BITCOIN Price Prediction 2021 – 2025 | BITCOIN news today 2021

with a market capitalization of over a billion dollars, bitcoin ranks first and hands down the world's largest cryptocurrency price prediction bitcoin talks all over the world to it heating investors, regardless of whether small or large private or institutional investors, respond on the declining cryptocurrency 10 in the past week, bitcoin has fallen lower is something that crypto investors don't want to see, but it doesn't mean they count bitcoin dips either as this is normal and it is likely that we will see a full recovery with the price in no time of bitcoin is likely to be higher than before due to the rise in global mass adoption of bitcoin In today's video, we're going to look at several future price predictions ranging from 2021 until 2025. in case you are new to this channel and want to stay up to date with the crypto world, please click Like Smash Subscribe so you will be notified every time we upload new videos, so that you can protect your wealth, keep your wealth and may even increase your wealth my name is nico arachi and i am the host of bitcoin channel live In recent months, we have seen a tremendous growth in interest in Bitcoin Tesla MasterCard visa paypal apple pay uber amazon general motors twitter and oracle all of them are already started implementing bitcoin or are in the process of finalizing plans regarding crypto integration as a payment method or just as an investment, you see that the argument is simple is the current financial system outdated and the future is where transactions will be completed in seconds and not days now it's time for our first future price prediction which comes from and they base their forecast on an internal algorithm and they see a 2021 peak of 63,000 peaking in 2022 of nearly 80,000 2023 out of 96,000 and in 2024 they see a maximum of 113,000 per coin, the second price prediction comes from and they predict their price prediction based on a internal technical analysis and they see a high of 76,000 in 2021 2022 93,000 by 2023 them see a high of 109,000 and let's go to 2025 where they see a hyperbitcoin of 146,000.

now it's time for's digital prediction they also base it on an internal technical algorithm, but in 2021 they see a maximum of 91,000 the highest we've seen of so far all these price forecasting platforms 20 22 100 7000 in 2023122160000 in 2024 and they believe that by 2025 we can see a maximum of 185 thousand dollars per bitcoin, the last one I like the most is from and them base their price prediction on an internal fundamental analysis and I really believe that the crypto industry is not mature enough to have a solid technical analysis to predict the future, but they see a 2021 peak of 134,000 hey they still have seven months to go 2022 a high of 212,000 and by 2025 they 'on seeing a high of 856,000 they believe we'll be going in 2030 g To see 1 million and 695,000 per bitcoin as always we prepared the final slide as a closing one dia.

I hope it offers some sort of conclusion what we've gathered here are the lowest lows and the highest highlights of the platforms we've featured in this video, maybe you can use it for your own future price prediction before we end i just wanna leave you with a few thoughts, but it is true that bitcoin can go higher and probably not everyone is happy with that idea Once for example there are quite a few concerns about the price bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency industry could decline once regulators of various governments around the world crack down on the digital asset, it remains to be seen if that will be the case i believe which is more of a minor glitch could be, would be the tax implications that we're likely to see by the end of the year 2021, so as long as you are on top of your taxes I guess it wouldn't be a pr oblem in case you liked this channel then you know what to do like smash subscribe and hit share and do all those good things, but come and join us too we do a daily live stream every day around 10pm GMT time stay home safe don't think can depression a cause

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