Bitcoin Price Fails to Pass $12k (Worst BTC Crash Imminent?)

two days ago everyone was bullish today everyone's bearish that's how it goes here in the crypto world are we heading to all-time highs by years in or are we gonna live in the 12k sideways land forever one chart is more accurate than all the rest and shown time after time it's correct so why should we be taking guesses against the market we have a source that we can look to that's always right i'm going to show you the chart and why there is nothing to be worried about in the world of bitcoin let's get it timeliner utilizes a new system called proof of time a combination of proof of work and proof of stake the contract code creates one new coin every hour and distributes it to the existing holders according to their current percentage of the circulating supply every day there will only be 24 coins added to the circulating supply check out time miner welcome bible crypto the hardest working channel in all of cryptocurrency if you're new hit that subscribe button join both my free telegram groups and my new discord server the bitboy lab to learn more about crypto or connect with me in the bit squad also i'm giving away a cadx node worth over 25k a whole bitcoin to ethereum and two litecoin at the end of september to take part in the giveaway please visit for details only subscribers are eligible all right guys today we are going to be examining the bitcoin price and i'm going to tell you exactly when bitcoin should get over the 12k hump for good we also take a look at yet another loser in crypto trying to take a shot at the most punchable face in crypto that's me if you didn't know and your boy can take a punch anyway so it doesn't really matter we're also going to be covering some huge news from iost the project i work with the closest and have the longest-standing relationship with in the space so let's jump into bitcoin and the price at the time of this recording the bitcoin prize is coming in at around 11 400 if you watched my live stream on tuesday then you would know that i said a big rejection was coming listen when bitcoin passes 12k permanently you're going to know it it is going to go roaring above so there's no question similarly to what happened when bitcoin passed 10k possibly permanently of course we have to say possibly because of that dreaded cme gap between 9600 and 9900 those gaps act as magnets pulling bitcoin down and a version of a fear-led self-fulfilled prophecy but i've stated my opinion on the matter which is that the gap will get filled after the bull run spend some time thinking about that it'll scare the life out of you but that's my official prediction but if you recall bitcoin had a similar battle with the 10k level it's now having with 12k it took five attempts for bitcoin to climb above ten thousand dollars with stability when it was rejected at 10k for the fourth time i told you guys the next time bitcoin went above 10k it would stay and look what happened it crushed the 10k level on the fifth try and has not looked back when we finally break through the 12k level we'll see the same thing when bitcoin hit 12k tuesday i told you on the stream it looked weak similarly to bitcoin's last rejection at 10k while this is a much more compact chart it is structured very similarly to the 10k level challenge which makes sense because the more bitcoin moves the faster it's going to beat these resistances and as we head toward parabolic status you won't even notice the rejections it could get rejected overnight and pass a level by the morning that's how quick this thing is going to move when we look back at the 2016 beginnings of the epic 2017 bull run we saw bitcoin take about five shots to get above historical resistance we've now seen that at the 10k level and are seeing it again at 12k next time bitcoin clears 12 000 be ready it's gonna roar like a hungry lion or maybe even a hungry hippo but what does the infamous stock to flow chart show well according to the chart creator plan b on twitter we're right where we're supposed to be like clockwork we've used this chart over and over again is the standard for judging bitcoin's movement the popular thing these days is to doubt the chart but it's literally never been wrong i hear people say all the time the crypto markets are just too young to ever make any predictions about the future they will change the imbeciles ever actually listen to yourselves i tell you what i'm going to keep going with the history and what the charts say you just keep listening to your heart i'm going to end up rich and you're going to end up starring in a hallmark christmas movie say hello to candace cameron for me the fact is until something changes until we don't get a bull run after having until the stock to flow chart becomes wildly inaccurate i'm going to stick with history because it's treated me good so far right now according to the chart we should be around the 13 550 level we're about 2 000 below that so what do i expect from here well i believe that the next time we pass 12k we're going to blow past 13k within 48 hours and settle about right where the chart predicts bitcoin should be through the history of the chart about a 10 to 15 percent difference and the expected number and actual number is within the margin of error the only time it falls out of that margin of error is when the price of bitcoin goes parabolic and it goes way above the predicted price and i think we will all take that now when will we reach all-time highs well according