tip as we move to the 
weekend in the past few months the btc price has   made major moves during the weekend therefore 
in my view the price will rise sharply during   the weekend as bullseye the next key resistance at 
65 000 this is a 12 bounce from the current level   however a drop below 55 000 will invalidate this 
trend buyers tried to recover the price yesterday   morning but could not overcome the two-hour 
ema 55.

Sellers increased their volumes from   the level of average prices and by the end 
of the day the pair's decline reached 55 440   the price bounced off this april low overnight 
and recovered to the 56 000 area recovery is   proceeding slowly at decreasing volumes buyers 
might try to bring the pair back to the moving   average ema 55 this morning in the afternoon the 
decline may resume in if the bears intensify the   onslaught the price will break through the support 
of 000 and renew the monthly minimum around 54 000   bitcoin is trading at 57 839 at video editing 
time cordana's latest protocol update will be   a game changer and could play a key role 
in triggering the ascent for the ada price   iohk the development team behind cordana announced 
the next protocol level update for cordana   known as alonso the roadmap reveals that this 
upgrade will arrive in the summer of this year   the recent announcement reads alonso 
will add support for smart contracts   digital agreements to cordana about four 
months from now it will open up opportunities   for businesses and developers by allowing the 
creation of smart contracts and decentralized   applications for decentralized finance the 
latest announcement comes after cordana   received two critical updates the multi-asset 
support functionality and the plutus platform   these updates will serve as a foundation 
on which the alonso update will be built   this development will be implemented using iohk's 
hard fork combinator technology and will make   cordana a versatile platform for building 
smart contracts that fuel business needs   the cordana price is trading on the 12-hour 
chart inside an ascending triangle pattern   which constitutes several higher lows and a 
series of higher highs connected using trend lines   this technical formation forecasts a 46 upswing 
determined by measuring the distance between the   first swing high and low adding this measure to 
the breakout point aka the triangle's base at 1.49   reveals the ada price target of 2.16 at the 
time of video editing ada is hovering above the   triangle's hypotenuse at one dollar and eighteen 
cents the cordana price shows that the bollinger   bands tightly envelop it suggesting that a highly 
volatile move will follow with the 50 simple   moving average at one dollar and 16 cents acting 
as a significant demand barrier a bounce seems   likely if buyers push the cordana price above 
the flat resistance at 1.49 it will signal a   breakout in such a scenario the ada price could 
catapult 46 percent toward the target at 2.16   this upswing is not going to be a cakewalk 
mainly due to crucial areas of interest at 1.67   1.70 cents and 1.90 which coincide with 
the 127.2 percent 141.4 percent and 161.8   fibonacci extension levels respectively regardless 
of the optimism the bullish outlook will face the   axe if the aid of price drops below one dollar 
and three cents a 15 percent correction from the   current price such a move will create a lower low 
and opens cordana up to further downside pressure   if the bearish momentum persists a seven 
percent slide to 96 seems likely in the   interest of brevity iohk revealed alonso the 
next protocol update for the cordana blockchain   the upgrade will build on top of the recent 
releases like mary allegra and so on to bring   smart contract capabilities ada price falters 
but holds up as buyers eye a 78 bull run to   record levels the graph price is preparing itself 
for a swift run-up toward the upper boundary of   a technical pattern the graph price has formed 
three higher highs and higher lows which results   in an ascending parallel channel when the 
swing points are connected using trend lines   after creating the recent swing low on april 7th 
the momentum reversal indicator flashed a buy   signal in the form of a green one candlestick 
on the four-hour chart this setup suggests a   reversal in trend is underway in the form of one 
to four green candlesticks since this sign grt   has surged nearly 10 percent and shows signs of 
continuing this upward trend as it heads near the   middle line of the ascending parallel channel here 
the graph price faces a crucial resistance zone   that ranges from one dollar and eighty-one 
cents to one dollar and eighty-five cents   the upper boundary of this supply zone is due to 
the mri's recently spawned state trend resistance   hence for any chance of an upswing 
grt needs to breach through this zone   assuming buyers manage to produce a 
decisive close above one dollar and 81 cents   the graph price could surge 15 percent toward the 
next area interest at two dollars and nine cents   this level coincides with the mri's breakout line 
therefore reaching this level will open grt up for   another 15 upswing to 2.41 supporting this bullish 
narrative for the graph price is into the blocks   in out of the money around price model which shows 
one dollar and 81 cents as a major hurdle for grt   bulls here roughly 4 800 addresses that purchased 
217 million grt are underwater hence a convincing   four-hour candlestick close above this level will 
set up the stage for more gains in the interest   of brevity the graph price is traversing under 
the middle line of an ascending parallel channel   a decisive close above the stiff resistance 
at one dollar and 85 cents could kickstart   this bull rally transactional data reveals the 
presence of a significant supply barrier at one   dollar and 81 cents subscribe to our channel and 
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tools in this video references an opinion and is   for information purposes only it is not intended 
to be investment advice every investment and   trading move involves risk you should do 
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