Bitcoin on Track to CRUSH $300K (Lowest BTC Price Targets)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button also guys if you want to take advantage of any of the stuff we will be talking about today my levels my training strategy what i think is going on with bitcoin what we can look forward to in the next month or so then make sure to go to and sign up for buy bit and do that on the buy bid section then head on over to the rewards hub and make sure that you get your deposit bonus all right guys so today we are going to be talking about as i mentioned what i'm doing with bitcoin right now i'm gonna be talking about my altcoin strategy later today it's seven to nine so definitely be on the lookout for that video as well but today what i'm looking at with bitcoin i'm taking a longer term mindset um i saw some really interesting information today um that lines up with what i've been telling you guys for a year and a half now with where i think bitcoin is going um we'll be talking a little bit about what has happened with the stock to flow chart uh and like i'm enjoying be talking about my trade so let's start talking about my trades right now oh man see too much my wheel there so the thing is guys well first and foremost uh before we get too deep in this video do i let you guys know justin aka j chains is in dallas texas right now picking up my dodge demon it will be here hopefully by tonight or uh maybe tomorrow not sure how long it's gonna take him to drive out here so we'll be back with our sunday morning drive and the demon how ironic am i right uh we'll be doing that tomorrow so but guys as far as what i'm doing with trades yesterday i entered a long position at uh forty nine thousand nine hundred i ended up actually going uh it dropped down to forty eight thousand five hundred i added more position at that point so my average injury is you know somewhere like 49 to something like that i've not added anything to it i was in some pretty good private yesterday and i probably should have locked it in i didn't uh because i'm expecting a pretty big move but regardless here's the thing my liquidation point is uh or well my stop-loss is lower than 47 000.

I told you guys before i do not believe we're going to see bitcoin go below the 47 000 area now why is this important well it's important because there's so much buying volume there has been so much buying volume in that 47 000 number from institutions from corporations from individuals from retailers basically every person under the sun was buying at 47k now we need to separate one of two things or two things from each other number one can it possibly go below forty seven thousand dollars well yes it can if it does go below forty seven thousand dollars then what you're looking at is a level that's going to get plunged through that is very very very strong however that's still within the range of bitcoin's uh average corrections within bull markets so what that means is bitcoin can go down to as low as 42 000 which would wipe out basically the entire years of gains uh the entire 2021 gain season if you will but it could still go down to 42 000 really maybe even 41 000 and still be within the normal correction zone of a bull market so that's first but number two the thing that's very bad if it goes below 47k is that what we see with these really really really strong levels is that once it goes once the level gets broken a very hard line of support will turn into a very hard line of resistance so i'm worried from that perspective if we do plunge below this 47 000 level uh that it will be really hard to get back over it and we could range for about a month or so which would not be great for bitcoin we don't want to see that we don't want to see the excitement die down we don't want to see the momentum die down we don't want to see that but a good correction is fairly healthy for the market if we were going to look at the stock to flow chart what you will see is that we've actually retreated back to the mean on the stock to flow we had been well ahead of this bull market uh looking like crazy numbers coming in the future and i still believe that's going to happen if you go and look at the stockton flow chart from 2017 what you would notice is it actually spent most of the beginning of the bull run lagging behind the average for the stock to flow chart so what's really interesting is we've been well above it and now we've dipped right to the line to the average of the stock to flow price and we've touched it okay 2017 we spend most of the time behind the line and actually if you really compare about where we're at in this bull market to where we were in the previous bull market we got a major correction around the same time but instead of it dropping to the line in 2017 it dropped way below the line it actually looked like that bull run was in trouble uh when the price of bitcoin was around eighteen hundred dollars per coin so pretty crazy to think about um but so the point here is this the stockton flowchart is showing nothing concerning actually dan moorhead of pantera capital who has a total uh high point price prediction for bitcoin at a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in august showed a chart where he showed the price of bitcoin exactly at where they said it was going to be they said it would hit 63 000 in april to stay on that track to get to 120 000 or maybe it's 115 000 by august and we did it in april we actually touched 64 uh 800 or 64 900 somewhere around there so we're exactly on track now what what does their track show excuse me let me get a sip here what does the pantera capital track show for bitcoin in may well they actually show a 75 000 74 000 technically uh dollar bitcoin in may so we're still on track for everything everything still looks fine there's no reason to panic no reason to worry i will be a little concerned if we were to plunge past that 47 000 level but like i said in the beginning and i'm going to say it again now i do not believe that we are going to see that now what's really interesting about the dan moorhead pantera capital um prediction is this they say 115 to 120 000 by august i say 322 000 by september 28th now who's right here well i i think we'll both be right because i've told you guys this many times before the eighth and ninth inning of these bull runs is so crazy and the action is the most parabolic that i believe we could easily hit a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in august and then still within six weeks from that peak out at 322 thousand dollars can't remember my own predictions 323 or 322.

I can't even remember but right there somewhere close to that number is where i believe we will see bet going go so i think the dan moorhead when they came up with their prediction they just basically discounted the length of this bull run by about a month and so i still believe we're gonna see that i don't think we're gonna go below 47 thousand 000 like i've told you guys many times i actually personally believe and it this sounded much better when the price of bitcoin was at 65 000 but i've told you guys for two months now i don't think we'll ever see bitcoin below forty seven thousand dollars you just had grayscale come in and buy a hundred thousand bitcoin or a buy maybe not a hundred thousand bitcoin it was they bought uh a billion dollars worth of bitcoin at fifty thousand dollars and when you look at that forty seven thousand dollar number we bounce off of forty seven thousand five hundred why well because a lot of times i've talked many times about this when you have these big numbers that people talk about they throw around a lot what you'll see is they get a slightly higher price gets baked in because a lot of people are wanting to catch it before it actually gets to that number so to me there's no shock in the fact that the price went down to uh forty seven thousand uh five hundred dollars and balanced i don't i personally don't think we're going to double bottom off that we may and once again guys i do want to say like i could be wrong we could go below 47 000 and still be in a fine range i just personally don't think we're gonna do that and that's what i'm basing my current trades on so hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to uh drop a like down below turn off my blinker here uh and uh we will see you guys later at seven i'm gonna be telling you guys what altcoins i'm looking at some very interesting ones uh you know in the top 100 they've been making very interesting moves to say the least so make sure to come back for that that's all i got be blessed good boy out

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