to the chart november 18 2020 we will exceed and hold the 20 000 level marking new all-time highs and this makes perfect sense as november is traditionally the best month of the year for bitcoin and this november could be the most special november ever meaning some of you might possibly finally have a girlfriend to bring home to thanksgiving dinner so let's move on to another loser crypto vigilante which is actually a collective of people it's not one guy so as you guys know we have a new discord server a lot of you guys are getting a ton of use out of we have a promo for the next couple weeks where you can get the first three months for only fifty dollars is regular 29 a month and vip you buy two months and get one free we never offered a trial or free content it wasn't part of the deal never said it we still have our free telegram groups the bit squad and bit squad traders but look at this screenshot going around bitboy running a quick scam cash grab please oh wise crypto oracle vigilente please produce the evidence of where i said anything was free yeah here's a hint it doesn't exist but i had about 12 people send me screenshots from this loser crypto vigilante's telegram chat calling me a scammer here's a close-up of the message going around you can't just say something in a text and submit that as evidence i think that's the very definition of misinformation and fake news you actually have to have evidence of a claim and there's no such evidence i would know i'm the one that made the group looks like you got some egg on your face with this one probably not the first time somebody's put something on your face i would actually think though the person making this up is probably from the crypto vigilante team who has a heart on for me because i know there's a guy there that does these crypto vigilante guys know about as much about crypto is folks at a big connect 2.0 conference say hey to carlos i swear to you though and this is true one of these researchers from crypto vigilante literally got in an argument with me on dms on telegram taking the position that price is based upon the tech in the use case he then told me there were thousands of working products in crypto that were successful i asked him what he was talking about and he literally started naming every coin what an idiot there's probably less than 10 products in all of crypto gaining adoption right now it's just the truth i tell you guys time after time products don't matter anything more than the level upon which they produce speculation these guys did not like that you know what i told him i said the only thing i care about for this bull run is that my community the bit squad makes enough money to change their lives forever that's all i care about period that's why i do this crypto's changed my life and i want that for you let me tell you he did not like hearing that one either he said what if something they invest in fails and never gets adopted i said i hope i told them to pull out in time which is exactly what someone should have told this guy's parents these crypto vigilante folks are toxic the worst kind too the kind that parades around in a mask like a superhero but really just exists it clicks in the name of social justice warrior is that a word warrioring i know for a fact they relentlessly attack and literally stalk someone in the space because she's a woman and you guys wonder why people in crypto have a hard time getting girlfriends but listen here a little biznatch next time you want to bring the heat you better turn up the temperature when you swing at the champ you better not miss and even if you connect you won't find anybody that can take a punch better than this one so come at me every time you say my name that's a win for me and i got so many wins lately i can barely keep track anymore alright moving on to better news about one of my favorite projects iost recently founder jimmy zhang tweeted out the iost was approved by the financial services agency or the fsa and is now the 14th compliant token on major exchange coin check this also makes it the 29th overall compliant token in the japanese market the medium article that zhang attached details are listening now if you didn't know japan's a country with some of the most advanced regulatory laws surrounding cryptocurrency so getting approved by them is certainly a big story and stepping stone towards iost adoption last month coin check's volume was 26 million dollars which is huge considering each coin is compliant while many of us in the west seem to just lump all of the asian countries together fact is there are many different countries with different attitudes toward crypto and different governments we all know iot is a chinese project but its willingness to move into the japanese market shows it's doing all the right things and as always i'm glad to play a vital role in the iosd ecosystem through my block producing node bitboy crypto i believe those who stuck around in ios t will be very happy by the end of this year remember cryptocyclical but now is your turn where do you think bitcoin is heading to how much of a scammer do you think i am one to ten let me know what you think in the comment section down below and also don't forget to visit to enter our full bitcoin giveaway it might just change your life i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to become a member of the bit squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day goodbye [Music] you

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