Bitcoin Price Marching Towards $50k (Best Asset of 2022)

bit boy crypto morning tea [Music] good morning everybody it's august 16 2021 my name is piano maddie b that is scaramucci's and this is your morning ta a brief window into the crypto markets where the sun's shining where the wind's blowing all the humble opinion of this piano [Music] zamboni bringing the data the fear and greed index has increased to 72 from yesterday's 71 and noisy miss news bomb social media market sentiment in a rent control department in queens has dipped down to 65 percent which means every time people talk about bitcoin it has a 65 positivity rate [Music] well bitcoin decided to take her easy this weekend all day friday couldn't stop talking about its big plans starting way back at 44.3 it was gonna go to the lake and do some tubing pick up the babinski twins over from across the bay and have a bonfire by the dock stay up real late and watch the meteor showers with the babinski twins maybe catch the grunion run in the morning and then if they're so darn tootin head into town for the pancake breakfast at the fire hall then after that uh hi son i i hope you get this message before you head out to the lake because uh the motor on the boat seized up but i had to take her to the shop so there's that um also looks like the power's out at the lake and the entire area may or may not be uh burning down as we speak so let's cross our fingers on that one also the babinski twins father told me to tell you that they're staying in winnipeg this weekend because they both have poison ivy but if you get out there could you mow the entire lawn stack the wood and finish painting the deck great see ya monday so no we didn't hit 50k she stalled out at 48.1 and after yesterday's hammer candle a bullish continuation candle and it's bullish because the price went all the way down before the bull said enough's enough and took the price action all the way back up and that's bullish momentum and it looks like a hammer [Music] we're currently sitting at what appears to be a shooting star or croquet mallet almost the exact opposite of a hammer candle which makes me think could we see a little more downward movement to test the 200ma before heading back up again [Music] it's like this week might be part of the musical where the lead character goes off and all the supporting actors or altcoins get to do their little song and dance number about hope and momentum called when the cat's away [Music] the oats will play when i look at this one lower low it gives me pause and begs the question is 45k and 48k the new channel to bounce around in this week on the daily we have the 200ma that will act as nice bouncing support and on the four hour we have the 20ma and the 50ma to pick up sloppy seconds if need be and way out on the weekly we have a reassuring tailwind of the 20ma tapping us ever so slightly on the bum not in a contact hr and put in a complaint type of tap on the bum it's a you can do this buddy i believe in you kind of tap on the bomb [Music] and check out the four green candles in a row on the weekly now when i asked historical norm about four green candles in a row he said the last couple times we saw four in a row on the weekly the fifth week was a cool-off week so i bet you a nickel to a doughnut this week might be chilly and i said historical norm what about money flow and supply shock does that not trump technical analysis and what do you mean a nickel to a doughnut i don't get how that makes sense like a nickel to a doughnut [Music] and he turned to me and he flicked this cigarette out the window and said kid you're catching on but remember we're playing the same game as our psychopathic elected lead that's right it's a long game so zoom out and have a fantastic [Music] [Applause] that's an ominous sounding ending chord for the beginning of a week [Music] you

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