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not knowingly i hadn't seen a lot of it with 
ethereum i'd seen it in bitcoin and figured   out that they looked identical that it's just all 
about network adoption bitcoin is designed to do   one thing really really well which 
is to be a monetary base a base money   ethereum is designed to do something else really 
really well which is to provide a smart contract   capability i started moving into ethereum and 
eventually realized that i think ethereum has   a much faster network adoption than bitcoin 
a lot of people think that they think they   should have a fear about not knowing stuff and 
i think the the fear is not being inquisitive   if you're not inquisitive then you're 
definitely going to fail if you're inquisitive   you can take on the world i mean they're not 
abandoning the dollar what they're basically   doing is adopting this as a banking and 
saving system sure so so i don't think the us   has anything to fear in this how do the central 
bank digital currencies fit in well we don't know   we don't know because the us would still 
or europe or china or the uk still control   who gets the money through the cbdc in this case 
it's a non-bank controlled layer so people can't   get in the way so they can't say we're blocking 
salvadorians from sending money home right which   is what we do to china and we do to russia we do 
to iran due to venezuela so it kind of does change   that game and xrp they're also working on this 
solution too and i think they're all the same   thing meaning they will all exist together 
because you know it's a it's a multi-project   world out there and all of these systems will end 
up being interoperable so maybe some money that   starts in one country starts using xrp rails that 
ends up using bitcoin rails and then cbdc rails   and we won't even notice because in the end we 
don't know i don't know what computer you're   using what wi-fi are you using uh what internet 
type you're using what modem are you using what   software you nothing right of course it's just i 
just connect and i'm talking to you yeah exactly   and that's what money is going to be like so 
you know you heard by crypto story so i invested   first time was 2012.

Um it went up 100 in 
a month and i was like holy [ __ ] i sold   it then i bought some again in 2013 and 
i held that through all the way to 2017   um and then i sold out too early into the bull 
market um because there was having these bitcoin   forks going on i don't understand any of this i'm 
out um i thought you know could this whole thing   fail could it all move to a different chain 
i don't know bitcoin cash nearly overtook at   one point didn't know very close yeah and i'm 
like no i i don't know it's beyond my skill set   um and then i was out i've been following the 
space for a while and i was out of it until 2019   when um a good friend of mine dan sapierro who 
you can see there's some great interviews on   our youtube channel or on real vision 
basically persuaded me all over again   hey listen rel it's time to get back in 
again so i started doing the work on it again   and then the point came i always knew that the 
macro world of investing with too much debt and   these aging demographics and all the problems in 
the financial system the next recession they were   going to meet crypto and they were going to become 
the same thing because crypto was the solution and   this was the problem and uh so as soon as the 
recession came from crypto collapse and i'm   like okay this is the signal this is the chance to 
get in because the most likely uh outcome is this   explodes higher so i started buying back in march 
uh last year and i was all bitcoin i was up until   maybe june july i was still investing in other 
stuff and then i said look this is the single best   opportunity we're ever going to be given our lives 
and i'm going all in so every single penny of cash   that i had um i put into bitcoin i mean 100 of 
everything i had and anything i earned that was   excess cash i put into this so this was not a uh 
a small bet this is like [ __ ] it i'm doing this um because you know everything i'd ever studied 
about you know the macro and crypto itself this   was the time it was no it was going to happen 
now was it and the chart pattern was great um so   i then by by about september i started realizing 
that if you ever talk about anything not bitcoin   you get attacked on twitter where i've got 
quite big presence and i'm like huh why is that   so i started kind of observing that and i could 
see that there was a feeling of threat because   these are built around network effects and you're 
trying to stop anybody else eating away from your   network even though the reality is the whole space 
is growing and it's not bitcoin but there was this   prevailing narrative so that got me starting 
to think and i start looking at the charts of   ethereum thinking damn's gonna outperform bitcoin 
so let's start digging in i usually start with a   char so see that chart and go okay i'm gonna do 
some work on ethereum so i started doing some work   on ethereum and i figured out that ethereum 
followed the metcalfe's law adoption model   and as far as i knew nobody'd done this work 
before or not not knowingly i hadn't seen it a   lot of it with ethereum i'd seen it in bitcoin and 
figured out that they looked identical then it's   just all about network adoption and then i started 
moving into ethereum and eventually realize that i   think ethereum has a much faster network adoption 
than bitcoin there's more developers there's more   apps there's more volume of people using even the 
volumes of it so i started overweighting ethereum   then i wanted to get exposure to because you get 
something called alt season which is anything   other than bitcoin tends to outperform in that 
typical bull market so i thought okay i want   exposure to that but i have no idea what to buy 
so i just took an equally weighted basket of 10   um different large protocols exchanges defy 
you know broad mix and just blindly put those   on without you know those things i'd also written 
about xrp quite a lot as well because i also saw   back in december with the news flow and the 
hatred around xrp from bitcoin maximalists   that i could sense an opportunity 
in that too and i figured that   the probability of them winning the 
lawsuit was going to be reasonably high   with some sort of final fine and settlement 
and that therefore the risk reward was pretty   explosive to the upside so i did a little bit 
of that as well which i don't own currently   any right now and then i started layering in more 
macro bets on where i thought the space was going   so trying to be more intelligent than 
just a basket still kept the basket   and my bets are moving towards the metaverse and 
um social tokens community tokens which i think   are going to be a hugely disruptive business model 
and i think the metaverse is where everything is   going so that's kind of how i played it so i'm 
now roughly 25 bitcoin 55 ethereum and 20 in   all the other stuff and one of the key things to 
realize is we're all just trying to figure it out   and people are just different parts 
of their journey of figuring it out   and nobody knows everything and once you realize 
that it gives you confidence to say well this is   how i see it as long as you never speak in 
terms of truths like this is how it is but   it's yeah well i see it this way and this is how 
i'm thinking through this hey you get interested   feedback from people that look teaches you more 
as you go but secondly it means you're not scared   of being wrong you know and the moment that gives 
you confidence is the moment you realize that   everybody is equally valid in their perspectives 
and the more perspectives that you get back to   when somebody gets actually you're 
wrong about that because of this   you either strengthen your argument say actually 
no maybe i'm right or you say yeah you know you're   right just learn from that and that's brilliant 
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